As the new emperor, Lelouch enacts sweeping changes to the way Britannian society works by abolishing the nobility system, breaking up the conglomerates, and liberating the Numbers. The opinion of him within the Black Knights is mixed, and many in the leadership such as Toudou and Xingke are still suspicious of his motives. What they don’t know is that Lelouch has used his Geass to create a small army of people to serve as his slaves, and he’s having Jeremiah handle the uprisings by former nobility. Lelouch feels that these former nobility need to understand the foolishness of clinging to their pedigree and to the glory of the past. During this time, back at Ashford, Milly is considering returning to the Britannian mainland now that Area 11 has become Japan again, and Nina is hiding out there because she’s being targeted by various countries for creating the FLEIJA weapon.

Suzaku meanwhile has been impressed with what Lelouch has been able to accomplish since ascending to the throne, and Lelouch explains that there’s still much blood to be spilt as he plans to erase the name of the murder princess from people’s memories. He feels that they’ve lost too much, and in order to face the future, they have to conquer the world first as part of something he calls the Zero Requiem. There is also the problem of Schneizel, and Lelouch plans to advance his plan before his brother can act. An even more immediate concern pops up when Bismarck leads three other Knight of Rounds – Dorothea, Monica, and Gino – in an assault on Pendragon. Suzaku meets them in battle with the Lancelot Albion, and after quickly taking out the two women, he tries to convince Gino that he’s on the wrong side, leaving Gino wondering what he should be fighting for.

Suzaku’s subsequent fight with Bismarck is broadcast throughout the world, and he feels that for the sake of the Zero Requiem, he cannot lose. He is able to use the “live” Geass effect that Lelouch put on him to counter Bismarck’s Geass power of being able to read into the future, and the Lancelot ends up slicing the Galahad in half. Afterwards, Lelouch closes out the worldwide broadcast by using the battle to reinforce his position as the ruler of Britannia, and he surprises everyone by announcing that Britannia will be participating in the United Federation of Nations. He promises to follow their rules for the negotiations, however he stipulates that it takes place in neutral Japan – specifically, Ashford Academy. A few days later, Lelouch arrives there to a large crowd, among which is Rivalz who climbs the fence in order to try to find out why Lelouch never told him about anything. Rivalz gets pulled down by the guards, and Lelouch ignores him.

Lelouch is met at the front of Ashford by Kallen who is representing the Black Knights, and although he addresses her as if they’re meeting for the first time, he also asks to take a detour to get to the negotiation room. As she leads him around, Kallen thanks him because she would have died in the Shinjuku Ghetto if not for him, and she was honored that Zero needed her. But now that he’s joined with Suzaku, she questions what he’s after or if this is all a game to him. When she asks him what he thinks of her and why he told her back on the Ikaruga that she had to live on, he doesn’t answer her, so she kisses him and then bids him farewell. Lelouch says goodbye to her as well before proceeding on to the negotiations which are being led by Kaguya. These negotiations take place with Lelouch put inside an enclosure as a countermeasure against his Geass ability, and Kaguya, Toudou, Ougi, and Xingke question what his goal is.

They know that resolutions inside the United Federation of Nations are determined by majority vote, and voting is proportional to the population of each country. With the breakup of the Chinese Federation, Britannia now has the world’s largest population, and that would give Lelouch the majority vote if Britannia joined the United Federation of Nations. They figure that this is how he intends to take over, and to prevent that, they offer him the option of either breaking Britannia up or accepting that the ratio of votes to Britannian population be lowered to 20%. Lelouch responds by asking Kaguya what qualifies someone to rule the world. Her answer is pride, and although Lelouch thinks that this is a good one, he has a different opinion: the readiness to destroy the world and oneself. As if on cue, Suzaku suddenly crashes the negotiations in the Lancelot, and the Britannian forces start advancing towards Japan.

This leaves the Black Knights no choice but to conclude that Lelouch wants a dictatorship and is their enemy. Kallen insists on defeating Lelouch, but Xingke tells her to retreat because fighting would claim the lives of each country’s delegation, and he knows that they have to wait for each country’s decision in this or else the United Federation of Nations would collapse. With his men having secured the negotiation room, Lelouch calls for Kaguya to resume the vote to decide whether or not Britannia is accepted. Meanwhile, Rivalz is giving a ride through the city to Nina who is carrying a package, and though Nina doesn’t want to get Rivalz involved, he feels that he can’t leave her alone. They are stopped at a roadblock by a group of Geass’d civilians accompanied by Lloyd. At around this same time, Lelouch gets word that a VIP has been secured, but Suzaku then reports that he’s getting an urgent message from the Avalon.

As it turns out, the imperial capital of Pendragon has been annihilated by what appears to be a FLEIJA blast, and there’s now a giant sky fortress floating above it. Lelouch had known that this was coming and that the FLEIJA weapons were installed on the aerial fortress Damocles, and these events cause him to leave the negotiations. This is all the doing of Schneizel, and he soon contacts Lelouch to ask if it feels good to subjugate others. He doesn’t acknowledge Lelouch as emperor, but instead of saying that he’s personally more suitable, Schneizel presents someone else who he claims is: Nunnally. This shocks Suzaku and Lelouch, and Nunnally proceeds to declare herself the enemy of both of them.


Well Nunnally reappearing and declaring herself to be Lelouch and Suzaku’s enemy was a nice cliffhanger even if it wasn’t too big a surprise. I’m actually a little bit disappointed that she didn’t give the end of the episode a little extra oomph by opening her eyes or something. Maybe that’ll require a visit from Jeremiah, assuming it ever happens. The bigger issue is that Schneizel has reappeared in what seems to be the villain role, but I still don’t see him to be as significant an antagonist as his father was – the aerial fortress doesn’t make him much more menacing. He’d have to have some grandiose plan that tops even Charles’, and so far that hasn’t materialized. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t care about slaying the Gods or whatever – all he wants to do is have Nunnally rule the world while he pulls all the strings – so it feels a little anticlimactic.

Aside from the end, the other thing that got a big reaction out of me was the rather one-sided fight between Suzaku and Bismarck’s group. They had added a new Knight of Rounds (Dorothea Ernst) to the official website a week or two ago, so I had been waiting for her to appear. Imagine my amusement when they killed her off within ten seconds of showing her. Along with Monica, I think part of the problem here is that having a dozen Knight of Rounds gives too many characters to deal with in addition to an already huge cast, so we get some characters who barely make an appearance before biting the dust. It’s also more evidence – as if it was really needed – that the Lancelot is Strike Freedom level overpowered.

As for Kallen, the preview from last week made me think that there could be a LelouchXKallen end, but the kiss and goodbyes this episode throws things up in the air again. I want to say that the two of them being apart like this only makes it more likely that they’ll end up together – especially if C.C. ultimately gets her wish to die – but it looks like Kallen is with Gino in the preview for next week (as well as a Knightmare I don’t recognize edit: I’ve been told it’s the Tristan Twin and is in the OP), and there’s already been some development in that direction. Less of a question is Nina who already appears to be on the road to redemption/normalcy (it’s so weird not seeing her freak out all the time) and perhaps a relationship with Rivalz – that is, unless Lloyd and/or Lelouch have some other plans for her. A lot can happen in the final three episodes…


  1. “I guess it was still a decent cliffhanger though with her declaring herself to be Suzaku and Lelouch’s enemy.”
    Yeah, also wondered about that, but guess things will get resolved when we hear how she actualy survived the whole mess. What just made me a bit upset is, that she’s with Schneizel..

    So everyone turned against Lelouch now?

  2. WTF!? This is going to be a brother sister last battle, *le gasp*

    I’m Speechless XD

    Everything lelouch have done to have her F….. sister like last enemy

    My head doesn’t want to accept the facts XD!!

    Mr Crash
  3. RIVALZ x NINA !!!! let the fanarts begin!!!!!!

    Anyway i want this now :/ also how the hell they could survive that blast while others didn’t!!?! xD doesn’t make sense, but ehhh who cares….

  4. Nina looks a lot better with her hair down and not looking completely crazy…. although at this point, we need to see some Evil Nunnally, just to give Lulu some more reason to break out his emo face.

  5. The plot finally came back down to earth & now we’ll get another episode where lulu has to gather his thoughts b4 all hell breaks loose. This definely counts as a plot twist. The silly UFN turned against him anyway so he just took the whole damn thing over :p
    …& right in the middle of that sche show up with nana just as expected. One of the best cliffhangers yet. Man, I love this show.


  6. Crossing fingers for decoy ship theory on Nunally. Oh hell it’s obvious anyway. I’m guessing the ship got hit by the outer rim of the shockwave (not the disintegrating part) and since Sayoko was standing and Nunally was sitting safe that’s why she’s all bandaged up.

  7. i dont understand why the f#%@ they would introduce a new knight and then kill her off in a blink of an eye, i mean i cough and she was dead and then suzaku kills the knight of twelve wtf is with sunrise, also he doesnt kill Gino come on, hes so pointless to the story.

  8. you know I did hope that Nunnally dies for real because if she is still alive, no doubt she will become his enemy because Schneizel will tell her things he had done as Zero, killing Euphy and other stuffs. Poor siblings relations, from the day they were born, they were always used as tools, no doubt Schneizel is using Nunnally against her brother. Next week: the continuation of the struggle between the smartest man and the most cunning man on from Britannia. Please any ending, just don’t kill the main characters, I saw so many dramatic anime that kill the protagonist in the last episode, ex: Chrno Crusade, that is not a bad ending, however, I don’t want Lelouch to end up without anyone beside him.

  9. Lulz @ the way they killed Dorothea in seconds! Great Suzaku pwnage display. : D Lmao, Kallen got a shitty kiss which she forced. And what’s this… Gino and Kallen alone in the preview? :3 Nunnally is alive! Yes! And under the fabulous Schneizel. Sweet.

    Otherwise, this episode was lacking the oomph this time around.

  10. @weeee

    Apparently that’s Schneizel’s castle in Cambodia.

    So, I at least guessed right that Nunnally was not just alive, but now on oppossing sides with her own brother. The question remains, what’s she gonna do now?

    Sailor Enlil
  11. Well, there you go, Sunrise just closed the kallen x Lulu door shut in 22! I guess if you didn’t watch the episode then you can’t tell. But she said her goodbyes, and just got her one-sided love kiss out of the way.

    I suppose this could be her death flag as well. But she’s still a minor character anyways.

  12. Haven’t seen the episode, but wow… just wow… I want to watch this one badly, but I’m too sleepy. I actually see Lulu vs his siblings as a good thing. I see a happy ending as being more likely with that than Lulu vs Schneizel. As for Suzuku pwning the knights of the round… you already know in EVERY mecha anime the last models are insanely powerful. Wing Zero, Strike Freedom, and ect.

  13. Hmm, I dont know if this has been discussed already, but I think Lelouch made Suzaku his knight because of the “Live!” geass – So that Suzaku will never die no matter how many suicide missions Lelouch sends him on. Just a thought.
    Nunnally – She’s back, and has declared her brother and Suzaku as enemies. I can understand why she might disapprove of and be horrified at how Lelouch has killed/sacrificed thousands of people, including their bleoved Euphie. But still, for her to start treating Lelouch and Suzaku as enemies…For some reason, I just can’t accept that entirely, how could she be like this so suddenly? Its either she really does hate what Lelouch has done, or Schneizel has manipulated the facts and presented her with a twisted truth. I have a feeling that even if Lelouch told her everything, she still would see her brother as an enemy. On a side note (I dont know if this has been discussed either), I think FREIJA just transports people to another place/dimension.
    The Kiss – My only reaction is – poor C.C., because I had expected romance to bloom between Lelouch and C.C. first.
    Lastly, Suzaku’s outfit – That’s just way too ridiculous.

  14. ah fuck lol first last weeks end shocker, and now this week shocker, man Nunnally actually putting on a good evil side face. nice so this time Kallen got to kiss Lulu by choice and GB ah… i think the next episode will much more interesting to watch will know more about the sis, and i dont think will get any more cliffhangers anymore, only one possible would be at the near end if they want to come back…

    something like lulu goes to the future crap lol

  15. Lol Dorothea is Villetta with a different cholor theme. Likw with those eroge, where you can freely change skin and hair colour of the girls.
    Is that Pudding Earls big brother in that shot with Lulu, CC and Suzaku?
    So Nunnally is still a tool for Lelouche’s enemies? Oh man, I thought that had finally come to an end.
    As expected Lelouche rejected Kallen, he still wants to protect her I assume.

  16. HAHAHAHA that was funny, Nunnally appearing saying “Brother, Suzaku, I am your enemy” lol and declaring that she deserves to the empress of britannia by Schneizel. Wonder if Lelouch will keep being like he has to act evil till he die?

  17. Shitty episode. Sorry, had to say it.

    KallenxGino (both already in the preview), horrible art, the disgusting marketing of Albion by making the remaining KoRs into cannon fodder, and final boss Nunally now a reality.

    This crap actually makes me respect GSD now. At least Dullindal didn’t pass the baton to Shinn’s little sis, who STAYED DEAD.

  18. Okay I saw the raw. Looks like Lelouch is really in a jam if I interpreted it right
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sailor Enlil
  19. Oh god, I just miss Ohgi not being killed. I want him dead, NOW.
    The rest was O.K, Damocles = Barbie Castle Special Edition: Schneizel of Gaybellion?

    Ah, and Anya with Schneizel? WTF! Why Schneizel has almost all the Lolis? That’s not fair. I guess the Lolis just like Barbies, and you know, he has the most awesome Barbie Castle in the neighbour.

    Ah, Gino + Kallen @the preview? O.O, Oh god, NO! Get out Gino, find your way to Hell alone.

  20. WTH?

    LuluxKallen moment!
    Nunnally’s comeback! (though I find it ridiculous but I’m just happy she was alive, but I have thoughts that she’s a fake)
    Sayoko (the ninja meido back in action!)
    Lulu and Suzaku’s weird outfits
    Strike Freedom-mish Lancelot Albion has arrived! (another monstrous super mech)

    Everything is ridiculous! XD

  21. I dunno if I’m liking this season or what, it was entertaining though. Lelouch is making an enemy out of everybody,I don’t even know if he’s good or bad. Just wondering how everything would wrap out in 3 eps(assuming its ending at 25).

    What happens to C.C.? I dunno if it’s just me but even though they revealed her past and all, I feel that her presence in R2 wasn’t really that strong, I think she’s lacking screen time. Anyway just my two cents.

  22. i cant belive that the ootbk can support a prince that is willing to use FREYA on his ow people yet the person who has helped them fight for freedom they dont trust. the only this lelouch ever did was to no tell them about who he was and that he has the gease.

    snizel on the other had used an atomic @#$#@4 bomb on japan!!!!

    i also can believe that nunnaly supports this!!!! utter bullshit…how many people died because shneizel used that bomb…not once but twice now!!!!!

    i guess its ok to kill people on a mass scale but to have gease is bad…pathetic!!!!

  23. awk. nunally as final boss isn’t that much of a surprise, but it makes the ending awkward. Like can Lulu actually win in the end? Nunally is supposed to be omg all that is good and incestual in the geass universe!

