「白いリボンのワンピース」 (Shiroi Ribon no Wanpīsu)
“White Ribbon Dress”

Let’s do this list style. Cause I feel like it.

  • First things first, Yukiatsu… is an enormous douchebag… is what I want to say, but I can understand his character. His obsession got pretty out of hand, but it’s nothing more extreme than what otakus do all the time. His deflection and twisting of himself and Menma respectively was almost poetic, like a battle of “who had the better relationship with Menma.” What do I feel about it? After the massive speculation fest last week, I’m a bit numbed really. While the show was implying his issues since the beginning, I didn’t think they would take it this far (nor reveal it this early), but it’s not as ridiculous as I initially thought. I was intensely embarrassed watching him get caught, but I’m glad it happened instead of him escaping. Would’ve been pointless dragging.
  • And we all owe thanks to Tsuruko. She remains the mysterious one, having never actually talked about herself, but only of others. Her particular insight on Yukiatsu only makes herself suspicious, but the obvious way to see it is that it’s simply because she hangs out with him most of the time. Her wavering eyes when acknowledging the fact that Yukiatsu is indeed the one crossdressing as Menma tells me that there might be some love/pity/affection there, considering how little of that she shows to anyone else. Tsuruko also draws Menma’s ribbon as red, whereas her ribbon is actually blue in all the flashbacks and present. Not sure if relevant.
  • If there’s anything to hate the show on, it’s the fact that Menma can physically affect things. It’s integrated into the plot now, and I can imagine one screaming, “for the love of god, just have her drink the coffee to end all this nonsense!” I don’t have too much of a problem with it, but they’re making it really hard for me to not scream the exact same thing. This brings to another speculation, which is simply that Menma isn’t real, and the things she does are actually Jinta’s actions. A Beautiful Mind anyone? The leading argument against that would be the fact that Menma can physically affect other people, like Poppo this episode. Giving shivers is a trademark side effect of a ghost passing through you. So yeah, I still believe Menma is most likely a ghost. That’d be more fun wouldn’t it? All I want, is for there to be a point at the end of this series.
  • I think the show needed this. The characters were starting to reach a dead end, because although they were closer than before, there was nothing else to bring them further. I’m not exactly sure how the characters are going to deal with Yukiatsu (or the big question, what is Menma going to think?), but I want to see significant changes in the cast instead of getting it all at the finale, and it seems like next episode might actually do that. Nonetheless, Anaru is coming to terms that Jinta actually likes Menma, which leads Jinta to slowly come to terms with his feelings for Menma, so perhaps a confession is soon in order? Haha. And really, I sincerely hope there’s twists that no one can figure out. “Reading” the story is never going to be as exciting as letting it read to you.
  • The Super Peace Busters consists of Seven Sins:
    Anaru is Envy (envious of Menma), Jinta is Wrath (hates everyone), Poppo is Sloth (the weakest sin, is too carefree), Yukiatsu is Lust/Gluttony/Greed (a triple whammy, self-explanatory), and Tsuruko is Pride (not much is known about her, but she certainly sees herself as above everyone in terms of the Menma issue, hence pride)
    A bit of a stretch? Don’t know, but it’s definitely interesting.

    Let’s pee together!




      1. I’m guessing someone else other then Jinta can also see Menma, they are just in denial. Perhaps if they REALLY believe that she is still with them then they will also be able to see her.

      2. Maybe Menma was actually murdered. She can’t seem to remember her wish so…can she remember how she died? Nothing’s really been said about that. That being said, you could make a case that anyone…possibly even everyone, was the killer. *Cue shocking sound – DUM! DUM! DUM!*

    1. AWESOME POST there Kiiragi.
      Somehow the outline type is easy to read. each line are detailed.

      Nice sighting Beautiful Minds. I also thought the same during the second episode.

      If only Jintan makes Menma eat something in front of others.

      lol to your 7 deadly sins. XD

    2. this new style is nice. do you plan on doing keeping it or are you gonna do it only once in a while when you feel like it.

      anyways, I liked how your theory was right.
      cosplaying as a person who is dead that you liked is ok but tricking your friends with it is another thing. yukiatsu is definitely on my nerves and I dont think anything he’ll do can redeem him in my eyes.

