Show Airtime in Japan (GMT +9) Airtime in US (EST, GMT -5) ANN Entry Blogged?
Angel Heart Monday, 24:58 Monday, 10:58 Link Raw
Lamune Monday, 26:00 Monday, 12:00 Link Raw
Bleach Tuesday, 19:30 Tuesday, 5:30 Link Raw
Jigoku Shoujo Tuesday, 24:00 Tuesday, 10:00 Link Raw
Shakugan no Shana Wednesday, 24:45 Wednesday, 10:45 Link Raw
Suzuka Wednesday, 25:00 Wednesday, 11:00 Link Raw
Karin Thursday, 24:00 Thursday, 10:00 Link Raw
SHUFFLE! Thursday, 24:30 Thursday, 10:30 Link Raw
Paradise Kiss Thursday, 24:35 Thursday, 10:35 Link Raw
Black Cat Thursday, 25:25 Thursday, 11:25 Link Dropped
Mai-Otome Thursday, 25:30 Thursday, 11:30 Link Raw
Hana Yori Dango (Drama) Friday, 22:00 Friday, 8:00 Link Raw
Zettai Shounen Saturday, 8:06 Friday, 18:06 Link On Hold
Blood+ Saturday, 18:00 Saturday, 4:00 Link Raw
Da Capo Second Season Saturday, 24:30 Saturday, 10:30 Link Raw
Ginban Kaleidoscope Saturday, 26:50 Saturday, 12:50 None Dropped
Mushishi Saturday, 27:50 Saturday, 13:50 Link Raw
Canvas2 Sunday, 24:00 Sunday, 10:00 Link Raw

Note: All times are given in a 24 hour format, using what I call relative day time where times are extended to show which day they belong to. For instance, Friday morning at 1:30AM would become Thurday at 25:30 to show that the episode aired late Thursday night. Also, please notice that I’ve adjusted all the times for Daylight Saving. Meaning the EST times won’t be correct until that goes into effect on Oct. 30.

By not means is this list complete, these are just the series I watch/am planning to watch. Check out MOON PHASE for an entire listing and AndrewLB’s Fall 2005 Wiki for who’s tentatively subbing what.

Music Releases Dates

Wednesday, October 26th:
•Shakugan no Shana ED: 高橋洋子 (Takahashi Yoko) – 「夜明け生まれ来る少女」 (Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo)
•Lamune OP: 真優 (Mayu) – 「ラムネ色のメロディ」 (Ramune Iro no Melody)
•Lamune ED: 村田あゆみ (Murata Ayumi) – 「Summer vacation」
Friday, October 28th:
•Canvas2 OP: A BONE feat. Honey Bee (YURIA) – 「プラスチックスマイル (虹色ギターVERSION)」 (PLASTIC SMILE (Niji Iro Guitar VERSION))
Wednesday, November 2nd:
•Black Cat OP: より子 (Yorico) – 「ダイアの花」 (Daia no Hana)
•Mai-Otome OP: 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami) – 「Dream☆Wing」
Wednesday, November 9th:
•BENNIE K – Japana-rhythm
•Angel Heart ED: Skoop on Somebody – 「誰かが君を想ってる」 (Dare ka ga Kimi wo Omotteru)
•Bleach ED5: YUI – 「LIFE」
•Shakugan no Shana OP: 川田まみ (Kawada Mami) – 「緋色の空」 (Hishoku no Sora)
Wednesday, November 23rd:
•Suzuka ED2: COACH☆ – 「君のこと」 (Kimi no Koto)
•Black Cat ED: パピーペット (PUPPYPET) – 「ナミダボシ」 (Namidaboshi)
•Mai-Otome ED: 菊地美香 (Kikuchi Mika) and 小清水亜美 (Koshimizu Ami) – 「乙女はDO MY BESTでしょ?」 (Otome ha DO MY BEST Deshou?)
•Blood+ ED: 元ちとせ (Hajime Chitose)- 「語り継ぐこと」 (Gatari Tsuzugu Koto)
Friday, November 25th:
•Canvas2 ED: YURIA, 小池雅也, and K杉 (Sweets Tankentai) – 「NA NA IRO」
Wednesday, November 30th:
•Paradise Kiss ED: Tommy february6 – 「♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥」
•Blood+ OP: 高橋瞳 (Takahashi Hitomi) – 「青空のナミダ」 (Aozora no Namida)
Wednesday, December 7th:
•Ginban Kaleidoscope OP: YeLLOW Generation – 「Dual」
Wednesday, December 21st:
•Ginban Kaleidoscope ED: 井上麻里奈 (Inoue Marina) – 「energy」
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006:
•Bleach OP3: HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – 「一輪の花」 (Ichirin no Hana)
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006:
•Jigoku Shoujo OP: SNoW – 「逆さまの蝶」 (Sakasama no Chou)
•Jigoku Shoujo OST
Scheduled for 2006/Not Dated:
•Angel Heart OP: Sowelu – 「Finally」
•Jigoku Shoujo ED: 能登麻美子 (Noto Mamiko) – 「かりぬい」 (Karinui)

Last Updated: December 18th, 2005.

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