    Of course if the director really wanted to troll (and these last few eps. showed he could do so with the best of them), they could pull some Mai-Hime deus ex machina bullcrap that ends with everyone being happy. I would not be considering this except for the fact that it’s SUNRISE.

  24. i think the nunnally is anya in disguise.
    remember how sayoko pretended to be lelouch while he was absent from ashford, you couldn’t see the difference. and the shot with scheizel, diethard, cornelia and kanon, anya wasn’t there.
    but i do think that nunnally is still alive but that just wasn’t her

  25. I wouldn’t be surprized to see some deus ex machina bs spout from this either. I’m only hoping against hope that’s not the case. Otherwise they should have some fun storming the castle & knocking some sense into the girl. My evil thoughts about what suzu & lulu should do to her are starting to take over, but nana is naturally good so I’m sure she doesn’t know about sche killing millions. He only will feed her the info that’s needed for her to behave that way anyway. Too bad she doesn’t even know 5% of the story. They were all so pissed off about lulu wanting to rule the world but that’s still 100 times better than charles’ ‘one mine bs’ or sche’s ‘give me the world or I’ll blow you to the next uber bs’

    …meh, whatever. Sche’s gonna die a pretty bad death anyway. Hopefully lulu will do it right b4 he goes, with nana 🙂


  26. Lelouch made Kaguya cry? I won’t forgive you Lelouch. I had thought that you were a good guy, but this is definitely the worst thing that i’ve seen in Code Geass. She loved you, Lelouch, and yet, you brake her heart. God damn oyu Lelouch, you’re the devil himself

    Kira Yamato
  27. WTH is going ON!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? it looks like all hell really DID break loose!!!!!!!!!!!

    Itl NEVER HAPEN MAX 😛 also atleast we know whos sword gino is holding in the opening!

    WingZero zxt
  28. I think they are just using Anya to substitute for Nunally and in the end Lelouch is gonna die along with the other bad guys leaving just suzaku and kallen to continue on…. definately BIG trainwreck

    Geass Pwns
  29. uhm…well, this was a weird episode…i haven’t watched in a long while and since i was really looking forward to kalulu ending, i decided to check it out again…no reaction from lelouch…kallen with Gino…so disappointing…and nunnally alive…too bad…don’t get me wrong, nunnaly is a great character but i can’t see where this is going…so she fights off lelouch and suzaku and then? sigh…is seems a little off..


    I MEAN WHAT?????
    –> this isnt good –> Schneizel – u are bad – making lulu fight his sister…

    this show is (SIZE ÜBERBIG) ÜBER (/SIZE ÜBERBIG)

    come on lulu – just bomb them to dust and go for u private harem end

    LULU X KALLEN – (next episode schneizels mask => Infinity and his white knights…makes me vormit…)

  31. Ow….she kissed him…how nice….but still,it’s a goodbye kiss right?Really not worth it.i’d say it’s worth it if the kiss means she’ll be with lulu forever….GO LULU X KALLEN!

  32. As expected. I was pretty sure Nunally was alive. She’s not someone you can kill. They just faked her death to develop more Lelouch’s character. This is really taking a similar twisted path to Gundam Seed in which the enemies and the allies become twisted up. Now Britannia are the good guys and the Order of Black Knights with Schneizel and Nunally are the bad guys. God I love animes like this.

  33. Damocles is FABULOUS, I was expecting some GAR space station with the way it was presented in the opening. There’s even a little castle on top of it where you can enjoy a cup of tea after throwing some Fleija around the world all day long. Crying Kaguya ? Evil Nunnally ? Nice Nina ? Dead Bismarck ? (the latter hurt) I’m right here if Kallen wanna kiss someone ^^

  34. things that make me mad –

    Um this show only has 3 eps left
    and they made Nunnally a frickin enemy!!
    Lelouch x Kallen ………
    Rivalz x Nina(okay WTF?)
    Monica died!! (nooo)
    Kaguya crying (makes me want to cry)
    Schneizel fortress of gayness

    but Sayoko being alive is making me soo happy 😀

    Missy Lee
  35. nunally!!!! omg, poor lelouch!

    i bet schneizel will turn out to be the big bad evil behind the whole thing, so let’s forget about charles and marianne. annoying schemer.

    who thinks gino will switch to lelouch’s side?

  36. I’m inclined to ask where they get their funding from.
    Schneizel first comes up with nuclear weapons, and then when he gets cut off from the Empire, he comes up with a fortress. wtf?

    Knight of Zero
  37. Lolz, so three of the knights are already dead?! Lancelot’s guns looks so uber. Cornelia looks like she’s acting sassy in one of the screen shots and Nunally doesn’t look too happy. Hmm, who’s the new knightmare in the preview? Anywho, I’ll get really pissed off if Lelouch suddenly goes to Nunally “I see, even you are against me” Long speech and then fights with her. Lelouch maybe my fave char, but Nunally’s my fave of the girls there…

    the burnt shadow
  38. Lelouch…is totally broken o.o I don’t feel comfortable with Schneizel, but Cornelia might be a bit ‘better’ if…damn it, why don’t Lelouch just tell them he didn’t order Euphie to kill Japs on purpose ;~; I hope Nunallay could help her brother…not cause him more pain <.<

  39. Geez! People jumping the gun and Paring KAllen with Gino just because they appear in the preview! You know Gino is a goner, the reason they didn’t kill him this week was so he can have a moment with Kallen before he dies!

  40. Seriously id rather kallen end up a lesbian with Nina… ok well Milly atleast then end up with Gino hopefully schniziel will kill him and LOL at bismarks death! Bradleys Death was better though i still think (even though once again the lancelot is just that bit more powerful then the guren!)

    WingZero zxt
  41. i still feel that the black knights are being ungrateful little *****es about the entire ordeal.

    go back to the shinjuku ghetto where you came from, because that’s where you’re headed without lelouch.

    i’m actually happy they’re chronicling lelouch’s time in “power”, even though its only a setup to watch him fall.

    will be become the demon king inside, or will he be the kind brother/friend he wanted to become?

  42. lulu doesnt deserve kallen i mean she says good by to him realy quick 😛

    shirly never gave up on lulu, even forgiving him!!!! and that is saying something…

    someone else has mentioned it…but i think kallen liked zero not lulu…

    i firmly belive that the “sayonara” is actually a good thing….

  43. omg omg omg omg
    -has cesurae- holy shit she kissed him wtf

    Kallen Lover
  44. can’t agree more on Lancelot Albion = strike freedom… well, they just want to win some gundam seed fans.

    and the moment I saw Nunnally, i was like WTF! suddenly, i want to hit the director really hard! Yet, it also makes me cannot wait for the next episode. Plot is unpredictable as usually, i still remember the episode Yufe got killed.

  45. yeah I would really like to know how and why nunally survived. she was kinda better off dead. blah. and whats with the kallenxgino shipping? I didn’t see how those two woudl be paired at the moment just because of the preview? blah who knows. I want to see moar!!!

  46. Hmm, if Sayoko’s alive, then could it be possible that Ashaina and Guilford are alive as well? If that bomb just teleports and doesn’t kill, then could it also mean that the people in the Pendragon are still alive?! Although this is beginning to get complex and most of the mechs are getting better, I kinda wish for the old battles ON the ground. Like that fight with the Gurren and Lancelot in the first season. Everyone’s just flying around now. I even wonder if Mordred and Shenhu have wheels. Now that I think about it, aren’t Knightmares supposed to be fast moving weapons? Lolz, Mordred kinda defeats that purpose. Which reminds me, what are Dorethea and Monica riding?

    the burnt shadow
  47. OH NO – ive seen the End

    Kallen x that last round knight
    Nunnaly = beheaded by cc
    Lulu on his throne on the moutains of Mountains – the great mountain king – the lord of darkness – the dark imperator and the grey witch (and the angel of Death (suzaku hermaphrodit bitch)

    damn – 3 episodes…how will they top the last 22 this time?

  48. wow.

    I think I’m only watching Code Geass now just to see Lelouch die.

    Nunnally back is a plus, I’ve always liked her character. I don’t see her going to war with Lelouch though, unless she was told everything her shit brother has done.

  49. @ the burnt shadow:
    I feel stupid that I had not thought of that Guilford, Asahina and everyone else could still be alive if Nunnally is >.<

    If that is the case, maybe they will be the inconsistencies that will make some of the BK at least, doubt Schneizel. After all, if this is true, Schneizel has “neglected” to tell some facts that some people are alive, to Cornelia and the BK that are important to them.

    I sure hope that some people from the former Zero faction will start to doubt Schneizel. Everyone seemed to accept what Schneizel fed them. That drives me absolutely nuts. For heaven’s sake, why wasn’t there anyone who is smart enough to have some reservations about Schneizel or what they are doing now? I would not say that they should start worshipping Lelouch or anything, but come on..who would yield so easily to their opponent, based only at their opponents possible truths, that could have been manipulated and their own member who sides with a Britannian because he has the hots for her? Not only is it their enemy who tells quite possibly biased and wrong info, but they never even gave Zero the time to explain or come with evidence as well.

    And why doesn’t anyone in this anime ever bother to explain the truth? Even if it is farfetched or hard to get to grips with, sit down and take your time to explain the whole event. Lelouch just let’s Schneizel screw him over with false or out of context info and he just goes “Meh..can’t be bothered. I like playing the bad guy”.

  50. Anya. Where is Anya. She was show sitting among Shneizel and co while discussing matters at hand (watch the ep, not in screenshots) – Yet when it’s revealed that Nunnally is alive, Anya is no where to be seen.

    Let the wild speculation begin ~

  51. Just saw the episode and wow… yah. Code Geass is drama in its purist essence. I don’t know why people find Nunnally declaring herself an enemy so surprising. She does it very slowly and hesitantly to the point where you know she won’t keep that mindset for long. She will definitely either have a talk with her brother or see his actions before changing her mind. Plus, her being alive means that there is a large chance that Suzaku will have a love interest left in this story and Lulouch might not end up so evil. Her survival makes alot of sense to the storyline.

    Okay, now to unleash the fan girl… C.CxLulu confirmed in my mind! (I know, I’m slightly delusional) They are sooo cute together anyway… just hope they don’t die together. Though I get the feeling Sunrise might pull a “they vanish mysteriously after the final battle” ending. Likely presumed dead after the Demonicles blows up and crashes into the ground.

  52. its time for some new good AMV of geass r2…

    wheres my “Everybodys Fool” (Evanescence) or my “Ich Will” (I Want, Rammstein)


    ALL HAIL LELOUCH – show them the TRUE meaning of Democracy . GEASS TO THE WORLD!

  53. Already knew they’d bring back Nunally thanks to a spoiler one guy providing the info ^__^; Code Geass is now officially the show that leaves you with the “WTF” face for variable reasons. For me it’s not that good.

  54. Wow, I have to say my mouth dropped open when I saw the end.

    I was really like “F*ck YEAH!” when Lulu started rocking everyone’s butt by eliminating nobility and trolling Super Confederacy. And then when Nunally showed up that was like WTFBBQ.

    I knew she was alive some way or another, but I did not expect it to turn out like this.

    I’m calling Chiba biting it next episode, and maybe Kallen will in a couple more.

    Really looking forward to next episode….really curious as to what Taniguchi will do – how he will troll the audience more.

  55. I just hope the next episode won’t be too much of lelouch being emo about making an enemy out of his sister. He shouldn’t let his determination falter otherwise we’re back to square one! considering there’s only 3(i think)episodes left.

  56. We finally see that Bismarck’s Geass is basically the Sharingan. And all Suzaku had to do was to outdo his Bismarck’s capacity to react… he’s Rock Lee. Now all we need is for Suzaku to wear a green jumpsuit and roar about his youth and vitality.

  57. I am just like “WTF” on the whole Nunnally and apparently Sayako is alive. And I would like to know how did it happen. O_o Seriously, Sunrise, we deserve a pretty damn good and proper explanation. AT first I thought, nahhhh shes not dead…then when I accept it they pull a fast one on me. Well this is Code Geass, should have seen it coming.

    Though I don’t understand why she would side with Schneizel and declare herself to be Lelouchs and Suzakus enemy. Well, I am sure he explained all that happened till now, but knowing Nunnally. Shes also a pacifist and would probably say, that their methods are wrong and bloody. *insert all that crap here*

    But Schneizel launching FREIYA is…odd. Still do not get what he is trying to accomplish. And as for Kallen and Lulu, well goodbye to that. And it seems Rivalz will be left behind. =[ Poor Rivalz. Well all in all halfway through the episode I thought, this is weird. Then at the end, I am like WTF. Good episode though. It seems in next weeks own, Lelouch is going to need a wake-up call again.

  58. Now what, I prefered Nunally dead for the moment, but it could be Anya in disguise since both are the same age, now what, now Rolo will rise for the dead and kill her now or what… but I prefer Rolo dead, well, since I didn’t wanted him dead for now, but at least his dead was the best of epidisode 19, but now is hard to imagine an ending, and finally the Lelouch & Kallen kiss, since many attempts, just like episodes 7 and 9.

  59. Nina’s being nice and Nunnally mean? (but she’s back! Although I figured. There was no way she or Sayoko could die. At least, not yet. It has to be more glamorized.)

    .. a moment..

    Sayoko’s back!!! Whoo! yes!!!

    Seriously though, doesn’t anyone think that CG is becomeing a little*cough*Imeanalot*cough* outrageous? And what’s with Lelouch’s hat? It looks like it wants to be shot. It’s so Clamp, it’s funny (I love Clamp btw, but seriously, Lelouch looks like a pansy!)

    And for everyone who want’s LuluxKallen, I have a feeling it’s not going to happen T.T It was more like a good bye kiss than a “I love you Lelouch, let’s get married and have babies!” T.T
    I hope Kallen will be okay.

    But seriously, Nunnally! How.. how… how!!! could you do that to your beloved brother and childhood friend? DAMN YOU SCHNEIZAL!!!

    Imagine if Sunrise decides to do a 3rd season >.>

  60. I am guessing next episode will be a total showdown between shnaizel dog and lulu X suzaku, where everyone in the world will get to know wth shnaizel wants to do with his nukes lol…

  61. Well, I really was expecting Suzaku (in the Lancelot) to magically summon a Meteor Unit and start shooting away at everything.


    It’s too bad that there’s only 3 more episodes left. I really hope that the finale doesn’t suck.

  62. Look, Nunally and Sayoko being the only ones we see alive tends to support the whole decoy ship theory and not this Freya teleports things theory. Otherwise we’d being seeing Guilford, Asahina, Rohmeyer and whole lot of other people by now. The fact that there is no Rohmeyer supports the idea that she was on a ship that got disintegrated and Nunally and Sayoko were on a different ship that didn’t. Simple as that.

  63. lelouch and suzaku= the celestial being of CG. They both want the world to turn on them, in unity. I suspect that this what the basis for the zero requiem plan is all about. Its definately possible, however, Nunally coming back complicates things with lelouch physcologically so i want her to die as soon as possible lol

  64. Schneizel that bastard!!! Not only was he the one behind the Freya incident all along, yes! he was the one pulling the dam strings! He even made sure that Nunnally is alive so that he could use her against Lelouch!!!