    3. He has feelings for a ghost? Yea, that’s normal. Dissociative dirorder in Jinta could be a possibility, but why hasn’t anyone else commented on if he is the person actually interacting with things and not Menma.

      1. Menma was a real person. He has feelings for that person, not the “ghost,” even though there’s really no difference. Never see Ghost before? Like I said, there’s an argument to whether or not Jinta is actually doing everything, and that’s that Menma can actually affect other people.

        1. I don’t think it is Jinta, mainly because earlier Menma went and saw her family and Jinta was nowhere near there. She was doing all kinds of things, if I remember, like opening doors and whatnot.

          There are all kinds of theories on ghosts from do they exist at all to can they possess people and everything in between.

          Because she can interact with people, I don’t believe she is an hallucination.

    4. Though there were many who called the cross dresser last week, the fact remains that Menma’s wish hasn’t been fulfilled. At least in Jinta’s eyes. He is slowly trying to figure out what it all means to him and hopefully this all plays out well by the end.

      I came into this show not expecting much, but it’s turned into one of, if not, the best this season. Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of other shows last season that showed promise, then let us fall flat on our face.

    5. I hope this doesn’t turn out like Clannad where I start brawling my eyes out within a few more episodes ._.

      I sense some major drama building up in this series…

      1. You better get the tissues ready because of all the series airing this season it is most likely the one to bring tears…

        Possibly also Hanasaku Iroha too. These 2 series are far and away the best drama stories (Clannad, True Tears, EF, Kimi Ni Todoke, H2O, etc…) being told this spring season.

        1. Lol I thought Hana Iroha might go down a similar path, but currently it seems to be really light-hearted. Suppose it could pull of an Angel Beats! where the brawling came suddenly at the very last episode XD

    6. im not defending yukiatsu(in fact, im close to hating this guy) but I think menma can technically be greed. she wants everyone to come back together, while its good for her and for all of them, some of them dont want to.

    7. Okay, my thoughts.

      Of course, to us the viewers we assumed Yukiatsu was lying out of spite when he claimed to have seen Menma near the river last week because we know Jinta’s been interacting with a questionable entity who may or may not be Menma herself but who’s to say it’s not the same way for the creepy jerk, what if he too is seeing his own Menma. I mean he called his dress (that was weird) Menma or was probably even talking to it which can also be applied to Jintan in another person’s point-of-view. Not defending the guy but hopefully there’ll be a good reason for this and not just because he was crazy-lonely.

      Tsukiyo is still very unpredictable I actually thought she was only there to confirm her suspicions but still protect Yukiatsu but damn. Oh and one more thing Cross-Dressing + Night = Total Drag Queen. ^^

    8. Tsuruko was awesome this episode. Wonder what her issue’s going to be when her turn comes up. Based on the red ribbon thing you brought I’m wondering if she was there to witness Menma’s death. Not necessarily as the one who caused it but still affected her in some major way.

    9. I think that at least this episode confirms Menma exists because Poppo felt the chill and heaviness of Menma when she clinged onto him. Should verify that Jinta is not just imagine things, I hope.

      By the way, I’m liking Tsuruko more and more. But I guess she might expose her fatal flaw later (it seems like everybody of the gang has at least one, Jinta closes himself in his house, Anaru hangs out with wrong friends and changes for the worse, Yukiatsu does things in this episode… surely Poppo and Tsuruko has one as well)

    10. Urgh. Yukiatsu was painful to watch.

      Well after this is resolved, he’ll hopefully move on.

      If Yukiatsu becomes normal after this then Menma’s wish might be to address the inner conflict/flaws that arose in each character due to her death. Or maybe it really is to just make them one big happy group again.

      1. I’m wondering if Menma’s wish is for Jinta to find love (Anaru) and be happy and whole again (school and going outside and having a life again instead of being a shutin).

        1. Along with the whole wish thing, Would the title “We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day.” have anything to do with this? Will the title become more clear at the end of the series, like how Toradora started with a Little poem and ended with the little poem.

