「右腕骨折全治一箇月」 (Migiude Kossetsu Zenchi Ikkagetsu)
“One Month to Mend a Broken Right Arm”

Through various dialogues in a hospital, everything up till now is passed on to the rest of the “harem,” and in a rather entertaining manner. There’s no random nonsense this time, so I really enjoyed everything, as the dialogues cycle through sexual harassment, quirky jokes, sarcasm, and just bizarro. I mean, the question is still there for me, “why the hell are these two girls still attached to the guy?” And the answer is still obvious, it’s because the author wants more girls in the show with some sort of link to the main character so the viewer can get sexual stimulation, sexual dialogue, and sexual tension. It’s typical, it’s exceedingly obvious in this show, but I enjoy it because the characters enjoy it (Meme is a prime example, I applaud Makoto’s restraint). They sure as hell don’t keep it a secret that they like him, and openly tease each other about it without much deliberation, which cuts all the normal social limitations (or annoying limitations) of “keeping it to yourself to someone you don’t really know that well.” So it’s more like, how can I make these characters say whatever the hell they want, but still keep enough coherency enough to get a point across? I figured the author would be more of a story depth kind of guy, rather than a dialogue-centric one, but since he loves Nision Sin so much, maybe Denpa is his way of trying out a homage. It’s still only four episodes though, so the plot definitely has an enormous amount of time to deliver, but it’s hard to say if it’ll ever reach a gripping sort of status.

Man I just absolutely lost it when Maekawa walked in the room wearing an eggplant asking “you getting bored?” as if saying, why yes, I wore this eggplant to entertain you. The comedy is definitely one of the high points of the show, and although the hit/miss ratio is like 2 to 10, those two jokes are usually so hilarious they make up for the lacking ones. Seriously, Maekawa’s eggplant was a knee-slapper (not sure if this is a good term for making my point, I did hit the desk). As far as unique goes, Denpa’s cast does succeed the realm of mediocrity, but not by much. They did avoid the cliche of Makoto going, “since I broke your dreams, I will now take it as a responsibility to protect the void in your heart,” which leads to Erio blushing and finding some sort of attachment to a sentence any shmuck can say with the right timing. I’m glad Erio’s taking it quite well, with even appreciation, but if Makoto can’t help with her memories, what the hell are we going to be watching for the rest of the episodes? Launching water propelled rockets? Heh, well it’s never a bad sign that I don’t know what’s in store.

Next week, Meme turns 40. Mid-life crisis?



  1. Augh, the eggplant suit. I would’ve been better off if she hadn’t explained her own joke. Instead I was left in horrible pun pain. It was glorious, but oh so painful.

  2. I truly enjoy How beautifully Erio is drawn but I think all the character development of Erio is being done by Makoto. Actually there isn’t a important moment where Makoto isn’t present. I would enjoy a dialogue between Meme and Erio quite a bit.

  3. Humor hit:miss ratio is 9:10 for me. Plot is already very interesting, for me, and the characters are more than just quirky and entertaining. There is stuff lurking there, waiting to be seen. Girls are not just parachuted in, they have a reason to like this guy: he is cute, smart, funny, kind, and respectful.

    1. Oh please, you’re attributing good characteristics to a CREATED character. Do you know how easy it is to make any character all those things? All of a sudden we’re supposed to excuse how harems form just because the main character is WRITTEN to be the best guy on earth? Sorry, but if every girl had their own unique aspect and view on the main character, that’s the best way to make harems form. Every time.

  4. Every single time I watch this, I always get that feeling that the author is NisioIsin though I know another author who was also a fan of Nisio’s wrote it. Still, great story nevertheless 🙂

    This and AnoHana are the two best animes this season for me 🙂

    The Story You Don't Know
      1. ^ orly~ Lol. Did some child really just pretend to be me because he’s butt hurt about something? XD

        This brightened my day right after work. Thank you my fellow anime lover. I hope you find yourself an amazingly fantastical show that you would not want to drop. ^_~

  5. Hmmm, I’m not sure what would I rate on the hit:miss ratio but the show is fun to watch on general. And the characters are really beautifully-drawn which is the main reason I watch this show, which is VERY UNLIKE Shaft…. I still can’t believe Shaft makes this show. Seriously.

  6. The girl wearing the hat is very similar to the girl from Sora (the shrine maiden). They look and act like twins and have many of the same mannerisms. She was the sister of the rich girl and lived at a shrine and always wore a cat on her head (can’t remember her name but think its Akira).

    1. I sometimes get Minorin vibes from Ryuushi with some of her actions and wackiness. Now that you mention Akira from sora though, I can kind of see it as well, but minorin from toradora popped in my mind first.. haha

  7. This show continues to amaze me with how cute the girls are. They’re all 11’s on a scale to 10! It’s an awesome overload!! I loved the hospital scenes when Ryuuko and Maekawa were fighting, way too funny. Erio is still the cutest though, in or out of the futon, no question. Meme is just… Meme *drools*.

  8. “it’s because the author wants more girls in the show with some sort of link to the main character so the viewer can get sexual stimulation, sexual dialogue, and sexual tension”

    It’s because of this that made me extremely irritated at the first half of this show. It was just so blatant that I found it hard to appreciate the dialog in any way and was practically yelling at the screen for them to stop wasting my time and get out of that fricken’ hospital. The last episode had so much promise that they were going somewhere with the alien plot but hopefully the next episode will continue with that trend. Sorry for the rant, this episode really made me angry.

  9. Well that was interesting. They seem to be trying to cram as much ‘plot’ into each episode. Kinda hard to figure if this show is going to start to follow something or wander aimlessly around till the end. Either way is fine. As long as it doesn’t wander around and then suddenly rush to a quick end.

  10. I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the 5 Centimeters Per Second reference yet. Also, the note said there was a cake in the fridge, so did Meme just call herself a Christmas cake?

    To me, it doesn’t feel like he’s “rotating through the harem.” So far, I’ve been immensely enjoying this show and its dialogue.

    Suzushina Yuriko
    1. The Christmas Cake is a reference in Japan when girls pass their ideal marriage/relationship age. The allusion is that no one buys/eats Christmas Cake after the 25th (Christmas).

      Meme is way passed 25 years old. 😛

  11. Why do I love it so much!? this is like anime crack.

    “why the hell are these two girls still attached to the guy?”

    I tried this for like… 3 years (not talking to girls and waited for them to come at me) and why no hot girl from my class approach me!? this is not like my japanese anime!!! I feel betrayed!!!

    Lectro Volpi
  12. So the guy tries jumping off a cliff. He breaks his arm, almost drowns, and spends two weeks in a hospital. Then he’s suspected for suicide attempt.

    The word “deconstruction” comes to mind.

    …I haven’t quite figured out of what exactly, though.

  13. People hating on this: take it as a quirkly slice off series and ignore any plot.

    People hating on the Sparkles: Imagine every time it happens a copy of Twilight explodes.


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