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In the aftermath of the incident at the Sword of Akasha, the Emperor goes missing. Nunnally and her officials are privy to this information, but they worry about what would happen if word of it got out. Miss Romeyer makes it a point to put responsibility for dealing with this on Nunnally since she’s the Governor-General, but Gino sees what she’s doing and calls her out on it. Thinking to himself, Suzaku notes that the absence of the Emperor means that Nunnally’s life isn’t in danger. He then visits Kallen to apologize to her, but she’s really pissed off and beats him up. Once she’s done hitting him, she claims that she’s ready for him to kill her now, and when Suzaku refuses because he’s the one who was wrong, she says that she hates him. Lelouch meanwhile deduces that – based on Britannia’s movements – the Emperor is absent, and though he worries about what the Emperor had said, he’s happy that Nunnally is safe. For the time being, he has to deal with C.C. who thinks she’s a slave girl and Cornelia who questions what he wants by using his Geass power. Lelouch’s answer to Cornelia is simply that he wants to save his little sister. Elsewhere on the Ikaruga, Asahina asks one of the soldiers about the previous operation, but Rolo butts in to say that it’s a secret. Rolo goes on to assert that individual value in the Black Knights is based on how much a person has gained Zero’s trust, and hearing that doesn’t make Asahina very happy.

Sometime later, Zero holds a conference to declare the birth of a union of nations large enough to rival the Britannian Empire: the United Federation of Nations. Since several exiled governments from colonized areas have committed to joining, Diethard thinks that they now have justification for a war of liberation. Xingke suggests that if they can succeed in their upcoming operation to recapture Japan, then the other powers who have been waiting will start joining them in rapid succession. Once the meeting is over, Zero returns to his room and brings a pizza for C.C. to eat. She’s still afraid of him, but her hunger draws her to the pizza, and she starts scarfing it down. Back in Area 11, Anya captures Suzaku looking troubled on camera, and he explains that he’s feeling this way even though he decided on his way of life eight years ago. When Anya wonders if he believes in the person he was back then, Suzaku questions back if she’s implying that determination from the past is foolish. This causes her to assert that memories are unclear and are thus not worth believing in, and as an example, she reveals that she has a diary from nine years ago that she has no memory of. The fact that she has a lot of such differences between her memories and her data makes Suzaku think that the Emperor might have used his Geass power on her, but Suzaku doesn’t know why.

When a dagger suddenly comes flying towards him, Suzaku catches it with one hand and is met by the sight of the Knight of Ten, Luciano Brandley. Not holding back, Luciano immediately brings up the person he refers to as the massacre princess, and this almost causes Suzaku to challenge him to a duel for their honor. Before a fight can break out though, the Knight of One’s Galahad Knightmare Frame lands between them, and Bismarck stops the two. Because he knows that the Black Knights will attack, Bismarck has come here to Area 11 with the Valkyrie squadron and the Gareth Knightmare Frames, and they’re all under Schneizel’s command. Without Suzaku to pick on, Luciano decides instead to pay a visit to Kallen’s holding room where she’s currently chatting with Nunnally. Kallen recognizes Luciano as the Vampire of Britannia and thinks that he’s here to take her to Britannia, but Luciano reveals that she’ll stay here as a hostage. He knows, however, that the only thing needed for her to be a hostage is for her to stay alive, and so he plans to make use of her body. Fortunately for Kallen, Gino arrives on the scene and stops Luciano from doing anything by questioning his pride. Suzaku meanwhile learns that the Lancelot will be equipped with the Freya weapon that Nina developed, though Lloyd reveals that he had actually intended for Suzaku to use the Guren which he and Cecile have been tinkering with. Regardless, despite the fact that Suzaku would have to use the weapon against his own people, Nina specifically wants to entrust the Freya with him because he was Euphemia’s knight. In response to this, Lloyd warns Nina that this contradiction will kill not only Suzaku, but her as well.

