Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 16

「オンリー・ワン・クラッシュ」 (Onrii Wan Kurasshu)
“Only One Crash”

At last! It’s the SRX Team’s time to shine and by that I mean busting out the Variable Formation. If you want some robot combination (gattai) of epic proportions, look no further than Banpresto’s original Personal Troopers that bridge the gap between real robots and super robots. It comes complete with their trademark “One-Shot Sure Kill” Hyper Tronium Buster (HTB) Cannon too.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 15

「武神装攻ダイゼンガー」 (Bushin Soukou Daizengaa)
“War God Armament Dygenguar”

Forget Super Robot Wars OG, as this week we were watching Bushin Soukou Dygenguar episode fifteen. While the late arrival of the “dark horse” Aussenseiter didn’t lead to “real men riding each other”, there was still plenty of Zankantou action care of Sanger in the Dynamic General Guardian Unit 1. Weak male leads in SRWOG? Sorry they don’t exist. There’s only high-testosterone super robot action here.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 14

「汚れのないその瞳で」 (Yogore no Nai Sono Me de)
“Through Those Untainted Eyes”

It’s been three episodes since Operation Plantagenet was brought up, and it looks like it may be upwards to three more before we actually see the plan to retake North America from the Inspectors take action. The reason being, the fourth enemy faction has made its way onto the stage in the form of Einst Alfimi, further complicating things for our heroes.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 13

「楽園からの追放者」 (Rakuen kara no Tsuibousha)
“An Exile From Paradise”

As suspected, any sort of potential suspense or shock from Lamia’s sacrifice was short-lived, after it was revealed she survived the Ash to Ash self-destruct. Taking its place wasn’t a decisive battle between Kyousuke and Axel however, and instead an explanation on Shadow-Mirror’s origin care of one Gilliam Yeager, a.k.a. Helios Olympus.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 12

「シャドウミラー」 (Shadou Miraa)

The intermission last time was short-lived, as the battles kick into high gear against the approaching Neo DC forces before quickly coming to a crashing halt when Vindel and Lemon arrive on the scene. Shadow-Mirror’s existence is finally revealed to our Earth Federation protagonists, and it comes with the shocking revelation that they have to obey them now that Graien Grusman’s seized power.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 11

「ハルパーの鎌」 (Harupaa no Kama)
“The Harpe Sickle”

After all the crazy battles, it’s somewhat refreshing to get a dose of the game’s intermission side of things to set the stage for the upcoming battle — Operation Plantagenet. It’s the codename for the plan to retake North America from the Inspectors, except it comes with the added twist that it’s in cooperation with the Neo Divine Crusaders.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 10

「月下に妖精は舞う」 (Gekka ni Yousei wa Mau)
“The Fairy Dances Under the Moonlight”

I was expecting “big” things to happen once the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom crews met up, but even I didn’t anticipate the better part of the full twenty minutes dedicated to action upon action upon action of robot battle goodness. Did I mention there was a lot of action this episode?

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 09

「インスペクター」 (Insupekutaa)

After witnessing Mao Industries on the moon get taken over by the Inspectors, the focus shifts to Tesla Reich Institute where they’re in the process of doing the same. There, the forces led by Vigaji are interested in taking over the research facility and stealing the latest Earth Federation prototypes, forcing the pilots of the Project TD team to escape with them. Coming in to lend a hand is none other than Trombe.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 08

「凶鳥の眷属」 (Kyouchou no Kenzoku)
“The Black Bird’s Kindred”

It lost its V-fin antennas and got the Banpresto logo shades treatment like SRX, but the Huckebein Mk. III makes its appearance in this adaptation as the Exbein, complete with the “Ace Attacker” theme. Ryouto goes all out with it as well and uses the AM Gunner’s Full Impact Cannon with the Boxer parts still attached to deal with the arrival of the Inspectors. Now there’s sheer robot awesomeness and then there’s that.

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 07

「黒い潜入者」 (Kuroi Sennyuusha)
“Black Infiltrator”

This was an episode about the Hagane crew resupplying in the Dukedom of Riksent and Kyousuke, Rai, and company serving as bodyguards for Princess Shine Hausen (Kaihara Reina), but the late arrival of Gilliam Yeager (Tanaka Hideyuki) and his Gespenst stole the show for me by reminding me of the Super Robot Wars 4 days.