Sasameki Koto – 13 (END)

“Calling You”

If this were any episode but the last, I would’ve been more okay with the long drawn-out scenes where Sumika is desperately trying to get in touch with Ushio. Likewise with the ones where Ushio’s eagerly awaiting Sumika’s phone call. The pacing was as usual, but this is the finale and I wanted to see something happen!

Sasameki Koto – 12

「雨を見たかい」 (Ame wo Mita kai)
“Have You Seen the Rain?”

A day at school during the summer break turns into a full-out scavenger hunt after a sudden downpour. While the rain manages to cool down the unbearable heat wave, the Girls Club finds themselves taking an unexpected dip in the school fountain before it’s all said and done.

Sasameki Koto – 11

「なんでもない」 (Nande mo Nai)
“It’s Nothing”

It’s just a hunch on my part, but Sumika x Ushio feels really close now. With Azusa aware of how they really feel about one another and taking a step back from Sumika, it’s only a matter of time before Ushio realizes as well. Azusa handles herself quite gracefully after Tomoe offers a few words of wisdom, but oddly enough, a trip to the pool is what got us there.

Sasameki Koto – 10

「ハプニング・イン・サマー」 (Hapuningu in Samaa)
“Happening in Summer”

I thought I was prepared for Tomoe taking the wheel of a vehicle and putting other people’s lives in her hands. Boy was I wrong though, after seeing the state of what was formerly known as a car spark up and explode. What a way to start their summer vacation — with a bang.

Sasameki Koto – 09

「ひまわりの君」 (Himawari no Kimi)
“The Sunflower You”

Why settle for a fan magazine about your favorite writer when you can go all the way with your own short novel? Azusa’s on the right track in that regard as she slaves away in front of the computer screen writing night after night. Hmm, that sounds exactly like what I do… *sniff*

Sasameki Koto – 07

「少年少女」 (Shounen Shoujo)
“Boys and Girls”

It’s a shame more people don’t check out other genres of anime and see what they have to offer as this episode of Sasameki Koto was absolute gold. I’m often asked what I see in yuri anime and accused of the obvious, but I can definitively say it’s for unexpected screenplay such as this. They took a whole different spin on the trap bit by having Sumika go on a date with “Akemi”, thanks to his bro-con little sister Manaka.

Sasameki Koto – 06

「二人の夜」 (Futari no Yoru)
“A Night Together”

Well that was unexpected. The second year senpai from episode one, Nishikigi Chizuka (Hayami Saori), wants to make up with Ushio all of a sudden. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Sumika in this situation, watching Ushio spend a night over at her place for some emotional “best friend” support while still unaware of her true feelings.