    I’m sure that from what I’ve seen from the ep. 22 extended preview that Lelouch must have explained everything to Suzaku, and that is why Suzaku teamed up with Lelouch once again. However, Nunnally as their enemy will be quite tough for them.

    Man, Schneizel planned this from the start! He probably realized that there is a possibility of Lelouch escaping from his execution. THAT IS WHY THE BASTARDS WASN’T SURPRISE! at that episode, when everyone was flabbergasted at the Shinkirou disappearing. Since Schneizel made sure that if Lelouch is indeed alive, then he could use Nunnally against him, if he isn’t then it doesnt matter, since Nunnally can’t do anything and is disposable. I’m sure the only reason why Nunnally could even think of betraying and becoming her brother’s enemy is because Schneizel once again tricked her into it!

    That lying gay guy together with his gay partner Kanon, are probably telling Nunnally that all the crap that every happened to her life and the strange events are all because of Lelouch’s doing <ie. her mother’s assassination, Clovis death (well that is true, Lelouch wanted Clovis to pay for his sins, seeing as he massacred everyone in the Ghetto in the intent of just making sure no one can realize the mistake he did.), Euphie’s death and massacre of Japanese (true, but was an accident), Zero the villain, Freya incident, and the very clincher is his Geass. I’m sure that with those factors, Nunnally would all of a sudden change her mind, without even confirming it with her own brother. Man Schneizel really has a way of words, to think he even convince Nunnally to be his brother’s enemy, man if only she knew what her brother went through just for her sake, what an ungrateful sister!

    She would rather believe, some half-brother who didn’t do shit when she and Lelouch where use as political tools. When her brother was the only person to take care of her, protected her, and even thought of her sooo much more than their parents could ever do! Yet without confirming it, she believed it! Shame on you Nunnally! Now, I’m thinking that it would’ve been better if Rollo killed you!

    This is why I couldn’t hate Rollo, despite the fact that he killed Shirley, because he thought of Lelouch as a true brother and was an ally to him to the very end (even when Lelouch told him everything and told him to never show his face again). Even though the two aren’t blood related, Rollo’s faith towards his brother was much stronger than Nunnally’s. So man, Nunnally shame, just pure shame.

    Now, I don’t give a dam if Nunnally gets killed in the process, but I doubt that Lelouch will ever let it happen. I guess the only think I hope now, is that once Schneizel’s intentions are revealed, I hope she and the black knights regret this with their whole lives, cuz they are all idiots for believing Schneizel.

  65. Hmm a thought just occured. since Nunnally is still alive and she has a geass on her still, couldn’t jerahmia use his geass canceler on her to let her walk/see? it wouldn’t be much of surprise

  66. I’m a little wary about the Nunnally bit, since it is sunrise and she could very well be as mentioned before, something like a Meer-Lacus double. Anyways, I think the killing of the new rounds member was a bit too speedy, and as much as I think Lelouch’s emperor outfit is awesome…That floppy hat is a bit ridiculous. I wasn’t so much concerned with the plot overall while I was watching as I was with the Floppy Hat. Very distracting.

  67. ZOMFSG!!!!

    bismark stole nunnaly’s geass….

    but it must be fairly unimportant cuz he got kill 15sec. after revealing it. i have a feeling that gino will play a large role in the end.

    buy nunnally… that is shocking that schniezel is using nunnally as a shield against lulu and suzu’s wrath…. lelouch pwned the world.

  68. Just finished watching the episode and lelouch did explain why he is doing all that. it’s understandable in a way but still somewhat evil. Ya the kiss between kallen and lelouch seemed like a test from kallen to lelouch, in which lelouch seemed to no appease kallen but I can guess that lelouch doesn’t want to involve kallen in the zero requiem, which would be understandable for the situation. that does break my heart though since that pairing is my absolute fav. Seeing as how sayoko survived in the preview, that maybe nunnally but who knows. the “meer-lacus” double is still possible. Guess we will have to wait n c, which is not something i’m good at with this series!

  69. IMO it’s the end to Kallen and Lelouch possible romantic pairing, since she was never close to him or intimate to him compared to C.C. Only C.C. knows of Lelouch’s “true self”, and she is the only one who has the right to stay by his side, and even allowed by Lelouch to stay by his side. Also she’s the only girl whom Lelouch would declare his (I mean he did during the time that C.C.’s code was about to be taken by Charles, but unfortunately he didn’t finish it), and Lelouch even declared to C.C. that he would stay with her saying that he will become a warlock if she’s a witch so that she wouldn’t be alone (the most romantic scene in CG, the ending in season 1).

    Also this pic shows it all: The most awesome pic of Lelouch X C.C. !!! So fans of this pairing check this out! Even to those that aren’t will find this pic to be awesome!

    Thanks to solwyvern for the pic, you guys rock!

  70. They killed the Knights of the Round a little too fast, especially the 2 chicks. Bismark can die for all i care, Suzaku deliberatly not killing Geno might become important later, he might join Lelouch’s side.

    I agree that its total BS how everyone, the Black Knights especially, bough Shneizel’s BS. He fired nukes at 2 places and nobody cares. I really hope the Black Knights wake up from this trickery and join Lelouch again, I like these guys too much for them to fight Lelouch in the end.

  71. Regarding Lelouch X Kallen.
    If Leloush would have just told her he loved her, even if it were not true, he could have swayed her over to his side. THE POWER OF LOVE.

    Regarding the episode.
    This episode left me a bit confused as to what Lelouch is trying to do. At first he was changing Britaina and making it good. People saw it as a good change. Then a total 180. If Lelouch would have just taken the deal of 20% voteing power he may have convinced everyone he is in it for the good. Even if Schniezel were to do something to attack Lelouch after that, Lelouch would have more backing.

    Burnt Toast
  72. Also I thought that it would be soooo much better if Lelouch had that outfit (cross out the little wings, it’s kinda disturbing lol) as an emperor, the dark emperor of Britannia.



  73. Schneizal using Nunnally like emperor did , Schneizal is going to die like emperor did , well not the same way but he will die , and i think Suzaku will kill Lelouch pecause of his Live Geass… it will force him to kil lelouch to survive or something

  74. EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC… I also like how he doesn’t mention Shirley at all 🙁 but watever. I knew Kallen x Lelouch would happen all along…well…I predicted CCxLelouchxKallen so I’m somewhat right <_<, but that’s just wishful thinking. ALL I CAN SAY IS EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC.. I’m going to rewatch that kiss scene 100 times.

  75. I suspected it but they did it.. they actually pulled a gundam script out of their hat. Suzaku and Lelouch are going to be like Celestial Being.

    What’s next, they both die? Schneizel dies, C.C. dies.. Nunnaly and Kaguya rulers of the reborn world? Then Jeremiah shows up and as a final wish from Lelouch, he degeasses Nunnaly and tells her Lelouch’s true motives?

    Wtf no sense in predicting the outcome of this show anymore.

    To me the last episode was the best of the show, I dislike this one for some reason. Probably because it spells only trouble for Lelouch.

    At least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. For a first Lelouch actually predicted Schneizel’s move accurate. Which means he has already prepared counter measures. Only downer is that Nunnaly complicates it a bit, but I guess Sazuka brings him back to earth again, seeing the extended preview.

    Oh and what’s up with the journal of anya, it shows a picture of Lelouch with the entire gang including Rolo. She must be unable to make sense of it all. They really messed her up.

  76. this second season has been full of suprises every episode leads to the next one, one after the other its keeps u guessin evry second of it thats what i like about this series
    right now nunally has declared herself not only her brother’s enemy but also suzaku and lelouch acting the way an emperor would act if given to much power all of it makes sense
    but has the preview indicate it is likely schnizel and lelouch would have a faceoff sukazu seems to mad at lelouch about somethin gino seen with kallen that doesn,t suprise
    me he initialy wanted her to join him or them before somethin tells me he would drop the whole emperor thing and resume been zero again i just hope he doesn,t lose nunally twice because lelouch hasn,t told the world the truth the real truth especially her.for all we know this series could get a medicore ending where by lelouch and suzaku lose evryone they cared about their respect, their friends, their family etc and everybody else is happy the so called world they were tryin to create would be ruled by cornelia imagine that who might end up becomin the 100th emperor havin learnt form her family;s mistake.

    Johnny Babel
  77. Also a funny thing.. that only Xingke at this points somewhat understands what Lelouch is about to do… As he clearly makes the distinction between Lelouch’s and Zero’s actions.

  78. Aren’t you guys missing something. Sche said that someone left them right b4 lulu took over the UFN. That nana is really nana. Anya could have dissed them, even though she has that rei-clone bs going on. Maybe she didn’t want to die anytime soon. I didn’t find any reason for anya not to be there when nana put a death warrant on herself. If she was there during their round table meeting of sorts & not there for the lulu vs nana mess then what else could be the reason. Sche wouldn’t said that if it wasn’t somewhat important. Oh well, it might not be too important for the storyline at all but atleast we know that sche’s plan have some holes in it…

  79. Well folks, I think we’ve officially reached the point where characters that aren’t absolutely essential the the plot will start dropping like flies. My money’s on Gino, Ougi, Villeta, and Tamaki all biting the bullet next time around. Good time ahead folks.

    Oh yeah, and a big fat “Lulz!” to all the L-dog x Kallen shippers, saw it coming. Saw Little Ms. Gimp coming back too, this is starting to become a little predictable with all the plot twists and whatnot… But it’s still epic and lulzy to the extreme. One more thing, this series will end without L-dog getting even a little ‘tang. C.C. ain’t gonna bone him either, she’s practically his aunt, and unless you’re into that sort of thing it’s a huge DO NOT WANT.

    L-dog just wants a little ‘tang! That’s why he’s doing all this! He’s quite literally bone-dry, if you catch my drift! I’d bet even Suzie-boy got a little from Euphie when nobody was watching, that’s why he got butthurt when L-dog trolled her to death! Lulz!

  80. A bit of a boring epi. I guess being a terrorist leader is more exciting and dangerous to watch than a emperor who wields great power.

    I lol’ed when the scene from BK went to Lelouch commanding his troops to be his slaves. It’s such a childish and ridiculous thing to say, that it made me laugh.

    I snickered when Tamaki as a true fanboy was all positive and happy about Lelouch’s action and joining with them and some time later turning against him.

    I felt somewhat disturbed to see what Lelouch had done to his siblings. In any case to Odysseus. He could very well die being a soldier. And he was probably the only sibling left who had a decent personality, what I could tell from his limited screen time.

    Bismarck’s eye stitch is magical!

    Not bad, seeing Lelouch and Suzaku at one line. No need for a organisation when those two together are pretty lethal on their own.

    Lelouch has now kissed or received a kiss from everyone in his harem, except Kaguya. And Milly, if she still counts. Bishies and their pheromones..

    Aww. Lelouch made Kaguya cry 🙁

    I still have no sympathy for the BK, strangely enough. That they just yielded to the enemy (Schneizel) and used anger instead their brain (I would have drilled Zero and taken time to come to a verdict, etc.) and are paranoid about the Geass (well, I guess not knowing that Lelouch never geassed any of them, except Kallen once before there was a BK, plays a role too), even though it is a good precaution, isn’t making me think well of them.

    I wonder why C.C. started to wear those clothes again.

    And I wonder who deflected from Schneizel’s side.

  81. wow…well i have to say i wasn’t expecting that cliffhanger..but i was routing for Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  82. I have yet to see this episode but it seems that Kallen’s and Lulu’s kiss wasn’t a prelude to an everlasting romance? Why? ;-; Out of all the women in CG,Kallen has been the one that I’ve only really liked. She’s always been there for him!Even while not knowing much about his past,she stayed loyal and proved very useful. WITHOUT Kallen,I highly doubt Lulu would be where he is now. She was his ace and his support. If it weren’t for Kallen,Lelouch would also be a druggie now. 😛
    She’s strong and beautiful,I don’t see what’s there not to like about her.
    C.C knows obviously A BIT more about Lelouch in a way because she and him made a pact.
    However,during the 1st season and most of season 2 she never actually told him anything..
    Things that would have changed,helped,and made a big difference regarding many issues.
    Instead,she was planning along with the Emperor and Marianne until she conveniently changed her mind almost at the end. Besides he and C.C having made a pact,they really aren’t intimate at all. Lulu barely knew about her almost all this time.
    She’s always been drifting around.I believe it’s time she finally moved on or something.

    As for Milly x Lelouch..What the hell?
    That pairing doesn’t make sense at all. At the most,they are like brother and sister.

  83. so… how does cc fit into all this again? they just kind of tossed her after the last few eps… so much for story and planning… why did they introduce her first ep and make her such a major character if she doesn’t even play into the ending?

  84. Am I the only one that finds Nunnally’s return a bit…off. Schneizel claims Nunnally is the only person that should rule Brittania (ie. the only ‘untainted’ noble left). However, ‘Nunnally’ is sitting there right after the Damocles completely obliterated Pendragon, probably killing all there sisters that were maids there, along with probably hundreds of other people. The Nunnally I know would never condone or go along with such actions. I can only guess that either she is being kept in the dark and fed lies by Schneizel (very possible), or it’s an imposter posing as her. On a side note, in the promo for next episode, Sayoko is all bandaged up and bedridden. She was standing right next to Nunnally when the bomb went off, yet ‘Nunnally’ doesn’t have a single scratch on her.

  85. @ Cybergeass:
    Nope, your not alone in finding Nunnally’s return a bit off.
    I suppose that she is either a impostor or being manipulated by smooth talker Schneizel.
    You have a really good point about Sayoko. I never even thought of that xD

    In any case, this turn of events, of Zero not existing anymore, his identity out of the bag and the mass shift of loyalty and Lelouch being emperor demands heavy adjusting of me. Too much changes and WTH moments for my brain to handle 😛 It feels like I am watching “Code Geass Alternate Universe: Lelouch of the Empire”.

  86. you think perhaps nunnaly has geass? and it’s so powerful or deadly she must keep her eyes closed until she chooses to surprise us all and let it out of the bag, would be pretty impressive that.

  87. @ ZOL… that’s just it. He is like his old man, the old man had good intentions. It’s just that Lelouch didn’t agree to that kind of world. So now he’s doing a different variation of it. At first the world will hate him for it, but afterwards they’ll realize that they never again want something like that to happen. Thus resulting in an altered strain of thought. If he were just to rule Brittania peacefully and as a supposed democracy nothing would have changed in the world, as the rich would still rule and the weak would still be subordinates. The fact is he is going to take this weak vs. the strong to extreme, so that no one will ever wish for such a society ever again.

    And off course to stop Schneizel from ruling the world with the help of Freija and Nunnaly as his puppet.

  88. it seems to me that people want the series to follow their expections most of the people that write on this blog complain too much if you haven,t figured it out this series is about geass what is does to a royal family through out this series the main focus has been on that dysfunctional family and the way they view the world. obviously the protagonist is somewhat an antagonist haven killed so many characters what makes him better than schneizel who pulls the strings from behind the curtain or the one thats put the oil in fire the irony of it all is that they are brothers. Most people want it to be lelouch gets a good ending get the girl that, his sister opens her eyes and walks again well its not likely to happen same ol cliche endin that everyone wants if don,t see the series go yur way then the series is messing up. some the people that right this knew that nunally was gonna come back thanks to spoilers and maybe declare she was their enemy don,t u think that takes the fun out of watchin it. someone said how can suzaku kill three night of rounds like that heres an answer they underestimated him especially bismarck who thought that his geass was invisble just because someone has a geass that sees the future means u would become the victor in the battle as shown they all saw one machine and they all underestimated its capabilities.

