Episode 11

「最後に残った道しるべ」 (Saigo ni Nokotta Michishirube)
“The Only Way Left”

Wouldn’t it have been funny if SHAFT had only aired Episode 11 this week? I think I might have died from an aneurysm rupturing if I knew I had to wait another week for the last episode.

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Episode 12

「わたしの最高の友達」 (Watashi no Saikou no Tomodachi)
“My Best Friend”

In a world where the final outcome will always be one where someone loses, no one will ever feel that they have completely won. It’s that feeling that pushes certain individuals to strive and move toward finding that one possible solution to conquer a never ending vicious circle.

For those a little out of the loop with so much time between these last two episodes, let’s have a quick recap. Mahou Shoujos are created for the sole purpose of being used as energy sources. The amount of energy that a prepubescent girl outputs when becoming a Mahou Shoujo or a Witch is great enough that other societies wish to capitalize on it. This huge amount, which is enough to save the universe from literally running out of energy (which is happening), creates the surprising problem of how to harvest all this raw energy. Unlike like how our own civilization capitalized on the labor of those deemed “inferior”, I think that Kyubei’s actions aren’t nearly as bad. While conveniently forgetting all the major drawbacks of becoming a Mahou Shoujo and trying to push their hand in his favor, he always offered them a choice. Please note, that I don’t condone this at all. I personally hate the Old Kyubei and all of his cold hearted tactics. But from the point of a rational and emotionless being, I can understand where he’d be coming from. It’s like asking if sacrificing a part of society to save the whole is worth it — is it?

As the past eleven episodes have clearly illustrated, there is a huge drawback to becoming a Mahou Shoujo — you become a witch when you give up hope or run out of power. Effectively skipping death entirely and rampaging around the earth as pissed off as you were when you died until a Mahou Shoujo takes you out of your misery. Looking at this situation as a whole, Madoka’s wish is such an amazingly noble and selfless one that it’s hard to believe I never saw it coming. I don’t know about you readers, but I was sitting straight up peering into the monitor, waiting for her to utter her wish. I personally wanted Madoka to somehow become a Mahou Shoujo without falling into Kyubei’s trap, and boy does it feel good to watch how she not only managed to beat him at his own game but effectively changed the rules of the game entirely! With such spectacular scenes to match an amazing final battle, SHAFT really outdid themselves this time.

In a totally unprofessional manner, I will admit I was bawling toward the end of this final episode. Not just because Madoka was gone, not just because Sayaka was still gone, but all of that in combination with knowing most of Homura’s hard work was worthless and the fact that the entire world lost their memories about Madoka was enough to push me over the edge. The final ten minutes hit me in a way that I never saw coming. Watching Homura clearly remember Madoka was bad enough, but watching Kyoko, Mami, and even Madoka’s own mother not remember her? I was scrambling to find my tissue box.

At the same time, as I was trying to peer through the tears, it was amazing to see just how different the world had become after Madoka’s wish. Kyubei becoming somewhat less evil in morale terms, demons pestering the world instead of witches, and Kyubei collecting small curse boxes instead of grief seeds — because Mahou Shoujo’s don’t become witches anymore!


Final Impressions:

Who would have thought that one season ago, Madoka would end up being the show of the season? While I’m sure that people would beg to differ, I still consider Madoka one of the shiniest gems from the winter season. With a combination of different themes, a great cliffhanger every single episode, and a story that constantly has you questioning what’s going to happen next, what more could you ask for? An even bigger surprise has to be that SHAFT was the studio who created such an amazing story. Taking on the task of creating an original story about a Mahou Shoujo, I’d have to say that they succeeded in delivering everything they said they would. Who would have thought that after a month hiatus, the last episodes still had such a huge impact?

In terms of characters and story, with only 12 episodes Madoka managed to flesh out enough emotion from me that I was dying at the end of the last episode. By dying, I’m trying to politely say that I was crying my eyes out. It wasn’t the type of tears that came out of my face when I was watching Clannad ~After Story~ and Ushio and Tomoya finally became a true family, but they still started to flow out on their own accord and I couldn’t stop them. I think it was from everything building up that really hit my heart. From the relationships between all of the main characters to all of Homura’s attempts to save Madoka from becoming a witch — something in there really got me good.

As I was still a little disappointed with that not 100% happy ending, I’m still pleased with everything I got. I think all the impact the story had would have completely disappeared if Madoka got to have her cake and eat it — something that others shows should really take note of. While I still would have loved to watch Madoka magically appear alongside Homura, knowing that she still exists and is always at Homura’s side was enough for my weak little heart to handle. But besides removing witches (and Grief Seeds) from the world, I thought it was nifty how the battle for a Mahou Shoujo still continues. Fighting the demons that inhabit the world instead of witches felt like a nice finishing touch — what fun would a world without a little magic be anyway?

On the Takaii-meter of how much I would recommend a show to someone, Madoka is one that I think anyone will enjoy. For those looking for something that redefines a genre (in a good way) and wants to experience a story that constantly has you on your toes, Madoka wins hands down. For those who want a little emotion and story development, it’s in there to. For those of you looking to bag on a show, this one is for you to — if only to act as a punch in the face to open your eyes. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to blog such an amazing show, and I hope that everyone had a fun time reading my posts. I can’t wait to read all the comments you have, as well as any theories that you have swirling in your mind. While I have been busy and haven’t been able to reply to as many as I would have liked to, I still read every comment.

“Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.”


  1. Madoka ep 11 = made me rage at Kyuubei more. And seeing Homura go One-Girl-Army was so epic to watch, kinda bittersweet in the end too.
    Madoka ep 12 = Tengen Toppa Puella Magica Madoka. Ending didn’t feel like a true ending though, but it worked as a closure nonetheless.
    OVerall, Madoka was one great ride… Thank you Shaft for great writing and executions. And <3 Takaii for blogging! Oh, and I love the new banner btw Divine! Love the ending quote too.

    1. Quite frankly I would have preferred a depressing ending. I didn’t really think of madoka an “overcoming any obstacle” kind of show… I preferred the hard reality that Kyubey described. You can’t just go about changing the laws of physics like that.

      Also, as observed by my friend, Madoka is String Theory.

    2. @Takaii: I believe that Kyoko did remember Madoka when she died as a Mahou Shoujo and instead of turning into a witch, Madoka interferes and lets her see what she truly wished for, and it was in this instant that I thought that Kyoko for sure remembered her (maybe not before she died, but at the very least when Madoka meets up with her to prevent her from transforming).

      I really love this show’s lesson cuz (ignoring mahou shoujo, aliens, magic, etc. aside), the fact that the Mahou Shoujo’s are now fighting a new enemy called demons this time and not witches, still represents the never ending cycle of hatred and violence in this world, that this time gives form of demons (instead of witches). However, everything is still the same, the people’s fate never changed, Sayaka will still die for the guy she loves, and Mahou Shoujo’s will still die once their powers are either depleted or they give up (basically the same conditions still exist for them to become witches, the only difference now is that before they do, Madoka intervenes and help them pass on). So in the end the girls that gets recruited by Kyuubei will still have an inevitable fate once they accept the contract, sure they dont turn into a witch, but same conditions exist that they will still die from loss of power or loss of hope.

      I guess the only person whom Madoka truly changed her fate is Homura, since her powers are completely different now, she has powers the same as Madoka had during her final wish and awakening (the arrow) plus she’s even got the wings that Madoka (or perhaps Walpurgis Night>) had as well. Plus I believe she also has her time powers as well, cuz she was never affected by Madoka changing the universe cuz she still remembers everything, plus she’s getting a lot more powerful this time, I see the world’s lines gathering unto her in the last moments of the show.

      IMO a BEST ENDING IS if Homura might just turn into another god like Madoka in the future. Perhaps this is going to be her next goal, make a wish like to change the laws of Mahou shoujo from dying cuz of loss of power and loss of hope. Only in this way, we can see a substantial change into a lot more happy plot and ending for the Mahou Shoujo, cuz the reason why this show is entirely different from all Mahou shoujo shows is the fact that they die in this show when they use up their powers unlike the rest whom always has unlimited powers. However even if they wont die from loss of power or hope, they will still obviously die if they get killed by their enemies like the demons in this case, but at the very least it doesnt carry as much risk than their inevitable fates right now.

      1. You do know that they are both made by Gainax and are meant to play off eachother in a way, right? Evangelion, like Madoka, is a deconstruction of a genre. Gurren Laggen is the counter to that- a reconstruction. So if it is ‘ripping it off’, that is totally intentional as it is made by the same company and meant to be a counter to it.

  2. I have to say that I predicted her wish, just not exactly the way she wanted the wish to be carried out. But it was the execution that kept it from bothering me.

    That said, it was an unbelievably beautiful ending. I just loved the ‘Ganbatte’ at the end.

  3. Wow. SHAFT really outdid themselves on this one. This was…. amazing. Madoka had everything. Twists you’d never see coming, deaths which would make your bawl your eyes out, real characters who however supernatural they were, were still human, an incredible plot, and an amazing and unique art style which shows how screwed up Madoka’s world really is. This is THE SHOW of the season, and perhaps the show of the year. The new season has some incredibly strong contenders, but topping this? Improbable.

    I’m quite surprised that I didn’t cry like crazy at the end though ;_;

  4. I guess its OK for me to assume that Madoka is best mahou shoujo anime ever!

    Oh please Shinbo! dont butcher this masterpiece by creating a new Spin-off slice-of-life Madoka anime.

    1. Here is my interpretation. Madoka’s wish was to erase the Puella Magi before they turn into witches in all time lines past, present, and future. The result of which (no pun in tended) is that her existence becomes negated because she is everywhere doing this all the time. The scene at the audition is Madoka before she’s erasing Sayaka’s existence, right after we see Mami, Kyoko, and Homura with Mami explaining that Sayaka used up all her powers and thus was erased (which apparently is now the rule of Puella Magi due to Madoka).

      The after credits scene I figure is sometime in the future with Kyoko and Mami now erased, which explains why Homura is by herself. I assume she’s at her limit as we can see witch powers almost manifesting. Then we hear Madoka give Homura a pep talk before engaging in final battle. This I assume suggests that Madoka will soon erase Homura, which references their talk before the readjustment of the universe “I’m sure we’ll see each other some day in the future, you’ll just have to hold on.”

      I for one think it was a better ending than I could have hoped for. I was speculating that Walpurgis Night was in fact the witch version of Homura, due to the clock like gears and the purple dress and powers. The repeated time loops would have increased her power above anyone else, of course this theory got applied to why Madoka had so much potential. It was definitely a bitter sweet ending, but it could have ended with a very depressingly dark finale.

      1. I also thought that Walpurgis Night might be Homura’s witch because of it’s gears. It would be ironic and totally awesome if it was. lol

        I think you would have to create some time paradoxes to make it work though…

  5. Episode 11 was heartwrenching. I got teary-eyed seeing Homura confess to madoka about what she really meant to her. The whole episode was so good especially that moment when Homura’s SG is turning into a GS already. She had lost all hope at that time. But good thing, Madoka was there to save her! Madoka finally made me believe that she deserves to be this show’s main protagonist. =) how the scenes were played, not to mention when Madoka finally turned into MG, were breathtaking! Awesome as ever! XD The built-up of the emotions was very good. I never felt odd watching it. XD Aside from the emotional impact the episode brought, the battle scenes were amazing!! *bows down to Shaft’s might*

    EPISODE 12 FTW!!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    EPISODE 11 and 12: since there’s no greater word to describe them other than perfect, i say, PERFECT!! T__T gah!! I’m criyng right now. I’ll nevr forget this show’s awesomeness.

    MSMM FTFW!!!

  6. This was one (if not the best) anime I’ve seen in a long while. Everything was wonderfully made. We did ball at the end (okay, I did more) but man, this became a fav series! A must see from our side.

  7. Definitely my favorite show of the Spring Season. Also loved how episodes 11 and 12 were aired on Good Friday in Japan as well. Though, I can’t help but admit that Kyubey was a bit cuter in episode 12 because he was less cruel (in morale terms) and was “legitimately” scared of the demons (as shown through his conversation with Homura).

  8. I still consider Madoka one of the shiniest gems from the spring season
    Shouldn’t this be winter season?o_o

    Anyway, definitely wasn’t disappointed by this epic ending. SHAFT,you have done me proud:D

  9. Well… After well over a month of hype…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    An ok end for standout series.

    1. yeah it was, they’re an alien life form that have no sense of emotions who create puella magi as a form of energy to counter entropy. in fact, it was also explained at the start of this blog post.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        No offense. Just my opinion. 🙂

    1. I know people out there who didn’t like this ending, but I personally think it made for one hell of a ride. Making this my first official Magic Girl show has probably raised my bar for other MG shows. It did make me rage at times, but then again, what show doesn’t?

      Great coverage, Takaii. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect from this at first, but it really has exceeded anything I did expect. Sorry, but trying to gather ones thoughts when running on 2 hours of sleep is hard to do. I’ll comment again later if I can properly think.

  10. It’s such a bittersweet but beautiful ending. Seriously this show was best watching it as it aired since the anticipation for the next episode just made everything sweeter. I’ll have to disagree that Homura’s hard work was wasted since she’s the reason Madoka had the power to save the world. I’m going to lay it out and declare Madoka as my favorite show last season as no other gripped me as emotionally as Madoka in quite sometime. Perhaps not since, as you mentioned Takaii, Clannad AS.