By now, preparations are well underway on Penglai Island for the televised ratification ceremony of the United Federation of Nations Charter. One such preparation is Chiba Nagisa helping to put makeup on Toudou, and she uses the chance to confess that she has something to tell him after the fighting ends. This is uncomfortable for Toudou, and so when Ougi arrives late, Toudou uses the chance to go talk to him. As they watch the official ceremony begin on television in Area 11, the Knights of Round discuss how there will be a lack of coordination between the different countries’ forces, but Schneizel thinks that there is one thing the new federation can do. As Schneizel expects, Kaguya announces that each member country will give up their military forces forever, and in exchange, they’ll be protected by the Black Knights. Kaguya herself then brings forward the first motion: dispatch the Black Knights to get rid of the unjust occupiers of the United States of Japan. After all representatives present at the ceremony vote to approve this, Zero formally directs the Black Knights towards Japan. Unfortunately, right at this point, the Emperor hijacks the television broadcast. He admires how Zero has basically separated the world into Britannia and not-Britannia, meaning that the side that wins will obtain the world. The Emperor welcomes the challenge, and he thinks that having everything on the line is how conflict should be.

With the Emperor rallying his forces with chants of “All hail Britannia”, the Black Knights respond with their own banzai cheer. Amidst all this, Lelouch retreats to his own room to rethink his options now that the Emperor has reappeared because he’s worried about Nunnally. He’s frustrated because he doesn’t know what to do, and when C.C. tries to present him with a slice of pizza, he snaps and slaps her away. Seeing that she cut her hand on the broken shards of the plate, Lelouch immediately realizes what he did and tries to help her. C.C. claims that she’s fine, and based on her past experiences, she explains that being hurt on the outside is better than being hurt on the inside. This prompts Lelouch to ask her what she does when she’s hurt on the inside, and when C.C. suggests that having friends makes it better, Lelouch realizes what he has to do. After bandaging her finger, he phones Suzaku, and the two start by talking about the current events and how Area 11 will become a battlefield again. Suzaku quickly cuts to the chase by asking if Lelouch is Zero, and after Lelouch admits that he is, he asks Suzaku to save Nunnally. He knows that Suzaku won’t readily accept his request, but Lelouch has no one else to turn to and begs Suzaku to do it. Suzaku eventually agrees, but he has a condition: he wants to meet Lelouch alone at the Kururugi Shrine.


This episode has all the trappings of a set-up episode, which is another way of saying that there were a lot of little things touched on in advance of next week’s battle. For one, Chiba Nagisa saying that she has something to tell Toudou after all the fighting is over sounds to me like an indication that she’ll die before that happens – the proverbial death flag. Given all the plot twists in CODE GEASS though, I don’t put as much faith in that as I would in other cases. There’s also Lloyd suggesting that Nina will meet her end for insisting that Suzaku use the Lancelot, and while I think that Nina will indeed eventually die, Lloyd was probably just trying to make the point that using Euphemia’s knight for mass slaughter undermines the ideals that Nina holds for Euphemia.

That does, however, open up the question of if Suzaku would actually use such a weapon of mass destruction. He’s shown that he has a conscience (he certainly felt bad enough to let Kallen kick his ass), and I just don’t see how any event pushes him to use it. Perhaps he would have if he had it in the direct aftermath of Euphemia’s death, however he doesn’t have that kind of relationship with anyone anymore and isn’t going through such grief. I suspect that he’ll be stuck between his orders/duty and his conscience, and there’s no good way out of that. Perhaps the bigger question mark though is what Suzaku intends to do in his meeting with Lelouch, and the preview indicates that the topic of Euphemia will come up. Since Lelouch has now admitted that he’s Zero and appears to have realized the importance of friends, maybe he’ll also come clean about all the Geass effects and problems that Suzaku doesn’t know about, and that could lead to a better understanding between the two. Or perhaps I’m being too optimistic, and the two will just yell at each other before facing off in battle.