    11. Menma can affect physical things, this is true. So, why doesn’t Jinta get her to drink a cup of coffee or push something over? well, right now that probably would ruin a whole bunch of development in the show. A huge aspect of the show is that no one else can see Menma except for Jinta (or so we think). Having her revealed to the group at this point in the show would leave little room for any more character development. Plus, it’s the tension from wondering WHEN she will reveal herself that keeps us coming back to watch this show. As for now, she is most certainly a ghost that only Jinta can see.
      Also, think of it from your perspective. What if you could only see this ghost of the dead girl you once loved? Would you have the courage to reveal her to your friends? especially if she can only be seen by you. Plus, what if Jinta decided to tell Menma to drink coffee or something and his friends freaked out and ran away? I imagine seeing a ghost move an object and not being able to see the actual ghost would be terrifying. I don’t know how accepting Japanese culture is of ghosts but these are some things to think about…

      1. Jintan: “Menma, why don’t you try opening that door.”
        Yukiatsu: “Its just the wind.”
        Jintan: “Menma, why don’t you try cooking again?”
        Tsuruko: “You obviously did it yourself.”
        Jintan: “Menma, why don’t you pinch Anaru’s nose?”
        Anaru: “GERROFFOFME!”

        Nobody would believe it.

        1. “Menma, why don’t you take this dildo and shove it up Yukiatsu’s ass and make him scream for mommy”.

          You know Yukiatsu would love every second of it.

        1. If you want to be technical, being a plot device doesn’t absolve it from being a plot hole; it is still a plot HOLE.

          And you can’t play the culture discrepancy card. There’s literally tons of other series that unabashedly delve into the topics of spirits, ghosts, and hallucinations.

          Besides you said it yourself. Jinta doesn’t prove Menma’s existence for the sake of the show. I.e. Jinta has no reason to ignore the most obvious and reasonable solution to his problems (easily proving he’s not crazy). Honestly it’s like trying to find your way out of a room with an open door.

    12. Damn, it’s getting better and better.
      Not as heartbreaking as Clannad but I think the end will bring a lot of joy and a little sadness to everyone here.

      In the end Yukiatsu was more troubled by Menma’s death than Jinta.
      It’s really sad, I can’t blame him for being an ass with Jinta; I really hope this too will become friends (maybe as much as I want a JintaXanaru ending)

      Best show of the year \o/

    13. …I expected it to end with Yukiatsu revealing himself and being a confident troll that taunts Jinta into a losing fist fight or something. Just running was pretty lame.
      I would say this episode was much weaker than the others.

    14. I hated Yukiatsu for being a total douchebag but the part where he got caught gave me a sense of him being in the “Oh ****” way . Either way, the part where they revealed Menma’s death was a nice highlight. What I think is, that someone was with her when she died

      Show Spoiler ▼

    15. I have no doubt that Menma is a ghost simply because it would lead to an awkward story direction. What would be the point if all this time Jinta is just making up Menma unknowingly? Troll ending if you ask me. Yukiatsu got owned! It feels good Yukiatsu got what he deserved! Him talking crap about Jinta when he’s obsessed with Menma more than anyone.

    16. Posting to confirm how wrong I was about Yukiatsu. However, given the rather pathetic “reveal” I am okay with this. I did expect him to launch into some spiel to get Jinta riled up, but with Tsuruko already outing him in front of the others this would seem extremely bitter; not that that would be unfitting for his character.

      So what comes next? I doubt Yukiatsu is at the point of self-repentance, but any more arrogant behaviour from him runs the risk of coming off as desperate. It would be easiest for Anaru/Tsuruko/Poppo to get their own mini-arcs but that’s been done before. I hope they mix it up, for better or for worse.

      J Jay
    17. could it be possible that Yukiatsu (when Menma mode is ON) is trying to re-done Menma’s walk without the fatal fall in the river?
      In the end everybody is thinking that they are the only one responsible for Menma’s death.

      1. That’s an interesting thought. I mean, this episode he was obviously just doing it out of spite. But if that’s what he’s been doing before then, it really puts him in another light.

        Even though he’s been a total jerk to Jinta, a part of me can’t help but feel bad for him. Especially when he got caught, it was like he really knew that what he was doing was wrong.