    This show reminds me of a lot of other great movies and shows I’ve watched but made in such a unique, well-produced and powerful presentation as to not call it derivative or lazy. One thing that Homura reminds me of is oddly enough Samwise from LOTR, her undying loyalty and love for her best friend turned out to be the reason the world was saved and really set off the series emotionally. Really really loved this series.

    Good luck with the massive comment flood Takaii!

  11. Just based on the recommendations on the various bloggers here, I think I might give it a shot. Skepticism had me foregoing this series for some more light-hearted and mainstream stuff, but if it is as good as what you say…It just might be worth it.

  12. first of all: YAY MADOKA BANNER thanks divine!

    second: i realised that my dissatisfaction with the ending is stemmed from madoka’s demise ending, but in retrospect, as you said, if she had a perfectly happy one then it would probably ruin the show. I was expecting homurun to save madoka somehow, but this…this ending is just so blown to such a universal, galactic scale that somehow my disbelief rendered all the epicness, well, not so epic ^_^;

    still, this is one of the best anime i have ever seen, good job SHAFT!

  13. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this whole explosive ending, but I’ll say I LIKE it.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    (Sad but funny how Sayaka still ended up dying and NTR’d in a new universe. Poor girl)

  14. So now when magical girls get all grief’d, they disappear instead of turning into witches.
    And to replace the witches, we have curses. (monk guys with pixels on their faces)

    Like, sure she made it a better place, but she didn’t exactly FIX the whole “having to fight for all eternity” thing.

    But w/e, I liked the ending. Too bad Sayaka died for real/stayed dead (since she became a witch).

    And holyjesusfuckonastick, that green haired bitch and kamifag-kun. What the hell is up with that?

  15. Last ep is good, but there are holes in her wish. Why can’t she just wish there would be no more witches in the past/present/future instead of having to destroy them all by herself? That way she wouldnt even need to sacrafice herself.

    And with her wish, i guess all the girls die…umm i mean disappear before they become witches. Does it really make a difference in the end since the girls are gone one way or the other?!

    1. It does make a difference because even if the Puella Magi merely disappear at the end of their powers, they no longer manifest into twisted shells of themselves. Sure conflict and strife exist and the universe is still facing the threat of entropy. In fact it might have even made their jobs even more difficult as Kyuubei says the old rules that Homura describes to him would probably have been more efficient. However the Puella Magi are no longer merely pawns of the Incubators, because Homura notes that the relations are much better than they were.

      The crux of the series seemed to revolve around the inner turmoil that being a Puella Magi brought, so while there isn’t any difference by the exact end result, there’s a world of a difference in how the role of the job now.

  16. I don’t get the credits one bit. Is it foreshadowing the end of their world?

    And yes I can agree that this is the best Mahou shoujo out there.

    Thanks for blogging this show Takaii. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the comments lol.


    1. damn yeah, madoka looked like a goddess in there. ah wait, she is. XD

      the credits, as i see it, is foreshadowing the apocalypse. i think only homura remained at the end.

  17. ok, can anybody explain to me what just happened? im just that slow.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I’m not going to attempt to explain it because I’m not 100% sure.

      But I’m pretty sure that before Madoka, after you were done being a Mahou Shoujo, you turned into a witch.

      With Space/Time Travel, Madoka simultaneously prevented Mahou Shoujos on the verge of becoming a witch. I suppose since it happened all at once, you could say the parallel world lines were converging into one — creating the new world where witches finally don’t exist.

      Cause, time don’t move in a straight line remember? (Stein Gate’s reference)

      1. But I’m pretty sure that before Madoka, after you were done being a Mahou Shoujo, you turned into a witch.

        my very point exactly. so if the very first mahou shoujo didn’t become a witch, where did the other girls come from in that time line? why need one when there’s no witch to fight? and regarding what you said about time, say it do branches off. but still, it will branch off in two. one where the girl didn’t become a witch and one where she became one. doesn’t that negate what madoka just did?

      2. weh?, in the new universe, there are demons which need to be fought. These are caused by something other than MGs gone bad. Curses and/or distortions in the new universe cause them, it seems.

        Madoka was in love with the idea of magical girls fighting to protect everyone’s hopes and wishes, so she created a universe in which they were still needed yet weren’t sacrificed as a price.

      3. Remember, Madoka changed all the rules. As long as there are people with wishes there will be mahou shoujos. If you got rid of mahou shoujos, like qb said we’d still live in caves, which is probably why Madoka chose to get rid of witches and not witches and mahou shoujos. No more witches, so instead mahou shoujos fight demons for qb.

        This is my interpretation for Sayaka: She simply did not want to accept a world where she was not loved by violin boy, thus she chose to simply disappear rather than accept the fact that she could not be with him. Now you may also say “Hey but now she knows she won’t turn into a witch so she can pursue him now.” Well no, since Madoka cannot undo Sayaka becoming a majou shoujo, she still may have a puppet body and the burden of being a mahou shoujo which means she probably could not realistically still pursue him. But thats just my theory: she committed suicide.

      4. i get what you’re all saying about why MG’s still exist after her wish. what i don’t get is where did all the other witches come from after preventing the very first MG from becoming a witch.

        first MG became first witch.
        second MG shows up to fight first witch.
        second MG turns into another witch.
        third MG shows up to fight third witch and so on…

        now in the show, madoka prevented each one from becoming a witch, right? but where did the witches following the first one come from if the very first one didn’t become a witch? wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to stop the very first one from becoming a witch and then just rewriting the contract after that?

      5. Again, her wish created a world where there was NEVER a witch period. She rewrote history. Instead we have demons which… I have no idea where they come from, but they do not come from mahou shoujos. QB had the incentive to create contracts in order to obtain the curse cubes from those demons. QB does not have the power to obtain these cubes because he doesn’t hold the power of emotions that mahou shoujos have.

      6. nah, im pretty sure sayaka didnt wish that because she didnt accept that fact. madoka would stop the magical girls from turning into witches and thus sayaka would still disappear since she already became one. kyouko and mami didnt become one so they lived.

        madoka just showed sayaka the possible future before erasing her. she’s still one of her friends and she just temporarily lost her true view as stated, she wanted everyone to hear kyousuke but also loved him. she accepted that kyousuke is better off with hitomi and trusts hitomi so she disappeared peacefully.

      7. Another point I would point out with Sayaka was her undying wish to never sacrifice people and be a hero, especially that Kyousuke, her love. As said, she used everything in that last attack. I guess the Demon would have ruined the concert and she sacrificed everything to ensure that would never happen. We don’t know if Kyoko actually changed from her previous world incarnation where she would wait for the witch well in this case demon to be at sufficient capacity. Like said, Kyoko’s line where she says they finally get along is they finally see eye to eye, only to see Sayaka stick to what she wanted to the very end made it bittersweet. Though it was nice to see that Sayaka had some closure.

        Sora no Kaze
    2. Either
      i) The familiars aren’t rolled back and their consciousness after becoming a witch is strong enough to maintain existance
      ii) The rollback is like a time wave, it flowing back to the beginning and flowing forward into the future
      iii) The witches are a new existance such as that in the ending

      Sayaka either
      i) could not be recovered
      ii) chose not to be recovered <- this i would say is more likely unless Jean de'Arc didn't really fight

      Zaku Fan
      1. -Madoka wished for a world without witches
        -Sayaka became a witch
        -Sayaka could not be saved.

        Sayaka really got the shitty end of the stick. She sacrifices her life for her love who doesn’t even really love her back, one of her best friends (green haired bitch) gets together with said love, oh and she dies.

      2. Sadly no.. Re-watch the episode/the scene where Madoka appears before all the past mahou shoujos. Instead of becoming witches, they simply disappear. But in a way, they are saved. (from becoming witches and having to continue hating)

      3. From what I got, Sayaka would live in a world where she wasn’t an MG. Sayaka denied that, because he wanted Kamijou to stay healed. So basically, Sayaka became an MG, still lost Kamijou to Hitomi, but didn’t regret it and lived a satisfied life as an MG. She just dies fighting.

    3. my very point exactly. so if the very first mahou shoujo didn’t become a witch, where did the other girls come from in that time line
      They still become mahou shoujo by forming a contract with kyubee, but in order to fight the new demons instead of the witches

      1. then doesn’t that mean that all she had to do was stop the very first one from becoming a witch?

        hum… I guess you’re right, the second MG wouldn’t have a reason to become one if there’s no enemy. But you can take it as in that condition kyubee would have work out a solution to make her agree.

      2. Nope, QB could say that in exchange for a miracle you have to fight witches as and when they appear. Even if they don’t appear the girls would sooner or later become wishes due to hatred and as they are no witches, there are no grief seeds meaning their soul gem cannot be purified and they are doom to become witches. Become witches QB has energy. Whether they become witches or not does not matter. QB can just lie and say something else like in exchange for a miracle something bad would happen to you without saying what the bad thing is.

    4. From what the way I understood it, Madoka essentially rewrote the fine print where an MG contract will bring despair and turn into Witches. Essentially, MG still exist and fight evil beings, but now their won’t be despair and regret, just hope. In other words Madoka gave them light at the end of the tunnel. Before that being an MG was essentially a death sentence with no benefits.

    5. Well, the show was great and no doubt it was one of the best anime I have seen so far but something in my heart feels a bit disappointed. I think it is because of 2 reasons, firstly because of the wait. The anticipation of the wait could have lower my feelings for it but the main reason is that its Good Friday concept >_<". I do wish for an alternative ending that is more impact but oh well, you get what they offer you.

    6. @weh?: I think you’re overlooking the obvious. Incubators like Kyuubei aren’t creating magical girls to simply fight witches. That just happens to be a vicious part of the energy generation cycle that auto-corrects itself with the next magical girls defeating the witches of the previous ones. Their true goal is to harness the power that’s emitted from the emotions that comes from girls who become magical girls (i.e. hope and despair).

      Before Madoka’s wish, the girls would emit energy while battling as magical girls, and release a lot when they become a witch. Her wish simply took the last part out of the equation and allowed Incubators to continue having a key part in mankind’s history while preventing magical girls from succumbing to such a terrible fate. The ending shows Homura, Kyouko, and Mami continuing to fight under these new “contract terms”. The fates of magical girls have changed, but the need to collect energy through magical girls still exists. Without witches, the world line has shifted to demons as the new threat.

      In the last scene, Homura explains to Kyuubei of how energy was collected before via witches, and that fascinating him because his current self has no recollection of that alternate world that Madoka rewrote.

      1. thanks divine. yeah, i totally forgot that it was only known later on that mg’s turn into witches. somehow that fact got stuck in my head and thought it was like that from the beginning. makes sense now why she had to see each and every mg throughout history coz she had to deviate their timeline into that new one that she pretty much created.

  18. The ending consisted of (perspectively arguable) logic, but that doesn’t matter. When an anime’s scale, complexity, and emotional turbulence to force me into a ten minute timeout due to emotional breakdown, that’s it. I’m just going to stop attempting to analyze it (except for my own needs) and add it to my “must-watch” list for all incoming anime newbies.

  19. really really awesome story.. this is a great way to end it, in achieving something, some other things are sacrificed..
    but yeah i agreed for the last part too, cant they show us something like a spiritual madoka giving our homura a little hug T-T

  20. Ep 11 showed Homura at her best, rockets, oil tankers, collapsing buildings, stadium full of bombs but still not good enough to win. WN is really really crazily powerful. That amount of firepower would have taken out a hundred witches.

    Madoka and her mother’s talk really showed how mature she was doing what Nia in another show said “you’re here to do what you’re here to do”

    With the series as the backdrop, you were always second guessing whether Homura would turn into a witch or Madoka would arrive in time to save her.

    Another good thing was the explaination on why Madoka was so strong. In effect she had become the center on which multiple universes hinged.

    Ep 12, seeing QB’s reaction to the wish was funny. Seeing him say Madoka would be universe destroying witch in a gloating voice (IMO) then seeing it shattered was good. Both her and Homura surviving was not on the cards with how the series went but at the very least, Madoka never really died.

    From what i could see, Sayaka not returning was probably her choice, given Jean de’ Arc was also recovered (even though she still died), killing people would not really cause them to be irrecoverable.

    The ending was really a normal mahou shoujo 🙂

    Zaku Fan
    1. Also have to love how they keep misleading people. At the end of ep 10, a lot of people said that Madoka’s next episode preview sentences were directed at Homura.

      The Magia ending of Madoka running backwards until she disappears becomes sensible in ep 12. Using Connect as the final song was very fitting too.

      Zaku Fan
  21. EPIC ending even though it’s kinda sad. Slightly disappointed that madoka’s fight with walpurgis night was so short, would have liked it to be longer! still an AWESOME ANIME!

    “Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.”

    LOVE the quote =D

  22. What perfect timing to put on a new banner for RC.

    I never really liked depressing works unless it ends in an upbeat note, even less so if it’s a “they all die at the end” horror flick.

    Now that I know the ending is not completely depressing but rather bittersweet, perhaps I ought to pick this up and marathon it.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. I watched it live on MBS, bawled my eyes out, tuned into TBS where it was on again, bawled my eyes out again. Caught a raw, bawled my eyes out.

    Just thinking about it now makes me teary-eyed.

    Seriously, if a show can get me this bad, then it’s a winner in my book.

  24. Hi Divine, do you intend to keep the Madoka banner? Or is it just for this special occasion?
    I’ll need to mentally prepare myself if you’re going to replace Homura-chan with that campy Takuto 🙁

  25. I am sorely disappointed that I didn’t cry… I REALLY WANTED to cry…. But still, terrific ending. I just loved the writing this show had and I’ll miss it dearly, though this current season is shaping up pretty nicely. I’m so glad that this was a double-feature week; I just wouldn’t be able to contain myself if episode 11 was released by itself. Anywho, great ending to a great series.

