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Shirokuma Café – 26

「新しいパンダ/グリズリーバーの同窓会」 (Atarashii Panda/Gurizuriibaa no Dousoukai)
“New Panda/Reunion at Grizzly Bar”

MC469MA is in the house! Raise the roof! Whoop whoop!

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Shirokuma Café – 24, 25

「ペンギンさんの趣味/二人の少年時代」 (Pengin-san no Shumi/Futari no Shounen Jidai)
“Mr. Penguin’s Hobbies/Their Childhood Days”

Slowly and steadily, like the most patient sloth, the world of Shirokuma Cafe continues to grow without end in sight.

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Shirokuma Café – 23

「半田さんの相談/パンダママの日常」 (Handa-san no Soudan/Panda Mama no Nichijou)
“Mr. Handa’s Discussion/Panda Mama’s Daily Life”

Oh man, oh dear, oh my, oh gawd, oh…*devolves into a fit of excitement*

Go Go Handa-san!

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Shirokuma Café – 22

「営業ペンギン/ペンギンさんのピクニック」 (Eigyō Pengin/Pengin-san no Pikunikku)
“Sales Penguin/Mr. Penguin’s Picnic”

Shirokuma Cafe: portraying a different kind of Harem since 2012.

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Shirokuma Café – 20, 21

「憧れの一人暮らし/夏のお祭り」 (Akogare no Hitorigurashi/Natsu no Omatsuri)
“The Ideal Single Life/Summer Festival”

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is now a literal phrase!

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Shirokuma Café – 19

「ペンギンにも色々あるよ/バイセンってナンダ!?」 (Pengin ni Mo Iroiro Aru yo/Baisen tte Nanda!?)
“There are Many Kinds of Penguins/What is ‘Baisen’!?”

It’s like I’m watching the Animal Planet and Food Network in comedy form. This is definitely my favorite episode as of yet.

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Shirokuma Café – 18

「カフェの怪談/パンダくんの家出」 (Kafe no Kaidan/Panda-kun no Iede)
“The Café’s Ghost Stories/Panda Runs Away from Home”

If Handa could just sing the ED like his VA…it would do him wonders for Sasako-san!

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Shirokuma Café – 17

「キャンプに行こう!/ 女子高生とリンリン」 (Kyanpu ni Ikou/Joshikousei to Rin Rin)
“Let’s Go Camping!/Rin Rin and the High School Girl”

Ships and forbidden romance are abound, yet it’s still a comedy.

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Shirokuma Café – 16

「グリズリーさん旅立つ/見知らぬお店」 (Gurizurī-san Tabidatsu / Mishiranu o Mise)
“Mr. Grizzly’s Journey / A Strange Shop”

“Troll in Polar Bear’s Clothing” should be a saying.

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Shirokuma Café – 15

「真夏の雑草取り/ペンギンさんのロマンス」 (Manatsu no Zassotōri/Pengin-san no Romansu)
“Weeding in the Summer/Mr. Penguin’s Romance”

Brilliant. If I wasn’t avoiding spoilers, I’d post the results of said brilliance in a dazzling 67-panel spread. Thank you Shirokuma Cafe for doing humor no one else could.

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Shirokuma Café – 14

「シロクマくん張り切る/海に行こう!」 (Shirokuma-kun Harikiru/Umi ni Ikō!)
“Enthusiastic Polar Bear/Let’s Go to the Beach!”

Screw genderbending; it’s all about speciesbending now!

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Shirokuma Café – 13

「七夕飾り/パンダくんの願い」 (Tanabata Kazari/Panda-kun no Negai)
“Tanabata Decoration/Panda’s Wish”

“When you wish upon a star  
Makes no difference who you are.  
Anything your heart desires  
Will come to you~”

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Shirokuma Café – 12

「パンダくん、ヒマに困る / パンダの悩み相談室 」 (Panda-kun, Hima ni Komaru / Panda no Nayami Soudan-Shitsu)
“Panda, Tired of Boredom / Panda’s Advice Room for Troubles”

The shipping is on!

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Shirokuma Café – 11

「ペンギンさんの失恋/パンダくんの夜遊び」 (Pengin-san no Shitsuren/Panda-kun no Yo Asobi)
“Mr. Penguin’s Heartbreak/Panda’s Night Out”

So I happen to like Purtles and immature bears! Shoot me!

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Shirokuma Café – 10

「半田さんの合コン?/半田さんの合コン!」 (Handa-san no Goukon?/Handa-san no Goukon!)
“Mr. Handa’s Blind Date?/Mr. Handa’s Blind Date!”

Never look at lemons the same way again.

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