    18. I know Yukihatsu’s coping mechanism is not what you would classify as “normal” but how do you be “normal” after experiencing death at such a young age? If he didn’t react to Menma’s death wouldn’t he be more screwed up? I don’t think you can pass judgement on him unless you’ve been through what he has.

    19. I actually felt pretty bad for Yukiatsu after he was caught in the act… but kudos to Tsuruko for still wanting to hang out with him even when she knows he’s a bit cuckoo and in a way, she’s trying to help him move on by exposing his silly act. Wonder if that’s the reason why she’s being bitchy to Anaru too?

      I still think Menma’s just a figment of Jintan’s imagination. Sure, it’s implied that Poppo and Anaru felt something pressing on to them and Menma seems to be able to eat as well, but I think it’s all in his head. Your mind can make you see what you want to see…

      1. Yea, thats what I think too. On the scenes where Jinta is not around, maybe they’re showing us Jinta’s imagination of what Menma could be doing when they’re apart from each other.

    20. This is fantastic! I love the attention to detail… How they change the character’s clothes, hairstyle and general appearance every scene… Simply eye-gasmic.

      Back to you’re “Menma’s watch theory” last episode… I have a feeling that could have been Yukiatsu just wondering around cross-dressing at night?

    21. I couldn’t help but cover my mouth to hold back a massive laughing fit. I wanted to point and lol so bad but Jinta and co. wasn’t laughing so I had to drop it as fast as I could so I could see their reactions through my tears.

      Interesting outlook with the Sins. I think your on to something. 😀

    22. Why do everyone wants to prove that Jintan can see Menma’s Ghost via having Menma do something physical to others?
      In my opinion I do not care if the rest of the friends does not find out Menma’s a ghost. It adds a certain romance to it. Like, we are your friends and we have faith in you kind of thing. The moment they find out, the moment this anime gets technical on what she can and can’t do, it might turn into some shonen battle spirit anime (small speculation).
      If they believe in Jintan because they know there is a ghost, it will be like believing in a messiah and you have followers leading because of an unseen ghost. Does not look good.
      If they believe in Jintan because they what understand what he is saying and it resonates with their feelings, their friendship would be stronger. it’s like their friends are saying “you are crazy but i can understand what you mean. maybe you are not that crazy after all”.
      Also shout out to Poppo, you are the best character there is! you made me cry on your speech man!

      Jack Vojack
    23. in terms of the red ribbon thing, maybe Tsuruko knew that Yukiatsu liked Menma and accidentally caused her death? with her sharpness about how Yukiatsu being an idiot for not being able to forget her being some actual guilt like Tsuruko acknowledging it was her fault so she’s the one that shouldn’t be able to forget. but that is pretty far off.

      as for more wish speculation, even though they all got together, they’re still not quite on “friends” terms, so it could be that. or it could be that Menma realizes that no one’s really being honest with themselves, even Poppo his carefree-ness could also be a coping mechanism. maybe he’s traveling the world because it hurts too much to be at home, despite him coming back home to “earn money for the next trip?”

    24. i really enjoy reading your post kiragii!!
      i expected anything but this from Yukiatsu i really like when the plot surprised me in such a way.
      As bad as it might sound i really felt bad for the poor guy (yukiatsu) cause everyone must hate him, but we dont really know what happened and how traumatic it might be menma´s death that affected him in such a way, the guy has serious issues and not just him but everyone are deeply marked by menma´s death that for some of them if not all (is to early to say) that happening definited their characters now and then.

      So i agree with some of the post above that said that Menma (if she really exist) is greed, i agree with that, and she is also very selfish, she doesnt want to leave them alone, she doesnt want to get forgotten even when the memories of her cause them such a pain and stop them from keep going forward, she keep tormenting them with her presence and all to grant her wish, her childish actitude could deceive you but she is a very selfish character and im not to fond of her until now, maybe later i could understand her a little.

    25. When Jintan was looking down at Yukiatsu I almost thought that he had hurt himself real bad or died in Menma’s clothes. (like how Menma slipped) I was thinking Oh jeeze now they’re going to have to live with that too. X_X

      But seriously Yukiatsu kinda creeped me out. He shouldn’t have underestimated the power of the super peace busters! He also should have had a better escape plan so he wouldn’t have been chased and caught.