  26. *claps* Bravo Urobochi!

    So ends one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. If anyone asks why I loved it, I have a simple answer: I was emotionally invested in it. That’s all there is to it really, each episode made me want to see more and each wait for the next episode was agonizing. I cared for all the characters, even the ones I hate like Sayaka. That’s how a show entertains me.

    As for the finale, I won’t deny that I cried as well. It really hit home the sacrifice Madoka made. In the end she was able to change to the system, so at least all the MG will not have their dreams crushed. Overall, I was satisfied with it.

  27. Glad that Madoka actually had a reason for being, potentially, the strongest Mahou shoujo/witch known, and it wasn’t just some cheap cop-out like “Because she was lucky enough”.

    The mother forgetting Madoka was definitely depressing, considering they’ve been very close throughout the series, and she’s played a small, but significant role in the story.

    Overall though, Madoka’s been a fun ride. I was especially fond of the visuals in episode 12, and Homura’s unlimited ammo works. Was expecting her to throw out a nuke at the end or something. 😛

  28. Mmm people really need to stop saying that Madoka has redefined or “deconstructed” the magical girl genre. There are plenty of old school magical girl shows that have done the same thing and better. This show is just less subtle with the dark content. Its also a given that, if SHAFT actually planned on making this a deconstruction of a magical girl series, they would be advertising it towards an older female audience aka normal magical girl fans, not older males.

    Good series, still dont understand why people make this such a big deal though as a magical girl series. Yeah its a dark show and its got a good plot, unfortunately damaged a bit from by overwhelming moe for me, and normally i wouldnt mind if people were just calling this a really good show and the like. But calling it a redefining series in the genre of magical girl I completely disagree with, especially given the sexual undertones and being directed by an all male staff.

    Disappointed Kyubey didnt play a significant role though. I recall in episode 9 Homura said that she knew his true form. I was hoping we would see that in the final episodes, but unfortunately SHAFT skipped right over that plot point.

      1. Agree. I’m pretty sure she meant what he is and that she knows his real motives. Not to mention it’d seem slightly tacky if this wasn’t Kyubey had some other more evil looking form. I think the reason why most people like him so much is that he looks like any other animal “familiar” we see in MS animes (actually reminds me of the white/red thing in CCS that I don’t know the name to), yet he behaves differently.

  29. Can’t recall the last time I watched such a good deux ex machina ending.
    Pity it wasn’t a bit more challenging; I would have liked to have seen more of the new world and how it continues the show’s theme of how the best intentions can go awry. I thought it got a bit too much sparkle-poo yuri fantasy heartbreak, but oh well.

    (Hey SHAFT: ya’ll didn’t have to be so aggressive about the copy-Utena stuff, got quite close with your end huh? But I do still love to see it remembered for more than yuri kiss, so thanks!)

    Still wanna buy.

  30. The best ending well executed I would say.

    Also, Everett’s Many-world’s interpretation seems to be the hot thing this decade. In stein’s gate and now this :3

    My theory on this but some would disagree:

    Madoka became God seemingly because she possess the many-qualities a god should have: omnipresence, transcends time and space, writing (or in this case, rewriting) the laws of the universe.

    But one thing seems strange, although “God” has theoretically eliminated witches and hence the sufferings that witches wrought to the world, another form of evil emerges, now termed demons. Is that an allusion the authors wanted to state that “God” (in reference to the God we know) is actually powerless to stop evil from manifesting themselves?

    Some of you mentioned that why Madoka (“God”) would not just declare her wish as entropy does not exist/evil does not exist and thus make it unnecessary for elimination of evil. In my opinion it is just oversight, because Madoka is overwhelmed by the events happening around her and can only wish for the best solution that came to her mind at that time.

    If my theory holds, then again would that mean the authors wanted to allude that God practically created the laws of the universe with some oversight at hand, and thus we have evil in our world?

    Nevertheless, the finale certainly provoked some deep thoughts. Perhaps one of the shining examples of how animes should end, unlike the recent other finales which are letdowns (hint hint :3)

    1. A few things:

      It was stated that humans will continue to feel/do bad things. Madoka as god could wish to change the nature of the MG system; what would she be if she wished to control or command every person’s heart? Would that be a good thing? Even if, as god, she could prevent bad things from happening to people, could she prevent despair, lonliness, or sadness? Should she have?

      I think Madoka was in total love with the idea of magical girls fighting to defend the hopes, dreams, and love of themselves and others. Madoka loved magical girls for their hopeful willingness to risk themselves to defend good things.

      I think Madoka didn’t want a world without magical girls because, to Madoka, they are the personification of hope (hence, her repeatedly mentioning hope)

    2. @koja
      I also thought about those things…I felt quite conflicted.
      On one hand, I was disappointed with her wish because it was so simple in the sense that it merely cut the problem by the the trunk, not by the root. A lot of things made me feel this way, such as Sayaka still being heartbroken (since Madoka only arrives when MGs turn to witches, that means Sayaka still went through the same shit and is still in her extremely depressed state), the fight still seems endless, the existence of demons that would probably cause destruction/death as much as witches, and everyone else’s tragedies seems to have still happened(I know that’s good for drama and personal growth or something but do you seriously accept that things, say Kyouko’s good father still went crazy and killed the whole family, should be kept that way if there’s another way?). Another thing…where’s my yuri happy ending?:'( Homura and Madoka are still separated, Kyouko didn’t take Sayaka from that ungrateful bastard that didn’t even bother to tell Sayaka about his discharge(at least Hitomi confronted Sayaka, Kamijou practically ignored her after his recovery), and no MamixCharlote in that tea party talk which I think is like a future meeting after they disappear(Mami’s still lonely and her assets are wasted 🙁 I need moar mami mogu mogu XD)…
      On the other hand, as Junk mentioned, MGs are no longer in the eternal cycle of grief and are now a more accurate symbol of hope, and if everyone else gets wings, angels as well. One can never completely erase despair/sadness/violence/etc from a person without overcontrolling them or stopping their growth altogether. Actually, my most feared moment was when it was mentioned that Madoka was going to destroy the universe, but WOW…she beat her own future witch self which(lol) should be more mature(magically I presume) and thus more powerful. That single EPIC moment turned around my expectations since she overcame the greatest problem of MGs. All those scenes of saving the other MGs, also the Good Friday and Christ references are just so…….I can’t even find a word fitting for it(in a good way)…so I’m still more than satisfied with the end…it’s just that as a greedy human…I just want more happiness there, you know? XD

  31. Ok, the ending wasn’t perfect but close enough. In all honesty I can’t figure a better ending without resorting to cheesy deus-ex-machina or complete grimdark. I guessed right that Madoka’s wish would be to change the Puella Magi system forever.
    They put enough foreshadowing in the previous episodes that Madoka was going to become a goddess, so it didn’t feel like an asspull (I am looking at you, Mai Hime). Episode 10 also suggested that Madoka’s power was becoming stronger and stronger with each iteration. Therefore, in the current timeline it became possible for QB to grant a wish that was usually impossible.
    The ending was bittersweet because Madoka erased herself from existence, Sayaka stayed dead because she really wanted to heal Kamijou, and the Puella Magi now have to fight “magical beasts” instead of witches.
    The visuals were great, especially the montage of Madoka saving all previous mahou shoujo from becoming witches. It reminded me of the Reis turning people into LCL from EoE.
    Too bad that we didn’t get to listen to Magia in this finale but I guess they wanted to end the series with a less ominous song.
    I am satisfied. 8/10 for the finale, 9.5/10 for the series as a whole.

    Son Gohan
  32. The reason why Sayako did not exist anymore (died), but Mami and Kyoko and Homura were still around was because Sayako was the only one of them to turn into a witch (in multiple time line, from what we saw). Hence, Madoka interfered and “eliminated” her before she turned into a witch.

    Mami and Kyoko both died as Mahou Shoujo in the various time lines we saw (either directly by witches, while fighting witches, or to prevent themselves from becoming witches). As such, now that there is not more concept of witches, Mami and Kyoko still exist. Mami never had her head chopped off by a witch. Kyoko never sacrificed herself to kill off Witch Sayaka. Mami never shot Kyoko’ soul gem to prevent her from turning into a witch. Madoka never shot Mami’s soul gem in response.

    Hence, only Sayaka was gone.

    Junko Tamiya
    1. The scene where we see Mami, Sakura, and Homura talking about how Sayaka just vanished the moment before is showing us the new, real and only timeline which exists without Madoka ever being born. Somehow, those 4 girls fight together and the moment we are shown is when Sayaka reaches the limits of her power. Madoka made her vanish (in a very kind way).

      Eventually, Madoka will meet the other girls, too, when it is their time. But, yes, we are shown Sayaka’s end because she was the only one who became a witch. It was closure AND also showing us the role Madoka is playing with an MG we know.

  33. Although I don’t enjoy the whole ride as much as everyone. I feel the ending was done quite well. Even the whole problem was never solved, I’m content with the fact that Mahou Shoujo disappear when they run out of power instead of becoming a witch. Heck, they can even make a normal Mahou Shoujo show base on that and I would watch it.

    Anyway, I’m confused with the last scene a bit. So the world is going to end with that as the final battle, or that’s just to depict Homura’s final battle alone? She looks really powerful and ready to break in that scene though.

    PS. I wouldn’t mind a slice-of-life Madoka since I’m a big fan of slice-of-life series 🙂

  34. so to sum up
    mahou shoujo fighted witches(who where mahou shoujo who gave up or runed out of magic power) or they familiars
    For that they formed a contract with incubators

    Madoka having become a “concept”, the soul geme of thoses about to become witches just disapear. However it seems they still die (the soul geme being their souls) but at least their souls are saved.
    As there are no more grief seed they uses the cursed box to clean up their soul geme.

    The scene we see is most probably the first time she died and not the one she dies along with kyouko.
    Having lost her hope (probably because of hitomi) she was about to became a witch but her soul was saved by madoka(audition scene). Her death is then adapted to the new rules madoka created and fake memorie were implmented in Mami and Kyouko.

    She was sent to her first reality before any loop. Madoka having never existed there was no reason for her to go back in time. However she kept her memorie and power because, as kyubee says, she was able to escape from the univers re-writening thanks to her ability. Once again the world adapted a place for her in wich she is now a demon hunter.

    1. I get the feeling that all the soul gems (and thus their souls) are absorbed by Madoka as she mentions meeting everyone. The witch dimension like wings on Homura at the last scene may or may not be significant

      Zaku Fan
  35. I got an End of evanglion feeling at the end of episode 12 with madoka appearing infront of the girls who where about to become witches. Anyway it was an great and interesting show in all but i hate when girls cry and have that squicky voice, there has been alot of that in this show.

  36. Takaii, Homura’s efforts didn’t go to waste at all. Her repeated cycles enabled Madoka to have the power to alter the universe. Only because of Homura’s wish and fullfillment attempts allowed it.

    I’m seeing a lot of Sayaka talk; in the new world she does still become an MG and fights with Mami, Sakura and Homura. At the point we are shown, she reaches her limit and Madoka comes to make her disappear (in her new role of MG Grim Reaper). As she helps Sayaka vanish, she takes her to see her boy play for a final time as a gift.

    Sayaka didn’t get her boy but that was the only way she got shafted. Madoka will go meet the other girls when they hit their limit, shaft just didn’t show us the future.

    And it seems kinder if her family never knew they had Madoka…. but still manage to think kindly of her anyway.

    1. This was probably an oversight on Takaii’s part. Homura constantly reliving that time period inadvertently built up Madoka’s potential as a magical girl — enough to make a wish that can reshape the entire world.

  37. For me this was the best anime out of the season.

    I dont think the ending is anything special like some people are thinking, i actually saw the ending coming ever since i knew about grief seeds and how the girls become witches, wishing the “impossible” and overwriting the rules of the universe is something i learned a long time ago in anime, and it does offer some pretty awesome endings.

    But anyway, its a solid anime that sets the bar very very high for the mahou shoujo genre… its going to take a while to see something better than this.

  38. Homura’s efforts were not worthless. It was only her continual time repetitions that gave Madoka the power potential to do what she did. The ending is ALL thanks to what Homura put herself through.

  39. So let me get this straight

    1. Madoka becomes a magical being that travels time to stop all the mahou shoujo from turning into witch.

    2. But Mahou shoujo still exist because they are needed to fight new enemies call demons.

    3. The only difference is they won’t have a time limit anymore where they turn into witches, it just they will just simply die now like a normal person if they get defeated in battle against demon.

    3. Sayaka still dead but she just simply died now instead of coming back as a witch.

    5. Homura is free from changing the future, so she is a full time demon hunter now.

    6. Mami and Kyoko came back to life.

    7. But the Mahou shoujo have a soul gem, it just everytime it almost become black Madoka will pop up and clean it.

      1. As an episode review, you cannot be expected to come into the post without having watched it, else the responsibility lies with you.

        That said, this would make spoiler tags irrelevant for this post as there was nothing about future plotlines given it ends(normally you see this in manga adapted anime posts).

        Zaku Fan
      2. Pretty much what Zaku Fan said. If you’re coming in and reading the comments:

        A) You’ve watched the episode.
        B) It’s assumed you’ve read the episode review/summary.
        C) You’ve watched episodes preceding the first (some exceptions)

        As such, putting something in spoilers you just watched 5 minutes ago seems like unneeded effort.