The biggest omission this week was about what ended up happening between Villetta and Ougi. Since Ougi appears to be fine (and that’s not Sayoko in disguise since she’s with Rolo), Villetta probably got hurt, and I can imagine a scenario where she lost her memories and/or he’s hiding her again. The problem is that with everyone thing else that’s about to happen, the writers may not return to that subplot for a while. As for the others, I found it interesting that Jeremiah called up Guilford. It was probably to tell Guilford that Cornelia is back, and that may effect what Guilford does in the upcoming battle. Speaking of Jeremiah, a friend pointed out to me that if Lelouch and Suzaku ended up cooperating, they could try to use Jeremiah’s Geass Canceller on Anya and find out how her memories got changed. That could also happen sometime during the battle if Jeremiah and Anya’s Knightmare Frames cross paths. Regardless, assuming the Emperor is responsible, I would guess that Emperor did it because Anya has some connection with Marianne. I think of it as an example of how there’s always another layer to the CODE GEASS story, and this particular one might be integral to whatever other surprises lay in store concerning Marianne.

July 27, 2008 at 5:03 am
  • July 30, 2008 at 5:05 pmKalessin

    IIRC, someone posted earlier wondering why have a strategic weapon on a tactical weapon was such a bad idea. It relates to what I’ve just posted on, so I’ll touch on it. The situation is muddled a bit because there are both strategic nuclear weapons and tactical nuclear weapons (in addition, it’s not clear that Freya is even a nuke). Basically, what I take it that Lloyd means is that you don’t usually put a highly destructive bomb on unit which is going to be fighting up close and personal with the enemy (dogfights, tank fights, hand to hand, knightmare to knightmare, or whatever that involves fighting the enemy at close range). Basically, if we were talking about planes, you use bombers to drop bombs, not fighters. You not only risk having the big bomb go boom on you if you’re in a fighter and in the middle of fighting other fighters, but it’s not necessarily the case that you can deploy the bomb in a manner that will allow you to escape. Knightmares are effectively a combination of tanks and fighter planes – depending on how they’re used and how you look at them.

    Large bombs are normally dropped from planes or shot on missiles or released in some other manner that allows for the person using it to avoid getting killed. Putting a highly destructive bomb on a knightmare is lunacy. How on earth is the devicer going to escape? If he’s lucky, he can throw the bomb just far enough, be just fast enough at running away, and have proper shields to protect himself that he might get away. But usually when you’re talking about weapons that are anything along the lines of nukes, you likely can’t run fast enough to get away if you throw the bomb. Maybe if you left the bomb with a timer, it would work, but then you have no guarantee that the enemy doesn’t run away too – or grab it put it among your forces for that matter.

    All in all, putting Freya on the Lancelot is completely stupid. Only Nina would come up with a plan like that.

  • July 30, 2008 at 5:45 pmSuperJiwon

    Yes Nina is certifiably crazy and her intelligence lies more in making shit that explodes rather than figuring how to use them. Also, she thought it was a good idea to set off a nuke with her practically in it without even confirming her target was anywhere nearby at the end of the first season. I’m hoping that she at least had the foresight to include a launching apparatus that can get the device far enough away from Lancelot BEFORE it explodes but again, she is batshit insane. I’m thinking her logic seems to follow “You’re Euphemia’s knight, her revenge is your duty, you will find and engage Zero, and you better use my bomb to blow him all the way to hell. Whether you live through my revenge or not is not really my concern. You’re the one that failed in the first place anyway.” If we look at the bomb it’ll probably have shit like “Death to Zero” or “Euphemia’s Revenge” or “Death to Elevens” scratched all over it with a rusty razer blade with the outfit she borrowed from Euphemia draped over it or something. If she could, she’d probably have a seat mounted on it for her so she can flick Zero the bird before it hits him.
    Heh, slandering Nina is fun!

  • July 30, 2008 at 7:45 pmSilentveil

    Actually, I think that bomb isn’t going to come into play until the very end. Since the emporer is pretty much immortal …how do you kill him? WEll, I figure blowing him into small little bitty pieces might do it. That is my guess on how the Freya bomb or whatever it’s call will be used.

    That is if Suzaku and Lelouche can work together.

  • July 30, 2008 at 8:00 pmKalessin

    Well, given what Nina said about Freya and what Lloyd’s VA said (see http://koshimizu.livejournal.com/3953.html#cutid1 ) about it, it sounds like it destroys things on the atomic level – which is definitely more destructive than a nuke, though given how the explosion appeared to collapse in on itself during the test, it might be better contained. In either case, I do think that it’s the best bet for killing off the emperor at this point (it would certainly be a good reason for it to have been created in the first place). If you can’t kill him with that, you’ll need some more Geass hocus pocus to pull it off and it’s not as if Lelouch is going to grant his wish.

