「少年少女」 (Shounen Shoujo)
“Boys and Girls”

It’s a shame more people don’t check out other genres of anime and see what they have to offer as this episode of Sasameki Koto was absolute gold. I’m often asked what I see in yuri anime and accused of the obvious, but I can definitively say it’s for unexpected screenplay such as this. They took a whole different spin on the trap bit by having Sumika go on a date with “Akemi”, thanks to his bro-con little sister Manaka.

Someone was definitely wearing the pants on that date and it sure wasn’t Masaki. In fact, he was all out crossdressing in frilly clothes, squealing like a girl after soiling himself with some “cream”, trying on female clothes while flirting with Sumika, and getting chased by three fat Akiba-kei who can perform the Black Tri Stars’ infamous Jet Stream Attack. (GSD variation here.) That’s right, we have a Gundam reference in yuri anime! How is that not win? Back on topic, deep down inside Masaki must be enjoying his crossdressing ways on some level. I mean, he sure can play the part — much better than Sumika can anyway. If not him, Manaka undoubtedly does with her private photo sessions, Akemi fansite, attempt to take advantage of her cute brother, and spontaneous uncontrollable nosebleeds. Speaking of which, I’m pretty impressed she wasn’t lethargic after all that blood loss.

As I was saying above, this whole bucket of absolute win gets kicked off with the help of Masaki’s younger sister Manaka. To put her in a better, biased light, she happens to be played by Taketatsu Ayana, whom most people will know for her role as Nakano Azusa in the ever-so-popular light music anime. Well unlike Azusa, Manaka is far from being the one taken advantage of since she exploits/blackmails others instead. This of course leads to Masaki crossdressing for her personal enjoyment, but when she threatens Sumika to go on a date him (by compromising HIS reputation of all things), he draws the line there for Sumika’s sake. Somehow, her logic that Sumika should go out with her cute BROTHER because she’s interested in cute GIRLS doesn’t quite sit well with anyone (…with a brain). However, Sumika eventually decides to go along with the date this one time. It’s not for Masaki’s sake though, but because she feels sorry for Manaka having such a lame older brother. *Cue reaction*

Hilarity ensues when Manaka stalks them during the date in an effort to get Sumika to fall for Masaki, but nothing goes according to plan, not even the use of a questionable Internet-bought love potion (that ended up working for some cats). As a last resort, she sicks the aforementioned camera-bearing Akiba-kei on Sumika so that Masaki would have a moment to shine by luring them away. Unfortunately for him, they don’t seem to care that he’s a guy, making that attempt backfire. During all this time, Ushio’s been trying to get in touch with Sumika, who’s had her phone turned off ever since the movie, and is unaware of the date I’m sure she’s dying to go on herself.

For the most part, I wanted to say that Masaki brings this upon himself and just laugh at his predicament, but they had to slip in the ideal that he’s doing it to get along with his sister. When he says that wearing female clothes is a small price to pay, it’s hard to see him as just another crossdressing pervert and nothing else. Aside from that, it was pretty hilarious watching Sumika run off in tears complaining to god about giving all this cuteness to a boy and none to her. It must really hurt to be outdone by a guy in this area, but that’s the beauty of this trap scenario. Next time it looks like we’ll finally be introduced to Aoi Azusa, who’s been popping up in a lot of the episodes thus far.

P.S. Think it’s safe to say that Masaki shaves his legs?




  1. Thank you god…

    This is why I love this website. In an anime season where all I kept seeing was pointless moe, fanservice, and bewbs thrown everywhere with absolutely no entertainment value beyond eye candy, I see this post and instantly find the gold I have been waiting for. How did I miss this one before?

    Just reading tiny bits of the description are enough to suck me in. You had me at “Jet Stream Attack”. I live and breath for anime that “cross the streams” and combine things you would expect from other genres and this looks like one I would have to be CRAZY to miss. Not to mention this series seems to have some actual *gasp* depth! If I read the description and feel bad about possibly spoiling myself, that means I’m interested. And it’s about time something interested me this season.

    This show really does look like win. I must watch to confirm.

    Wedge McCloud
  2. “her logic that Sumika should go out with her cute BROTHER because she’s interested in cute GIRLS doesn’t quite sit well with anyone (…with a brain).”

    This is so instant win in the manga 🙂

    i wanna hear it >_<

    “you sounded totally sure of yourself but you where 100% of the mark :)”

  3. I’m still watching this to see how it ends. Even thought it was loaded with fun moments; I can’t seem to enjoy them. Mostly because I relate to the pain Sumika is going thru. Geesh failing at being an onanoko when you really are one is saddening. I hope at the end of the series she can learn to accept herself and be happy more than end with Ushio as lovers. Actually I hate Ushio for being a shallow character, loving people because they are cute is not a trait of someone I want to be close to.

    Island Esper
  4. I’m not sure I like the increased fanservice from the manga (there was no milk scene, for example, and did Manaka really perv over Masaki quite…that…much…?).

    Also, why does being a cross-dresser make one “perverted”, exactly? 😐

  5. Thanks for the info. I haven’t read the manga. I hope she gets her act together in the anime as well 🙂

    ps As rule I either watch the anime or read the manga at a time. Never do both at the same time due to the differences(sometimes minor other times major). Then I pick my favorite. Maybe I should change that and do both at the same time.

    Island esper
  6. “It’s a shame more people don’t check out other genres of anime and see what they have to offer as this episode of Sasameki Koto was absolute gold.”

    Well, you convinced me :p I’d been seeing some amusing facial expressions from screencaps of Sasameki Koto, but never really bothered to check it out. And you were right, this episode was pure gold, but the entire thing up to this point had some really fantastic humor as well. I’m sold :3

  7. Excellent… my master plan of giving often overlooked series some limelight is working. I just need to get people thinking and seeing these shows the way I do now. The next step? Taking over the world! ha- ha- ha…

    okay no.

  8. @Story

    then you overlooked it because its one page 15 of chapter 7

    @Samurai Pumpkin

    yea there is a manga and it is being scanlated.
    just google it 🙂 scanlation Sasameki koto


    LOl 😛

  9. I really loved this episode! Akemiya is just so cute and i love him to bits! seeing him being so gosh darn girly was brill. Maybe it’s just the way i think but i hope that either in the manga or anime he actually goes transgender rather than playing the whole “i was forced to dress like a girl, so im a girl now, but a guy when not dressed like this”. the whole trap scene thats appearing in manga and anime needs to touch on the more serious aspects of transgenderism than the whole forcing thing. which i guess wont sit right with comedic stories^^ i wouldnt have my mako-chan or akemiya-kun then *nosebleeds*


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