Michiko to Hatchin – 07


Michiko and Hatchin arrive by boat in a small town while her bike needs to be serviced, and check in at an old hotel. A man falls asleep on Michiko’s shoulder while she’s waiting, so she bumps him over to wake up. He seems pretty relaxed as he rolls some tobacco into a cigarette, and Michiko actually appears flustered for once as he catches her looking in his direction.

Michiko to Hatchin – 04

One frustrated evening, an intoxicated Michiko gets fed up looking for Hiroshi Morenos, (Hatchin’s father), and becomes disruptive vents her aggression as usual while drinking at a strip club in São Cabal. A bit later that night when she stumbles out of the bathroom, the stripper she insulted earlier introduces her to the floor for a little sweet revenge before sauntering off for the night.