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14 years ago at a Union university, a young Billy had talked with Sumeragi – then still Leesa Kujo – about her graduation thesis about the tactical theory and forecasted toll of unmanned craft combat. Billy had figured out that Sumeragi was planning on becoming a tactical forecaster and had complimented her because she was graduating at only the age of 17. Sumeragi had felt that she was still not in Kati’s league, though Kati was known as a genius tactical forecaster. Sumeragi’s goal was to become a tactical forecaster like Kati so that she could save lives and keep damage to a minimum by attempting strategies that would lead to swift resolutions. Billy had believed that she could do it and had lamented how lonely it’d be once she graduated, and their conversation had been interrupted by the arrival of Kati. Kati had read the thesis and was impressed by it, and she wondered if the next time they’d meet would be on the battlefield. Kati hoped that it wouldn’t be as enemies, but it didn’t turn out that way, and as Sumeragi thinks about it back in the present, she questions why Kati is in A-LAWS.

Back on Earth, Sergei and his Federation unit are stationed outside the Middle Eastern country of Suihr, watching its movements. Suihr opposes the Federation’s Middle East reorganization plan, and the Federation knows that if Suihr acts, then the other countries will follow. The government has dispatched A-LAWS to prevent this. Katharon is aware of the situation and of how powerful Suihr is militarily, though it still doesn’t match the Federation’s power. The Katharon leaders aren’t sure of how they can help militarily, so Shirin proposes that they use their information network to pass along the information that Suihr has on the Federation’s misgovernment in the Middle East. She feels that if there’s public objection, then the Federation won’t be able to interfere carelessly in the Middle East. Deciding to go with this plan, they send a man to contact the Suihr’s royal family. Marina meanwhile remains concerned about Azadistan, but Shirin informs her that there hasn’t been any noteworthy information out of there recently, and they can’t go in to check because of the Federation have closed the border off.

Shirin then tells Marina that the only way to rebuild Azadistan is to defeat the Federation, and she feels that it is Marina’s duty as a princess to fight. Marina, however, doesn’t think that it is possible for everyone to be happy if they use force to get Azadistan back. Shirin doesn’t mind if Marina doesn’t do anything, but she personally vows to fight. After this conversation, Marina realizes that she now understands Setsuna’s feelings of losing his home, and she questions how he’s able to fight despite the sense of loss. Up in space, Arthur Goodman tells Kati that it’s highly likely that the Ptolemaios headed to Lagrange 3, and he’s leaving her in charge of the pursuit. Kati ends up thinking about Sumeragi and questions if what happened with Emilio led to her committing to the philosophy of Celestial Being. She sees the eradication of war as nothing more than a foolish dream and believes that strife will never disappear from the world, and she notes that they became tactical forecasters to prevent the prolonging of fighting.

Over on the Ptolemaios, Setsuna is thinking about Marina, Ali Al Saachez, and how nothing has changed when the ship comes under attack. Marie can sense that something dangerous is coming, and since the Arios and Seravee are still being repaired, only the 00 Gundam is initially sent out. Setsuna immediately notices that the enemy mobile suit is equipped with a pseudo-GN Drive, and he has a hard time keeping up with its mobility. To everyone’s surprise, this new unit is able to deploy a GN field, and it uses beam sabers hidden in its fingers to slice off the barrel of the 00 Gundam’s gun. Before Setsuna can use the Trans-Am system, the Cherudim and the Ptolemaios come to his aid, and the enemy pilot decides to retreat. Sumeragi suspects that the attack was to check and warn them that the Federation has expanded out here and to show them the new unit’s abilities. Tieria realizes that the enemy pilot was an Innovator, but he still can’t tell Sumeragi anything and questions his own hesitation.

The Ptolemaios eventually arrives at the secret Lagrange 3 base, and Mileina is reunited with her mother. Ian introduces her as Linda Vashti, and everyone is surprised at how young she looks. On a more serious note, Sumeragi has Ian speed up the resupply and repairs, but a new face tells them that this will take at least five days. This person introduces herself as Anew Returner and had been scouted by Wang Liu Mei, and Ian is quite impressed with her already. Back down on Earth, Katharon gets word that the Suihr royal family is willing to meet with them, so one of their leaders heads out for the meeting. While this is going on, Marina is watching over the children and gets in a conversation with a Suihr boy who is worried about his country. The boy questions why everybody can’t get along and suggests that they all just have to eat a meal together. When Marina asks him for other suggestions, the boy proposes playing together, singing together, and sharing their treasured things.