        Spoilers are necessary if the anime was based on a different source (usually manga or visual novels), and if a particular plotline occurs after a point in the episode.

        In any case: @Mike:

        1) Basically, yes. How this doesn’t change history though, I’m not entirely sure. (Plot convenience ftw)

        2) Yes

        3/4) From what it looks like, Mahou Shoujo will die, then Madoka will lead them into happiness. The Sayaka people saw is supposedly the Sayaka from the original timeline, where Homura is a new, shy girl, when she first befriended Madoka. Madoka has been erased though, so again, how this doesn’t affect history at all doesn’t make sense. (plot convenience ftw)

        5) Yes

        6) Like I said in 3/4, every reiteration that occurred before has been negated. Kyoko and Mami are alive because they never died in the original timeline.

        7) Appears so.

  40. I got the part where Madoka’s power increases because of Homura right 🙂 But the ending was really surprising. Show Spoiler ▼

    Thinking back, I can’t think of a more fitting way to end the series. My original prediction would be to wish her friends back to life and fight together (hence not using up as much power and none of them turning into a witch). But this ending fits better with the overall mood of the show. A happy ending without real happiness if you know what I mean. It was a surprisingly emotional ride in the final 15 or so minutes. I was expecting the whole final episode to be a giant fight against Walpuris (or however you spell it…). Overall, it’s definitely in my top 5 favourite anime of all time.

    One question still bugs me though – what did Madoka from past iterations actually wish for?

    1. Probably something less thought out like cake, because she just wanted to become a magical girl to fight the good fight. I believe the only reason why Madoka made such an history-defining wish in this latest iteration was because Homura was able to make her hold off on becoming a magical girl for so long.

      1. That and Madoka was told by Homura that she’s been repeating the same events to try to avoid Madoka going witch. Thanks to that Madoka had to actually think of a way to make a wish that counts and doesn’t just waste everything Homura’s done like she feared.

      2. I think Airon’s right. Recall the final iteration in episode 10 where Madoka hasn’t transformed into a witch right until Homura was fighting. I think the main difference between this and all other iterations was that she witnessed first hand how it’s like to be a magical girl before committing herself to being one.

  41. This ending is right up there along with the best of them!!!! I personally don’t really see it as a tragic ending but it is an ending of EPIC proportions. It has everything a crazy but reasonable twist, an insane fight, and last but not least a ending that makes u think. What more can anyone ask for?

    But personally I still feel the ending for Code Geass R2 still to be the best ending of all time. 😛

    @ Triangle Man yeah it does carry and Evanglion/ Rahxephon feel to it.

    Cobalt Wargear
  42. i dont think theres much more i can add here.
    Just posting to say “HOLY SHIT!”!!!! I loved the closing episodes… so bitter sweet at the end. If it weren’t for clannad afterstory, i probably would have bawled my eyes out.

  43. Just noticed, from how A-Channel, which was written later, is below this, that this series has been given the ‘always on top’ treatment usually reserved for season previews, schedules and such._.

  44. A really outstanding way to end the story. Seeing that eliminating the existance of Magical Girl will render them in caves, Madoka made the ultimate wish to eliminate the turning of soul gem into grief seed instead. She ended up sacrificing herself though T_______T.
    Her mum being so understanding is just great, as expected of her mum.
    The final scene with Madoka cheering on Homura is really touching.
    But it seems like Homura is turning witch though in the end. She’ll get to see Madoka one last time….

    However that leaves me wandering, is Homura actually the Walpurgis Night?
    That witch has a clock-like structure though.

  45. Was bawling my eyes out for a good amount of time. And I’m not going to bother posting up my analysis of the episode, since I believe you guys have covered up most of what I’ve thought about.

    Really, this is the only recent anime that I’ve been able to invest myself especially for a 1-cour anime. Man, I wonder how it would have turned out as a 2-cour anime. I am ecstatic for the merchandise releases. KYUBEY PLUSHIEEE!!!!!!

    I can’t say I was disappointed by the ending, it more like I just wanted to see more. I found it extremely depressing that Madoka ceased to exist, how her mother forgot her and how she now only remains as an imaginary friend to her little brother. It’s just too sad. I agree with Homura in thinking that’s it even worse than dying.

    Her wish really brought it home to me about what a selfless person she is and made me understand even more why Homura would fight so hard for her. Its clear to me now why this show is titled after her. And yeah it possible she could have made a better wish, but this one suits her so much. I never really felt it until now, but I really love Madoka’s character.

    I would have liked it if they showed some sort of spiritual image of Madoka with Homura at the end, but I guess that is what makes it bitter sweet. And LOL at Homura’s wings, EoE vibes were kind of there too.

    Can’t wait till the blu-rays come out so I can marathon in HD, and hopefully with some additional scenes/redone drawings.

    haha I’m also loving the Madoka and Stein;Gate time line theory stuff connection we got here.

  46. HAH! I told you the theme song wasn’t just a hope spot! Bittersweet ending for the win!
    Episode 11 was the episode that cemented this anime in my top 5. Every moment was perfect, from Madoka’s Mother’s doubts to the epic but futile battle against Walperugis Nacht. The teacher’s (unintentionally) bad advice was actually the tensest moment for me. I wondered if my expectations were going to be dashed like I feared they would and that everything would end terribly, but Madoka and her mother shined through!
    Madoka destroying all witches followed by the universe only recreating it has to be one of the more awesome things I’ve seen. Ever.
    The ending reconstructed the magical girl genre. It isn’t a sensless self-fulfilling prophecy anymore, but a clear-cut neverending battle against the forces of darkness like Madoka thought she was getting into at the beginning. Sure, people still die, it’s tragic to see Homura as the only one to remember Madoka, and Sayaka still dies, but now they die fulfilling their wish and protecting those they love instead of being fuel for an uncaring universe. And Houmura’s best friend is now always with her, and both will always know what they did for eachother.

    P.S. I honestly did not expect the Incubator plot to reach so far back, but once I knew, was I the only one who just knew that Cleopatra and Joan d’Arc would be Puella Magi?
    P.P.S. I was rather impressed with all the character designs for the nameless Puella Magi. I wonder if they’re going to make spinoffs, because that would be a lot of effort for characters whose screentime can be measured in seconds.
    P.P.P.S. My undying hatred for Kyubey is just that, but it is now tempred with respect and understanding. Hats off to SHAFT for creating such an interesting “villain”.
    P.P.P.P.S. Wow this was a long post.

    Bio D
  47. That was a crazy epic indeed, seeing Homura’s fight with Walpurgis Night was insane, though I thought she was going to use a stinger missile as her main weapon. Also Madoka’s wish managed to achieve the semi-happy ending, though I do feel bad for Homura still. Also seeing Kyubei beaten at his own game was funny, especially during his last conversation with Homura.

    Der Fur Shur
  48. ” i want to erase every witch before they are born. Every witch from every world, From past and future. With my own Hands.” mhmmm this was madoka’s wish if am right well thats what the SUB said anyways xD..in which the wish is cool in a way that saves the girls and not turning them to witches and were there hopes and dreams wont be in vain..tell me if am wrong so madoka change the GAME instead of ending it..and now that witched are gone it changes to DEMONs..which breaks the cycle of SEEDs(witches) to CUBE(Demons)..right?..

    well this series Was FREAKING AWESOME..to the point were the story was OF THE HOOK..it may not have a super happy ending and all..BUT the ending was still EPIC.. especially the battle like Homura the part were she Blown the crap out of Walpurgis Night..tahahah XD.. and plus finally i get to see madoka powers..i means its been a long time wait >:p..but still worth it..

    and So HAT OF TO SHAFT for an EPIC ANIME..

  49. i really really have to thank SHAFT for making this show a success. Ever since episode 10 hiatus, i already repeat watching the show several time and it kill me every time i think the ending will sux. I’m thankful for such a wonderful ending. I wonder how will the new madoka series will do? (SHAFT said they wish to do a slice of life anime of these girl )

  50. at the very end Madoka made a new world where this not a discontruction of MG shows but a reconstruction Instead of turning into the monsters they fight, they disappear so they can remain a symbol of hope and justice.

  51. I think the only thing that kept me from crying when I saw the episode was how unusually happy I was and how I confused I was that I didn’t register what happened until now.

    Suppa Tenko
  52. quote:
    with knowing most of Homura’s hard work was worthless
    Disagree… it was the countless trials that Homura did thet created huge potential of fate in Madoka, like every try was a single turn of the key in a spring mechanism… it was that potential that allowed Madoka to break the rules and change the game.

    also, those 2 final episodes go BEYOND THE AWESOME on so many levels:
    -Homura’s unlimited ordnance works
    -countless Magical Girls in the history making the world move forward with hteir wishes
    -Mom sending Madoka towards her date with destiny – how much trust it involved…
    -Madoka becoming God – or at least messiah…
    -the Ave Maria performance and Sayaka disappearing after accepting her fate
    -Homura making bow her weapon to honour Madoka

  53. Awesome ending even though it should have been a happy one like Clannad After Story. So if another maho shojo show comes out but follows the formula of Tokyo Mew Mew would you guys hate it because of that? A new and orginal premise for a show to me does not always equal better however magica madoka is one of those rare accurences were uniqueness does work.

  54. I love the fact that Madoka was able to find a loophole in the vicious Mahou Shoujo cycle and everything, but two things bother me in this ending:

    1) Sayaka. Of all who died, I really wanted her to come back alive the most. I’m satisfied with Madoka dying because what she did was awesome and her sacrifice would be weird if she suddenly ended out being all and well again. Kyouko still dead would be fine for me for the same reasons. Mamie I would have like to be alive again as well, but let’s face it, getting killed early on doesn’t give me enough information to symphatize with her. But Sayaka had a background story good enough to actually make her a protagonist in another point of view, and she had a tragic end. Keeping her dead derives her of a closure she deserves – if she was alive, she could have gotten character development and actually end up well with Kamijou (with Kyouko’s support, of course!) but no, she’s gone, too, and now her story feels incomplete to me.

    2) The fact that the girls are still fighting. It would have been better if it was a world without magic and stuff, although that does leave us with an entropy problem. But now they leave us with an ending that just kinda makes it feel like there’s going to be a second season. These demons, where do they come from now? Magical Boys? (of course not, but that would be an amusing thought).

    3) Oh, and new Kyubey may be cute and all now, but I’m disappointed that he didn’t have a bad end. Screw about him being better now, screw about him being not really evil, I would have accepted the entire cast dying if he died, too. But he didn’t.

    I still like Madoka, but it’s not giving me that satisfied “THIS SHOW IS SO AWESOME” feel.

    1. yeah, I also wanted sayaka to come back out of everyone. she had a great possibility of being an interesting protagonist. how she would live out the remaining time of her life, would she still pine for kyousuke or look for someone else. she also had the most stubborn personality in convincing herself, would she still keep it on or be like kyouko.

      kyuubey is more tolerable now. I like how he was like the villain but didnt really receive any karma back. he was also probably the most entertaining bad guy who was neither good or evil.

      1. yes. QB is neither the bad nor the good guy. and that makes him the best of the semi-antagonists i’ve ever seen. it’s funny how their race thought of having emotions is a mental disorder. XDD

  55. My Interpretation:

    Remember the timeline where Madoka asks Homura to shoot her soulgem before she becomes a

    Witch? Well that’s what Madoka will be doing for every Puella Magi for all eternity.

    Puella Magi that don’t die fighting will still reach their limit through Grief, Despair or depleted soulgems, at that time Madoka will show up Rei Ayanami style to collect their grief destroying the soulgem so they can die in peace.

    Puella Magi are still needed because:
    Demons still do the same things witches did and people are still being attacked.
    Some wishes did help advance society.
    The curse cubes are like GriefSeeds and now QB is only getting half the energy he needs per girl.

    Homuras first wish is now invalid since there is no Madoka to save so she gets new powers.

    The cat was just to screw with us?

  56. Wow I can’t believe all the people giving this ending a “C”. It’s probably one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in anime, which I feel as a genre have the worst endings most of the time.

    Different strokes I guess, or maybe people just got lost in the whole rules change thing.

    Anyways, glad you blogged this or I never would have started watching it midway. Thanks a lot!

  57. I’ve just checked the popular series tab, and I think that the tab really needs to make one more addition cough”Madoka Magica”cough. At the current rate, this episode post would probably become the most viewed post yet on Randomc.

    1. Lets put it this way:

      Nahona can level cities in an instant.

      Madoka can one-shot powers great enough to destroy an entire universe, then become eternal and cause said powers to never exist in the first place.

  58. I still felt like all the emotional scenes just flew past me because I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on. I think a rewatch is needed.

    I think the scene in 11 where Homura finally broke down in front of Madoka was more emotional then 12’s breakdown.

  59. I think the ending for episode 12 is extra bitter sweet if you try to look deeper into what it possibly means.

    The energy that is bursting out of Homura just doesn’t fit her, it seems more wild and when you note all of the stuff floating around inside it it looks extra witch-like.

    I think what we’re watching at the end is Homura’s “death”. She’s alone against a bunch of Demons in their apocalyptic looking barrier and she’s putting everything she has into her final attack as the negative energy inside her starts bursting out. This is why she suddenly hears Madoka’s voice. Just like with Sayaka and the girls from the earlier montage when Homura’s energy runs out and she would turn into a witch she’s finally going to be able to see Madoka one last time just like Madoka had promised her before the world was remade.

    1. This coming from the shitty troll that’s constantly spamming the Saimoe contest every year, causing 2ch and 4chan to vote against anyone he advocates just to put him in his place.