    26. This episode was awesome!! I couldn’t believe it actually worked out the way it did. Yukiatsu, what a creeper! And yet, I suppose I can understand where he’s coming from. I hope it isn’t glossed over next week.
      I’m pretty amazed that Anaru didn’t go bright red when Jinta caught her (as you would have expected from ep 2.) I always like it when characters keep you guessing. And Tsuruko is intriguing, I wonder if she likes Yukiatsu?
      The show is pretty good, but I have to say I’m a little confused as to which direction it’s going to take from now on. I mean, as you said, the characters had started to reach a dead end before this new development and it slightly surprises me that that happened so quickly. After the first episode where all the characters were so cold to each other, I was expecting it would take a long time to get them all together, but viola, all of the sudden they’re all hanging out. I suppose this is refreshing in comparison to the usual “protagonist conquers one person at a time” tactic, like Hanasaku Iroha is going for, but it’s a wee bit jarring if they’ve reached a dead end so quickly. I’m still asking myself “what draws these people together? Menma? But there hasn’t been a firm declaration of Menma’s presence by Jintan, so why would any of them just forget their problems with each other and start hanging out again without proof?”
      It goes back to the ghost touching thing, and it makes me wonder what if a character like Poppo had been the one to see Menma and not Jintan? Would it make more sense if a zealous character forcibly pulled all of the characters together and blundered his way along, rekindling old relationships for an ultra emotional final hual where Poppo himself realized his own hurt and emotional fragility? Can Jintan bring out that same kind of solid ending, or is this story not meant to be anything like we’ve been expecting? I’m excited to find out.

    27. I feel like I can’t make myself like this show until I see how the story is going to play out until the end. The plot has been interesting so far, the characters have been interesting so far, but I’ll be extremely disappointed if it’s just a blah ending. I’m watching this mostly for the story potential. That being said, I liked this episode a lot and I’m glad to see that Yukiatsu was exposed and that this has happened earlier than I expected.

    28. @kiiragi as for the notion that u think menma isnt real and its Jinta’s actions, i have to challenge u on that one…Example: in episode one where she ran home and made the cup fall from the table and her brother and dad were arguing about it…I love the list format and i hope u feel like it more often :).

      1. Go watch Fight Club. This could be the same thing where they show everything from, in this case, Jinta’s perspective. He sees it as Menma doing things because his mind believes Menma is there, but it could just be Jinta doing everything, like baking muffin balls and playing with puppets.

        1. I was thinking about that too when Kiiragi mentioned A Beautiful Mind but the other point is true nonetheless, especially when Anaru herself mentions a weight on her shoulders in the first episode. But Jinta’s probably too freaked out to realize how much Menma is affecting their surroundings.

    29. while yeah, I sort of agree that yukiatsu is pitiable, I dont think he deserves it after using it to trick his old friends. if it was his way of coping, then he shouldnt have used it to spite and fool his friends.
      unless he was really trying to give his friends hope that menma is still there, which is highly unlikely since he told them that manma said to give up on fulfilling her wish.

    30. I really liked this episode, and I’m starting to get attached to the characters now so I don’t have any complaints about that.

      Though it would have really been great if they had 26 episodes and did a childhood arc before. I know I’m repeating myself, but now Yukiatsu just creeps out everyone while we could feel some pity for him if we saw the backstory in detail.

      Just when I started nicknaming this show Hikkikomori, Anal, and Sniffing dead girl’s clothes, I’ll have to change it to Hikkikomori, Anal, and Travestites now.

      1. No, no, I’d actually be pretty surprised by that, lol. What throws me off is how serious the black haired girl (srry forgot name) is and how she knows so much.

    31. This is MERE SPECULATION and I’m not saying that this IS the real thing. But these would be my thoughts on Menma’s wish. Spoilers might be included 🙂

      Show Spoiler ▼

      That’s quite an imagination I’ve got. But then again, this is nothing but my mere speculation.

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. In my experience with anime, you can’t ever base anything related to the plot on OPs or EDs.(Shounen anime and their epic fight scenes that never happen in the actual anime!!!)

        The norm with anime is to chose an already existing song and then to integrate it into the opening’s animation.