The Ptolemaios crew meanwhile examines the 0 Raiser which has the ability to control the Twin Drive and amplify the Trans-Am of the 00 Gundam. There is also a support craft for the Arios, the GN Archer, but for the time being, they’re ready to test the 0 Raiser. While the others are working, Marie notices Saji looking down and talks to him about it. Saji admits to being unsure of what to do because he feels the need to atone for all the people who died because of him, but he can’t bring himself to fight or kill. He also questions if Marie will stay with Celestial Being, so she confirms that she’ll be here as long as Allelujah is. She’s prepared even if it means getting involved in the fighting because she used to be a soldier, and she’s decided not to leave Allelujah no matter what happens. Saji is envious of her and confesses that he has someone he feels similarly about, and if he were reunited with her, then he wouldn’t leave her either. However, he feels very uneasy, and what he doesn’t know is that Louise is at this moment suffering from another one of her painful episodes.

Over on the A-LAWS ship under Kati’s command, the mobile suit that had attacked the Ptolemaios earlier has arrived. Patrick tries to convince Kati to let him have a new mobile suit, but she shuts him up in frustration. When its pilot Bring Stabity runs into Revive Revival, he reveals that the Memento Mori will be used. The other Innovators – specifically Regene and Ribbons – are talking about this as well back at their base, and Ribbons explains that using it will accelerate the Middle East plan and unite humanity’s will. He also thanks Wang Liu Mei for helping with the construction of it, and she looks forward to the future that the Innovators will create. Nena meanwhile encounters Ali Al Saachez, and when she realizes who he is, she attacks him. He easily stops her and warns her against endangering her life. Ali then pays a visit to Ribbons, who he refers to as his client and boss, to report on not finding something. Ribbons doesn’t mind and has Ali watch what’s about to happen with him.

At this moment, A-LAWS is getting ready to fire a giant orbital weapon called the Memento Mori. The ensuing blast hits the Suihr capital right as the meeting between the Katharon leader and the royal family is going on, and it vaporizes everything. Unaware of what’s happening, the Celestial Being crew is testing the 0 Raiser’s control system with the Trans-Am system, and result is astonishing. It reaches over 290% of the normal numbers and exceeds the theoretical limits, and that makes Ian question if this is the Twin Drive that Aeolia foresaw. With all the particles flying around, Marie suddenly senses that Sergei is in trouble and tells him to run. Allelujah and Tieria also get headaches, and it causes Hallelujah to reawaken.


Well after a lot of buildup, it seemed like all the exciting stuff happened in the final couple of minutes and in the epilogue of this episode. For one, the fact that Sergei might have gotten caught up in the blast (and thus be dead) combined with the apparent return of Hallelujah suggests that the story between Marie and Allelujah isn’t done just yet. I should have known something was up after Marie said all those things to Saji about always staying with Allelujah. It probably foreshadows that she’ll have trouble with the person she didn’t expect to appear again, and it might make her question her commitment. Still, assuming that the GN Archer requires a pilot since it has a cockpit, she’d be perfect for the job (just like Saji would be perfect for the 0 Raiser), and that might be reason enough to believe that she’ll stick around.

As for the super weapon, I’m a bit surprised that one appeared so relatively early in the series, but this makes things very interesting. I can’t help but wonder though if there’s not another veiled political point being made here about using military force to destroy and impose your will on a country that doesn’t agree with you, especially since this series keeps going to the Middle East for all this conflict. In any case, I would assume that Celestial Being will decide that A-LAWS can’t have that kind of power and will want to destroy it or something, but I’m sure Ribbons has planned for this. One of his trump cards is likely to be Anew Returner as a spy or saboteur. She’s made to seem normal and harmless in this episode, but her appearance and connection to Wang Liu Mei are very suspicious. It’s probably less of a question of if she’s one of the bad guys and more of a question of when Setsuna and company will realize this. For the time being though, it looks like they’ll have their hands full with the A-LAWS attack on Lagrange 3 that’s hinted at in the preview, and we’ll finally get to see how powerful the 00 Gundam has become.

On a final note, a commercial for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series aired at the end of this episode. It still feels really early for them to be advertising, but I guess they wanna get the word out.