      Kinny Riddle
  60. After watching the last two episodes, I was so emotionally moved that I couldn’t utter a single word….. truly Shaft has really outdone themselves with this anime. Nevertheless, besides all the touchy parts, homura x madoka, and sayaka’s farewell, the ending for the most part was really dark.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I would not say that Madoka doomed humanity. Humanity was already doomed.

      Either Walpurgis Night would destroy the world, or the magical girl who defeats Walpurgis Night would destroy the world when she finally turns into a witch (such as Madoka’s destiny in various timelines).

      So, Madoka did not stop humanity’s final, eventual destruction at the hands of some evil. But rather, what Madoka did, was to ensure that the good intentions the magical girls had when they made their respective wishes, were not perverted into something evil in the end.

      Magical girls can only bring good into the world, via their wishes, and via their actions as magical girls. And then, when their time comes, they die rather than becoming corrupted and causing harm to those they cared about.

      It’s a better fate for the magical girls. Humanity still has their evils. And, as before, the magical girls can fight to stop some of those evils. But at least now, the magical girls are not contributing to the evils (as witches) as well. As such, what Madoka really did was protect the dignity of the magical girls and protected their best intentions.

      Junko Tamiya
  61. such a good ending and great series. voted for my best anime this year. 🙂

    side note: i dont think i would really mind seeing a second series or at least a spin off with humor if the directors are thinking about a slice of life or so. ANyways, i will def by the blueray/dvd version when it comes out :3

    1. i’m having second thoughts about the possible slice-of-life spin-off to this. but let’s see if shinbo would pursue it. it would only mean seeing mah homerun again. XDD

  62. There’re so many things I want to say, but some explanations would turn into seriously long essays by themselves, so..

    Firstly, thank you Takaii for blogging this show and I’m glad to see you enjoyed doing it. I’ve been following this while watching the anime itself, so as to note the general and some unique opinions that people watching this show have. I’ve taken up a logical, objective and impersonal viewpoint on this show..or I wouldn’t be able to see the big picture at all.

    –Episode 11–
    I find myself able to see where Kyubey’s coming from..and I don’t believe it’s “wrong”. Because the fact that they are given a choice does not change.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    …are spoiler tags really needed?
    –Episode 12–
    I think we all know how amazing Madoka is for making that wish already.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well, I won’t be saying anything about Sayaka, whose case I think is pretty much explained already.

    …I’m actually writing this as I’m watching the show..and..it ended before I even realized the end was coming! Then unexpectedly, instead of sadness
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I found myself feeling a little glad. “It’s a really wonderful relationship they had” is what I thought, and this hit me harder than the overall negativity of it..the whole thing was really touching, in a positive way.

    The ending was wonderful, with a touch of humor at the end..Show Spoiler ▼

    It sure didn’t feel as sad as Takaii mentioned, because I believe nothing really unfortunate has happened..and the lines are the end were beautiful!

    I definitely recommend this series..to any and every person.

  63. Oh thank god homu survived although she had the biggest death flag.
    It’s sad that they aired these 2 episodes in one run. The discussions/shit storm after episode 11 would have been glorious.
    But really nice ending, didn’t leave that much impact (like a bad ending) but I really like it.

  64. First of all, I want to thank SHAFT for producing this series. It’s a very great privileged for me being so fortunate enough to have watched this awesome show.

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica – a title so befitting the story of a second-year middle schooler Madoka who has a fated encounter one day that begins a new magical girl story .

    Now that I’ve watched the final two episodes, I can now safely say that SHAFT really delivered this time around. Madoka Magica has now become one of those few series that I will remember as an Animation’s(anime) finest . Similar to how I described series like Dennou Coil, and Gundam 00 Season 2 as the shows that really made a huge impression on me on how it completely redefines my anime viewing experience (in the case of Gundam 00 S2, completely get me hooked to mecha genre). Only that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a tad higher form of those two.

    Don’t forget.
    Always, somewhere,
    someone is fighting for you.
    As long as you remember her,
    you are not alone.

    If a series like Puella Magi Madoka Magica still fails to impressed people. I guess it is about time for this people to start packing their belongings and find a new hobby that will make their precious time worthwhile. Anime is not for them.

    1. If a series like Puella Magi Madoka Magica still fails to impressed people. I guess it is about time for this people to start packing their belongings and find a new hobby that will make their precious time worthwhile. Anime is not for them.

      Ok i really dont like the attitude of “if you dont like this anime, you’re obviously stupid/don’t get it/should get a new hobby” etc etc. I wasn’t really impressed by this series and im offended by your comment as i’m still a hardcore anime fan. I think there are a lot of things wrong with this series, but im still on the spectrum that enjoys it. Please dont be a prick and judge people for not thinking the same way you do about a series.

      1. @Deshka, I feel the same way you do. I just have used the wrong choice of words for the last paragraph. Especially this “ I guess it is about time for this people to start packing their belongings and find a new hobby that will make their precious time worthwhile. Anime is not for them. ” I don’t like it myself, I feel it is unneeded and I’m offended of it.

      2. you may have used the wrong choice of words but the sentiment’s the same. for you to gauge someone’s significance BASED ON A SINGLE ANIME, i think you should be the one thinking of doing something else besides living in the land of anime.

      3. I have already said what I have to said, I already apologized didn’t I? read this “I don’t like it myself, I feel it is unneeded and I’m offended of it., no need to add more eh? Also, anime is not the only thing that I do, I’m now working in the healthcare force and spends like a good 50% of my day thanks to a lot of overtimes thinking on how to improve patient well-being. So anime to me is a stress relieving hobby.

      4. I never claimed Madoka Magica as the greatest anime though.

        Madoka Magica has now become one of those few series that I will remember as an Animation’s(anime) finest . Similar to how I described series like Dennou Coil, and Gundam 00 Season 2 as the shows that really made a huge impression on me on how it completely redefines my anime viewing experience (in the case of Gundam 00 S2, completely get me hooked to mecha genre). Only that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a tad higher form of those two.

        What the people here are misunderstanding is the fact that what I’m mentioning is how Madoka, like Dennou Coil and Gundam 00 S2 made a strange impact on me on how it redefines how I view anime in general I never said anything about being Madoka the greatest.

        I hope people read before they comment.

  65. Takaii, I had the EXACT SAME reactions as you did! I also cried my eyes out at the ending because it was so awesome, though I cried at a different scene. And I agree, Madoka Magica is gonna be a true gem among anime!…now if only someone will have balls enough to license and dub it in English!

  66. Perfect ending. My mind was blown. I’m so glad SHAFT didn’t screw up the ending, would have been a massive letdown after the fantastic ride that was the first 10 episodes.

    This makes my top 5 favourite shows of all time (at least)

  67. I’m going to be in the minority for sure but I hated the last episode. I understand what was done and all that but hated that Madoka had to die and is gone. Even her mom don’t even remember that she ever existed. I hate bittersweet endings even tho they happen quite often with epic series.

      1. i second this it was too sad how it ended but i still very much enjoyed this anime from start to finish. XD

        all in all this was one bad ass anime and it was a big breath of fresh air for me!!!

        if you have not seen this anime then you SHOULD watch it XD

        my favorite anime ive never enjoyed one quite this much Thank you SHAFT!!!!!

    1. I remember how I read somewhere that Urobuchi Gen is planning more sinister ways of ending it but eventually the team has settled for a bittersweet ending. Yeah, I’m in the same boat like you, I don’t like it when the main character that you have grown too love so much has to die. But in the case of Madoka, I believe she didn’t died, she become an omnipresent being that defies space and time, she is not there but feels like there. I think we should stress this fact.

  68. Well done with the ending SHAFT, well done. They could’ve screwed this up a hundred thousand different ways and thankfully they picked an ending that isn’t heart-crushingly depressing while at the same time not being a Good End. You could say that it’s a bit on the Deus ex Machina side, but even then it’s not like suddenly everyone is happy and we all lived happily ever after.

    I wonder who all those girls featured in the “Madoka saves everybody” segment was? All I could pick out were Jeanne D’arc and *possibly* Cleopatra.

  69. Despite the fact that the comments are about to reach into the 200s, I’m going to say this anyway to get my comment buried deep in the comment section of this site so that in years to come I will come visit this page in a moment of nostalgia and think to myself that was fucking amazing. Here’s a note to my future self:

    SirMuffin, go rewatch this. It was that good.

  70. There seem to be a lot of people saying Madoka’s final wish didn’t change anything.

    My interpretation is that she changed the morality behind the whole Mahou Shoujo concept.

    In the original world, becoming a Mahou Shoujo is NOT simply some noble sacrifice to risk your life fighting evil (for which you get one wish) – it in fact condemns you to eventually hurting people / damaging the world etc once you become a witch. Thus in the original world, becoming a Mahou Shoujo wasn’t a morally virtuous act (if you knew all the facts behind QB’s intentions etc – which we as viewers, and thus judges of this world view, do).

    In the new world, becoming a Mahou Shoujo really is a noble sacrifice. Sure you get some compensation for it (one wish), but you’re risking your life fighting evil WITHOUT the inevitability that you’ll eventually undo a lot of the good you do (as a Mahou Shoujo) by becoming a witch. As such, becoming a Mahou Shoujo in the new world is a morally justifiable act – a concept that represents hope and optimism, like Madoka always wanted it to.

    1. Well the point was, that even if she had collected all the karma and magical potential from the past parallel universes, there was a risk in making a major change. She might still not have enough power to make a wish to include for example, Puella Magi never disappear, that would be end breaking as this may ruin the whole concept of entropy the incubators were using only for them never to use the idea of soul gems in the first place unless her wish is able to compensate for the distortion created. There a lot to look into and interpret. Sure perhaps nothing has really changed, but perhaps nothing “major” could have actually been made without a lot of loss. Time paradoxes could be found in any magnitude of a wish she made. She may not have thought this out properly, but she was pretty lucky that her wish compensated for the fact that Puella Magi were needed for history or perhaps she did know the had to keep the relationship in tact somehow.

      Sora no Kaze
  71. I freaking love this anime. It’s one of my top favs ever! The ending fits together so perfectly that no one died in vain.

    Is it funny that almost every notable female in history is a Puella Magi?

  72. …Madoka trades the inevitable fall into Witchhood for a inevitable erasure from reality and confinement to the White Hot Room…

    …Homura’s left to wander the world, alone, in order to shore up a dying universe so reality/Madoka can live on…forever…

    …the fundamental problems of entropic collapse and inherent evil remain unsolved/unsolvable…


    What a beautiful ending. The perfect conclusion…for a cosmic tragedy.

  73. People have been speculating that if she stop the first girl from turning into a witch it should have stopped the cycle but what was the first girl fighting it had to be something, plus Madoka transcends time itself. Anyways I think the whole turning into a witch is still part of the rules but Madoka appears right before the magic girls SG becomes a GS and cleanses it so as to spare them the agony of becoming a witches, but without the turning into a witch happening the first time the concept of disappearing and dying when the SG is exhausted became the new consequence.

  74. People may have covered this already … but does anybody find it odd that the little furball thing’s name means “Nine-tails”? Yet it only has one? I wouldn’t recognize it if I hadn’t been watching Naruto …

  75. Great ending. Madoka’s wish was… wow. The fact that she became godlike and changed the rule of universe in whole just blew my mind.

    But I was hoping to see just who was behind Walpurgis Night. She must’ve been a mahou shoujo once too right? Just what kind of fate and despair would spawn such a powerful witch?

    Also, Homura’s wings at the end looked awfully close to that of a witch… Is it because she has gone through so much that technically her abilities has also matured to that of a witch, but because she never gives up hope she is able to retain herself? If she ever does, will Madoka come to kill release her? She’s not Walpurgis is she *brain explodes*

  76. To NaYa: Walpurgis i think was all the witches in the past formed into one. Or at least maybe how i looked at it. The epic scene of Madoka transforming was awesome. I love the graphics especially all the lighting

    1. Yes, that would make sense. It has crossed my mind since it is ‘festival of witches’ but the past episodes made it sound like a ‘super powerful witch.’ Might have been the subs though. 🙂

  77. I cried so much at various points in episode 12. Though many people will probably be unsatisfied about various things, it hit me really hard emotionally. When Madoka went to personally comfort the magical girls, that was really touching.

  78. I have to admit that I didn’t find the ending to be that much of a tearjerker (a little misty eyes, but that’s it). I’ll also have to admit that I finished playing through Muv-Luv Alternative shortly before watching Madoka, which probably set the bar a little higher than it would have been otherwise. 😛

    Neo-kyubey is also much better than his original. And him acting as Homura’s mahou shoujo mascot/pet was strangely satisfying as well.


  79. Wow. All I can say is: wow. My mind has been BLOWN. This has been such a emotional roller coaster from start to finish, but I can happily say that I enjoyed every bit of it. I waited EAGERLY for these final episodes, and I am extremely please with what SHAFT gave us!

    Madoka truly earned her place as a true MG, and her selfless was such a breath of fresh air to me . I was surprised not to find myself bawling tears all over my laptop (I’m such a crybaby for stuff like this ;A;), but instead just felt…happy. I felt like I haven’t watched a show with such a good message in a while, and so I thank SHAFT for letting me have a chance to watch MSMM. I’m sad to see it go, but I am very happy with the results of the Madoka world =)

    P.S. https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Madoka%20Magica/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Madoka%20Magica%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2041.jpg new wallpaper whaaat.

  80. A brilliant end to a brilliant series. The only complaint I have is that though the story unfolded like a tragedy, the only episode where I felt genuine sadness was episode 10 (Poor Homerun). But seeing as everyone else was touched emotionally, there must be something horribly wrong with me 🙁 . Oh well, still my 4th favourite anime!

