Here’s something to try if you’re bored — just try to not get addicted in the process. You have been warned.

If haven’t gone off and started playing already, it’s a Flash game I stumbled upon tonight called “Typing Mania 4”. Now the only reason why it gets mentioned here is because it features a very nice assortment of anime songs, which will be the ONLY thing keeping you playing after awhile. For those of you with 100+ words-per-minute typing speeds, I wouldn’t get overconfident too quickly because most of the lyrics are in romaji (ローマ字) and there are quite a few quirks (mentioned below). There are some English songs as well though, so give ELISA’s “Euphoric field” from ef – a tale of memories. a try if you like.

Each song is ranked with a “Typing Level” ranging from 0 to 99. If you want to experience some level 99 insanity right away, give Lucky Star‘s “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” 「もってけ!セーラーふく」 a go (pictured above). Even eufonius’ “Reflectia” 「リフレクティア」 from true tears is pretty tough, and that’s ONLY a level 9 song. With that said, you might want to start off with something reasonable like Nakajima Megumi’s Aimo 「アイモ」 from Macross Frontier, so you don’t end up hating the game right away. Most of the time, you’ll probably be staring at your monitor in awe wondering how anyone’s ever supposed to play this properly, but as with Rock Band, you just know there are people out there who will go to lengths to master this kind of stuff.

Note: You can access more songs with the left and right arrow keys.

*UPDATED* Now if you’re actually serious about doing well in this game, there are some things to keep in mind, especially if you’re familiar with some Japanese. However, if you’re only looking at the letters and not the Japanese lyrics, then these probably won’t help much.
– The particle は has to be typed out as “ha” and not “wa”, which is an accepted romanization of it.
– The hiragana し is “si” rather than “shi”. You can type “shi”, but you’ll get a miss for the “h”.
– The hiragana つ is “tu” rather than “tsu”. You can type “tsu”, but you’ll get a miss for the “s”.
– The hirangan じ can be typed as “ji” or “zi”.
– The hiragana ふ can be typed as “hu” or “fu”.
– The hiragana しゃ, しゅ, しょ are spelled as “sya”, “syu”, “syo”, but you can use “sha”, “shu”, “sho”.
– The hiragana ちゃ, ちゅ, ちょ are spelled as “tya”, “tyu”, “tyo”, but you can use “cha”, “chu”, “cho”.
– The katakana シェ and チェ are spelled “sye” and “tye”, but you can use “she” and “che”.
– If the hiragana ん appears in the middle of a word, you can simply type “n” instead of “nn”.
– If a small っ appears at the end of a word to shorten the last vowel, you have to type “ltu”. e.g. ぎゅっ
– None of the Japanese lyrics have spaces.
– When spaces do appear, they’re displayed as underscores, but you can use Space.
– You do not need to capitalize English words.

Let the madness (and frustration) begin!


  1. lol at first i had no idea what to do, and thought who do u get addicted to this, but then figured it out and its kinda fun trying to keep up with the notes, and listening to the song…

    lol first try got a E with only a 16 hit combo lol

  2. I realize I type too quickly for this game to recognize my keystrokes properly, leading to endless frustration.

    The English songs are surprisingly easy, the Japanese romanji ones, not so much.

  3. You don’t need to know Japanese to play the game. The instructions are there in English on the bottom right corner anyways. It’s just a typing game. And you can set the difficulty to an easy song. 😛

  4. Ah, I remember playing this game about half a year ago. It was pretty addicting for a few days. They have Typing Mania 5 out already.

    I remember getting pwned by Motteke! Sailor Fuku over and over again. Fun times. :]

  5. Awesome game, but it sure was hard. I started with STORIES (lv2) and i did kinda well, but then i somehow skipped to caramelldansen (which is lv13) and i was like: T_T, i couldnt type it was too fast!!! but its still a cool game. =)

  6. I’m one of those people that use “cho” instead of “tyo” and “shi” instead of “si” when I’m typing in Japanese, so this is utter hell for me. (it doesn’t help the reading for some kanji is modified, like “nijishoku” instead of “nijiiro” like in reflectia) xD

    I’ll just stick to the mainly/all English songs like Euphoric field…

  7. if it would stop moving the damn lyrics that you’re trying to type it would be so much easier, i can’t follow with my eyes while it is bringing up the next letter in bold sometimes, really annoying.

  8. Wow that’s really addictive, I just began and did my first try on “God Knows” ( Haruhi ftw 😉 ), B rank then A on the second try but not used to the H that stand for W like “Anataha”. Thankkkkkks, that’s just too cool *-*

  9. Wow, too late im almost getting hook up soon haha! Well, this is way harder than I expected. Japanese songs, I barely passed and English songs I got AA. Eyes on me, AimoAimo and english songs.

