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To LOVE-Ru – 08

「清廉潔白風紀委員」 (Seirenkeppaku Fuuki-iin)
“The Honest and Upright Public Morals Committee Member”

While waiting for Rito in the morning, Lala uses her mini magnetic robot to pull him off the toilet and straight into Haruna. Run then tackles Rito, saying she’ll never forget the kiss they shared.

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kurenai – 08

「自愛と臆病と」 (Jiai to Okubyou to)
“Taking Care of Oneself and Cowardice”

While two Kuhouin men continue to observe the area around Shinkurou’s apartment, Renjou and Kazuko discuss the discovery of Murasaki living in Tokyo. As Renjou worries about what Murasaki is being exposed to, he asks Kazuko if she’s ever pitied the women of the Inner Sanctuary.

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