    Still, the fact that Freya has been put on the Lancelot right before a major battle implies that it will be used in that battle. There’s no guarantee of it to be sure, but it seems likely. And even if it is used in the upcoming battle, that doesn’t preclude another one being used on the emperor later.

  • July 30, 2008 at 11:04 pmMalcriado

    If you think about it setting up Freya in Tokyo and killing millions of people could be the final push to Susaku to join Lulu’s ranks. Being a traitor and being a killer are very different things.

    Something interesting I have read before, If rolo dies is because lulu is in fact betrayed by the OoBK, right? Otherwise how could you kill rolo?

  • July 30, 2008 at 11:26 pmKalessin

    There are quite a few ways that Rolo could conceivably die. Lelouch was going to blow him up before. He could be defeated in battle. It’s not like he’s invincible – especially in a knightmare. In addition, V.V. talked about how Rolo had a weak heart. As such, a heart attack could kill him. Lelouch could even have Jeremiah kill him if he really wanted to. There are many, many ways in which Rolo could die. Or he could beat the odds and survive the show. Anything on his fate at this point is either pure speculation or spoilers.

    It’s fine to post your speculation or the speculation of others, but if you read anything anywhere that wasn’t the speculation of someone, then please put spoiler tags on it when posting about it. If you don’t know whether it was spoilers or speculation, then you should play it safe and use spoiler tags. And, of course, if you know that it’s a spoiler for future episodes, then use spoiler tags. I know that there are plenty of people around here that don’t want to see anything that even seems like a spoiler, let alone actual spoilers. Speculation is one thing. Potential spoilers is another.

    Now, if you’re looking for spoilers, then http://koshimizu.livejournal.com/ is the best place that I know of to go. It has official summaries of upcoming episodes, interviews from some of the voice actors, and pretty much anything Code Geass-related that ends up in a magazine. In addition, it has the “Korean Spoilers” that some Korean blogger posted over a month ago which appear to be leaks of major events from approximately episodes 14 – 20. We don’t know for sure that there’ll all 100% correct, but thus far, they’ve been quite accurate. If you want to know more about what happens to Rolo in the upcoming episodes, you can read it there. However, be warned that these are major spoilers and give away many of the major plot points in the next few episodes.

  • July 31, 2008 at 12:29 amKalessin

    Given how Suzaku has acted thus far, if he were to actually set off Freya in a populated area and thus kill thousands if not millions of civilians, there’s a high chance that he’d blame it on Lelouch one way or another. This is especially true if he sets of Freya due to the “Live” Geass command. If that’s not why it gets sets off, then the simple fact that Suzaku set it off in the middle of a fight with the OotBK means that if the OotBK – which Zero not only controls but created in the first place – means that Lelouch is responsible in the sense that if Lelouch had not done what he’d done, the battle would never have taken place and Freya would never have been used.

    Just about anything negative from Suzaku’s point of view thus far has been blamed on Zero/Lelouch – whether it’s justified or not. It’s usually at least partially justified, but you can bet that he’ll blame Lelouch on some level for Freya going off.

    Of course, this being Suzaku, he already hates himself plenty and even if he blames Lelouch, he’ll still hate himself for having set Freya off. For that matter, if he sets Freya off, that might be enough for him to want to actually go so far as to commit suicide. If so, Lelouch will once again be in his way because the “Live” Geass command will prevent it.

    Regadless, Suzaku will – understandably – not be a happy fellow if he sets off a bomb that kills millions of civilians. It would be by far the worst massacre of the series thus far if it were to happen.

    On a side note, I find it rather interesting that Lelouch has only ever told two people to live: Suzaku and Shirley. He’s told quite a few people to die, but not many to live. Of course, there really isn’t much point in telling people to live normally. People usually try their best to do that anyway. He’s told plenty of enemies to die, but he’s always had more enemies than friends, so it does make sense for him to tell people to die more often than to live. Come to think of it, I wonder how good or bad it would probably be to Geass the entire OotBK to “Live.” Given the potential side effects, it would probably be a bad idea, but it might make it more likely that more if its members would live to fight another day. Still, I’d advise against it. In either case, enough rambling for now.