  89. Just checking, but is there anyone else who actually still trusts Lelouch? From what I gathered this episode, I think Lelouch knew Schneizel would do what he did and planned accordingly. By forcing the UFN to accept him and giving him half the votes, he can use the UFN to take down Schneizel. Which should be the UFN’s main goal anyway since Schneizel is running around shooting off FLEIJA. My opinion is that Lelouch is still a good guy (with evil methods). Code Geass is the ultimate question of “Do the ends justify the means?”

    I couldn’t care about pairings, but didn’t Lelouch say he would find a way to make C.C. happy? I doubt a Lulu x Kallen pairing was ever an option. The big question now is: What are Lelouch and Suzaku going to do about this Nunally thing? And also, what’s in Nina’s package? A defense against FLEIJA perhaps? That would be nice.

  90. Ha, screw you guys who think Nunnally and Sayako are dead…and also I was right that Damocles is a flying fortress (but it’s not the one above earth in the OP ;))

    Schneizel must have manipulated Nunnally with all the lies and telling the fact that his brother is Zero….

    I understand why Schneizel’s lame floating castle is called Damocles because Schneizel will use as a threat to Lelouch to step down from the throne and have Nunnally as the new Empress….

  91. “I suspected it but they did it.. they actually pulled a gundam script out of their hat. Suzaku and Lelouch are going to be like Celestial Being.”

    Ahaha, so true so true.

    “Also a funny thing.. that only Xingke at this points somewhat understands what Lelouch is about to do… As he clearly makes the distinction between Lelouch’s and Zero’s actions.”

    Well Xingke is supposed to be the best of Lelouch and Suzaku so I am not surprised. Still hoping he will have some epic role to play because Xingke is just too damn awesome to waste.

    And my thoughts on this episode: congrats Sunrise, so far, on completely ruining my Code Geass experience.

    I miss the good ol’ R1 days, when events actually contributed to the overall plot and actually went somewhere. And when people died, they stayed effing dead. I really really hope that one day Sunrise, that you will fall into bankruptcy and never be allowed to do anything related to anime.

  92. nunnally!!!
    shes a fuckin clone!
    thats what i though as she reappeared
    but when the preview showed sayoko im thinking, O_o
    so ya
    and so yea!
    we got our lelouchxkallen kiss
    i seriously hope they get together in the end
    not that ginoxkallen bullshit XD

  93. For the love of god, someone kill OUGI, he is a waste of space!!!, A waste of air time!!! I want something bad to happen to that punk!!! All he does is complain, and he doesnt come up with any solutions for himself!!!

    lelouch should grab kallens ass, and say dont go LOL, then both of them die, with a gunshot through the chest LOL

  94. How can a blind lame girl survive an implosion aimed at her head, while a combat trained soldier, who was part of a Japanese force that defeated Knightmares with tanks, inside an armored Knightmare, and a man known as the Vanguard Lancer who survived a radiation blast, by the way, die?
    The theory that FLEIJA is a teleportation device does not seem right.
    I knew it, Kanon is gay, (as is Schneizel)
    Nunally, being blind, (must be deaf as well since she did not hear the FLEIJA destroy the Imperial Capital, and I believe that the casualties would be twice those at Tokyo)
    It’s official, the Black Knights are driven by revenge. Even Ohgi, who suggested that Zero become their commander, is just gunning for Lelouch for revenge. They completely ignored the fact that it was Schniezel that killed Tokyo.
    I don’t think Gino would die, probably in the last episode, but not yet. I don’t know if you guys have seen this, and I forgot where I saw it, but according to the staff, there would be four major characters from the first series, Lelouch, Suzaku, CC, and Nunnaly, and another four from the second series, Rolo, Xing-Ke, Gino, and Anya, granted, Rolo is dead, but I think he had already fulfilled his purpose, Gino still has not, (Anya already did)
    I totally agree that the world should gun after Schniezel and his flying fortress of sissyness first, which, by the way looks like Messiah. (Any chance that his real plan has something to do with another gay? Gilbert Dulindal and Rau LeCreuset?)

  95. Wow, that’s what i call an episode. I am so glad i waited until Eclipse’s release before coming here. Bismark’s Geass probably has more to do with what the enemy predicts as they fight and him basing his attacks on those predictions. I can see it working on Lelouch and Marianne but Suzaku is just too much reflex and intuition to really get anything useful. Also, i was thinking Lelouch might have wanted to join the UFN but I admit, his twist was very much Lelouch. Also, everyone that is comparing Lelouch with Charles, saying that they are the same are mistaken. Charles was so obsessed with changing the world that he ignored everything. Lelouch, however is keeping his eyes open and following Schneizel’s movements. Also, Lelouch is willing to die for his ideals while Charles did everything possible so that he could live and unleash Ragnarok. The fact that Lelouch has named his version as Zero Requiem means that he feels that no more changes are needed beyond this point. Also, that turn around of Nunally being Lelouch’s enemy is going to be a major pain. After Lelouch glorified her in the last episode, this kind off seems cruel and unusual. My only theory as to her and Sayoko’s survival is that the FLEIJA does nothing more that the tranfer of matter from one place to another. This is taking into account that the writers believe in the Law of Preservation of Matter which is still being contested. Also, remember people, this is not sunrise’s work but the work of the guy that created Code Geass. This is his vision and Sunrise has only given it motion and speech. I believe that this is the intended work that started so long ago and that is why I am savoring every minute of it. ALL HAIL LELOUCH, EMPEROR OF JUSTICE AND PEACE. Death to Schneizel and his band of traitors. C.C., you must become Empress and lets not forget Nunally. I feel bad saying this since i liked her but… Your next death needs to be true, for a martyr like you is needed to reshape the world. Let the end commence.

  96. Schinezel is now an official bitch (hahaha I’ll use my sister to fight Lelouch hahaha). Well I hope that La Puta crashes and blows up with Cornelia and Scheizels bitch ass.

    I the know ending it’s going to be just like Death Note were Matsuda kills Light. Well in this case it’s going to happen Lelouch shot at the last important moment by Tamaki (lol).

    Well Lelouch and Kallen will get married. Gino will help Lelouch. Nunnally has the death star waiting to obliterate everything.

  97. Ah, Schneizel has the bomb and isn’t afraid to use it. Seriously, how can anyone side with him still after he just demonstrated that he’s all too willing to vaporize you and everything in a 50 miles radius. Zero requiem sounds like Lulu’s ideal world, with no national identities and everyone as equals. Course the UFN would never accept Britannia, their still thinking in terms of their own self-preservation. I get the feeling Lulu doesn’t think he’ll live at the end of all of this, he’s basically now kept himself from having any attachments so that if he dies, none of his friends will be in danger. Nunally is such a tool.

  98. I just noticed this, is Anya the one that fled from Cambodia? If so, is she going to rejoin Britannia or defect to the Black Knights. Her knightmare frame is Mordred, so it has to be some clue as to her actions from this point on.

  99. I thought Lelouch or Suzaku found out about Nunally being alive in one of the previous two episodes where someone says that she is alive. (maybe it’s my imagination, oh well big whoop they are going against Nunally)

    Seriously there should be a pole, whether Nunally has geass, my guess is yes.
    I hope in the end that everyone realizes what Lelouch is doing.(meaning that he’s actually doing good)

  100. I agree with Lawlnuts I did go from happy to sad when I saw kallen kiss lulu then say goodbye. I realy wish they would have gotten together i’m a big fan of them but it dosen’t look like it’s heading that way with those farwells they gave each other and the next preview they showed and that realy bothers me.Oh well I still can’t wait for the
    next one. LaTeRzZ!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Ah, I’m thinking, since there’s been a few that said that Anya was the one that left Sche’s crew is she going to join Lulu? Since in the extended preview, she looks at a picture where everyones together, even Rolo.
    Also, before Suzaku tells Lulu about the accident about FLEIA, Lulu tells a guard about something. If I remember correctly the guard says, “We have secured the biggest VIP.” And Lulu then replies “Treat her with respect. Ah, and leave the student that’s with her.”
    Is that talking about Nina?
    If it is, she probably does have something huge that would make Lulu want to capture her that badly…..

  102. Okay, this is officially going south. We are getting to the Higurashi moments here where the show is good, but it makes no sense anymore. I hope the last three episodes are resolutions if not …this is completely stupid.

    Oh the whole, Nunnelly is still alive. Yay, they didn’t break up the three, but they did pull the what the F kind of setup that will have everyone rolling around for the next three episodes. HEre is hopeing this isn’t going to be really upsetting ending.

  103. Clone or not Lelouch isn’t gonna feel well after that though…

    Yeah I guess Nunnaly is made of tougher stuff than we give her credit for, I mean little poor rich girl, all blind and has onii-chan only to comfort her….

  104. Do you know would be fucking badass? Nunnally opens her eyes and it’s revealed she has Geass as well, and that she’s been behind the scene pulling the strings the entire time toward her own evil plot.

  105. Not surprised Lelouch wanted to get Nina. She was the one who came up with the weapon. So getting her to help with some kind of counter measure makes sense. Besides show her the latest devastation and give her the chance to stop any more lives being taken by something she designed. Wouldn’t be surprised if a major reason why he chose that location for the meeting was so he could have Lloyd and company search for Nina.

    And yes the Albion is so hax. But the biggest news has to be from the extended preview and C.C. getting a pink Lancelot :).

  106. Schenizel: dude i got nukes!

    A pitty the knights of round got powned so quick, i mean…you could’t even see their nightmares… guess they will have theirs own picture drama. So… suzaku hax and has the las update of nightmare the 9.0 version! any chances for the other side to win? even if they throw freja towars him it looks like he is quick enough, plus geass reaction to run away -.-

  107. @Kannie
    I was just thinking the same thing.
    I hope Nina will help Lelouch fight the Damocles.

    Speaking of Nina, I was impressed when she stood up to help Rivalz.
    Code Geass is really good at making you hate a character to pieces but suddenly being able to let go of that hatred.

    I can see that Schneizel is probably telling Cornelia and Nunnally: “Lelouch is using geass to take over the world by depriving everyone’s free will. That’s evil and we must do all we can to stop him even if it means using FREIA everywhere.” Problem is what are his real objectives? I was disappointed that it wasn’t shown this episode.
    All it’s showing us is that Lelouch and Suzaku are doing everything it takes including geassing people into slaves and overtaking the UFN by force, to stop Schneizel. (Sigh! Suzaku! If only you had cooperated with Lulu from the start…)

    I’m pissed that Nunnally is being used again. To drop nukes on top of that. She’d better be faking it to fool Schneizel.

    Kallen, well, should learn to believe in Lelouch. (Lelouch not Zero) He lied to keep her from dying with him last time! To me that would’ve been clear enough. Now he’s keeping quiet for her own sake too. But questioning his objectives as for power or rank? Kissing him sayonara later followed by an “I’ll kill him”? Kallen Kallen Kallen.. I think she just blew up her chance for a Lulu x Kallen ending. At this late time she still understands nothing about Lelouch. Pity. I really liked this couple.

    OK.. sigh. I need the next episode so bad now.

  108. ok i don’t get it are they planning to end the anime entirely in the next 3 episode or is that only the second season is going to end because if its the first one that it seems like they are gonna kill of luluch which is gonna be a bummer i hate when they do that

  109. T_T I WANT a KallenXLelouch ending!!!! GIVE HER YOUR BABIES DAMNIT!!!

    its funny i never really hated nina before o_o even when everyone was hating on her…. my hate was all for suzaku, but its calmed down now…. =_=… unless they do a yaoi ending O_O!!! T_T the horror….

    also hmm o_o… so wait i’m not sure but doesn’t a geass go away after the geasser dies (lol geasser), if that’s the case…

  110. Ooo… The Damocles reminds me of the last fortress in Dual_Parallel… He should’ve just told them abt his plans of a world government, since they pulled a gundam 00. As in unite the world. Ironic that it was him who even thought of the Order of the Black Knights, and even the United Federation of Nations. He deserved to rule the world. Wonder what would happen if he announces himself to be Zero… FLEIA’s like a black hole…

  111. By the way what’s with the new costumes? I admit it looks kinda cool, but please lose e hat. Kinda like hecate’s from shakugan. And also, the colours were wrong! I thought he was the advocate of black? since he’s e black chess king, made e black knights etc etc. He’s like e demon lord.

  112. ahahah i thought Lelouch plan to take over the ufn is threefold or maybe even a facade. if it was a facade it was to bring out schneizel however otherwise it was to firstly gain the initiative, secondly to really dominate the ufn and also bring out schneizel? i dont know lmao random guesses dont hurt….

    dont hurt me X_X

  113. Well, that was interesting to say the least. We know that Lelouch is trying to make a better world but I was very surprised about how nasty he’s being to do it. I would have expected him to make nice with the UFN and the OotBK, but apparently he doesn’t plan to at this point. I think that what he’s doing is trying to unite the world to be able to take on Schneizel and doesn’t think that he has the time to do it nicely, so he’s just taking control as quickly as he can. My guess is that if Kaguya, Xing-ke, and the others hadn’t balked at him joining the UFN due to Britannia’s population, he wouldn’t have called Suzaku in (presumably his statements about the right to rule are what made Suzaku show up since he didn’t give him any obvious signals and the timing was too perfect for it to be coincidence).

    I get the impression that “Emperor Lelouch” is just another mask. He seems to think that letting himself be thought of as nasty and evil will make everything forget about Euphemia and teach the world some kind of lesson that he thinks that it needs to learn (though what exactly he’s up to and why isn’t clear in the least). He seems to be perfectly willing to die – perhaps he’s even planning to. His statements about the right to rule implied that being willing to destroy yourself was one of the qualifications and he seems to be on a path of self-destruction in many ways. He’ll do whatever it takes to fix the world regardless of what it does to him personally.

    As for the scene with Kallen, I think that it was primarily a bone to the Kallen X Lelouch fans. It could very well turn into romance later, but they’re putting any of that off for the moment. We still don’t really know how Lelouch feels about her. He appeared to either be unable or unwilling to tell her at this point. My guess is that between the facts that he knew that he was likely about to threaten the UFN (thereby effectively betraying the OotBK and the UFN on some level) and the fact that he’s probably not planning to survive much longer, he didn’t want to involve Kallen with him and get her hurt (emotionally or otherwise). That kiss could be as far as their relationship goes or it could go farther later, but I think that it’s a clear indication that whatever their relationship is going to end up being (be it romantic, just friends, or whatever), it’s not going to be resolved until close to the end. Regardless, the kiss scene was obviously important.

  114. As for Nunnally, it’s obvious that she’s actually alive because Sayoko was in the preview. Sayoko was in the ship with her when FLEIJA went off, so if ones alive, the others bound to be. My guess is that they were flying away when FLEIJA went off and they barely got away (hence why the pink light was shining on them so brightly). I don’t know if there was any kind of decoy ship or if Ms. Romeyer was on the ship with them, but the last time we saw what was supposed to be Nunnally’s escape craft, it was on the ground with Rolo next to it. Rolo had plenty of time to get out of there, so the escape craft would have as well.