        Interesting speculation nevertheless 🙂

    32. With his cross dressing, he won’t be as high and mighty as before, lol. Hopefully he won’t be as much of an ass and cooperate with the group on fulfilling Menma’s wish. I’d be very angry if they go all through the season and the Jintan is the only person able to see Menma. At least at the end of the last episode Menma should be visible to everybody. Once again I have to say, this great storyline and characters are making this anime into one of my alltime favorites.

    33. yep, my Menma “can be easily proven to be real” RAGE is rising episode to episode, BUT!!!! it was soothed by that WACKO TRANNY NUTJOB TWIST AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HAAAA, HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! YOU GOT BAGGED HOMIE!! and if megane girl is feeling you…well, i feel sorry for her LOL!!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
      1. Oh man.. I had already bought 3 boxes of tissues in anticipation before this even aired! 1 for Ano Hana and 2 for another, non-existent blu-ray only, season of Kiss×Sis. For completely opposite reasons of course!! <3

        Seriously though.. I expect to tear up more as the series comes to a close.

    34. Guys, have pity on poor Yukiatsu.

      It’s really all Kyuubei’s fault for swindling him into believing that by making a contract with him to become a Puella Menma, he could get in touch with Menma by becoming her. LOL


      (Gawd, that nico video got me in fits of laughter. )

      Anyway, seriously, Yukiatsu is most likely resentfully jealous of Jinta, as everyone else is gradually buying into Jinta’s “story” that Jinta’s Menma is the real thing while the one he’s been refusing to let go of all these years (as well as cross-dressing as) isn’t.

      Yukiatsu ought to count himself lucky that Tsuruko went through all this trouble to “bust” him out of his delusions, meaning Tsuruko probably has feelings for him after all this years.

      Still, it’s actually quite funny to see Yukiatsu getting caught red-handed and proving all our suspicions about him absolutely correct. XD

      Kinny Riddle
    35. Oh, and that probably explains why Yukiatsu does a lot of jogging – to allow him to escape swiftly in case anyone tries to catch him while he’s cross-dressing. :p

      Until today that is.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. You know, it’s funny that you mention that because I was thinking something
        along the same lines. I found it kinda funny that the person who was seen running
        and has a seemingly “active” life ends up being caught by the person who hasn’t
        had such and was a “shut in”. Not to say that Jintan is that lazy but you’d
        think the more in shape person would be able to outrun the others.

        I guess the trees were against him today. P:

    36. I really love Menma. She always manages to put a smile on my face everytime she’s on screen.
      And for me this didn’t come as a big shock, cause I was expecting this from last week.
      And I really feel sorry for Yukiatsu, lying and cross dressing to his previous friends. This is so far one of my favorite anime’s of the season. I like this a lot more than Hanasaku Iroha.

    37. Damn it Yukiatsu! you forgot the wig!

      I was embarrassed watching Yukiatsu in his pretty dress lying on the ground. I wonder if he will accept his shame or snap.

      The fact that Menma “intruded” in her house and did some poltergeist is the thing that keeps the “It’s just Jintan” at bay.

      Lectro Volpi
    38. “Yukiatsu… why don’t you have a seat over there?”
      Huge LOL irl on that. You made my day <3

      Poor Yukiatsu.. it seems he's the most deeply affected by Menma's death, instead of Jintan. As for Tsuruko knowing "Manma's" (lol) identity, it's because Yukiatsu's personality is so transparent. Whenever Menma's mentioned he gets angry and tries to act all cool, and attempts to label Jintan as the crazy one. And since Tsuruko and he were childhood friends, figuring him out is a lot easier.

      That's my take on it anyways, I could be wrong. Also, I'm glad that Yuki's come out of the closet (rather unwillingly however. Acknowledging your problems is progress to fixing them!

    39. I’ve seen my fair share of traps and was actually pretty excited to see Yenma, till Tsuruko said the part about shaving his legs still making him a man.All my excitement went out the window and I was disappoint when I saw Yenma.

      Real Traps Don’t Shave.

    40. I was right about Yukiatsu is too much fond with Menma.
      Menma is Ayu Tsukimiya, Fuko Ibuki, and Fumika combined.

      Here is some wild speculation
      Show Spoiler ▼


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