  • July 31, 2008 at 12:37 amgeorge from the empire of the rising sun

    @Silentveil: ever bother to read the spoilers?…some of them went true already….just look at Kalessin’s post….http://koshimizu.livejournal.com/

  • July 31, 2008 at 12:43 amgeorge from the empire of the rising sun

    oh yeah, i’ll add more but they are NOT mine, okay?

    this was from http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=34865

    from 4chan:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    from korean blog:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  • July 31, 2008 at 1:07 amKalessin

    @george from the empire of the rising sun
    I can just about guarantee that Silentveil isn’t going to read any of those spoilers – certainly not the Korean ones. He (She?) was complaining last episode that too many of the posts near the end of the thread were entirely made up of discussions spoilers and were thus covered by spoiler tags. I don’t think that he’s interested in spoilers at all. Many people aren’t I think and certainly the Korean spoilers are something to be feared by anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled.

    The Korean spoilers that you list there are far from the complete list at http://koshimizu.livejournal.com/ , so if you want them all, you’ll have to check them out there. As for the 4chan ones, I have to wonder about a few of them. They mostly coincide with the Korean spoilers, but some of them definitely go farther. Some of those related to Suzaku make a lot of sense – at least where Nunnally is involved. Others seem to be stretching things a bit. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, but given the number of stray “spoilers” around, I’m becoming increasingly skeptical of posted spoilers when they don’t have an actual source. One spoiler that was circulating around claimed that Suzaku was going to end up getting refrained instead of Kallen due to a struggle, but that was totally bogus. The Korean spoilers have shown themselves to be accurate thus far and supposedly Sunrise tried to get the blogger who originally posted them to remove them from his blog, so I trust them to some extent at this point. But when they first came out, they certainly seemed to be stretching things big time. As for the 4chan spoilers, I don’t know anything about where they come from (or what 4chan is for that matter) and many of them are in the Korean spoilers as well (where they could have been copied from), so I’m holding judgment on them until some of them which aren’t in the Korean spoilers come true.

    In any case, we know that interesting stuff is on its way whether it happens quite as the various “spoilers” that are floating around claim its going to or not.

  • July 31, 2008 at 1:37 amSilentveil


    Just for the record, I am a girl, and you are right. I don’t want to look at the spoilers, because, they will pretty much spoil the show. What’s the point of looking at it if I already know what going to happen? But, that’s just my philosophy on things, so don’t mind me.

    If Suzaku kills a whole bunch of people, it would set him off the deep end. He might not die, but going insane isn’t the same things is it? THe live Geass only seem to take place whenever his life is in threat of death, but it doesn’t seem to stop him from being in a predictament that might cause his death. What I mean by this? When Lelouche went over the building to save Shirley they were both dangling over the ground, and easily enough Suzaku could have been pulled over with them. So, the fact that he still latched on means that he can still put himself in danger, but if he felt himself slipping …or the situation looked like he would die by holding onto them …he might let go.

    So, he can be in a dangerous situation [[piloting a knightmare]] but when it comes close to a situation of death, he will do what necassary to survival if there is a way out. Thus, he could still commit suicide, but he would have to think hard on how to accomplish it. No escapes …like poison …could possible do it, or he could surrender to the black knights and let them do what they need to him. Though, if they do anything but kill him from a distances or use poison …they might actually have a pretty violent fight on their hands.

