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Manabi Straight! – 12 (END)

It is now March 10th, 2037, and the girls are getting ready to graduate. Much time has passed since that school festival, but Mikan notes that nothing has changed.

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Manabi Straight! – 11

On September 13th, 2035, the old school dormitory was converted to the new student council room.

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Manabi Straight! – 10


With only 34 hours left, the girls have managed to get just 32% of the signatures.

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Manabi Straight! – 09

In March of the year 2005, the current principal of the Seiou had entered the school for the first time as a student and had been welcomed almost immediately by other girls at the dormitory.

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Manabi Straight! – 08

Having just learned the news about the school festival being canceled, Manabi and company head to the teacher’s room to confront Shimojima about it.

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Manabi Straight! – 07

On August 31st, 2035 – the last day of summer vacation – a very tan Momo comes to the student council room where everyone else is hard at work.

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Manabi Straight! – 06

As they go through their exams, the girls are getting closer and closer to their long-awaited summer vacation.

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FreezeFrame: Widespread Enjoyment

The eyes, look at me in the eyes

I’ve always liked Shrek for its approach on the “family movie” genre – Shrek seemed to be the first major piece of American animation that had elements catering exclusively to the PG-13 and up crowd. Say what you will about Aladdin and his phallus-palace, but Shrek was the first to have no qualms about dishing out the adult jokes. Similarly, Japanese anime studios are very keen on their audiences – as far as the past-midnight shows go, it’s not a concern of age group, but rather one of… “moe preference.”

Since Manabi Straight is an anime about grade-schoolers, that means it’s a kid’s show, right?


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Manabi Straight! – 05

When Manabi comes down with the mumps and has to miss a week of school, Mikan and Mei are left to take care of the student council responsibilities.

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Manabi Straight! – 04

When she was in elementary school, Mei’s class held class representative elections, but no one wanted to run.

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Manabi Straight! – 03

At Aikou Academy, the student council president receives a hand-drawn notice from Manabi concerning a dodgeball tournament.

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Manabi Straight! – 02

Before school one morning, Manabi’s brother finds her dressed up in glasses and pigtails – what she considers student council president style.

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Manabi Straight! – 01

On the day of the swim meet, Inamori Mika is running to school when she encounters a girl she doesn’t know.

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