「失踪する思春期のパラノイア」 (Shissōsuru Shishunki no Paranoia)
“Paranoia of My Disappearing Puberty”

And as I begin, I ask, why? Why do they keep making Erio sparkle? :/

Typical of second episodes, the show introduces two female characters with the most empty reason I’ve ever seen, because there is none! The two were given slight focus last episode, making it obvious that they will be introduced, but other than taking notice of our healthy protagonist, there’s not much to be taken other than, “what a lucky guy.” I got the impression that Mifune Ryuuko (Katou Emiri) actually seems to like him, since she wanted to get to know him, and had lunch with him. She could just be leading him on unexpectantly and likes being nice to transfer students, but such a complex relationship occuring when she’s a mere supporting character is unlikely.

The taller, cooler archetype fill, Maekawa (Fuchigami Mai) just happens to meet him in a completely empty classroom one morning, and then they just start hitting it off. I can imagine some funny jokes based on her not being able to raise her arms for ten seconds, but she took my interest more due to her wearing a sandwich (or something) suit and basically calling it a pastime (I also just like the calm and collected more. Plus look at these bro poses!). The connection between the two new characters lie in Touwa Erio, with Ryuuko directly involved since Erio apparently made up the nickname “Ryuushi” for her because it was “more alien.”

I’m not sure what to expect from the two, but Maekawa’s interactions were a lot more fun to watch than Ryuuko’s. Ryuuko’s pretty much a clone of Kushieda Minori~n from Toradora except with SHAFT’s perverseness attached, so I found that a bit off-putting. Makoto’s dialogue still generates novelty in the show with his self-concious words such as, “oh hey, I’m pretty lucky getting to bike home with a girl two days in a row.” I just wish he would have questioned why, because the two girls feel like forced relationships. Whether that matters or not will depend on the direction of the show.

The main interest of the episode comes near the end with the explanation of Touwa Erio’s past, and how she ended up this way. Meme surprisingly covers most of the oddities around Erio, like why she’s like the way she is, why the bike is rusty, and why she hides herself in a futon. What’s unknown is her one year of disappearance, which leaves me guessing it might be the focus for the rest of the series. I also don’t really see why he got so irritated at the news, seeing as he’s only known her for a couple days. More forced emotional development lol?

The second episode wasn’t as interesting as the first, which seems to be natural with most shows that don’t setup anything to look forward to in the beginning. About 99% of the jokes fell completely flat for me as well, though admittedly a lot of them seemed like a problem of the language barrier. On a random note, a friend of mine noticed Erio Touwa’s initials would be E.T., which would explain the references.

This anime loves closeups. Closeup cap count: 10. At least they’re great to look at 😛


ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「ルル」 (Ruru) by やくしまるえつこ (Yakushimaru Etsuko)
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  1. This episode felt pretty quick and normal but I also thought it wasn’t as interesting. It wasn’t bad though, but I’m pretty surprised they revealed Erio’s “origin” already (for lack of a better word…)

    Though I don’t see why he would question why girls are talking to him. It was really just a coincidence both times and I’m sure he’s trying to make friends.

    Also, it’s weird hearing Makoto being called “Niwa-kun” because all I can picture is this Niwa-kun… (same voice actor)

      1. It’s amnesia that she doesn’t remember what happened after she disappeared but the entire story about aliens and being able to fly could just be made up, that might be waht what’s frusterating. After all, now she KNOWS she can’t fly.

      2. Iono, while I was watching it I kinda thought that he was angry because of the fact that Erio was missing for a large amount of time without anybody actually trying to do anything about it. The way Meme explained it seemed like she didn’t even give a damn that she was missing in the first place and the only clue to where she might have been is that she was found floating in the water or something like that, I think. It could have been something so traumatic that the idea of aliens got implanted in her mind. Just what I thought when I was watching the episode.

  2. “..a shitty show full of special effects.” -Underwater-Commie Fansubs [18:20]

    I found myself giggling at that line. Wasn’t to sure what they were getting at but hopefully he wasn’t talking about his own show. I’m still waiting for that Arakawa funny to kick in.

    By the way, when is the Os-Uchuujin single coming out? I can’t wait to play it out of order.

  3. I can’t really explain it, but I thought this episode was awesome. I still think our hero is awesome and the new girls are just awesome.
    If this turns into a harem series I will have so much fun.

    Bio D
  4. The sparkles have to be the funk from being rolled up in a futon full of old pizza, sweat, and God-knows-what, and probably never washing her face.

    It makes me cringe just thinking about it… it also makes me want to burn that futon. That’s probably the only way to clean it.

    The only thought going through my head whenever he interacts with E.T. is, “I bet she has b.o. fierce enough to melt your nose hair.”

    But since it’s nice seeing all those little snippets of Nagoya that I remember, I’m cool with it for now.

    I’m sure she’ll have a suitably tragic story that will make us all weep manly tears in the end.

  5. Obvious sherlock holmes references, a facepalm to myself for not even realizing Erio’s initials, another face palm for not findiing any mother references, including the previous face palm for missing the first episode’s reference to Mother.

    The futon speak was cute as well as the spoiled basket kicks, but other than that, the jokes were a little stale.There’s nothing else in this episode besides fanservice to be honest.

