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  • The title of Rumiko Takahashi‘s brand spanking new manga is Kyōkai no Rinne and it follows a girl named Sakura Mamiya. She has the ability to see ghosts after something happens to her when she was younger. It’s not exactly what you’d call original, but I hope this is in the vein of Takahashi’s darker Mermaid Forest manga. The series will premiere in Shogakukan‘s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine and in North America through Viz Media on TheRumicWorld.com on April 22nd.
  • Good news for those of us who’ve started the Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara bandwagon; the young actor told the MTV Splash Page that discussions for the live action Full Metal Panic! are still “very early” and that the film is “to the point where it’s more than likely not going to happen.” I’m assuming that after the disaster known as Dragonball Evolution I’d be a bit reluctant to jump on board too.
  • It’s been announced that the eighth and final DVD installment of the Clannad After Story anime will include a special episode that is an alternate world arc about Kyou Fujibayashi. The episode is titled, “Another World: Kyou Arc” and the DVD will be released in Japan on July 1st.
  • A second season has been green-lit for the Hetalia – Axis Powers anime and will premiere this summer on the internet and mobile phones (in Japan only.) The series re-imagines various historical eras where its characters are archetypes of their countries.
  • For those of you who have been waiting for the English reiteration of Honey And Clover and NANA can finally get excited about something. Viz Media announced that they have set up websites for both anime where viewers will be able to buy, download-to-own, and/or stream the two series in the near future.
  • It was announced in the EVA-EXTRA01 paper magazine that Maaya Sakamoto is set to play a brand new character in the second film in the Rebuild Of Evangelion quadrilogy. The character’s name is Makinami Mari Illustrious and she shares the EVA tradition of having parts of her name to be named after World War II ships. It was also confirmed that Yuko Miyamura will reprise her role of Asuka, however with the new name of Shikinami Asuka Langley instead of Sohryu.
  • If you haven’t already seen it then head on over to TMS Entertainment‘s new Youtube page to watch the anime classic, Sherlock Hound. The series features Sherlock Holmes, his assistant Watson, and the housemaid Mrs. Hudson re-imagined as animals solving mysteries. The first six episodes are directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
  • If any of you out there played “Typing Mania 4“, it appears that “Typing Mania 5” is now up. Play at your own risk! (Thanks to David for the link.)
  • Ulquiorra Cifer artwork courtesy of 餅和 on pixiv (account needed to access)

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    The Daily Dose

  • A live-action feature film adaptation of Full Metal Panic! is being developed by Mandalay Pictures with Zac Efron as the potential star. Mandalay hasn’t set up a studio for the film yet, but the company does have a first-look deal with Universal. I can only see this adaptation going two ways – the Dragonball Evolution way and then the Transformers route. Personally I vote for the latter.
  • Square Enix made an announcement in its Young Gangan magazine that four new titles will be launching in the next four issues of the magazine. The four titles includes Atsushi Suzumi (Venus Versus Virus) doing Nightmare Go Round, Izumi Kirihara (Hitohira) is doing Akira to Hiyori, Yuji Iwahara (King of Thorn) will be doing a title that has yet to be named, and Yuki Azuma (Dark Blue) will also do a title that has yet to be named.
  • The FUNimation Channel has announced that it will be running new Viz shows on its channel sometime late spring and summer. The shows in question will be NANA, Honey And Clover, Monster, Buso Renkin, and Hunter X Hunter.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is considering casting SMAP as the Ninja Scroll live-action feature film adaptation’s main cast. It was announced last year that DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way had picked up the rights for the film. DiCaprio expressed that he wanted to make all the fans of the original film happy and to make sure that they put their best effort into the making of the film. At least Ninja Scroll sounds like it’s in “good hands,” but Leo just doesn’t come off as someone who’d be into anime.
  • The third Naruto Shippūden film, which shares the same title as the 99th episode in the original Naruto series is Hi no Ishi o Tsugumono (lit. The Will Of Fire Still Burns), will open in Japanese theaters on August 1st.
  • Detroit Metal City singer Hideki Kaji was beat up and robbed in Sweden while watching over filming equipment which was stolen. It was reported on Kaji’s official website that he was doing well. The Swedish police have yet to determine the identity of the assailants.
  • It was reported that a new Hidamari Sketch special had been green-lit for production. The announcement was made at the “Chō Hidematsuri Z” event that was held in Tokyo.
  • A promotional video is up for the slice of life, romance anime series Hatsukoi Limited on its official website.
  • Day Of Whale artwork courtesy of nnfsh on pixiv (account needed to access)

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    FMP! The Second Raid – Tessa OVA

    During a critical moment of an underwater battle, all the people on the bridge around Tessa turn into Sousuke.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 13 (END)

    In the aftermath of the explosion, Sousuke is approached by his comrades who tell him that his friends have engaged Xia Yu Fang’s AS

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 12

    As tensions between the two Chinas heat up, the MITHRIL dispatched team of M9s arrive in Hong Kong. In a warehouse by the sea, Gates inspects Xia Yu Lan’s dead body, then taunts Xia Yu Fang when she calls him.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 11

    Short Summary:
    Sousuke, wandering around, buys a bottle of whisky from a merchant fleeing from the city. At one of the sites on their list, Wu and Yan (the other two guys who came to Hong Kong with Melissa and Sousuke) find a suspicious dead body.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 10

    The Tuatha de Danaan sets off to Hong Kong after a brief prayer led by Tessa. The crew gets a lengthy technical briefing on the lambda drivers, after which Sousuke visits the Arbalest and starts a conversation with the AI “Al”.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 09

    With Sousuke gone, Chidori is feeling rather insecure and fairly paranoid. At school, she learns from her teacher that he sent a letter saying that he was dropping out. Of course, Chidori can’t provide any more information since he didn’t tell her beforehand either.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 08

    Sousuke arrives on Merida Island and reports to Tessa. She knows that he wants to talk about Kaname, however she tells him to let the Intelligence department handle it and that his focus should be on the Arbalest.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 07

    Short Summary:
    A troubled and angry Sousuke walks from his desk onto the balcony and starts calling for Wraith. When he gets no answer, Sousuke starts to shout classified information out. This quickly gets him a phone call from Wraith telling him to shut up.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 06

    Sousuke arrives late for his exams, but is allowed to take them anyway. At MITHRIL’s base in Australia, Tessa watches as Blueno is being interrogated.

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    Mikuni Shimokawa – Minami Kaze PV (FMP! TSR OP)

    Minami Kaze (南風), sung by Shimokawa Mikuni, is the opening song to FMP! The Second Raid. Shimokawa-san has sung all three opening songs for the Full Metal Panic! series.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 05

    Short Summary:
    Chidori finds Sousuke carefully taking apart a car in the school parking lot, checking it for bombs. Before she can berate him too much, he gets a call with orders and heads off, leaving Chidori to explain the mess to their teacher.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 04

    Picking up where we left off last week, our heroes have been ambushed by Gates and the sisters. Xia Yu Lan beats up on Mao, smashing her through a door, but neither one is able to hurt the other badly, though Xia Yu Lan does appear to have the upper hand.

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    FMP! The Second Raid – 03

    Short Summary:
    Sousuke is called to base while he’s at school. Apparently Gates and company have kidnapped some people in Nanjing, China and escaped with the help of his ASs. Sousuke arrives at a briefing by Kalinin and Tessa who explain that the prisoners are being held in an underground facility.

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