  • July 31, 2008 at 3:00 pmSuperJiwon

    Trying to kill Suzaku from a distance would probably not work at all. Suzaku picked that dagger out of the air in 16 like it was just an annoyance, and in a Knightmare Frame he’s like freaking Amuro Ray. If they needed to kill him, they would have to probably need to do what the Chinese did in the first season. Take out his flight unit, surround, and make him waste his energy. Though how much Lancelot been upgraded since then would be a definite pain. Or just smack him with a Geass Cancellor and let him go on to kill himself somewhere down the line. However, I’m pretty sure killing Suzaku is not going to be anywhere in Lelouch’s plans. That is, unless Suzaku kills Nunnally or blatantly lets her die, but I really don’t see that happening. Also, on a related note, Suzaku’s “Live” geass seems to kick in when Suzaku’s feeling suicidal(like when that Eleven tried to kill him in R2 calling him a traitor), or when he thinks he’s definitely going to die(season 1 against the Chinese, though tying in with the first one, the situation was hopeless so he seemed to be giving into the idea of him dying so the geass activated. Hence suicidal thoughts or resignation to death feelings). Though in the second example I’m pretty sure he would have died anyway, geass or not if Lelouch didn’t come to save him. Maybe that’s why his geass was flickering in and out, it kept making him want to live but he couldn’t find any way to make that happen so the geass kept failing. Kind of like what happened to Shirley, it kept making her want to live but since it was impossible, the geass failed each time.

  • July 31, 2008 at 4:19 pmSilentveil


    I was thinking automatic gun fire ….like a firing squad, because, Suzaku could always catch the knife and throw it back. I figure if everyone shoots at the same time, even Suzaku can’t avoid that many bullets.

    As for that time on chineese ship, maybe Suzaku was fighting it. Remember, when he was originally Geass, he shouted out that he didn’t want to die & then moved to try and do something about it. That wouldn’t have been how he wanted to go out, so maybe, he was fighting the impulse to do the same that time. Because, even though he was out of energy couldn’t he have had always ejected out of the knightmare. Not that it would have saved him, but, it would have been some attempt at escaping his fate. A desperate move to try and survive. It’s know that the Geass can be fought. It could have been like with Euphemia she was fighting hers at first, so, it’s possible to fight the geass, but, it’s a losing battle. Though, how long do you need to actually slit your own throat or take a short walk off a ledge?

    I have to look at that episode again, but I don’t think it flicker with Shirley. She was Geass, but the Geass couldn’t do anything to save her life.

  • July 31, 2008 at 4:45 pmshadowblack

    Actually, in the first season the Lancelot didn’t have an ejection seat (according to what Lloyd said in ep 17). So no, he couldn’t eject even if he wanted to.

  • July 31, 2008 at 4:57 pmKalessin

    The Lancelot had no eject system in season 1 and it has never been mentioned in R2 as to whether one has been added. I do recall Cecile complaining to Lloyd near the end of season 1 that he still hadn’t added one (it might even have been in the episode where the Chinese attacked – which is episode 20 I think). So, ejecting is not an option for Suzaku. If he’s going to run, he either has to jump out of his knightmare or run in his knightmare. He can’t eject.

    I don’t know whether Suzaku was fighting the “Live” Geass command in that episode or not (it’s been too long since I’ve seen it), but I certainly don’t recall Shirley fighting her “Live” Geass command. She just couldn’t follow it because she was too close to death. She would have loved to have survived – particularly when Lelouch was showing so much feeling for her. If anything flickered, it was her life.

    As for Suzaku killing himself, while the actual act of committing suicide might be quick enough that if it were to be done out of nowhere with no thought he might be able to pull it off, if he actually thinks about it ahead of time (like he’s bound to do), then the Geass command would stop him. And really, when it comes down to it, while Suzaku does seem to have a death wish on some level, I don’t think that he’s actually willing to kill himself. If he were, he would have done it ages ago.

    Personally, I’d be very surprised if Suzaku died with the “Live” command in effect unless he was just so totally overwhelmed – be it by enemy forces or by a huge weapon that he couldn’t avoid – that he had no chance of survival.

  • July 31, 2008 at 5:10 pmSuperJiwon

    Do you think that the Lancelot ever got an ejection seat? Not that he ever needed to eject since. Hmm, now that I think about it, the time with the Chinese it actually didn’t kick in until Euphemia told him to not die. Not sure how that works now, I suppose it kicks in whenever the hell Sunrise wants it to. And the fact that it was flickering then, does that mean Suzaku really, really, with all his being, wanted to die instead of live? Or was he trying to forcefully activate it in a situation where he really didn’t feel like he was going to die?(outnumbered, out of batteries, no problem. Wait, you’re saying I should be worried Euphemia?) I suppose Shirley could have been wanting to fight the geass when she was dying too? Like “Oh shit this hurts let me die”.