    My guess is that who we saw was the real Nunnally. Schneizel’s bound to be manipulating her, giving her the information that will make her believe that Lelouch and Suzaku must be stopped. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she did end up being Empress in the end though (even if Lelouch wins). Lelouch is the 99th Emperor of Britannian. That really makes me wonder if they’ll have number 100. After all, why pick a number so close to 100 otherwise? It could mean nothing, but having Lelouch be 1 short of 100, having him make himself look so bad on the international political scene, and seeming so willing to sacrifice himself, I think that there’s a good chance that he will either die or make it look like he died and disappear from the world scene.

    Also, I wonder what Nunnally has a detonator for? In the preview (I can’t recall whether it was the regular or extended version), she has a fancy detonator similar to the ones that Zero has frequently used. She doesn’t look very happy about having it and I can’t imagine what she’d have such a thing for. Firing FLEIJA? I can’t imagine that she’d ever do it. Of course, I’m surprised that she’d even consider going against Lelouch. Schneizel must have fed her some pretty nasty info….

  115. Funny stuff:

    1. Bismark must have strong eyelids. Those “stitches” that he broke appeared to be metal. I’ve never heard of anyone doing eyelid strengthening exercises before. Eyelid open, eyelid close, eyelid open, eyelid close….

    2. Arthur was on the throne in the Avalon-type ship that Lelouch had (I don’t know if it was actually Avalon since Schneizel had that before). That must mean that the cat is King Arthur!

    3. Rivalz used a pizza cutter on the pizza that he got for Nina. Do thay not preslice pizza in Japan?

    4. If the Damocles really shot FLEIJA from where it was, it should have been destroyed too. The radius of the blast was 100 km. I’m not sure if you’re in space or not if you’re 100 km in the air, but you’re bound to be a lot higher up than that silly floating castle was.

    5. Lelouch and Suzaku get insanely fancy clothes (I guess that Clamp was having fun….) and C.C. goes back to wearing her fetishy straight jacket. Is there some law of the conservation of the fanciness of clothes or something? If so, I think that Lelouch and Suzaku are dangerously close to violating it just the same….

  116. @Kalessin: in the extended preview, Nunnally is holding the detonator….I’m pretty sure that Schneizel must have told her that Lelouch is Zero and that he killed his dad (i don’t if he knew about Marianne being alive in Anya’s body)…Hence, the title of the next episode will probably show Schneizel’s true nature

    I’m a bit expecting that Nunnally will open her eyes since Charles’ geass made her blind. But maybe in the last 2 episodes, Nunnally will open her eyes and she might see something very ironic…

    Also what a waste to kill off the knight of 4, Dorothea Ernst, who only has an appearance in this episode…I hope they will show Nonette Enneagram, the knight of 9, in the last 3 episodes…I mean, I read in her biography that she is Cornelia’s senpai and one of the few people that Cornelia ever feared…also I notice she didn’t join Bismarck’s rebellion…hmmm…

    on the other side, Lelouch’s new outfit looks cool, so is the hat….If you hate the hat, you suck!

  117. @Kallesin: Then it didn’t shoot FLEIJA from where it was. 🙂

    As for those stitches, they seems to spark just before they flew off which leads me to believe it was some sort of nerve impulse that did it. His eye didn’t even twitch beforehand so I don’t think he just forced them off with some sort of super occular muscle.

  118. I’ve been thinking about Nunnally. I believe she has ideas of her own, most probably she is pretending to go along with Schneizel’s plans to find out the truth/to reunite with Lelouch because if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to do anything at all. It makes no sense if she believes Schneizel and really disapproves of Lelouch. She knows that everything she knows is one-sided and worse, she can’t even see or find out for herself. And also, I’m going to believe that Lelouch is everything to Nunnally as well. It’s a big struggle for her too.

    With Jeremiah, I don’t think Lelouch’s be-my-slave orders are unacceptably evil anymore. Everything is cancelable. Unless FREIJA is reversible, Schniezel making Nunnally bomb 100 meter radius holes is far worse.

    Also, should’nt Euphy be already forgotten since she killed only a million but FREIJA killed 10 or 30 million in one shot?

  119. Well the next episode is called Schneizel’s Mask, som I’m going to guess we will find out his true dark intentions that even Lloyd would not want to come true. Most likely will also see how Schneizel found Nunnaly, and how he was about to turn her against Lelouch AND Suzaku. The one thing that does not make sense is that Jeremiah was looking all over the place ever since the Fleija went off, but somehow Schneizel found her first, and without Suzaku knowing of it? Major plothole, but it will be interesting how Lelouch will react in the end, seems like Suzaku is either slapping him around so that they can finish their plan, or slapping him around to not go up against Nunnaly.

    So now since most of the intro and ending songs have been accurate to foreshadow events, than it would seem that lelouch and the Black Knights team up to defeat the bigger evil, Schneizel. That is if the Zangetsu is storming off to Damocles to combat it, or if its flying off to protect it.

    @Kalessin Where can i find the extended video for the trailer?

  120. I’m guessing that the person who escaped from Schneizel was either Anya or Sayoko. We know that Anya was with him earlier in the episode, but for some reason she wasn’t there at the end (though perhaps she was off doing something else or just didn’t want to be there or something). There’s also the question of why she didn’t go with Gino, Bismark, and company. However, we do see her with Schneizel and company after that fight and before the person left Schneizel, so that doesn’t indicate anything about whether she was the one who left. Sayoko would have been with Nunnally to protect her, but who knows how well she would have gotten along with Schneizel and company. She was there to protect Nunnally, not help Schneizel and I can’t imagine that she’d like Schneizel much. In either case, she’s almost certainly still loyal to Lelouch, so having her leave Nunnally to inform Lelouch about Schneizel’s plans in order to get him to save Nunnally would make sense. Also, she was injured in the preview and that may have been from her escape.

  121. @Grimmjaww: Of course he found her first, he orchestrated her escape and thus knew all the rendevouz points and exactly where to look. Jeremiah did not. That’s really not a plothole. In fact very few things people mention as plotholes are actually plotholes. The only thing I can think of that legitimately felt like a plot hole was the time that C.C apparently “sealed” her own code despite the rule that a Code has to be taken by a stronger Geass user. That turned out to just be her trying resist Charles plans in episode 15 and her allowing her original personality to resurface, not her discarding her immortality somehow. Of course it took them 6 episodes to close that one….well at least they did more or less.

  122. @Kaioshin Sama
    As I understood it, they had officially stated that C.C. was indeed mortal after episode 15. As I understood it, having her code sealed took away all of her powers – immortality included – and that for whatever reason, losing your code makes it so that you forget everything prior to gaining your Geass. Once C.C.’s code was restored, presumably her powers (immortality included) and her member came back.

    The plot hole is that she was able to seal her code away herself and thus become mortal. The plot hole, therefore, was introduced when we found out that she, herself, had sealed her code rather than the emperor taking it or Lelouch having done something to make it go away (such as granting her true wish of genuinely caring for her).

    Assuming that a Geass person can seal their code away at will and then age and die, that’s a huge plot hole because then all of them who wanted to die (C.C. included) could have simply sealed their codes away and then died rather than giving people Geasses and hoping that one of them would become powerful enough to kill them.

    In either case, I’m unaware of any other major plot holes. Some things happened a tad too conveniently (or inconveniently) – such as Lelouch’s Geass becoming permanent when he was talking te Euphemia – but there’s nothing else that I can think of which is contradictory in a manner that would create an actual plot hole. There are always arguments over whether a particular character would act in a particular manner, but those don’t necessarily equate to plot holes so much as disagreements over the nature of the character in question.

  123. I wonder if Nina is going to come up with a counter for FLEIJA somehow. I’m pretty sure that the VIP that the soldier told Lelouch had been taken into custody was Nina. It happened right after Nina was found by Lloyd, the VIP was female (since Lelouch referred to the VIP as “her”), and he knew that there was a student with her (presumably Rivalz). In either case, it’s clear from the episode (and now the character chart) that Nina is siding with Lelouch (I wonder what she’d do if she found out that he was Zero….). That’s got to be important. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they’d come up with a weapon that shielded against FLEIJA, but perhaps Nina and Lloyd could come up with a version of the Gefjun Disturber that stops it from working. That would sure put a wrinkle in Schneizel’s day.

  124. @Yukiruchan
    You’ve got a good point there. Nunnally has already shown herself to have plans of her own with how she handled her governorship. She may even know what Lelouch has been up to and genuinely disagree with him (though I question that she has enough information to make a good judgment call on that one since Schneizel undoubtedly only told her the bad parts), but she’s bound to know that Schneizel isn’t exactly a good guy, and she’s probably looking for a way to turn the situation to her advantage. In the meantime, however, she’s probably going to have to go along with Schneizel.

  125. By the way, does anyone know what the character chart says on Nunnally now ( )? She hasn’t died or lost her memories or anything like that, so I have no clue what they’d be putting on her directly.

    Also, for those that think that Nunnally is going to open her eyes’ I’m pretty sure that Jeremiah is going to have to use his Geass Canceler on her for her to be able to open her eyes and walk again. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the death of a Geass user results in a Geass wearing off. Certainly in the two similar circumstances that we have (when Lelouch’s Geass was locked away by the emperor and when the emperor lost his Geass by taking V.V.’s code), those affected by the Geass user that had lost their Geass powers were still affected by it (for instance, Suzaku’s “Live” command still stands even though Lelouch’s Geass was locked away and Anya was still affected by the emperor’s Geass after he’d become immortal).

    Jeremiah will probably use his Geass Canceler on Nunnally in the last episode and then she’ll be able to see and walk again. I’m half expecting that she’ll become the empress at that point as well, but that’s far less certain I think.

  126. @Kalessin: Nowhere official do I recall hearing that she became mortal at any point in the series run. Where did you read this? In any case I think it’s not so much things happening as a result of convinience, but that a lot of the series plot elements are left up to the intepretation of the viewer for a long period of time before eventually coming to a close with an explanation that is also left up to interpretation. It really comes down to a matter of patience in the viewers willingness to figure out what they are presented with. Usually it’s not to hard and connecting the dots is fairly easy…almost fun. Sometimes though like with Charles plan it can be really hard and a bit annoying, almost needlessly so.

    Anyway, plothole has sort of become the catch-all term for any confusing story element yet to be resolved as far as I can tell from how I see it being used. Same with the bad writing thing I see way to often when following discussion in this show, although that’s more the catch-all term for any development somebody doesn’t like or didn’t see coming a mile away. For me though something only becomes a plot whole if there’s a) a major contradiction with an already established plot element and b) No way of resolving the contradiction is possible or ever presented. Something also only becomes bad writing when it’s just plain impossible to follow period or sees to be interesting. That is not Code Geass to me, but maybe it is to others. Not really my problem though.

    Anyway, the way I have it figured Nina is working on some sort of countermeasure for the Freija and Lelouch is trying to buy her some time with his shennanigans at the UFN meeting among other steps in his plan. I interpreted Nina’s line about several countries being after her as they want her so that they can force her to build them a bomb. Right now she’s in hiding and perhaps Lelouch is trying to keep the worlds attention away from her and Schneizel’s doing and on him so that she can do her job. Then again perhaps not. Always fun to speculate though.

  127. I just noticed that the background at the end of the opening is daytime again, maybe an indicator that the hard times are behind Lelouch and that things are going to go well for him and his plans from now on ….
    or not.

  128. I think the “Nina working on a countermeasure for FREIJA” plot is pretty possible. Considering all that has happened, it won’t be surprising that she wants to try and redeem herself.
    Still hoping for a LuluXKallen ending. I can’t see their relationship just ending there. They both know they can’t be together (not yet anyway…) but I believe Lulu’s feelings for her are mutual and I am sure Taniguchi will want to resolve this somehow…

    BTW: ToudouXChiba action!!!

  129. I not I am conviced that there wil not be any Lelouch x Kallen or Lelouch x C.C.
    Besides I’ve noticed that Lelouch x Shirley had a closure, Leęlouch x Milly kinda had a closure, Lelouch x Kaguya had a closure, Lelouch x Kallen had a closure, Lelouch x C.C. didn’t have a closure(episode 15 Lelouch words:”She is my …”).

  130. Kalessin@

    Actually, Lelouche’s reasoning for going about things the way he is …seems rather clear to me. He already stated that he is going to make enough blood to wipe out the name of the bloody princess from the history books, and I guess that is the deal he made with Suzaku.

    Anyway, the person whom I guess whom is going to die next …Is Xiang. Why, because, I saw the blood on the hand …so that is my guess.

  131. I’ve got a feeling that Gino is going to remind Kallen of her purpose, and that she’ll definitely side with Lelouch in the end.

    If they do make a third season (and I’m hoping they don’t), it’ll probably be called something along the lines of “Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Taniguchi”.

  132. That Nunnally is with Schneizel shouldn’t be a surprise. Remember, who put her in the Government Office Building with full knowledge of the battle terms (FLEIA) and geass (Suzaku)? Considering Schneizel’s mind and personality, he knew full well how that battle between Kallen and Suzaku was going to end with a use of FLEIA, and yet he’s not going to let his little sister die, either. So, of course, he’d be the one to save her. You could even say the Lelouch (and Suzaku) played right into his hands at that point.

    The problem with Schneizel, as a character, however, is that he’s just an “a matter of fact” kind of guy. He has virtually no emotion, especially when compared to Lelouch or even Suzaku. While this stoicism makes him “cool,” he’s not really going to rank that high on most people’s favorites lists because, to put it simply, he’s boring. This does, on the other hand, make him a great antagonist (though not necessarily the best or not) for Lelouch since their personalities are so polarized despite them both being great masterminds.

    On Suzaku vs. Bismarck, the result was expected – not necessarily because of the story and its progress, but because of the respective geass they were given. Being able to see the future? Big deal. Just change the future so that Bismarck sees himself die – and that’s exactly what Suzaku did. When you compare both geass and consider that both must be true, Bismarck automatically loses – especially when Suzaku puts his life on the line (facing Bismarck head on). If Suzaku had simply tried to win the battle without throwing himself to the jaws of death, he would have lost. Yet, Suzaku forced Bismarck to act to actually kill him (Suzaku) which therefore forced Bismarck to kill himself at Suzaku’s hands to complete the tautology: Suzaku lives on and Bismarck sees his lovely little future.

    Overall, I have to say I quite enjoyed the episode. It wasn’t over-the-top and had a nice steady pacing.

  133. @Silentveil

    Agreed. Lelouch made it clear when he was talking with Suzaku that he is doing everything to make himself look far worse than Euphy’s image so that people will pretty much forget about Euphy’s “Mass Murderer” status. It’s sad because no-one else other than C.C. (most likely) know of Lelouch’s mistake (which he is trying to atone for) and still think he is the real villain.

    As for the blood on the hand of an undisclosed person, I also think its Xing-ke. For some reason, people are thinking its Lelouch, which I dont see how or why but who knows?

    I kinda think Suzaku made a big mistake letting Gino live because if he takes the opposite path of working with Lelouch, then it will bite both of them back later on. I am still wondering who Kallen is with in the preview, although it does look more like it’s Gino.

