「同級生 – All Good To Go」 (Doukyuusei)
“Classmates – All Good to Go”

Who would have thought that Tohru would be the perfect, well-mannered student? Surprisingly enough, I never expected that Run could prove herself to more air-headed than ever. Starting with that iPod of hers, I’m impressed that she had the smarts to try to connect it to a MD stereo and a cassette player to try to get music on it. Ignoring the fact that analog and digital and iPods doesn’t make any sense together, I never expected her to go as far as taking it apart to try to make it work.

She reminds me of those people who go out of their way to say “I’m bad with computers” and then turn around and try to do things they have no idea how to do. My point: unlike those older pieces of technology that you can tinker with, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to bust open an iPod. When I thought that no one would bring up how crazy Run was, Nagi stepped in and brought a well-needed reality check. She’s probably the perfect representation of how I’d react after hearing someone tear apart their brand new and expensive toy (especially if I wanted one). Besides her inability to use electronics, it was pretty odd to watch Run brush off all those comments from the new health teacher, Satou Sensei (Ono Daisuke). I mean, it’s already weird enough if a teacher compliments a student on something other than academics but to compliment her forehead? It’s like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen!

At one point in everyone’s life, they will meet the Yutaka (Matayoshi Ai) of their life. The person who’s a little crazy, a little stalkerish, a little socially awkward, and generally someone you don’t normally want to be around. I don’t know what Yutaka sees in Tohru (from a girl’s point of view) but she dove in pretty headstrong trying to create that friendship. I get vibes that she might be the type of person to befriend just about anyone, but I suppose only time will tell what kind of person she really is.

Was it me or was watching Tohru running to hug everyone after dealing with Yutaka kind of interesting? After watching the episode a few times, I still wasn’t sure what to make of it. Is it feelings of being separated from her group of friends? Or feelings of making new friends and not wanting to lose the bonds she has with everyone else? Whatever it may be, I get the feeling that this show might have a little more depth to it then I originally thought.

Another week and another episode passes by. I’m not sure what it was but this episode felt a lot more involved than the rest. It might have been Tohru’s fake dress, her ever growing relationship with Yuuko, or the amazing insert song that I want right now, but I’m pleasantly looking forward to next week’s episode — even more so if there are more Nagi freak out moments! And after looking at the preview, it looks like the whole weight issue is going to come into play.

NO MUSIC, NO LIFE. What’s this, a hidden video?!

INS3: 「ぎゅっとして欲しいんだ」 (Gyutto Shite Hoshiinda) by トオル (Tohru)
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  1. Mipo-rinNICECATCH!

    What’s more impressive is Run’s ability to put it back together. (And it works too!) Ever since the show started, Tohru gets a lot of screentime. (No complaints, of course.) We all obviously know she’s the real main character. Chyea.. The new P.E. teacher is a reincarnation of Hosaka from Minami-ke. I swear that creepy weird aura is unforgettable. 😐

    ps. Madoka post gets the sticky? :]

  2. I loved this episode so much. For me, it was the best one so far and I laughed pretty hard during most of the bits. I laughed way more than I should have at the creepy teacher parts. I also loved Nagi’s line, “next time I’ll take YOU apart!” Seeing that side of her is too funny and I can completely relate. The random humor really works in this show, despite my worries that it wouldn’t click for me.

    Miporin wins simply for being the first anti-stalker character I’ve encountered in a show.

      1. You mean a stalker-like friend?
        Don’t think I’ll go hugging my buddies even if that happens…
        But it does add on to the cuteness element of the show which I guess is what really matters at the end of the day

  3. Tohru was adorable enough before, now I just can’t get enough of her.

    I feared this would be another “all-girl group in high-school” series but after this episode, I see it as a look into Run & Tohru’s relationship and how they rely on one another but also start to follow their own paths in life. Tohru will probably start to hang out with her classmates in the future (gee, where I have I seen that before? I guess its hard in this business to be 100% original).

    I still love the show.

  4. is it me or does yuuko have a different accent to everyone else? im not sure, cause i dunno japanese ¬_¬ .. anyway, yutaka’s squinting eyes makes her a little bit creepy.. didnt like her much… but i guess thats just me…

  5. I’m not sure of the Dominatrix reference – that’s very unsettling
    given the context of the show (and the “special bed” reference).
    Is there something this show’s not telling us? Tohru came between
    the teacher and Run to protect Run – actually telling the teacher
    (no just some boy schoolmate) to back off. A powerful statement.

    What I saw as the purpose of this episode was to establish Tohru’s
    deep love for Run, without any sexual or romantic tendency. This
    was very refreshing. I think Tohru hugging Run’s friends was to
    show support for her friends; possibly hugging Yuuko the hardest was
    because Tohru was hardest on her (in the beginning)…

    Right now, this show has a strong start and I’m looking forward to #4…

  6. For a desperate stalkerish befriender, Yutaka isn’t really too bad, at least she has a good friend in Miho to rein her in from her excessive befriending. lol

    Besides, Tohru doesn’t completely reject Yutaka’s presence, and even feels lonely that Yutaka isn’t around to bug her, so much so she has to go and “bully” poor Yuuko again. 🙂

    Compared to Yutaka, I’ve come across quite a few “Yutakas” in my life who are many times worse, from school to worklife and even in online games. Sometimes these guys really get under your skin, and totally oblivious to how annoying they are.

    Ono Daisuke is once again playing the weirdo hunk a-la Hosaka from Minami-ke. XD I mean, who on earth gets that obsessed with foreheads?

    Kinny Riddle
  7. The worst thing about the Yutaka in my life is that I’ve had more than one -_-.

    Tohru sees herself in Yutaka is why I think she doesn’t completely reject her and why she hugs her friends ;p.

  8. I love this series. Even tho K-On is gone now (well except for the movie) I still get the K-On feel good vibes while I watch this low and laugh my ass off. Definately a series with watching.

    1. Love and hate are often two sides of the same coin, and interpersonal relationships can be complex.

      But in this case, I think it’s just that Yuuko is now Tohru’s new favorite stuffed animal. XD

  9. I want that single for the insert song now (especially the opening song).
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. This was the first strong episode i’ve seen in the series. Yutaka is a funny character. The first episode had too much negativity and made Tohru seem like a terrible person. Hopefully they’ll keep it strong

    Zaku Fan

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