  81. She became a guardian angel….WOW! I’m with Takaii i was hoping for the workaround but in all fairness if she conquered all it would have been a bit of a “that again” ending. Sacrifice is a must for an epic hero’s tale. I like that at least Homura knows. And i felt that the mother somehow still knows….and what about little brother??? Interesting. The whole touch with Sayaka keeping her wish intact was also very heartfelt….although it woulda been nice for her to somehow became a saint so to speak as well. I was admittedly hoping for a new song for Madoka’s big moment. The instrumental was as good as it gets so overall a very satisfying story told. Maybe the rush they put on helped a little with no second guessing or tie for extra changes…just one direction go! Grand result.

  82. if it makes you feel any better Homura’s work wasn’t really wasted.
    it wasn’t exactly the result she wanted, but not really wasted.

    Kyubey mentioned the reason Madoka’s wish could do anything (even change the rules) was because of how much power was focused on her.
    and in turn the reason Madoka had so much power focused on her was because of Homura’s time/world manipulations.

    ironically, even though Homura’s actions seemed to be only making things worse and worse, it’s essentially only through her actions that Madoka’s solution was even possible.

  83. So wait wait wait…. I got the whole Madoka changing the “rule” of the game but I don’t get how Homuro is able to regain memories of Madoka?? and also, did Homuro lost her power?? and in the end, is Homuro going to die and able to meet Madoka again?? argh this is really confusing…

    However, it was good serious though the ending was bittersweet… I say Madoka’s wish is half-assed where though she changed the system of mahou shoujo completely, she did NOT erase the despair/grief itself thus the “demons” (replacing “witches”) exists.

    Anyway, good serious and well done to SHAFT for animating it perfectly 😀

    1. I think that’s what’s so good about the wish. Its realistic. It shows that no matter what, there will always be grief in the world. Also for the whole entropy gathering thing to work Mahou Shoujo’s need a method of restoring it. That’s why the new system still has demons.

    2. I believe it has to do with Homura’s wish. She wished to protect Madoka, and now that Madoka is this god thing, it means she will be protecting her for all time. In a sense her wish is still active and going.

  84. This was one amazing ride and the ending did not disappoint (though I have to admit I was kind of hoping for an ultimate battle between walpurgis and all of the Mahou shoujo), but I do have once question. I’m not quite sure if I understand why Sayaka remained dead. Was it because she died while she was a witch (which would explain why Mami and Kyoko are fine) or in the new world, did she lose hope and die because of the new laws concerning the mahou shoujo?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. before sayaka would disappear, madoka showed her the future of kyousuke. that way, she would at least not regret her wish to heal kyousuke. sayaka just forgot about her true intentions because of her love for him, madoka helped sayaka remember it.

      1. i like sayaka the least amongst the cast, but man, i feel bad for her ultimate fate. it’s so sad. she got unrequited feelings, was about to turn into a witch and disappeared. DX

    3. There was a interview where i think it was Shinbo who said that those who killed people will not have a good end. From what was hinted, Sayaka killed the 2 men on the train, hence no good end for her (also possibly it was her choice when Madoka gave her one).

      Zaku Fan
  85. Madoka is over… Can’t help feeling sad to not see another episode again 🙁 … we rarely get to see such amazing shows that are not only perfectly executed but leave you guessing the entire way through. My theory was that Homura would succeed but die and leave in a sad twist of fate, reversing her role with Madoka living and her dying. Can’t always get them right!

    Instead, they pulled a bittersweet ending, which is what I expected from this show. The execution was marvelous. I couldn’t help but cry as well. And to boot, an happier ending than I expected. It takes a special kind of person to do such a selfless act: saving the world and expecting them to never ever recognize and even forget you. Reminds me of my favorite story told in a videogame from the MGS series. (Not naming which, those who played it know)

  86. This was the best Anime I have ever seen. The imagery and story is unbeatably creative. Every scene, each second of screen time was used to bring meaning, convey the story, and drive emotion. Truly a master work of use of the media of Anime in story telling.

    No show has ever made me cry before. I couldn’t stop the tears from the moment of Madoka’s mom placing the grains of salt on her left shoulder after she came home from Sayaka’s Funeral to, the end screen cap of the final episode.

    The ending (alto in the similar me-au as Eva) was far better than I could have guessed.

  87. I didn’t like the ending, not because it was sad that they lost Madoka (in her human form anyways) but because while the first few episodes were deconstructing the magical girl genre and the idea that goodness/purehearts/friendship can solve everything that the girls who originally contract usually fall prey to- the last episode turns it all around and reaffirms that those are still THE VALUES of this series. In the end, I didn’t feel like this series really created something wholly new for the genre.

    That said, it is a brilliant way to wrap up the plot. What Madoka’s wish did was let the Magical girls keep their hope. She basically allowed the magical girl story to be a story about good heartedness and miracles, once again.

    A good ending. But It let down my hopes that it would actually be a show more applicable to real life. I would have preferred for Madoka to not contract and for the series to show that the girl’s responsibilities to their families and to living their own lives is their most important responsibility. I hated that Madoka’s mom let her go too, WHO DOES THAT???!!! If you’re gonna develop her character in ep 11, dont make her into a totally unrealistic mom in ep 12 >:I

    also, there really wasnt a net gain from Madoka’s wish. Sure, everyone felt better as they died, but magical girl’s still contract just to eventually die before adulthood, someone has to collect the demon cubes. I guess in order to stave off the heat death of the universe that’s what has to happen. But who’s to say that the universe is not supposed to eventually end, just like any of us, and that we should just allow every living creature in the universe to deal with it in their own way, believing in their free will, rather than being paternalistic about it and pretentiously sacrificing little girls, before they have to chance to grow up and realize what really is most important to them, in the name of goodheartedness.

    1. as kyuuey said: “you would probably still be living in caves” if they didnt make the contract. granted, humanity might eventually reach that technology but it would take much longer and would result in a very diff kind of world. “despair is equal to hope”, if there was no despair in the world, there would be no hope needed as well.

      what ending should madoka magica have? everyone dies? then it would not be in the magical girl genre, it would be more on the fantasy supernatural kind. the ending is bittersweet enough to count as a deconstruction, the main character is gone as well as her friend and other magical girls. heck, its better than reviving the fallen girls to fight against WN.

      1. It maybe a fact that death is not common in Mahou Shoujo genre.

        However, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no room for a little bit of creativity to let everyone die on the story, just because the anime is a Mahou Shoujo.

      2. I’m not saying that everyone should die within the story lines, I would have liked to see Madoka live, for example. I’m just saying, is it really that important that they stave of the heat death of the universe (which isnt for BILLIONS OF YEARS) because its not like the people they are protecting will be around by then anyways, and well, things have to end for other things to begin.

        I just really would have liked to see them pull off a semi-happy ending resorting to the JESUS ending.

      3. sorry, I meant WITHOUT resorting to the Jesus ending.

        And lol, it sounds like I don’t care about the universe or something. I guess its not really that, its just that I dont like any plot that says that young girls who DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND LIFE YET have to DIE in order to SAVE YOU. BLAAAAHHH FUCK THAT.

        The way things worked out for the plot was good. Of course Madoka can’t make things PERFECT, but at least now the girls are fighting with hope. It’s GOOD. But! I would have liked to see something that did not have to depend on magical self sacrifice or some sort.

      4. I like how Madoka’s wish is very convincing here. It’s very clever how she outwits Kyuubey in his game. It also doesn’t feel forced seeing how everything that was told in the story has come to that point, also I viewed Madoka to be a lot more maturer than how she looks. Best example are her conversation with her mother. Very touching scenes 🙂

      5. @ Ghostalker, yeah! It was good build up, and Homura’s efforts were not wasted in the end. Considering how easily any stories that involve a wish of some sort can have major plot holes, they did will with explaining why Madoka was able to have the kind of power she did and why no one else had the ability to change the system before (due to Homura’s time travelling).

        Looking from my biology major perspective that the universe doesn’t care about human morals or plans, the magical girl thing isn’t a bad deal. They have to die for the universe to continue but at least they have a choice and are living with optimism now (in new universe).

        Looking from the point of view of an adult, a soldier (LOL sign a contract, risk your life, no frilly clothes…sadly :< ), and a HUMAN IN THE 21ST CENTURY, I just can't really support the idea of a universe where pubescent girls have to die all the time AND it being a fundamentally GOOD thing. At least when it was shown to have a bad outcome (in prior universe)it was more realistic.

    2. @Bing

      The use of very young characters in a dark themed series is something the Japanese are very lenient with I believe. Try watching Deadman Wonderland in case you haven’t watched it yet Show Spoiler ▼

      , you will be surprise.

      1. I don’t watch much anime so I guess I wouldn’t know :/ I mean, considering most of the content that is out there I probably really shouldnt complain about how Magica Madoka handles it, it handles things a lot better than alot of series i would bed. Anyways, yeah, kids do go through horrible stuff in real life- I seen horrible things that small children have to go through in war situations and through unfortunate medical problems, I think its okay to put it into media, not doing so is like lying to ourselves. its just that its being seen as a good thing in this series, whereas if it was like, ‘yeah, thats not cool’ in the end (I liked that it was shown as ‘not cool’ in the middle of the series) that would have made more sense to me.

        Well, QB was getting the energy from the girls because pubescent girls give off the best emotional energy, and the energy was being collected in the form of grief seeds…but now that the grief seeds are gone, does that mean all the needed energy is coming form the demons? IF the energy isn’t coming from the girls, doesn’t that mean that anyone can get the powers to collect the demon cubes? (like uh…adults that can make well informed decisions about how they are going to die?) Maybe you need to be emotional enough to get the magic powers in the first place…since now emotions=energy. AAAand of course Shaft needs sellable well liked characters that are cute yet badass and they KNOW that their magical girls are popular…gotta make those profits!! so eh, its just a show after all. I think the ideas just hit me hard enough to actually care : /

      2. Watch Shadow Star Narutaru. That show will prove to you way more than deadman wonderland can that japanese people don’t mind using young people in horror or dark themed anime 😛 I would warn you though, it may mess up your mind a lot.

      1. The Church of Madoka

        Read this before next spoiler…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Spoiler 2
        Show Spoiler ▼

  88. Okay then. Well. I don’t know how to respond, because it’s like a Jesus pulloff but not really?

    There was a lot of mindfuck due to Homura’s ability to create parallel universes to save Madoka. But let’s get the facts down logically here:

    – Madoka’s wish is to erase witches; essentially, to put a stop to the point where a Puella Magi’s wish turns into despair and lose hope.
    – Considering the Incubator’s contracts have been going on for centuries, this means that Madoka must become some ‘fearless god’ and travel through all space and dimensions saving magic girls from their ultimate despair
    – However, Madoka’s wish is hope itself; yet she must carry on the despair that all Puella Magi’s carry before they become witches.
    – Yet Madoka is so hopeful that in essence her hope will always outweigh the despair she carries; and thus, she will never turn into a witch herself.
    – Of course, she is now able to apparently see everything like a Time Lord and in essence does not carry a physical being but is more of the concept of hope itself. She also changes the Incubators’ plans and what a witch and a Grief Seed is.
    – However, Madoka’s wish is flawed. She does not wish for erasure of all despair, just the ones that the Puella Magi carry. Thus, this despair and the false hope of humans still exist and the universe Madoka created is still a flawed one.
    So Puella Magi still exist; but when their despair consumes them, they do not turn into Witches; rather their Grief Seeds disappear and they disappear too. (One fabulous theory is that they go with Madoka Kami-sama to ‘heaven’ where she awaits them or something like that.)
    – Homura (OTPPPPP) is the only one who remember Madoka in her regular time-line, but the rest of the universe does not have her existence.
    – The last scene shows Homura in either a post-apocalyptic scene, where Madoka’s wish was actually a failure and despair ended up taking everyone anyways (and we know that Homura’s wish- it seems like her timeline has not changed due to Madoka’s wish because it was the one that caused her wish in the first place- granted her the power to cross timelines and reverse time) fighting more ‘demons’ as they are called now- with despair!wings propelling her? This could be an open ending for a second season. I prefer the other theory that Homura’s despair enveloped her, and that was her ‘death’, but like Madoka says before the screen ends, she’s waiting for her, and thus, Homura finally ‘meets’ Madoka Kami-sama at the end with her death.

    Basically I am kind of sitting here not knowing how to react but laughing and crying; i have mixed feelings about this ending; basically it presents a LOT of holes if you actually think about it, but I like the idea they had behind it. good job SHAFT. i applaud you. I don’t think this is the greatest anime I’ve ever seen, but it’s good, and it definitely ranks up there with the top 15 or 20 of all time.

    but dear me Madoka way to fuck up life by taking twelve fucking episodes and +5 parallel timelines to make your God Choice and also, I still love Kyuubey despite how immoral he was because he was completely right, logically speaking.

    1. Madoka never wished for a perfect system, she just want to see that all the magical girls past, present, and future believes in the dream called hope. You forget to add the fact that in episode 12, at the point when MG’s are about to be consumed with their despair — there comes Madoka and consume the darkness of the corrupted soul gem and put a smile/hope on every MGs face.

    2. “without despair, there would be no hope”, I got that from the show. also “equivalent exchange”.

      if madoka created a perfect world, it would be like the world of kyuubey. no despair would also mean no happiness. its tough but thats what life is. you could say our emotions would cause us destruction but it would also create new things for life.