    Schneizel has indeed become an most sinster villain in the anime. He took all the FLEIJA warheads, which would mean he would be the most destructive force on the planet, and it seems that Nunnally is the person to decide to fire the nukes or not as she is seen in the preview holding something thats blinking (possibly a detonator?).

  134. In that extended preview can anyone tell if Toudo is killing a Britanian Troop or Schneizel’s troop? It was too hard to decipher with the low quality.

    I wonder why Schneizel gave the trigger to Nunnally, does he want to stain her the way that Lelouch stained Euphie? What would be interesting is if in the end when Lelouch is before Nunnaly, is that Cornelia shows up and kills her for revenge for what me made Euphie did, and for killing her. Now I doubt that will happen since she has not attempted to kill Lelouch, even at VV’s lair or on board the Ikaruga, she could have escaped at any moment and killed him in his sleep.

  135. I believe it’s the last of the glaston knights, which Toudou stabs. Maybe the blood on the hand is just the result of Suzaku beeing bitten by by Arthur. But that wouldn’t make sense as in the extended preview he bites Suzaku’s left arm, while the blood is on a right arm.. The sleeves match though. But its probably Xingke who’s coughing up some blood again.

  136. @Silentveil
    I agree that making himself look worse than Euphemia is one of Lelouch’s motives, but I don’t think that it’s the main one. It’s probably just part of why he’s willing to make himself look so bad in the process of changing the world for the better. In either case, I don’t think that it was part of any deal with Suzaku. Suzaku was surprised when Lelouch said that what he was doing would make it so that the massacre princess was forgotten, so it’s likely the first time that he’d heard Lelouch suggest that as a reason for why he’s doing what he’s doing.

    So, I think that Lelouch is doing things the way he is for more reasons that simply because being nastier than Euphemia will make everyone how nasty Euphemia was (or how nasty they thought she was anyway). It’s those other reasons that are less clear. My guess is that he’s being nasty the way he is because he’s in a hurry and can’t afford to not get the UFN behind him because he needs to be prepared to deal with Schneizel ASAP, but we’ll have to see I guess.

    If nothing else, I think that the writers just couldn’t stand the thought of Lelouch suddenly having everyone work together with him against Schneizel without Lelouch pulling some major stunt like he usually does. It would likely also make the betrayal of the OotBK less meaningful if they reconciled with Lelouch quickly and easily. The writers just didn’t want things to go that well.

  137. I think the Fleija bomb was similar to the weapon that Schneizel used aboard the Avalon in season 1 that transported Suzaku, Kallen, Lelouch, and Euphie to that island. But that’s just my guess.

    I think that Sunrise should make the last episode a cliffhanger to be concluded by a movie. 😉

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Lelouch died in the 2nd to last episode and the final episode explains all that happened in the month between Charles’s death and when Lelouch ascended to the throne. Like how he convinced Suzaku to side with him. What Bismarck may have told Schneizel in that month. Maybe people will discover that Lelouch had to do what he did in the hopes of creating a peaceful world and they will all mourn him.

  138. @Kaioshin Sama
    When C.C. lost her memories, I recall hearing that it had been officially announced that she lost her memories, but I haven’t read anything myself that specifically stated it. My guess is that the character chart said that she was mortal, but I can’t read a lick of Japanese, so I have no clue what it said. I just know that it said something on C.C. at the time.

    In either case, I certainly got the impression that all of her powers left when her Code did, but they weren’t entirely clear on the matter. It would make sense if that were the case since that’s what happened to V.V. when the emperor took his code. Of course, C.C.’s was sealed as opposed to taken, so there could be a difference, but the memory loss was the same at minimum, so I think that the rest was as well. However, I guess that we don’t know for sure at this point.

  139. @Turbo
    V.V. was the one that teleported Lelouch, Suzaku, Euphemia, and Kallen in episode 18 in season 1. The only thing that Schneizel did there was try and destroy the Lancelot (with Suzaku and Zero in it) with the Gawain’s hadron cannons.

    FLEIJA was developed by Nina and they didn’t get it to work until the middle of R2, so there’s no relation whatsoever between the teleporting incident in season 1 and FLEIJA.

  140. The extended preview shows us a rebuild pink lancelot.. It has the same schoulders as the Lancelot Albion and it doesn’t seem to have one of older floatsystems.. So does this mean we’ll be seeing another knightmare frame with energy wings next episode?

    If so, wouldn’t it lower the chance of Kallen and Gino siding with Lelouch. As that would mean that the powerbalance between the UFN and Brittania would be completely off.. I’m not gonna consider Schneizel as a side right now.. As he stands all alone on is own little castle, without the support of any country.

    On a side note, pretty cool how Lelouch just walked of from the negotations (if you can even call it that) like he suddenly didn’t even care anymore, after Freya hit. Well he did gain the most important pawn during this visit, for his plan against Schneizel; Nina.

    After all this I have actually no clue what so ever to, who is going to fight who next episode.

  141. HOLY FU@!@$#$

    Anyways doesn’t anyone think this might turn out like the black rebellion? In parallel to the first season?

    Lelouch walks off from negotiations, leaving it to his guys to take care of, going off to take care of more important matters. Then the black knights/chinese federation might attack Lelouch’s guys like in ep 24/25 and lelouch loses again while he’s elsewhere. IDK just a thought.

    Lelouch is gonna die btw, just watch =O

  142. Well that was interesting….(long pause) I really don’t know what to make of this other then Lelouch has become the very thing he had set out to destroy. That being said, i was a little surprised that Kallen and Lelouch have now cut ties (at least as far as we know). This episode has set the ground for something really big to happen. I had a feeling that Nunally was still alive, i just didn’t think she would now be the enemy. Can this series be wrapped up in the last 3 episode? Is there gonna be another season? Or will it be rushed and fall short and end like other greats before it. (I’m not being pessimistic, i just its either gonna be a really good ending or a realty bad one.)

    On a related note, some fans of this series are saying it might end like Death Note…..i really hope not.

  143. @ Azar

    I’ve heard it might end like Death Note, and if it does, I would want to kill 3 creators who created the best anime, than ruined it with the ending. The other 2 are Death Note, and Claymore, I mean Claymore isnt even done in the manga, they ended it in a gay way in the anime!!!!

    Wouldn’t suprise me though if Lelouch fakes his death, I mean everyone does hate him now

  144. OMG!!! NOOO Poor Lelouch! Now he is alone, with only his geass, Suzaku and C.C.. Even Kallen and his own sister whom he did all this for is against him. I REALLY hope Code Geass doesn’t end like Death Note, ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

  145. thanks, lulu4dworld!!! Oh geez, episode 25 will be depressing….I could feel it….maybe Lelouch and Suzaku will die in a heroic death ;_: and also episode 23 and 24 will be an epic…

    ….Looks it’s goodbye for Code Geass…anyway, I’ll add Gundam 00 season 2 in my tab after Code Geass ends and Bleach, if the stupid fillers are over….

  146. Lelouch didn’t want to join the Federation. He wanted to turn the world against him and Suzaku and also lure Schneizel into forcing his hand. The shock was that he forced it earlier than expected, probably – well, that and Nunnally still being alive. As much of a clusterfuck this latter part of the season’s been, it’s still got me on the edge of my seat. It’s clear the Lelouch wants to erase the blood stains of the old Britannia and usher in a new era of world peace by utterly blackening his and Suzaku’s names – a fair trade, considering how much blood they have on their hands. I think, at this point, it’s the only way this show could end. Lelouch has done so much wrong the only way he can make things better is by manipulating things to seem like they’re getting worse. It’s sad he had to betray Kallen’s trust to do so, he seemed to genuinely care for her (that he didn’t respond until she was out of ear-shot doesn’t surprise me, Lelouch has an excellent poker face) and it’s sadder still that Nunnally is now his enemy. He’s lost everyone he loves, basically, but hey, try to save the world and you’re bound to get your hands dirty.

  147. @george
    I don’t know. I’m always watching new stuff, but I rarely download anime. It’s a sign of how much I like Code Geass that I couldn’t wait for all of it to show on Cartoon Network or for all the DVD’s to come out. I watch most of my anime by buying the DVD’s. What I get next depends on what’s on sale when and what I feel like picking up. However, I do intend to start watching Gundam 00 when it starts watching on the Sci-Fi channel in a month or two. Other than that, it’s hard to say at this point. I also rewatch anime quite a bit and at the moment, I’m rewatching Noir.

  148. So what are the chances that Schneizel is a former Geass user as well, ala CC and VV?
    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that VV was the one who transported them. Also, how did he transport them? Perhaps Schneizel was able to duplicate that process in some way. Who knows, he’s always sponsoring these experiments.

    I must say I’m disappointed in Cornelia’s character when she’s with Schneizel. It’s like she turns into another one of his loyal servants. She loses all her spunk and independence.

    Also, Milly seems to be acting “abnormal” whenever Lelouch is the topic. I guess the likelihood of her having liked Lelouch has increased.

  149. one more thing I’d like to bring up is that Lloyd has signed on. Thus far, he has (for the most part) been like a wiseman of sorts, and I do believe Lelouch filled him in on his plans when they were all riding horses.

  150. @Turbo
    I have no idea how V.V. teleported them. Presumably it was one of his Geass-related powers or he used the thought elevator something. I think that one of the interviews with the director or one of his commentaries on one of the DVD’s stated that V.V. was the one that teleported them, but I haven’t heard that commentary or read that interview yet, so I don’t know if any other details were given. However, V.V. did confirm to Lelouch back in episode 14 of R2 that he was the one that teleported them, so we definitely know that he did it as opposed to it being something that the director “supposedly said.”

    Regardless, V.V. was working with Charles, not Schneizel, so I find it hard to believe that he knew anything about how it worked, let alone how to duplicate it. Besides, if you’re looking for how Nunnally survived, we don’t need FLEIJA to teleport or do anything other than destroy stuff. If you’ll recall, the last time that we saw Nunnally’s escape craft, it was on the ground with Rolo near it. We later see Rolo in the air in a knightmare (supposedly clearing the way so that the escape craft could take off). We have no idea where the craft was after we saw it on the ground with Rolo. It could have had plenty of time to take off before FLEIJA went off. It was obviously close to the blast since the pink light was shining on them quite brightly, but they could easily have been flying away when FLEIJA went off. There are also those that think that Nunnally was in a separate craft from Ms. Romeyer (though how that matters, I don’t know – other than that means the Ms. Romeyer is probably dead – since Nunnally’s craft was still close to the blast since the pink light was shining on her and she’d still have to be flying away at the last minute).

    In any case, there’s no need to bring telportation into the equation. It’s possible that FLEIJA has something to do with telportation but Nina was obviously trying to kill Zero with it – not teleport him – and I don’t think that Nina would be freaking out about killing people if FLEIJA was mean to teleport them. And since she’s the one who designed it, you’d expect her to know how it works and what it does.

  151. @Turbo

    If Milly really liked Lelouch as more than a friend, than it must be after her memories were altered. I mean they are cousins after all. I rewatched season 1 last week, and the part in which kid lelouch storms towards the emperor the nobles are saying things like “He looks good for just losing his mother”; “His sister is blind and crippled, they are ruined.”; “The Ashford family is ruined”

    So that must mean that Lelouch’s mom’s maiden name was Ashford, making Milly and Lelouch cousins. Which makes sense why the Ashford Academy would go to great lengths to keep the secret of Lelouch’s lineage.

    I will be watching Gundam 00 after this also, but I’m kinda sad this series will end. Maybe they will have another Code Geass series?? I mean they do call it Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, not just Code Geass. I mean they can do lots of things with story lines if they don’t kill off CC when this series ends. Just a silly theory, but it wouldn’t be the same, I love how Lelouch gets out of the situations with his intellect, than the mech action! ><

  152. @Grimjaww
    The Ashfords made knightmares. Marianne was working closely with them. With her gone, their new knightmare design – the Ganymede – wasn’t used. That combined with the fact that Milly’s grandfather spent too much money on parties meant that they went out of business. I don’t think that the Ashfords are actually related to Marianne. Some people have been saying for ages that they are, but whenever anyone questions them on it, they can never come up with anything that actually says that they are. Certainly, I’ve never been able to find anything. Some of the additional materials – such as the picture dramas – shed some light on the matter (hence how I know that the Ashfords worked with Marianne to create the Ganymede and that they went broke because Milly’s grandfather spent too much money on parties), but nothing that I’ve ever run into has stated that Marianne and the Ashfords are actually related.

    Now, how interested Milly has been in Lelouch and how long is not at all clear just the same. The first real indication was episode 12 of R2 when they had the cupid day stuff. With the way that she acts around him, I could totally believe that she liked him, but she knew that Shirley liked him and was always trying to get them together, so she never went after him – regardless of whether she liked him or not. I doubt that we’ll ever know how much Milly likes Lelouch. Still, I don’t think that they’re actually related, so there’s nothing wrong with it from that standpoint.

  153. How come Code Geass’s turn of events always surprise me each week? People are saying season 1 is better but R2 is no doubt superior. So Nunally is still alive. What a sucker punch LOL

    I can’t believe they’re just going to end KallenxLelouch like that. And to think I’ve liked them since season 1. But I guess it’s the best way to part because she’ll more likely end up like Shirley if Lelouch entertains her, and it shows that he cares for her too by pushing her away. It’s really just C.C. that can stay by Lulu. ^_^ I just want Kallen to end up with someone. I don’t know when it started, but Gino suddenly looked like a strong candidate. The way they pair people in this show is so random. WTF at RivalzxNina.

  154. WOW WTF…

    LoL I just got caught up with the series watching the last 5 episodes starting from 18 and I still don’t believe what I watched. Like how the hell they got from point A to point B…

    Anyway I wonder if nunally will ever open those eyes LoL…

  155. Hopefully reagarding the romance side of things you can tell who ends up with who based on how far up the character ranking (how important they are and how much me know about them!) they are! For instance i dont think Gino will end up with kallen i think he will end up dead i also think suzaku will be single indefinately and that Kallen will end up with lelouch purely because C.C. wishes havent changed!!! having seal herself off again and loose her memory would be pointless and a comparitively weak plot-path compared to what weve got so far!! Also i really dont want battle up until the last episode!! i want thier to be some kind of after story otherwise it makes it all seem a bit pointless if we dont see how any of them achieved thier goals! Atr a stretch lelouch will end up with C.C or kallen but no one else and Kaguya will prob get gin or somthing i dont care they not important!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  156. Personally, I’d kind of like to know how the various characters in Code Geass would react if they knew everything that we know. If they had effectively seen the TV show and therefore knew as much about Lelouch, Suzaku, Schneizel, etc. as we do – especially why they’re doing what they’re doing – how would they act differently? I think that some – such as Kallen – would side with Lelouch. I mean, a lot of them are against him because they don’t know what he’s really trying to do. Of course, his most recent actions might convince them not side with him anyway (after all, not even we know quite what Lelouch is up to at this point. We just know what he’s been up to before and why. We’re almost as in the dark about his current actions as the other characters are).