December 7, 2008 at 5:09 am
  • December 7, 2008 at 11:06 pmRaiv

    Ion cannon deployed!

  • December 7, 2008 at 11:23 pmMatt

    I’m not so sure on this but to me it seems like Hallelujah isn’t back. It’s a new personality. If you pay attention to the dialect in which he speaks, its different from the ones both Hal and Al used/use.

  • December 7, 2008 at 11:31 pmjubei himura

    You know I am starting to believe that the real enemy is Wang Liu Mei. Anybody else feel the same way?

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:06 amRie-chan

    I think it should be Bring Stability, it was said that the innovators are the new blah blah to bring peace to the world. So i guess the names of the innovators goes that way. Like Bring Stability will bring stability … to the world? Lol

    It can also be a new personality from Allulejah since Hallelujah somehow ‘died’. But what would he be called now? Wallelujah? XD

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:23 amFalenXangel

    I think in ep 9 they regenne confirmed they used gn particles to amplify their quantum waves.

    Sweet Hallelujah, now it can be HallelujahXSoma and AllelujahXMarie, they totally fit each other

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:23 amRC

    Its Bring Stabity/Stabbity according to the credits.

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:31 aminvAZN

    New season of FMA eh?

    I wonder what’s that gonna be about.

    Oh yeah 00, right. That’s why I watched this ep.

    Hallelujah and Setsuna go mofo with their new upgrades. Yeeeeeaaahhhh.

  • December 8, 2008 at 1:12 amAsoch3

    @ jubei himura

    Wang Liu Mei is a total biatch!

  • December 8, 2008 at 1:51 amDrew

    Anew is a spy. Even ignoring that she was recruited via Wang Liu Mei, at some point in this episode the Innovators mentioned Anew by name themselves. Considering she’s basically been entrenched in their R&D, there’s a lot of potential for harm here.

    I’m not 100% convinced that was Halleluja. I was under the impression that there were 3 personalities within. Still, this definitely puts a crimp in the Marie/Allej relationship, which I think we all knew must happen since it was way too early to be saying “happy ending”. If this is Gundam (and it is :p ), I suspect sadness in that pairing, and this different personality is a good step in that direction.

    I hope Sumeragi doesn’t fall apart now that she knows she’s fighting Kati.

    It’s an anime, so it is hard to say if a person is dead, but it would make a lot of sense for Sergei to have died. It would put his goodbye with Marie in a good place, create tensions, and just drive the story and drama much better than for him to have miraculously survived. It might also help to catalyze any plots surrounding his son, who seems to be a pretty alright man who doesn’t really fit the “evil” aura of A-LAWS himself.

    This season of 00 is just great. I hated how we had this long break, but it seems they really spent that time well to greatly improve the show. I can’t wait for next week. :)

  • December 8, 2008 at 2:36 amKunai

    Killer Kill for next innovator name. Hallelujah back….time for so crazy fight scenes. All i see now is CB is screwed for the rest of the season. And i hope Sergie isnt dead, but i guess that is the fate of a nice guy.

  • December 8, 2008 at 2:48 amCain

    The innovators’ names are horrible.

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:07 amKnight_SV

    i hoping anew didn’t turn out into a spy though she definitely an innovator

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:12 amxxraihaxx

    i hope tat anew will be like tieria and she is a girl tat suit to be wife cuz she can do everything.bring really awesome.why someone thought tat the one appear is allelujah 3rd personality

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:36 amLJkAze

    Hmmm if Soma/Marie sense that Sergei is in trouble and probably wont make it out alive she will be very sad and lose her only one most close to her beside Allelujah; their is no way she will return to the other side anymore now that she experince that it not CB fault anymore because she on there ship. Even if she was to turn back to Soma she wont forgive the Innovators and instead help Celestial Being. Everything was all planned out nicely though they always end us with suspense: Sergei dies; Soma/Marie sad now she will now definitely avenge Sergei by going back to the battlefield fighting along side with Allelujah, O-Raizer and GN Archer is introduced and probally Soma/Marie will pilot GN Archer, Hallelujah revives but I doubt its to face Soma/Marie but maybe he sense Soma/Marie has the will to fight and then Allelujah wont be weak sauce and has will to fight because he going to fight along side with Marie and protect her; that is what brought Hallelujah back because Allelujah wont be a burden or lets hope so.