      1. Actually…Hope can exist regardless if despair exists or not. Despair cannot exist without the existence of hope, but hope can certainly exist without the existence of despair. Despair is the absence of hope (its hopelessness). Hope must exist first before there can be an absence of it, but the absence of hope (despair) does not have to exist before hope can exist.

      2. haha pwnzaursaurus, its a bit of a chicken/egg argument. To me its not really about if one can exist without the other…its leaning more to the idea of yin/yang and the balance within the world. Kyuubey kind of implied it when he was explaining the wish system.

    1. As I mentioned up above, I think it’s because of Homura’s wish. She wished to protect Madoka and because Madoka is now this god thing she will be protecting her for all time.

      1. Well Puella Magica are souls in a vessel so no they can’t die. The next question would be if their bodies are still like regular human bodies with flesh and blood or is it more just like a doll encasing so it actually also never ages.

    1. I was actually clinging to the speculation that Hitomi has only doing it so to force Sayaka to finally confess her love to that Kyousuke guy. It really turns out that Hitomi really likes him. Poor Sayaka, her ending really is very ironic.

    1. Whether it is a pure coincidence or not, I was happy on how the sacrifices of Madoka is like a tribute to the sacrifices of Jesus made for us so that we will be save from our sins. I applaud that, made me feels good as a christian.

  89. jesus freaks are annoying. not everyone here has the same belief as you guys have. yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but so am i. best way to start an argument is talk about religion or politics. pick your poison.

    1. I sincerely hope people doesn’t really take the use of some religious themes on Madoka seriously. This is anime we are talking about here, even Index, Maria+Holic (latest), Evangelion has a lot of it but in general people like it. It is just amusing how the final episode of Madoka coincides with Good Friday and they even have a lot of religious themes like this painting of Micheangelo’s Creation of Adam http://wiki.puella-magi.net/File:Micheangelo%27s_Creation_of_Adam_in_Bar.jpg and numerous other references. We are all anime fans here, no reason for us to have any debate over religion or politics here.

      1. Perhaps i should start spamming with Buddhism, Taoism, hell Hinduism then?

        Or associate politics with anime?

        Yes its fun if you want to start a spam war. I prefer to use common sense courtesy

        Zaku Fan
      2. @Zaku Fan

        I think you aren’t considerate enough. By your point, it is alright to discuss about the morals and all the science stuff in Madoka but not religion, which is obviously one of its subtle themes?

        I honestly though it’s amusing how some people take Kyuubey’s revelation on entropy and all the science stuff too seriously considering this is an anime show. I don’t have any problems with that though, it is fun that the discussions here in Madoka in not just one sided but actually tackles many different things.

        I hope you get the point.

      3. Tell me, does science have a common understanding? Or does everybody have a different idea on science? As for morals, find an example where i use any sort of religious morals.

        But if you don’t get the theory, i can always show it with examples. Perhaps using Madoka to show how Marcos was right? Then sit back and see as it explodes?

        The shortform: Get pushy and people push back. Don’t push and people won’t push either.

        Zaku Fan
      4. I’m only pointing out, that whether its about morals, science, and religion (even politics, if Madoka has any can be discussed here) is an appropriate discussion for Madoka, that people are allowed to discussed a lot of stuff here. Of course it include this discussion on how you don’t like other people discussing religious stuff here. Thank You. I will end this discussion now, as I’ve mention before any discussion about religion is complicated stuff especially if some people have serious issues with it. I have none. Let’s just have a fun discussion here.

      5. Yes its fun if you want to start a spam war. I prefer to use common sense courtesy

        LOL. the hell are you talkin’ about. nobody’s even forcing you to see some things that way. XDD and maybe, you’re the one who wants to start a spam war. If you have common sense, as you’ve mentioned you do have, try being considerate enough. =)

      6. @keiOnDaisuki

        Do you really want to do this? I have no problems pushing pushy people all the way to the floor. If not, i would advise you to take this as a lesson to learn on understanding what are flammable topics

        Zaku Fan
    2. Any religious talk in Madoka is something that cannot really be avoided given how some reference was given and its coincidental broadcast date, perhaps to the producers of Madoka it doesn’t really mean anything except for symbolism (maybe) but for some people outside Japan, it could really be a source of discussion, it didn’t help given how Kyuubey even ask Madoka if she is prepared to become a God and Madoka states that she doesn’t really care about that. Well, all talk about religion is a very complicated thing, so I will leave it at that. Again, I hope people doesn’t really take the religious reference on Madoka seriously, other than a source of amusement 🙂

      We should all remember that Madoka was created with the Japanese audience at mind, any real life reference outside Japanese culture that could stir interest of non-japanese is purely coincidental.

      1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a good debate about religious influence/symbolism in anime. Madoka started with very blatant references to Faust for example. I would encourage everyone to consider multiple religions though as there’s plenty of cross over and major themes can be found in just about any religion. To me Madoka had a very big Sacrifice vs Balance debate it was presenting.

        Discussions about influences and ideas are great, it’s the ‘my beliefs are better than yours’ comments that turn discussion into meaningless arguments.

        Just sayin’

    3. Also, I think very few Japanese are Christian. During the time when missionaries were EVERYWHERE, they either weren’t allowed in Japan or had to pretend to be doing something else if they were there. Anyways, I think they don’t see it the same way/ wouldn’t take it as seriously as Americans do anyways.

  90. WOOOOOWW amazing ending! Such a great series definitely gets people talking thats for sure, really enjoyed hating on Kyubey every week hahaha. That said the animation was alright, not the best but still nice. I still love all the fights with the witches, they had some interesting things going on during them! And Mami’s guns and Sayaka’s swords so awesome those scenes will always stand out.

    1. i think the same. this is definitely NOT shinbo’s series but UROBUCHI’S. xD man, i so admire that man. i’m reall looking forward to his next work and whatever follows after that. XD

  91. I get a sense of what you mean. Its kind of alienates people of other religions/beliefs when people relates it solely back to Christianity/Jesus. I do understand their point because of the air date and the idea of sacrifice but that’s all. LOL Madoka surely didn’t die for their sins as the macros I’ve seen would tell us.

  92. I need some explanation here…

    Sayaka still dies because she became witch in the past? (Madoka wish is to erase all witches so Sayaka still dies)
    Kyoko and Mami live because they haven’t became witches?

    1. It’s something like that. The way I see it, the reason why Sayaka died was because she was actually the only one who turned into a witch in most of the timelines. Since witches don’t exist (well, more like Madoka erases their existence), she disappears. Kyoko and Mami both died because of witches one way or another in the timelines, so they don’t die since witches don’t exist.

      Hope my explanation helped a bit.

  93. I cried. This was too awesome. From Madoka’s noble sacrifice, to Homura’s enduring struggles, to that last, great final line in the epilogue. This was a once-in-a-lifetime show (and to think I almost skipped it). Bravo, SHAFT. I must say, I found such a bittersweet ending appropriate, even though I was definitely upset about all the amnesia…. Homura, perhaps now the show’s central character — if not necessarily the main character — is a definite tragic heroine; but all her hard work, finally reaching Madoka, made their world just that much better. No more witches, man, no more witches……

  94. I’m glad I’m not the only who cried throughout the last two episodes. This is really one of the greatest anime series of all time. I’m a little sad to see this go, but strangely, I’m very satisfied of the ending. Sure, I wish there may have been more, but Urobuchi Gen and SHAFT really delivered. I really don’t know how I would have reacted if it were truly a happy, fairytale end.

    In all of it’s Mahou Shoujo glory, Madoka, Homura and the rest of the crew will have a place in my heart. Besides, doesn’t everything that’s said make you think just a little? In a way, it’s good isn’t it?

    My heart aches because it’s over, and I’m still curious as to the end with the demons and eternal Madoka, but I believe it’s meant to be like that, making us wonder what’s next for ourselves. ^^

  95. There was several times when I got teary eyed watching this double episode, but I hold back because I don’t want to look cry babay in front of my family XD.

    Anyway, like many others said great ending. It so full of epic moments. From the beginning with Madoka’s ‘ascension’ (so to speak), her second costume, and homura moments before the ending credit. Love to see Homura using a bow. I wonder what is the symbolism behind that?

    That’s it I dont’ have much words to express the wonder.

    1. I cried like a little kid in front of my parents because I was watching it on tv. Just couldn’t hold it in, not that I really have to or want to. It kind of heightens the experience knowing that you can be so affected by the story and the characters.

    2. I was bawling my eyes out and my husband came over to check on me not knowing. He actually ran out of the room to bring me a Kleenex box so I wouldn’t have to stop watching ;.;

    1. A movie version without any new contents can be an overkill though. I approved of this if the movie will showcase a different Magical Girl, someone not seen on this series. I’m sure they can easily changed the name of the person from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” into something like “Puella Magi Haruhi Magica”. lol. Something like that 🙂

      Or an OVA version would be pretty awesome

      I want a 1 episode OVA of Mami as in “Puella Magi Mami Magica”

  96. Wonderful, simply wonderful, what a show. I was so moved by how through all the agony, suffering, and despair, Madoka was able to become the light of hope in the end. While its sad that she disappeared, I was also moved to tears (happy tears) by her selflessness. In conclusion MS are still needed to fight the evils of this world, but I loved that at least now, their heartfelt wishes (what they gave up their soul for) can truly make miracles happen, Instead of generating an equivalent amount of despair to the world in becoming witches, therefore making their sacrifice meaningless.

    Thank you TAKAII for blogging this bro, wonderful job! And a big thank you of course to Divine for continuing to keep the RC community alive and allowing for us to share our opinions and ideas about this hobby we all love so much!!!!

  97. This has been an amazing series and I’ve enjoyed every second of it’s story lines, character development,surprises that is shown every week.It will be forever remembered as a masterpiece in my heart especially with a bittersweet ending like this, I’ll be remembering this show for a lifetime.

    “Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.” EPIC and HEARTBREAKING QUOTE

    As for the end, are those wings that Homura gained can rip through the universe and allows her to have small communication with Madoka? Because it almost seems that way.

  98. I wonder if the scene at the very end of the ep showcased the consequences of Madoka’s wish – that is by reducing the gains Kyubey can manage to harvest from MSes in the old system, it is not enough to stop entropy from devouring the universe, therefore resulting in the sand dunes and the numerous demons arising from the despair humans have gathered from such circumstances.

    But then again, if Madoka didn’t have her wish as such, perhaps the world would have ended faster as suggested by Kyubey in ep 10, which is that Madoka as the strongest witch will wipe out the Earth eventually.

    So at the end, contrary to what it seems, it’s a lose-lose situation for humanity?

    1. Another theory could be that since Homura was the only one left with memory of the ‘before’ world, that she’s also left with the same problem as the old Puella Magi, aka, turning into witch. Another note: Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Actually that entire entropy thing is just referencing the heat death of the universe.

      Heat death != green house effect. Basically heat death would render the entire universe black. Stars would be gone, black holes would all dissipate, planets would all be gone.

      Also as reference, the heat death is calculated at 1 with 100 zeros. For comparison, current universe age is about 1 with 10 zeros. Earth would be long long long gone before that. Currently IIRC everything Earth is slated to die in 5 billion years when the sun goes red giant, thats 1 with 9 zeros after it.

      Given the schedule for the heat death, either Kyubei’s race(s) are truly immortal and/or they are hastening the heat death with the equivalent of SUVs for starships, using vast amounts of energy

      Zaku Fan
    3. How would the world have changed if Madoka hoped for her not being a witch after as her wish? ( Definetly the most borng ending though)

      I pretty much think that this ending is a ‘lose-lose situation’ for humanity, too, judging from the fact that Homura was the only one left in the last scene of this anime, even without KB.

  99. I’m pretty sure that Walpurgis is the Amalgamation of the despair of various Puella Magi. As you see that in one of its attacks, shadows of Puella Magi appear and attack Homura and when Madoka was fighting Walpurgis, for every Puella Magi she saved, Walpurgis slowly falls apart and gets defeated.

  100. >” I thought it was nifty how the battle for a Mahou Shoujo still continues.”
    Part of Madoka’s wish ensures the continued existence of Puella Magi, she still wants wishes to be granted, and mankind is better off for the girls’ wishes, hence there must still be an enemy to fight against, or else the Puella Magi system collapses. They still need something to run down and build up their power or else there’s no point in creating them. Demons are a fundamental constant of Madoka’s new universal laws, the prey to ensure the continued creation of Puella Magi.

  101. … Oh my GODDESS (my Madoka I suppose ;p). What a series! I just marathoned the entire series in less than 24 hours, and I’m glad I waited for the entire thing to come out. This must’ve been torture waiting week to week, especially with the tsunami delays. I was bawling like a baby myself throughout most of the episode. ;_; So sad!

    There were a lot of great shows last season but this is definitely a must-watch! I’m glad I gave it a second chance after dropping it the first episode. What an amazing series. 🙂 I’m glad we got to see Mami again in the later episodes, despite having her head chomped off about ep3. Madoka’s wish was such an awesome way to resolve everything (well, most everything). Like Homura, I thought trapping in Madoka in Limbo was a fate as bad as being a witch at first, until she explained the Nirvana-like omniscience that she’s gained in her pocket dimension.

    So instead of harvesting Grief Seeds from fallen Magical Girls, the Incubators now harvest the little cubes the demons dropped (said demons caused by the space-time distortions that’ve plagued the series since Homura started messing with the timeline). Such distortions would still have huge energy potential, and they can probably still leech the power that Magical Girls put out while fighting somehow. As Kyubei said though, it’s not as efficient an energy source as the Grief Seeds. How sad for the amoral little bastard.