    Now, recent events aside, I think that there are characters who would be against Lelouch regardless. He has done some nasty stuff after all. Still, I think that a lot more characters would be behind him if they really knew what he was up to and what he’s about. Of course, I don’t think that he really stands any chance of explaining all that to them. He’s manipulated people too much for the to trust him at this point. It’s going to take some convincing for even Kallen to side with him right now. My guess is that the OotBK are either going to side with Schneizel or be a third side in the conflict. Schneizel at least seems nicer than Lelouch and he’s supposedly trying to put Nunnally of all people on the throne. PR-wise, Schneizel looks way better than Lelouch right now. About Schneizel’s only negative bit of PR right now is that he has lots of FLEIJA’s and is prepared to use them (and they seem to be blaming Nina for FLEIJA, not Schneizel). And if he’s going to use them against someone who’s as evil as Lelouch supposedly is, then maybe he doesn’t look so bad. After all, Xing-ke said that Lelouch was now the enemy of the world.

    In any case, I think that it would be interesting to see how the various characters would react to Lelouch and whether or not they’d side with him if they really knew what he was up to and why he’s doing what he’s doing. Of course, that isn’t going to happen – certainly not for most characters anyway – but it would be interesting to see nonetheless.

  157. I believe (hope) that at least a handfull of the people, that where the closest to Lelouch, will get to know what the reasons behind his actions were. I’m not certain Lelouch will have a tragic ending, but he and Suzaku will certainly leave the world stage after all this.

    So I to hope that we get to see how certain persons would have reacted if they had known more of his plans, or come to some sort of understanding after they know the real reasons behind his actions. Maybe that will happen in the last episode, but I honestly don’t see Lelouch explaining it to them. That just doesn’t fit his character. But maybe Jeremiah or even Loyd will explain some of his true intentions to Nunnaly, Milly etc.

    For Suzaku and Lelouch to die would seem somewhat cruel to me, but I do see them dissapearing at the end, without anyone really knowing if they survived or not. A completely happy ending just doesn’t seem realistic to me, at this point. But then again, there are still three episodes left and we know the writers like to turn things around in mere seconds.

  158. @JordiBlau
    I expect that Kallen will get to find out more by the end and that perhaps Kaguya and some of the other leaders of the OotBK will find out as well, but no, he’s not likely to explain it to them. And the summaries for the remaining episodes sure make it seem like we’re going to have just about non-stop action right up to the end, so I don’t think that there’s going to be much time for anyone to find out (especially if they’re not actually following him right now).

    Given what Lelouch has been up to and how he seems to be trying to make himself seem evil, I don’t think that he expects to survive this. So, hopefully whatever his plans to improve the world are (beyond taking out Schneizel), hopefully they don’t need him. In either case, since he’s setting himself to take the fall on some level (and on top of that he’s the 99th emperor – one short of 100), I expect that he won’t be emperor in the end. He’s likely to either die or disappear. Hopefully the latter.

  159. I’m thinking that if they found out what Lelouch knows, which I guess only CC at this point would tell others, then they would see through his plan and join him. The way CC appears makes me suspect she would…

    I’m guessing Lelouch was planning on becoming the entire world’s enemy, while destroying Schneizel, and set himself up for a fall with Suzaku. Kinda like how Gundam 00 ended up… Though this doesn’t explain what will happen for Britannia.
    All this is just my random guessing though LoL.

    I wonder how Lelouch’s plan would change with Nunally being on Schneizel’s side.

  160. Well Schneizel just pulled off an excellent move, he’s keeping Lelouch in check by using Nunnaly just as Charles did, but I’m sure he factored into his plans that the BK’s would fight him still. Still not sure what his plan is completely, but I guess we will find out next week.

  161. Just as long as it doesnt end like Gundam wing Endless Waltz ended with Lelouch dissappearing into the middle distance i dont care i mean COMON! who fights that hard for themselves and for others just to disappear into complete misery and nothingness and from a creative standpoint endings like that are a total NON-event, REALLY ANNOYING!!!

    Eureka 7
    Gurren Lagann
    Dragonball GT
    and obviously many more!!!) How dare you!!!!!!

    WingZero zxt
  162. @WingZero zxt
    Well, I think that it could work out for him to disappear with a select few friends. For instance, if he were to end up with one of the girls (be it C.C. or Kallen) and he disappeared to live a quiet life with them and perhaps Suzaku (and maybe even Nunnally if she disappears from the world stage as well – though I half expect her to be Empress at the end), then that might be okay. At least he wouldn’t be alone.

    Also, Lelouch will have almost certainly made himself out to be a villain on the world stage. Heero did the opposite. Lelouch’s actions ever since he stopped being Zero (especially this last episode) have been such that it’s unlikely that he’ll be well thought of by the public at large. He may have been trying to improve the world, but he’s doing it in a manner that makes him look bad and that choice almost certainly dooms him to be unrecognized for the good things that he did for the most part.

    At this point, I expect that either Lelouch will die (hopefully not) or that he’ll disappear. If he had taken a path where the OotBK and the UFN loved what he was up to and trusted him, then it might have turned out otherwise, but I find it hard to believe that we’re going to have “Emperor Lelouch” when this season ends.

  163. Well, the main problem with other characters knowing what Lelouch and Suzaku are doing is that it apparently involves something that is so dangerous, that Lelouch and Suzaku are delibrately distancing themselves from everyone they care about except those few they absolutly need to succeed (C.C., Lloyd, Cecile and Nina). It’s the reason he’s being such a DB and pushing everyone else away (especially Kallen). I think that Kallen and Gino will at least get some idea that Lelouch and Suzaku aren’t the types to turn the world into a dictatorship, although they probably won’t figure out the whole thing until after the fact.

  164. If the Code Geass will end with this season, in the last episode we maybe see Nunnaly as 100th (empress?), as good ending. And Lelouch, actual emperor would give her the crown by himself, as “crowning” his dream which was living and fighting for.

    I don’t know if something like this was already mentioned, but myself I think that would be also a good ending to see this:
    After all the mess, Lelouch gets the world finally quiet and peaceful (as he wished for his sister), and before leaving the scene (by a finale death he wanted himself to seal all), he casts his Geass to Nunnaly (he never geassed her before as I remember) imposing her to can SEE and can WALK happily throught this world.
    He smiles at her, then turns the head to the other side (he might be layed on the ground) and looks into the eyes of the woman near him, who is C.C.
    Lelouch’s Geass gets sealed, and just after also the green haired’s gets too (with probably every other Geass in circulation, closing the circle).
    C.C of course knows that she’s embracing the death together with Lelouch (for the reason that if he gives the last breath she has too, due the thing we know about their “contract”).
    Lelouch says something and calls her by her real name (which we can finally ear too!)and she SMILES at him WHILE DYING (this is another particular which brings us back to episode 15 of R2). She is according to that end he chosen, probably because of the new feelings which she never experienced by the other people in the past(who has just used her as toy), but has got from Lelouch throught the whole story. (Maybe his last words and thoughts at the final episode are all truth and she realizes it… …)
    They die and from their closed eyes come down two tears (which sound as the drops in the cave we have seen and heard in the first season, in the episode when Lelouch finds out C.C.’s name). After that, they sway together away, in a mix of colors and stuff etc…and throught their “travel” to the “unknown”, will be showed the whole real story of C.C and Geass. End.

    And if, cause of Geass things or whateaver…Schneizel and Lelouch end the whole battle with a chess challenge? With themselves at role of “Kings”, and the other pieces represent the lives of some of the remainig main characters? For example Cornelia as one the two “Queens”, Suzaku and Kallen (maybe?)as two of the 4 “Knights” etc etc… Haha who knows.

    And these were my 2 cents. Sorry for the bad english! Now I’m going to wait these 3 last episodes, lets see what will happen!! 🙂

  165. wtf? okay this anime is sucking right now…..I’ll still give it another chance though. Well if the next episode is still bad I won’t watch this crap anymore. Seriously, this was like my most favorite anime, but now what happened? Like the story changed it contradicts the other episodes now. I don’t know it’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting more. Oh well I’ll still give it a chance.

  166. @32 Seriously!!! its not hard try to keep up
    and some of what endless actualy said didnt make any sense!
    Greatest Anime of All time!!! (Gundam 00 wont hold a candle to this!, after all whilst good! its JUST gundam!)

    WingZero zxt
  167. @Wingzero:

    Actually from what I can tell a lot of people seem to be having trouble following the show. Whether that’s self-inflicted I’m still not sure, but a lot of people seem really confused as to what’s going on. I’m fine though because I’ve been paying attention to every story detail, but maybe not so for others.

  168. This anime is pretty simple to follow after watching Death Note I’m used to having to use my brain now while watching anime : P

    Well it makes sense that Lelouch will go down with only Suzaku, that is why he did not respond to Kallen. Suzaku and him have already stained themselves and are ready to be disgraced, they have lost everything except CC and Kallen (not suzaku’s case). Although it would be ironic if Suzaku dies to Kallen in a fight, but I doubt they would end his life so easily.

  169. “The world is born from Zero. The moment Zero becomes one is the moment the world springs to life. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 10, 10 becomes 100. Taking it all back to 1 solves nothing. So long as Zero remains it will eventually grow back to 100 again. And so are goal was to erase Zero and to send Zero back to nothing”.

    That should be Lelouch’s requiem of Zero, a direct line from Big Boss himself. LOLS

    @ WingZero:Next episode lelouch looses his raison d’etre again! LOL MGS4 Liquid Ocelot.

  170. @cottage
    I don’t think that any of us understand exactly what Lelouch is up to. We just haven’t been given enough information. However, as far as the UFN votes go, if they vote for Britannia to become a member of the UFN, then he ends up controlling the UFN. The reason for this is that decisions in the UFN are made by voting and the number of votes that each country has is based on their population. Britannia has a enough more people than all of the other UFN countries combined that it would win every vote. As such, Lelouch could make all of the decisions for the UFN. He would be control of it. If he’s not in control of it, they might decide to side with Schneizel against him.

  171. It’s obvious he wants to keep them from joining Schneizel, but that’s not all there is to it. He could have just chosen to take a 20% interest in the voting proces, which would have meant that he hadn’t angered the rest of the world.

    Yet he didn’t do this, and chose to keep all his voting rights.. We know his ultimate goal isn’t dictatorship, so he doesn’t care about the power he gets. In my opinion he wants to show them something with this action. Maybe that the system is flawed, his actions prove this as he would take control of the entire system through a democratic and actual legal way. (I admit he forces it know)…

    But my point is, that lelouch has been going on about the fact that he wants everyone to be equal and kind to each other. It’s the basis of his geass.. By just joining nothing will change as every separate country has more or less power based on its inhabitants. Which means there’s no equal, the bigger countries will decide for and dictate the smaller ones. Thus as long as this democratic system is used, nothing will change. He’s probably aiming for a united world and he’s looking for a way to create it fast. How this fits with his plan to become evil itself, I don’t know..

  172. @JordiBlau
    You bring up an interesting point, but I don’t think that I agree. Lelouch wants control of the UFN – absolute control. If they had simply voted to allow Britannia to become a member of the UFN, he probably wouldn’t have called in Suzaku or threatened them. He didn’t appear to be very happy that Xing-ke and company had figured out that if Britannian entered the UFN, it would win all the votes. Since they had figured it out (which really isn’t all that surprising when you think about it), he used his backup plan of threatening them in order to force them to vote him in and thus give him control. Either way, the result would be that he controlled the UFN. It would likely have been preferable for them to simply choose to let Britannia join without any extra stipulations, but since they didn’t, he forced them to vote to let him in.

    I can see why Lelouch would be thinking what you suggest, but if he were really trying to show that there was a problem with the UFN’s system (which he created if you’ll recall), then he wouldn’t have been unhappy that they figured out that letting him enter the UFN gave him control of it and he probably would have called in Suzaku that much sooner. I think that he really did want control, but that he’s in so much of a hurry that he’s willing to do nasty stuff to do it. He may want to look nasty as well, but if that were his main objective of meeting with the UFN, I think that he would’ve called in Suzaku sooner and forced them earlier in the process rather than waiting for them to either vote or point out the problems that they’d have if Britannia joined.

  173. @Sam93 Hardly that was just Bismark vision!! ON that note HOW OVER POWERED IS THE ALBION!!!!!!…etc!!! i mean forgoodness sake Bismark could see ever so slightly INTO THE FUTURE AND HE LOST!!! COMON!!!!! and WHAT THE HELL is Schniziel up to????

    WingZero zxt
  174. I agree with you that wants absolute control. but there might be reason for him to wait for their reaction. He wants to change the world, right. But for the world to change, a shift in the way people think needs to be realised. With his action he made it painfully clear, that this democracy is merely a charade, in which the most powerfull still rule.

    Had he taken the countries thtough force, then those countries wouldn’t have reflected upon themselves. They would have simply blamed Lelouch for it. By taking them over through their own system, means they need to reflect on their system. So bringing in Suzaku from the start would not make them ponder about their system, motives etc.

    But still he wants to change the world and for that he needs to become a dictator. As he will want to wipe out the concept of modern day democracy. And well if you don’t have the entire world, it’s impossible to destroy the ruling system, as someone is bound to continue using it. So he doesn’t settle for less votes.

    But for it to work, the others need to see that it was flawed as well. Because if they don’t, it will mean that after the dissapearance of Lelouch, another dictator will rise, or the world will go back to the way it was before. Meaning nothing has changed.

    Hell, I’m getting confused right now, this isn’t fun anymore.

    Simply put, by waiting for their reaction he gets information. Needed to determine if they will take the right actions after he has left the stage. As we all know that he won’t stay emperor, hence that was never his intention. The complete control is needed to make the change happen, but without people criticing their own ways, the world will just go back to its old self after Lelouch dissapears. I never said he wasn’t out for complete control, I just mentioned that there is bound to be more to it.

    Oh and a very simple reason for taking over the UFN at the school, he wanted Nina as quick as possible and he knew that she could only be at the school. So he staged the entire attack, just to get here first. That would be something.

  175. @JordiBlau
    I half wonder whether the main reason for the whole UFN thing was to get his hands on Nina (though you’d think that he’d have a better way if he wanted to get her quickly and easily and that’s all he wanted).

    In either case, I do think that you bring up a very good point, but the two reasons that make me think that Lelouch wasn’t really thinking quite that way are that he seemed annoyed that they figured out that letting him simply join would give him the votes to be in charge and the fact that he’s the one that created the UFN in the first place, so he’s the one that came up with the rules. If he didn’t really like the rules, you’d think that he’d have come up with better ones in the first place. Of course, the rules probably work just fine as long as you don’t have a country that controls half the world.

    You bring up very good points and I think that you definitely could be right, but it seems a bit off to me for the two reasons that I just mentioned.

  176. What if lelouch’s improved geass does no longer need to “see” his eyes but to hear his voice?

    we still don’t know the difference between the single perma geass and the double eyed perma geass. the two-eyed geass still has to show its power.

  177. Lelouch has got to be gay, he spent a month alone with suzaku plotting his takeover of the throne and dosen’t even react when Kallen kisses him…. L2TAKEADVANTAGEOFSITUATION. Oh and Nina hasn’t died yet, HURRY UP!