  • December 8, 2008 at 5:46 amphatmlrd

    I belive Louise is a Newtype. She totally had a newtype flash back in episode 8, and she has blue eyes and blonde hair, wich seems pretty common among newtypes (Char, Mulaflaga, RawKruzze). I also think Graham is a newtype as well, and maybe even Ali since he seems to be able kick anyones ass.

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:09 amNigelDamas


    Gotta love the batshit-insane guy. ( ^ U ^ )

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:43 amdh19440113

    Now that A-LAW uses their ion cannon (memento mori), I expect weak little katharon to try taking it out and fail and CB saving the day.

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:47 amdh19440113

    The uneasy relation between Ali and Ribbon will probably go sour, as Ali is a known turncoat and ribbon who’s smart enough to predict Ali’s psychopath behavior.

  • December 8, 2008 at 7:00 amdh19440113

    anew will probably pilot o raiser in the next fight, well until she screw CB over weather she work for innovator or Wang Liu Mei doesn’t detract from the fact that she will screw CB over sooner or later.

    It seems seravee and cherudim will get no upgrades, no new sniper rifle or bazooka.

  • December 8, 2008 at 7:09 amKnowngni

    hmm. I get the feeling Ian and his wife are going to die…. I mean after this season theres probably no season 3 so theres no need for new gundams hence Ian & Linda are going to die just to ruin Mileina’s happy-go-lucky attitude.

    On another note, wow the giant super laser to attack earth appears… Anyone wanna bet a scene of OO gundam full output mega beam vs giant laser beam to see which is stronger?

    I thought Tieria had hair that was slightly above the shoulders? The dance I could understand if he used a wig but the shower?

    anyone wanna call bets on Tieria x Anew Returner couple just to make him seem straight?

  • December 8, 2008 at 7:59 amJordiBlau

    Why do I have a feeling that Soma will head into battle now and will be up against Louise at some point. That should f*ck with Louise’s mind, as she absolutely admires Soma.

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:16 amraikujin


    I missed him and his craziness.

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:24 amFrito the Gundam Nerd

    hal is back and now the innovator tree is complete.

    bring/maybe neena

    this episode was interesting to say the least. maybe killing papa bear in the process. in which will give soma another reason to fight. alle doesn’t want her to fight. oh ok i get it. he is dead. who might come back in the future.

    memento mori is an awesome name. and now the a-laws has pissed off soma/halle, setsuna, lyle/cataron, and the ever confused tieria.

    who is going through a weird dilemma of letting his comrades know or not. oh well at least he has an innovator partner by his side for now who will most likely betray them?????

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:26 amshadowblack

    Anyone else think Nena might betray Wang Liu Mei in order to avenge her brothers?

    Judging by the number of people who think Anew Returner is a spy it’ll be one hell of a surprise if it turns out she is NOT and is really on CB’s side…

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:33 amDrei

    Well, just wondering… Since you guys are saying that Hallelujah is back, what if that persona is not Hallelujah, and instead it’s the one called as Yallellujah, just like in the comedic preview shown months ago?

    Just a thought…

  • December 8, 2008 at 9:11 amKnowngni

    They made her cute…. so they better have not made her evil.

  • December 8, 2008 at 9:40 amFrito the Gundam Nerd

    you see shadowblack, i have come to a conclusion that anew is a plot device to showcase tieria how human he has a become. they may have a love story involving the two under their sleeves and will definitely create more confusion to the guy. here’s the deal if he somehow falls in love with another innovator, it will be his duty to persuade her to choose a side, in which will create a complex scheme that will pin ribbons to either defeat his own allies in order to achieve his goal. that’s my speculation.

    tieria=spacenoid=becomes romantically linked to a woman=mindfuck

    that’s it for now, wait ’til next episode, hopefully they’ll shed some light on this matter.

  • December 8, 2008 at 9:54 amWingZero zxt

    LOL they all felt the disturbance in the force!!!! AMUSING!

    Its as If Millions Of Voices Suddenly Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced!