  10. Frustrating… especially on the harder levels. But definitely fun. For those who didn’t notice, you can get more songs by hitting the left and right buttons on your keyboard…

    And… is it just me, or is the words/min based on one-char = one word?

  11. My god, someone help me TT_TT I was playing this game on my desktop, but the sound system conked out so I turned on my laptop to play it, but when I clicked on the link, a WorldVision ad came out instead, how the hell can I get the ad to disappear so I can continue killing “Aimo”??? XD

  12. You actually don’t need to type some words so specifically like in the entry. For example:
    Normally you’d type “nn” to get a ん but as long as the next character isn’t “na” for example, you can just type “n”. “dango” but no good for “minna”
    “Shi” works as well, but obviously you can get an advantage by using “si”.
    That goes for “cho”, “cha”, “che”, “tsu”, “ji”, “tsu”, “fu”, etc.
    You don’t need to use “ltu” either, like for “motteke”, but you might need to if you mess up.

  13. @Nana:

    If you read my comment back near the bottom of page 2, you’ll see that you need to use SHIFT + comma. Sucks, I know. Kinda throws you off rhythm, but meh.


    That’s because the name Lucky Star is in Jap. Look @ image on top, in this blog. Should be a lvl13 song, second last before the E7 OP.

  14. I love the game got this on my second try :D:D:D quite proud of it :D:D
    Music : Caramelldansen
    Rank : AA
    Score : 184685
    Max Combo : 72
    Complete : 3
    Solve : 2
    Miss : 17
    Minus Score : -9265
    Corrected Character : 1154/1297
    Corrected Percent : 89%
    Typespeed/min : 256/min
    Typespeed/sec : 4.63/sec
    Correct / Miss : 1154/1297
    Corrected Percent (Solve Cut) : 90%

  15. awesome game!!! thanks for the post Divine!! ^_^
    lol i’m only good at the 20% tension songs in japanese…haha i know ABSOLUTELY NONE…but the english songs are fun too. the songs are great too!

  16. Ins chool i used to be taguht to type faster with a program called “typoing master”. #~#!@ that program, that game is amazing-.–but wheny ou plauy it so much my tuyping ends hprribly lol. It’s like you know the answers of a test, the teacher looks at your work, and you’re blank. lol, that’s how i feel after playing this game…just see my mistakes lol…i can’t type`pr operly lol…

  17. Can’t read jap, so I cant read ahead of what I need to type and since the English letters are moving makes it ever so hard. And then the English words have _ between them and shit like that making it even harder because pressing _ makes you lose positioning on your hands, at least it does for me.

  18. I think what makes it hardest is when the song is totally in Japanese, for example I can’t do any song in japanese that is above say 6 very well, But take Origa, Rise from Ghost in the shell. I can almost get that one, because it’s in english. What really screws me up is the “,” and “‘” in that song

  19. Awesome find.

    English songs aren’t too bad, although all the level 13 songs are not equal (Rise is easy, Red Fraction is _fast_, too fast >_>). S Rank is a real pain, because it just takes one mistake, and when the song is long…

    Moonrune songs are really hard for a native English speaker, I need to read the letters as I type, which makes me really slow. Best I can get Triple AAAs on is about level 6 whereas I can Triple AAA/S Rank Rise >_>

    As for the Lucky Star OP, I’m convinced you need to be a court stenographer to do that thing. Insane.

  20. I keep getting the worldviewer ad, even though I deleted my temp files and my cookies…wonder what’s wrong?

    I played it before though, and the only problem is that it’d be much easier if the english didn’t keep scrolling to the left

  21. fuck japanese songs are much easier even tho it English is 2nd language, while i dont even know how to speak Japanese but could understand it somehow when spoken is my 3rd language.

  22. Rebuild of Evangelion was rather easy for a level 11, but that is because it was mostly English… those commas and exclamation points can be trippy though.

    Lucky Star OP is pretty much impossible.

  23. @Chimasternmay: I think your first language is fail.

    Anyway, they need to eliminate the need to type commas and apostrophes, or give the option to play a mode where you don’t need to type them, and space out the Japanese words. Then it would be perfect.

  24. Typing Japanese romanji is really tough, especially when you get a string of long lyrics…but once you get the hang of it, more or less can get through it. English songs are relatively simpler but the spacing ruins the momentum sometimes. All in all, a great game to play given free time.

  25. kowaii.. and just when i thought i perfectly know my japanese lyrics.. this game pretty messes up the romanization.

    while i only have a typing speed of 53 wpm, i’m quite surprised i can follow some of the level 13 songs..although i stop in the middle.

    motteke sailor fuku eats me alive.. [i won’t sacrifice more wpm for less accuracy]


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