    Well it’s always hard to try to top the very first episode so I’ll let it slide.

    On a side note, am I the only one that thought Random Encounter, when Maekawa showed up at night? Earthbound or not, it felt like a random encounter, and it was pretty awesome :D.

  6. well, two word can describe this episode, “weird” and “funny”, when i was seen this episode i had to think WTF a few times lol… the biggest wtf was the girl in the Sandwitch? custome, i thought it was because of her part-time job but to be her hobby didnt even cross my mind

  7. Actually the reason why he was so irritated by hearing Erio’s story is because she was telling him about alien abuction at the beginning, like disappearing and treating them as cattle. A normal person may piece togather as something else tragic happened to her.

  8. I almost died at this scene.
    Why did they make her so damn cute? This never happens in real life, does it?

    Well, if she really is his cousin, it’s even more of a shame, because they most likely wont get into a romantic relationship this way, what a letdown, I’m a sucker for romance…

    Anyway, even though it took me a while to comprehend everything Erio said, I really liked this episode, looking forward to the rest.

  9. Erio was gone between June till November so it’s not a year but half a year she was labelled ‘missing’.

    Plus I didn’t realize her initials resembled ET, that’s pretty cool! Good work on your friend for spotting that.

  10. I feel sorry for Erio, she keeps blabbering about aliens and all but the only response she got from Makoto was “nandatte?”. The townsfolk also started avoiding her due to her alien obsession. I somehow wish she could prove all those stuff and give a mindfuck to all of them.

  11. I see a “Insert Here”-Monogatari resemblance in terms of character personalities and most of all, the word play. Well, that shouldn’t be of any surprise since the author himself said that Nisio Isin’s works influenced him greatly.

    Anyways nice episode still. I had fun 🙂

    Denpa and Ano Mi Hita are on the top of my must watch list this season ^___^

    The Story You Don't Know
  12. I’m still not entirely what am I watching over here
    Good thing is, all the characters looks really good and the ET references might actually go somewhere
    Am I the only one who thinks Makoto is probably one of the best looking male leads we’ve seen in animes for a while? Quite different from the bishie guys we’ve as of late…

  13. the story is without a doubt more interesting that what i tought it would….especialy the reason behind erio’s unique attitude.
    the emotional scar doesn’t seem forced at all and it explains well erio’s current behavior, on the other side the character introductions are quite forced in this second episode hopefully they will manage to make both ryuuko and maekawa more likeable by the end of the anime because i’d hate the cliched situation where all the girls around the main guy are head over heels for him,and by the way i can’t argue with it but this guy is quite the lucky bastard we are only at the 2nd episode and he already got his hands on 2 chicks that came out of nowhere and a 3rd one which sparkles under the moon light hhhhh.
    luckily the novel is already over so i think we won’t get a messed up ending like it is usually the case with unfinished works!!

  14. Is it just me or does the background music that was playing during that lunch scene with Ryuuko aka Ryuushi sound a lot like the background music in Pokemon Red/Blue when you first step foot in Route 1?

    Also, Shaft is awesome, I love what they did with this anime. I’m expecting this anime to be awesome like Bakemonogatari and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica!

  15. I can’t believe I’m more hooked to “Denpa Onna, Dog Days, and Maria Holic” than to the more heavy weights like “Hanasaku Iroha and Ano Hana”. Normally I will be far more hooked at those 2 shows but this time around those 3 above are giving me so much entertainment that they are in the top of my priority list. lol

    I found the ED theme really cute, it is very childish, almost feels like a nursery rhyme and it makes me feels good. Ah~ha!

    OP is really crazy, but again the first 2 episode already was so much craziness on it, the OP for me is very appropriate for the show 🙂

  16. LOL. all the girls around makoto are weird yet cute!! XD I lol’d at various points in the episode especially when maekawa was shown wearing sandwich costume. LOL man, she’s so weird. XDD mifune was a pretty odd girl too. funny how she’s walking XDDD Erio thought she could fly and hurt herself? LOL. that scene was funny actually..XDD

    Erio, oh, Erio. Seriously, whenever she’s talking wrapped in that futon, i couldn’t help but go HNNNGGGH!! whattahell’s with her character??!!

    can shaft give me a damn minute where in i don’t need to restrain myself from going moe moe kyun over her whenever she’s shown??!!

    btw, i thought i wouldn’t see mah Meme this episode but hell yeah, she’s in it!! she’s my favorite character here. XDD

  17. So this anime could go both ways. Either they go the serious note where Erio was kidnapped and had become delusional or go to the out of this world direction. She may be indeed an alien from outer space and was abducted and experimented during the disappearance. Any of these directions can work if done right.

    1. I agree with that. I personly hope it is the serious route, not because I hope she had a very traumatic experience but it would be intresting to see how our mind can play tricks at us. Also it would put a lot more depth in the show, now it is a crazy, weird, funny show but this turn could make it a real great one. I personly just loved al the bicycle riding. I live in Amsterdam and bike to school everydag so it was fun for me to see such a formiliar scene :).

      Girl from the sky
  18. My spouse and i can’t wait for Big Brother 13! Last season the show had been sort of dull, but We assume this year to generally be much more entertaining. I expect casting really does a good job so that it can keep us occupied all summer!

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