  • July 31, 2008 at 5:28 pmSuperJiwon


    Yeah just rewatched those scenes. There was definite flicker in them. The one with the Chinese seemed like it was having a hard time turning on and the flicker was really noticable, with Euphemia it only flickered out once before she collapsed to the ground, and with Shirley it only flickered right before she was about to die. Or close her eyes so we couldn’t see it anymore, since it probably took her a while more to die. Though a Shirley with wide, dead, geass eyes is pretty damn creepy so maybe that’s why they took it out.

  • July 31, 2008 at 6:36 pmSilentveil


    Wow, never thought about that one, that Suzaku could have actually tried to activate his own Geass then, but, I don’t believe he even knows he had it then. I wonder if he knows he has it even now? Oh well, it’s hard to figure out what exactly trigger it, because, at one time I thought it was code word, live/die. Yet, after he flip that guy with the knife, I just can’t figure it out anymore either.

    It’s not the first time they took amazing liberaties …for instances, the entire army that Lelouche has. Where in the world do they keep getting those toys, and why can’t anyone track them? I mean … a huge train load full of Knightmares traveling around should be noticable, and how do they always know where to send them? It’s not like the donors aren’t people outside of the Black knights, and the entire signing up to join the Black Knights. Britianna didn’t slip a spy into thier network because……

  • July 31, 2008 at 7:15 pmgeorge from the empire of the rising sun

    regarding the spoilers, still i don’t know if someone from the staff manage to blab it on the internet….if this will be on the news, i say Sunrise will delay the last few episodes to rewrite the story and of course, they can not say that this is an “accident”…

  • July 31, 2008 at 7:23 pmgeorge from the empire of the rising sun

    btw, i just found this website: http://derailedbydarry.com/archives/2008/07/31/1621/

    turns out that the Korean blog spoilers came from KOREAN animator who got fired….i’m guessing he wants revenge on Sunrise by spreading this spoilers and hoping if these reach the news….

  • July 31, 2008 at 7:31 pmgeorge from the empire of the rising sun

    btw, another yet funny blog: http://trainwreck.ggkthx.org/

    tells about the in depth theories of code geass

  • August 1, 2008 at 7:54 amRemmell

    I believe that Suzaku has wanted to die, but not by his own hand. He wants to be punished for his sins. He was ready to die, but Lelouch gave him the command to “Survive”. It’s the same as with other attacks on Suzaku. It’s like his mind, deep down, wants to die; but the Geass forces his body to move and protect himself.
    I think this is where Suzaku’s conflict stems from with Lelouch. He knows Lelouch used his Geass to save Suzaku, but this same Lelouch killed Euphy. He doesn’t understand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lelouch doesn’t get the chance to explain to him. This series is infamous for cutting off important conversations.

    I think Freya is different then the way Nina originally designed. Before it was a bulky bomb. I think now it’s been more weaponized, like a warhead. I’m thinking that ‘something’ will happen and Suzaku will launch the bomb in the battle. Though I have no idea, with a bomb like that, Suzaku wont wipe out his target. From what we have heard only one of the semi well known Black Knights will die in this attack. How does he miss wiping them all out? Does seem odd how Suzaku could launch such a weapon and survive without knowing it’s abilities before.
    When Lloyd was pushing Nina I don’t think he meant they would literally die. I think he more meant who they both thought they were would die. It would kill the ideals that Suzaku claimed he was fighting for. His, “I joined the army to stop people from dying.”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nina was trying to get Suzaku killed. I noticed how she asked him if he’s still wishes to associate himself with the “Elevens”.

    I think no matter how much Suzaku may want to die now he can’t take his own life. The Geass would prevent it.

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  • August 1, 2008 at 8:43 amshadowblack

    PLOT, not PILOT. It probably refers to whoever is trailing Suzaku.

  • August 1, 2008 at 4:57 pmRemmell

    Yeah. You are right. I really need to stop reading things on a computer screen at 6AM when I haven’t slept yet.

  • August 31, 2008 at 4:30 amlawlnuts

    /spoiler lol

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