「海 – An Ocean Far Away」 (Umi)
“Ocean – An Ocean Far Away”

It just occurred to me, but I started to feel really bad for Tooru after I started thinking about all the stuff she has to endure with that body of hers. From not being able to wear a sexy white bathing suit, her socks falling down all the time, to wearing the same school swimsuit since elementary school. None of these things sound really fun do they? Sure Tohru’s spunky personality makes up for all of that and more, but when you’re battling against a girl like Yuuko, it’s easy to see how it could really highlight certain flaws one might have.

With the never ending sarcastic comments about Yuuko’s body, I never thought I’d get to watch a combination play between Tooru and Nagi. It’s actually really nice to see characters change in a slice of life, especially when they start off cold toward others. Compared to episode one both Tooru and Nagi have really changed a lot in the same aspect, albeit in slightly different ways. Tooru becoming more people friendly while Nagi starts to drop that calm and collected façade — both of them becoming more open in different ways (except Tooru and her body). That doesn’t mean Yuuko or Run haven’t changed either! I haven’t forgotten about their moments, like when Run cheered up Tooru back in episode one or Yuuko being extra sweet to Nagi about her weight last episode. The next obstacle should be Yuuko trying to deal with that perfect body of hers. 170 cm and E-cups, man what a problem to have. (In Japan, their cup sizing is slightly different then ours. While Yuuko is an E cup in Japan, she’s actually a D cup stateside. Plus, 170cm is the perfect height for a girl!)

Now this just may be from me having crappy past experiences, but why is it that in real life beaches are never as fun as they seem in an anime? They always seem to be too cold, the sand too fine, and the water too cold or too dirty. Watching the girls have a blast outside started to make me a bit jealous. With the sun shining, the waves splashing, and enormous sand castles being built, I started cursing the differences between 2d and 3d.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be an awesome one. In Japan, once summer rolls around that usually means it’s time to start those trials of courage! Besides hopefully getting a dose of Yuuko going into hysteria mode, it looks like that creepy Health teacher will finally get called out on for his creepiness. I can’t wait!

INS5: 「Mermaid Sisters」 by ユー子 (Yuuko)
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  1. Loved this episode. My favorite part by far is when Run-chan decided to ‘go get some food’ lol

    I kinda wish whats-their-faces would get more screen time though:


    From teasing Tooru to backhanded compliments, they never cease to crack me up. I can’t wait to see creepy health guy though. But as creepy as he is, it’s hard for me to dislike him. It’s just like this bowl of awkward funniness every time he shows up.

  2. I didn’t realize the show was over until after I saw the actual credits for it. The ED theme came in so smooth I thought it was another insert. haha What a let down as I thought, “Aww, that’s all? Dang, yo.”

    Thanks for clearing up the sizes. I was for sure that was a D. I know some D’s when I see ’em. ;3
    Funny.. D’s look better in Anime than real life too. lol *no sag* XD

      1. I gotta agree with you, Shirt. Too big is too much and there’s something odd, to me at least, about Cs and Ds. They just don’t feel right/look appealing 99% of the time. Personally I like the smaller, fit in your hand sizes… lol. anwayss~ If only Yuuko had smaller ones, i’d like her just that much more!

    1. I’ve gotten that “No, not the end credits sneaking up on me already!”-feeling before, for a show that A Channel reminds me a lot of: Sketchbook. Although A Channel might have the ultimate slice of life ED, with a great combination of lyrics and images.

      Yuuko should’ve picked the first bikini.

  3. Is it weird to think that Tooru happens to be on the receiving end of things once in a while is very fun to watch?

    Anyway, it’s confirmed. This is a musical show, 5 inserts songs in 5 episodes… they might be able to release these insert songs in albums instead of singles >_>

    1. The first Limited Edition Blu-ray will include a CD with the ED and the insert songs from ep 1-2 (the OP is released separately).
      This will presumably continue, with the songs from ep 3-4 on volume 2, etc.

  4. Sorry Takaii but I live in Hawaii and the beaches are pretty much what you are describing about the anime’s but they have more litter and more people if that’s any consolidation. Sun, sand, relatively warm water, and… yeah.

      1. Kauai has some nice beaches there and Maui does too (but they are sectioned off by hotel/resorts making them impossible to get to unless you stay at them). Too bad the Big Island’s black sand beach got covered with Lava, that place was pretty cool… Problem is though I live on Oahu so I get Waikiki (hint if you hate crowds don’t go there) and the North Shore (same as the other one). Then there are the other beaches the locals prefer the tourists don’t know about… =P

  5. I find it funny that they complain about Yuuko’s perfect body when to me, Run looks just as good, if you notice she might be a tiny bit smaller than Yuuko in the size department except for maybe.. overall height, but maybe thats just me.

  6. The animation style is weird with the girls all having heads disproportionately larger then the rest of their bodies but at the same time they are all very pretty. Especially Run and Yuuko.

  7. Sand castle genius… there’s always one! Yuuko really is too fun, even if she is basically Mio’s twin. But hey, no one said that’s a bad thing! It’s true though, the beach is really never as fun as it is in anime…

    What was up with the ribbon(?)-thing the girls had under their school-swimsuits at the pool? Found that odd.

  8. Takaii, I’m sure 170cm is pretty tall for a 16 year old east Asian girl. Maybe those Asians living Stateside are taller?

    (Maybe I’m short for my age – I’m around 165cm, and no, I don’t live in Stateside. :p )

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Welcome to the tall otaku club. I’m a shade under 178 meself.

        But- yeah- I agree that 170 is just about perfect for a nice girl (But it is a little abnormal for girls from the far East. The average is closer to 160, actually).

    1. 170’s are tall? I’m 173cm (5’8.5″=68.5″) Japanese-American, I don’t think that’s tall at all (maybe just average). But I digress, 170’s good for me as I don’t have to look down or up.

      1. It’s just about average in most Western countries- but East Asia it’s basically giant levels. (Lotsa countries in South America and Eastern Europe too, actually).

        Trust me- I’ve visited those places on a few occasions and was basically head and shoulders above everyone.

    2. 170cm for an East Asian girl (Filipino/Japan/Korea/China/Vietnam etc). is VERY tall! If you are a girl and you have that height here, you will pretty much subjected to all kinds of joke like tower, giant etc. Most of the girls here have a height of 150-160cm (I’m talking of Adult height here already), beyond that and a girl is considered blessed, something to be happy about, but 170cm is considered very tall already.

    3. Yeah an asian girl with that height is considered really tall. A friend of mine in high school once looked at a profile of some asian girl which notes that she was 5 feet and 4 inches or 162.56 cm and he was like “OMG! She’s tall!” and I told him so what that’s not very tall but he then said “But she’s asian!!” which just totally knocks me. Kind of wondering what’s the normal height for men in asia though. I’m asian and 5 feet and 10 inches or 178 cm which may seem tall but when you live in Portland, Oregon, man it makes you feel short with that height since there are soo many tall people here downtown.

      1. The average Asian dude is around 5′-5″ / 5′-6″. Whereas for your standard white fella you’ll actually be looking around 5′-8/9″. Sure, you may think it’s taller- since there’s so many lanky blokes about- but keep in mind that there’s plenty of shorter guys too, which brings the average down.

  9. Cute, that’s all i can pretty much say to describe every episode I’ve been watching so far.I feel like Plankton from Spongebob when I watch every episode.”I can’t take it, it’s too cute, need hatred!”

    I get my fair share of Grim Dark and drama from DW, Ano Hana, and Hanasaku.A-Channel just kinda overrides all that with it’s cuteness.

    Btw, am I the only that thinks Run looks like a bird ;p


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