    I wonder if the Incubators isn’t just from space, but from deep deep in the future, where the heat-death of the universe is more than just a problem to worry about billions of years in the future. For that matter, maybe their true bodies are kept in isolation in places of extreme space-time distortion, such as a black hole. Time could be stretched almost infinitely beyond the event horizon, far enough to see into the end of the universe itself.

    Anyway, I’m waxing astrophysical. Amazing anime, thanks for blogging this Takaii 😀

  102. This will go on to be one of the all-time greats in my list, makes me want to get a figurine or something to remember that I once watched madoka and shed tears for the better part of 2 episodes, longer than I did in clannad or ef.

    Thank you Takaii for blogging this mindblowing, genre-shifting, heartstring-pulling show. The characters were so endearing, madoka and her mum, dear homura, sad sayaka and all the girls. The amazuppai ending was a really nice way to end it, helping to take off the edge I’ve been having from fractale.

    Once again, best I’ve seen in a while, thank you shaft, and <3 the banner XD.

  103. The ending was rather hard to understand. The anime just too balanced. It was very well thought out. In did this was a good way to portrait a good ending and so I think it is.

    Takaii, I think people will enjoy this when they see the difference between the other mahjou shoujo anime or should I say they should watch other mahjou shoujo first before Madoka.

  104. Great ending! I think a 100% happy ending wouldn’t have match the story. Still it’s a happy ending in a way. At least Kyouko and Mami are alright. Madoka Magika easily enters my “All my favorites”-list.
    Thanx for blogging Takaii!!!

  105. Too bad Sayaka is gone though… and the fact that Mahou Shoujo still have to fight demons… although they don’t have to be turned into witches anymore

    Makes it a bittersweet ending.

  106. Man, the everyone forgetting her thing… I am reminded of Ririka… Though then again, in Ririka the sucker punch was that she still lived at the end. Now THAT was an ending to bite your head off for.

  107. I loved the ending and cried so hard.
    Everytime when I played the ending i couldn’t hold my tears back Q_Q
    But there a some things i didn’t understand.
    First,is Kyubee aka Incubator in the ending good? Or why does Homura helped Incubator?
    and Second, now Demons want to destroy their world. But Homura is still a Puella Magi even everybody forget there were witches on the planet. So if her soul gem would be destroyed and Madoka can’t (!!!) cure her game, will she turn into a witch?

    Thanks for reading even if my english is bad and many people don’t understand it XD!

  108. biggest question is who still hates kyubei. i still think hes one of the badass characters despite his somewhat cuteness. Although what happens to him after the wish. i still dislike kuybei.

    Also whose up to make a wish to become a magical girl 😛

    1. Ya… He looks so adorable while he gulps the grief seeds of young girls who went through despair, hopelessness and the bottomless pit of depression and feelings of failure.
      He looks slightly more adorable eating black demon sugar cubes though…

      The best villains are those that believe that what they are doing is right and Kyubey certainly earned his spot among the top.

    2. He is a soulless, amoral little bastard, made all the worse by the fact that he doesn’t seem to realize he’s doing anything wrong (if such concepts even make sense to him). Since the Incubators are totally without emotion, he can’t even understand why his actions make our heroines upset or why they’d want to stop him. And the nonplussed way he says “Oh well, now Madoka will become the ultimate witch and destroy the entire world, ho hum” made me want to punch him in his plushy little face. Apparently this is far from the only planet the Incubators are running as power sources, as I’m sure otherwise the destruction of Earth would be at least cause for concern.

      Do I hate him? Quite a bit. Do I understand him? I feel like I do, somewhat, and that makes me hate him all the more.

      1. On a side note, while the ‘new’ Kyubee does seem less of a parasite now, the fact that his only comment on the Grief Seed idea was that it would indeed be a more efficient way to harvest power still made me want to kick that little alien in the face. I hope he doesn’t decide to try and undo what Madoka did … not that I think he could if he tried. Like a genie, Kyubee seems unable to use his powers for his own self-interest.

    1. Yeah, so true…Watching anime is pretty much something I have enjoyed doing for over 2 decades now. If I trace it back, my fascination probably started back late 1980s or early 1990s when I was like 4 or 5 years old with shows like Voltes V, Voltron, Transformers, Shaider, Maskman as well as cartoons like Ghostbuster, Denver, Care Bears and GI Joe.

      As years pass, I eventually learn to differentiate the difference of that of the Japanese and the American animations by simple looking at the intro and ending songs which features a different kind of symbols/characters different from the English Alphabet that I’m so familiar with and say “Oh! It’s Japanese,” and later discovered how the Japanese animations (The term anime is not yet in existence at those times) has intricate story details that I found lacking on shows that I see as American made, hence I started getting really hooked to them.

      PS: I’m trying to described my experience based on how I believe was my impression then when I was still a kid. So if their are any Americans who might be offended by my inductive reasoning, I apologized.

  109. I liked it, partially because I (wild ass) guessed it (See Nopy’s blog, if you care: http://nopybot.com/2011/02/24/puella-magi-madoka-magica-ep-8-the-obvious-and-not-so-obvious/#comments #26) and it reminded me of another favorite, Serial Experiments Lain. After all, Lain resets the world, becomes an ethereal, omnipotent presence in the wired, she can see anyone anytime she wants, and no one remembers her when she’s gone. Her reset even has some humor in it, something that’s nonexistent in the rest of Lain.

    I also like how Madoka’s reset made the relationship between the Incubators and humans more symbiotic, and that Homura is apparently now a normal girl who can don her gem when she needs to use her magic.

  110. A epic tear jerking end is a epic tear jerking end.

    With this mahou shoujo anime end, i’m gearing for another mahou shoujo anime. Title is: Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel – Kyun Kyun☆Tokimeki Paradise!!.

    P.S: did i mention that Kugimiya Rie is in it? :p

    1. LOL I don’t think there was any censoring. There’s nothing gorey or h enough to require censoring. I’m waiting for blu-rays before I marathon it though. I don’t want to remember too much of the story when I watch it at its prime. Gosh if only I could erase my memory so I could experience my first impressions again.

  111. Awesome show, and if you ask me, it didnt have much of an impact since somehow i saw this coming.

    Have you ever heard the paradoja of the grandfather? it is shown in Stains;Gate anime, the thing its that if you travel back in time and you kill your grandfather before he had your father then you wouldnt have existed and that means that you would have gone to the past to kill your grandfather, but because you didnt killed your father then you existed and went back to the past for whatever reason, LOL, so its an infinite loop, but if you think about the paraller time theory applies, meaning that at the moment you went to the past and killed your grandfather to avoid being born then that means in THAT universe you wouldt exist but you exist either way since you created a paraller universe then, meaning that there are 2 paraller times, one were born and one were you didnt.

    So my point its that madoka by doing what she did, she practically created a paraller universe for each mahou shoujo in existence, be either from the past, present or future giving and infite amouth of differents universes, and of course the universe were madoka never became a mahou shoujo also exist, since if she ereased every witche from every time then that would mean that she wouldt have to be a mahou shoujo to erease all witches, thus we are in a loop again XD, hence madoka became an Omnicienet Multidimensional Being, and homura being the only being in existence to remember madoka and all those things she did in every new universe that madoka created since i believe that homura became a multidimensioal being too.

    Either way, with this thing you can think of any kind of universe with a were no universe is the same as any other

    1. If the wish Madoka made was fufilled, she created no new divergent time lines. What she did was to change a universal law retroactively. The change would apply to the beginning of time (would would be infinity.

      I think of it like this. Many children are drawing straight lines in non-absorbent sand. Every so often, a new child comes and draws a line starting from where a line already existed. However Madoka appears, steps over all the children to where the first line started and pours a pink liquid from that line. The liquid flows and spreads to all the lines already drawn.

      Now the lines in the sand are not sand coloured but pink coloured but Madoka never drew new lines so no new lines are made

      Zaku Fan
  112. EVa’s animation director has something to say about madoka:(translation’s not mine)


    Has Madoka surpassed Evangelion? Well that’s not too bad.
    It would be troublesome if a relic of the past remains at the top forever (refering to Evangelion)
    I do have one thing to say to the staff, however
    Do no confuse the quality of the show and the quality of your actual merits
    So keep on focusing on what you do next, okay?

    1. As one of the older fans, yeah Evangelion is pretty much one of the most thought-provoking anime that I have ever watched. It’s a mind fucked anime, and the best in its category. While Madoka and Evangelion shared some of the same themes, I don’t think it can be compared though, its like oranges vs. apples to me. But in terms of mind fucked Evangelion definitely holds the edge, but in terms of presentation, pacing, story I will give it to Madoka.

  113. Kind of a random question but … what is “Puella Magi”? Is it just an alternate-language version of the phrase “Magical Girl”/”Mahou Shoujo?” If so, what language? It looks like it could be Latin…

    1. retrieved from here: http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Facts_and_Observations

      Puella Magi was supposed to be latin for “Magical Girl”. However, if that was the intended translation, then “Puella Magi” is a mistranslation, and should have been either “Puella Maga” or “Puella Magica”.
      As-is, “Puella Magi” translates to “Girl of the Sorcerer”.
      Events of Episode 8 suggest that it may indeed be intentional. Disregarding the verbal gender of “magi” (male mage), when interpreted as “girl [form] of the sorcerer”, it fits very well with the fact that Puella Magi are immature forms of witches. It even preserves Kyubey’s pun in original Japanese to some extent, although a witch would be more conventionally called “melefica” in Latin, rather than “magus”. If interpreted a different way, “the sorcerer’s girl”, it implies that the girls are being used – which they are, by Kyubey.

  114. Heh, Kyubei’s dodgy thermodynamics are at last forgiven… because its actually a different universe that he’s from and Madoka remakes things into how we know them.

    Interesting how its therefore implied that God is the one that creates Demons and can do nothing about them; because they are fundamental in preventing the existance of witches but maintaining the nobility of magical lich girls.

    To confuse all your theologists and physicists even more, Madoka is both God and String Theory, since she becomes the linking factor between all kinds of particles, all facets of time, existance, and of course, hope. The only question is how ’42’ sits in the equation, eh? LOL.

    Jeez, only Urubochi Gen could manage to pull off some crazy sh** like that.

  115. I do wish that we got more clarification on Einar/Fool/Walpurgisnacht, though. Also, I’m certain that the ending’s tone was changed for the tsunami/earthquake disaster. Hopefully the manga will fix both of those.

    I’m surprised that some people call it a copout ending, then complain that, if you think logically, it’s not really a happy ending. That would be the point. It’s a standard magical girl ending done in a thought-provoking way. Those thoughts lead you to realize that the only thing changed was what being a Puella Magi means morally. Everything else is worse (heat death will come sooner, people die when they are killed, Homura will spend eternity protecting God Madoka, who must cheer up every dying MS before destroying their Soul Gem, etcetera.) Even my complaint about The Fool is baseless, since thinking about it is more fun than knowing.

  116. Hoi!

    So, Watched all the Epis today and I was totaly amazed. This is a show that I realy like, because it is not like every other show. It is very sad. Nothing happens like it seems at the start. People die even if you think they will be one of the main Charas or the ending is not happy.

    Also, i like it that the protagonist, Homura, was the antagonist at the start. The so called “Change of Heart” was used in a different way than in other Anime/Manga.

    All in all I like this show very much and the published screenshots here are awesome 😉

    Thnx 😉

  117. I haven’t really watched all that much anime, so this really blew everything out of the water.

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to properly enjoy anything the future may bring- what with this setting a rather high standard.

    I’m actually glad that they held off the final two episodes (triple disaster considering, of course) because I think it actually held more impact as such.

  118. This is one of the best endings I have ever watched in a anime. To be able to convey so much in just 12 episodes deserves a medal and buying the bluray release when it comes out. This is one of the more satisfying endings I have seen in the whole year. Great work Shaft!

  119. Also, I hope this anime sells extremely well. So we get more original anime instead of uninspired anime (cough… IS… cough)

    Not sure how to edit posts… Sorry for double posts

  120. from older posts i read that Madoka surpassed THe Melcancholy of Haruhi S. sorry for error of spelling. The haruhi series and movie were good but i think that maybe Madoka surpassed it. It did have a pretty good story, and had a lot of different genres combined. like love story, action, magical girl genre, twists etc etc. not really the humor unless you make jokes from it but i really hope directors especially from SHAFT make more future works in the future like this. something that isnt the typical genres that we have today but more something that is creative and can surprise the fans and audience.

  121. After looking at episode 10, I notice a lot of difference to the destruction done by Walpurgis Night in Madoka’s home town…

    ep.10 Walpurgis attack causes this…
    (If you look at all the battles vs. Walpurgis Night, Mitakihara city is engulfed by a a lot of destruction, sea of flood and rain and that giant tree. Very different to the battle of Walpurgis Night in episode 11 and 12).
    Walpurgis Knight in episode 11 and 12 only causes this…
    While it is true that Walpurgis did made a lot of destruction, the flood, the rain, and the giant tree is all missing…

    A lot of people speculated on this before including me, but this increased my believe that SHAFT re-produce the entire final two episode to remove the tsunami reference, might be actually the reason that the black cat is also missing, it might be the very reason also of the cancelled broadcast airing back in March due to self-restraint and it also can explain why it took SHAFT 5-6 weeks to release episode 11 and 12….

    What does other people think of it?

    If this is the case, I hope SHAFT will release the original episode 11 and 12 as a bonus in there BD/DVD release of Madoka…