  178. Normally, if Lelouch took C.C.’s code, then she’s going to become slave girl again. If fulfilling her true wish somehow manages to take her code from her without her losing her memories, then she won’t be slave girl again, but there’s, unfortunately, no support for such a scenario at the moment (though that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen). If as part of fulfilling C.C.’s wish, Lelouch gets her code, then he would, of course, become immortal. If he then sealed his code away, then he’d become the Lelouch we saw in episode 1 of Code Geass. He would remember nothing prior to meeting C.C. So, he’d have the majority of the world hating him without knowing why and in many ways, he’d be a very different person. In either case, C.C. X Lelouch would be doubly shot because both of them will have lost their memories. In fact, Lelouch X anyone would be shot in all likelihood because the only girl who was actively interested in him romantically as of episode 1 of R1 was Shirley and she’s not around anymore.

    It’s certainly a possibility that Lelouch will take C.C.’s code and become immortal, but I’d be surprised – regardless of whether he takes it by force or manages to take it from her by fulfilling her true wish.

  179. @Kalessin: I believe that was because of 4chan. Would have been funnier if it wasn’t forced and actually allowed to happen as a result of regular polling. Bandai’s sort of at fault for not noticing the voting abnormalities. Anyway, that was apparently the start of 4chan’s “relationship” with Code Geass which grows “lovelier” and more “involved” by the episode.

  180. @Kalessin

    You have a point in saying that he made the rules of the UFN himself. He could have done it differently back then, if he thought it wasn’t the right system. Only thing I could put against this, is that his mind shifted just after Rolo died.

    Since then he stopt relying on anyone, people that follow him now have proven to be unmovable (Jeremiah), or want to accomplish the same, Suzaku, C.C. and maybe Loyd and Cecile. It’s why he geassed his complete army, so they won’t have any change to disagree anymore. Meaning his plans work out as he wants them to. The BK have screwed up his plans in the past, because they didn’t listen to Zero exactly. He could have just geassed the UFN into doing his will, if he only wanted complete control (I mean honestly, he had every chance to do so), but yet he didn’t.. He wants them to acknowlegde him by themselves, willingly or not. Which makes me believe he doesn’t want anyone to have blind obedience, except for the unreliable parts of his plan. If you geass all the important people in world, how are they going to bring change to world?

    As for the unhappy look, he looked suprised when Kaguya showed up on screen. That’s normal when something pops out of nowhere. But if you’re referring to the moment where they show a close-up of his eye. To me that’s a calculating look and not one of an unhappy face. He studies his adverseries very carefully at that point, before posing is own question and deciding his next action. Besides the moment they begin with asking him to give up his voting rights, he has the same “I can’t be bothered look”, as when Kallen kissed him.

    The only time he actually shows an emotion is, when Suzaku tells him Schneizel fired Freya. It’s the only moment in the episode where he falls out of his character and off when Nunnaly shows up.

    But well that’s up to one’s interpretation off course.

  181. For the “Lelouch taking c.c.’s code” theory, the thing on that is that once that happens, C.C. dies, fulfilling her wish. She will not revert to “slave girl” or what not. This happened even to V.V. and to the person C.C. got her code from. She only became a slave girl because she “sealed” her code. So if she were to give her code to lelouch, that would mean her death and Lelouch’s immortality. This MAYBE a high possibility. It is kinda hard to imagine how lelouchxcc will be possible at all with these facts. =(

  182. @Marvin
    If you rewatch episode 15 and pay attention to when C.C. is talking to C.C. it looks an awful lot like he lost his memory just C.C. did when her code was sealed. He seems to think that he’s talking with his brother, making the pact to get rid of all lies and he doesn’t appear to know C.C. or who Marianne is when C.C. mentions her. It’s not 100% clear, but it definitely looks like he lost his memory when he lost his code. Also, what almost certainly killed him was the fact that he’d been injured when piloting the Siegfried and that without his immortality, he wasn’t able to survive those injuries.

    As for the nun that gave C.C. her Geass, she somehow forced C.C. to take her code. Certainly, C.C. wasn’t trying to. It’s not at all clear what happened in that scene however. C.C. was injured on her chest somehow and the nun was dead. I think that the nun may have been bleeding as well, but I’d have to go back and watch it. If she was bleeding, then that’s bound to be what killed her and not losing her code. If not, then things are less clear. Certainly when V.V. lost his code, he didn’t immediately die and all that happened to C.C. when hers was sealed was that she lost her memory along with her powers. My guess is that the nun forced C.C. to kill her in addition to making her take the code rather than her dying from losing her code.

    Also, it’s not at all clear that there is any connection between gaining a Geass person’s code and granting their wish. Since the wish seems to normally be to die, what they’re really asking for is for the Geass user to become strong enough to take their code and kill them. It’s not clear that fulfilling any other wish that the Geass person might have will have any affect on their code or on whether they die – even if that wish is stronger than their wish to die.

    When it comes down to it, we just don’t know enough about how a Geass Code works and what it does. We know that

    1. those with a code cannot die by any normal means (including beheading according to side materials) and heal extraordinarily quickly.

    2. that their code can be taken by someone with a powerful enough Geass, turning that Geass user into Geass person and taking their Geass.

    3. that their code can be sealed away (which appears to have the same effect as taking it from them – except for the fact that it can be unsealed – but we don’t know for sure).

    4. that they can give Geasses to people.

    5. They have powers of some kind that have never really been explained. They appear to be able to make someone connect with the World of C in some manner (thus making them see memories and visions and the like) and V.V., at least, was able to teleport people (though that seems primarily to have been a plot gimmick to get the 4 main characters on an island together since it’s never been used since). C.C. was able to undo the effects of the emperor’s Geass on Lelouch, but we don’t know if that was because she had given him a Geass or whether it was because it had to with memories or whether she can do it normally to anyone or really anything about it except that she did it to Lelouch. Really, we know next to nothing about their powers.

    In any case, we know next to nothing about Geass people (though far more than we knew before the season started) and it looks to me like what happens when a code goes inactive (be it because the person lost it or sealed it), they lose their memories prior to gaining their Geass and they lose their Geass person powers. Wishes might have something to do with losing your code, but it’s not at all clear that it does and I certainly don’t think that taking C.C.’s code – however it’s done – will kill her. But again, we really don’t know enough to know for sure.

  183. @ Marvin

    I’m not sure that taking her code means her death. V.V’s code was taken at a moment where he was gravely wounded.. He was still recovering when Charles took his code, so my guess is that he died from his injuries from battle and not because his code was taken.

    As far as I know the writers never explained what caused V.V’s death. But I believe it wasn’t because his code was taken.

    But either way, I don’t believe Lelouch will take C.C’s code, I think that she doesn’t even want to put this burden on him.

  184. @Kallesin

    Do you realise that you just explained what probably happened between the Nun and C.C.. As you said they were both injured. What if the nun injured herself, as she wanted to die. Normally that wouldn’t have worked. But, we know C.C. wanted to live, so what if the Nun also injured C.C., which kind off forced her to take the nun’s code in order for herself to survive.

  185. @JordiBlau
    Good catch. That’s quite plausible. She could have injured herself and then C.C., forcing C.C. to take her code in order to survive – at which point the nun died from her wound since she couldn’t heal such injuries any longer.

    Oh, and above, I obviously should have said “when C.C. is talking to V.V.” Otherwise, she looks schizophrenic….

  186. Losing ones Code doesnt mean death i thought this was clear already!!! You have to loose it THEN DIE!!! if we accept that when C.C. had lost her memories she was mortal then obvccourse it all flls into place. Also if losikng your code means death it woyldnt have made any sense for there to be blood from the nun unless losing ones code meant you explode
    (You guys wanna see C.C. explode?!?!? i thought not!) also logically (though unfortunately) anyone who seals or loses thier code has thier memories reset to the time they recieved thier geass LOL lelouch memories would be reset to episode 1!!! if he got a code then lost it!

    @Kalessin Side materials HAND EM OVER seriously i must know!


    WingZero zxt
  187. @WingZero zxt
    I don’t have that particular bit of side material myself (the one talking about beheading) and I don’t know where it can be found (I believe that Wikipedia mentions it but not from where the information comes from). Personally, I’d have thought that cutting off someone’s head would be a bit much to heal, but I guess that that’s not the case for a Geass person.

    In either case, the main place that I’ve gotten side materials that I’ve actually been able to read, watch, or listen to myself is by purchasing the DVD’s from Bandai. The limited edition has some great stuff including some booklets with extra explanations and stuff like Sayoko’s diary, the first drama CD (in English!), and there’s approximately one Japanese commentary every two episodes. Really, I’d recommend getting the limited edition DVD’s. I think that it’s definitely worth it. Of course, they’ve only released the first 9 episodes of R1 thus far, but at least they’re releasing them faster than one DVD every two months which has been the norm in the past.

  188. about CC wish:
    “to die with a smile”
    Could we imagine that is simply a way to live hidden behind the expression?
    I could say ” to live as a mortal” because for an immortal, “to die”, this immortal must became mortal in process to definilty die. So we can imagine the real sense of the wish.

    Ok she says that she is boring to live but… in my other opinion, “smile” could express a living with acceptance of the choice we can make to be proud of our life.
    with what we know about CC past (famine, poverty, lonelyness, betrayal, cursed,…), she could wish an normal life with an normal end.

  189. TISK TISK everyone is so desperate to find a way for C.C. o live on by twisting her words and finding hidden meaning in her actions!!! Seriously guys give up!!!! She most likely will die as to be fair shes lived a ridiculously long period of time!!! (in her late teens!!!!) and its time that she moved on! I DONT WANT IT TO HAPPEN but as things are right now it looks like Lelouch will end up taking her code from her! the other option is She end up Lelouch and Kallens maid!!! (im a strong advocate of the ‘Gino not important enough to end up with Kallen’ Belief

    (Its funny if this were anything else i wouldnt give a monkeys about the romance [e.g Eureka 7 romance side annoyed me to no end!] nut code geass seems to pique my emotional curiosity in regards to television i wonder why that is????)

    Nunally wont die before opening her eyes

    BTW GUYS i still hate Suzaku!!! think about it! for all you GUNDAM FANS looking forward to the second half of 00 imagine if 6 episodes before the end Ali Al Sarshes had a change of heart and was all like , ‘AWW MAN if only i handn’t been obssesed with war, a psychopath and a terrorist this whole time i wish i could turn back time. DONT WORRY GUNDAM PILOTS I GOT YOUR BACK!!! its time i start redeeming myself for past wrongs…’ how long do you reckon it would be before the 00 Gundam ran him STRAIGHT through with a GN Blade!?!? not long i imagine

    WingZero zxt
  190. Also i know this has been hapening in Mech battles for a LONG…. Time but has anyone else noticed that in both battles with the Guren Seiten and the Lancelot Albion the final person they fought didnt use all thier weapons (Bradley and Bismark /not counting suzaku because that battle was neccessary for the plot!) in case your wondering what wasnt used Bradley didnt once use his pulse hardron cannons and Bismark didnt use the magical fairy attack in his sword

    Also if anyone thinks that what i sed applies equally to lelouch you are wrong and pleaaaaase dont make me have to explain by mentioning it

    WingZero zxt
  191. Some people are speculating that the chance for Lelouch and Kallen has dropped.
    It was interesting that Lelouch seemed to be playing a role. He pretended to have just met Kallen, but it was him who asked for a detour. Lelouch also broke character with her as they approached the club house. If Lelouch’s didn’t care about Kallen he could of just lied to her. Seems like he refuses to lie to her this time.

    There was also this information with an interview with Kallen’s VA:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  192. azaa now Nunally C.C. and gino can Die muahahahaha they are no longer needed
    (on a side not any Super smash Bros Bralw players out there gimmie a shout ive yet to find my equal. dare i say I am the ONLY KNIGHT OF ONE!!)

    WingZero zxt
  193. @Remmell
    Show Spoiler ▼

  194. @Kalessin
    The interview also indicates that Kallen is going to begin “thinking for herself.” This, along with the fact that she’s talking to Gino in the next episode preview, indicates to me that she may take action into her own hands. Both she and Gino are at crossroads, both confused what to do about important people in there lives. I think it’s likely that she and Gino will team up to go confront Lelouch and Suzaku about their actions. (Perhaps with help from Anya, who was shown with Schneizel’s forces, but after mentioning that someone has left them, is conspicuouly absent when Nunnally reappears.)

  195. @Remmell
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Simple. They didn’t get hit by it. The last time we saw the position of Nunnally’s escape craft, it was in the hanger, pointing out into the city, with Rolo standing nearby. When FLEIJA went off, Rolo was in a knightmare in the air, supposedly making sure that the way was clear for the escape craft to take off, but we don’t know where the escape craft was at this point. We see Nunnally and company inside the craft with the pink light from the blast shining on them, but we don’t see the actual position of the craft at that point nor do we see them actually consumed by the blast.

    The escape craft could easily have been in the air, flying away when FLEIJA went off. Given how bright the pink light shone on them, they obviously cut it close, but that doesn’t mean that they were hit by it. They likely flew away at the last minute, narrowly avoiding the blast. And once they were free of it, they probably ended up fleeing to Schneizel. Certainly, that’s where the pilot would have went as long as Sayoko didn’t force him to go elsewhere and the fact that Nunnally is now with Schneizel implies that that is where the craft went. Presumably, Sayoko stayed with Nunnally to guard her, but didn’t manage to get them away before Zero was declared dead. And with Zero dead, Sayoko wouldn’t have had anyone to return Nunnally to.

    In any case, Nunnally’s escape craft could easily have been flying away when the blast hit, narrowly avoiding getting disintegrated. We never actually saw either the craft or its occupants get hit by the blast and we don’t know exactly where the craft was at that point, so really, I don’t think that it’s stretching things at all for them to have survived.

  197. @Kalessin its simple sayako was injured as we clearly see from the preview so its likely that she was either ambushed and nunally was kidnapped or the resulting shockwave from the blast somehow knocked her (but not nunally-maybe instead of nunally) unconcious and schniziel pick them both up

    WingZero zxt
  198. @WingZero zxt
    More than a month has passed since FLEIJA went off – maybe close to a month and a half. The emperor had been missing for a month when Lelouch took the throne and it’s been an unknown number of days since then (less than two weeks I’d say – perhaps less than a week – but I don’t recall that they were very clear on how long it had been). In either case, it should have been long enough that whatever injuries Sayoko may have sustained while escaping with Nunnally would have healed by now. In fact, there was no evidence that the craft was in any danger other than having FLEIJA actually destroy them, so I find it rather unlikely that anyone within the craft would have been injured in the escape.

    What I find most likely is that Sayoko was the one that Schneizel was talking about when he said that someone had left and that she was injured while escaping. She likely stuck with Nunnally in order to protect her and only recently left to warn Lelouch now that he’s reappeared. With Zero declared dead, there’s a good chance that she thought that Lelouch was dead and so she didn’t go looking for him before and only found out that he was alive when he declared himself emperor.

    In any case, I’d be very surprised if her injuries and anything to do with FLEIJA.

  199. I would guess they survived the blast because they were inside that high security transport thing for government officials, it probably acted as some type of Bomb shelter for them.

  200. Oh and sorry for the double post but didn’t that new knight of rounds seem a lot like Yoruichi from Bleach maybe it was just me? And pizza hut who are you supporting now? xD


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