  • December 8, 2008 at 9:58 amWingZero zxt

    regarging anew i reckon shell probably start out a spy but not really have any firm resolve then end up not being a spy for some reason romance or whatever! her being just a spy or Not being just a spy is to boring and predictable

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:05 amFrito the Gundam Nerd

    that’s why the conflich between her feelings will make it interesting. if they penned her for romance with tieria, will she join him, if she is penned to be a spy, we’ll she join ribbons and/or playt both sides and come out as the ultimate villain. there are tons of uncertainties regarding her position. i suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:08 amWingZero zxt

    she could be niether not everyone gets a romantic pairing surely (will be checking for responses for next 1hr)

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:12 amFrito the Gundam Nerd

    trust me, sunrise is cheesy like that. and whats more interesting than a person who is not suppose to feel love it to see him develop such emotions. the innovators are solely built for leading and mating. that’s all.

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:12 amJay

    Hallelujah should had been the main character for this series. Setsuna’s character is becoming annoying along with marina’s. This guy gets pwned by everybody bushido, ali, an innovator geez how many times does he need to get whoop before he goes seed mode? I dont remember any main gundam character getting rape this many times….

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:21 amshadowblack

    @Frito the Gundam Nerd
    “hal is back and now the innovator tree is complete.

    bring/maybe neena”

    The first three are correct, however the last one is not. It’s Bring/Divine. Divine was already mentioned in one of the previous eps, and you can see the two in the OP. It’s definitely not Nena.

    Regardless of whether Anew will get romantically involved with someone or not I hope she joins the good guys for real. They could use her talents…

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:32 amWingZero zxt

    I agree J hopefully now hes been given full power of the once defective UBER gundam we will see the true capabilities of the suit! ( i would say see his true capabilities but hes made it abundantly clear that he is sub standard!) it will be funny when all of the people say that 00 was the clsest to nonsenical in a mech drama get thier hopes dashed quite spectacularly!

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:44 ammasterzero

    Can anyone look the last image of 00 Raizer that’s seen on the preview ?

    Lancelot conquista much?

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:56 amJay

    My problem with setsuna is the following in order to win he needs to hax. The guy skills instead of improving they regressed same thing with tiera. Ever since they introduced the trans-am mode they apparently forgot how to fight. Allelujah/Hallelujah and even this lockon have more fighting spirit. I dont remember any main character sucking this much and becoming so machine dependent as setsuna

  • December 8, 2008 at 11:07 amWingZero zxt

    @Masterzero NAH conquista was laaaaaaaaame! i dont see what u mean! i reckon the oraisers wings will have a bit of wing split/fray action at the ends which will give it a SMALL ammount of the freedom vibe!

  • December 8, 2008 at 11:10 amWingZero zxt

    Also has everyone else forgotten that nena is the pychotic one who randomly killed louises parents for no reason!!!!! who cares who sh gets paired with as ong as shes dead by the end of the series along with libbons and grham acre aswell as Ali al sarches (its funny i almost dont want ali to die because hes is by far the most fun to watch!!!)

  • December 8, 2008 at 11:39 amWingZero zxt

    Maybe its just me but i cant remember! Are the red haired ones always insane in gundam???

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:29 pmSentinel

    So Hallelujah’s back huh? My guess is that this will be a test of Marie’s love for Allelujah; will she love him no matter what, like he did for her, even when she did not remember him and was his enemy? My prediction is that this will end in one of two ways. One it works out and they end up together (Another one of those love conquers all storylines??), or Marie ends up dead while doing something to save his soul… (Which wouldn’t be an entirely bad ending, but pretty depressing.)

  • December 8, 2008 at 12:40 pmshadowblack

    Or how about: Soma falls in love with Hallelujah, resulting in two couples: Ale/Marie and Hale/Soma. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially if Sergei got hurt (even killed) because of A-LAWS, giving Soma a reason to fight against her former allies. Especially since Hale and Some seem to be better pilots than Ale and Marie.

    I guess that would count as another “love conquers all” ending, only slightly different from the usual…

  • December 8, 2008 at 1:14 pmSentinel

    Interesting… Now that’s thinking outside the box!

  • December 8, 2008 at 1:21 pmFrito the Gundam Nerd

    everyone loves a great underdog story, so stop whining and just let setsuna be him. you have to understand that they are writing their script with the focus on destiny and worth. is setsuna’s destiny to control the machine and shit like that. its not like he asked to get the haxor of a toy to begin with. each and every character has their motivation and values. it just happens that setsuna’s is suppose to pilot the exia and 00. with the background and all.

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:04 pmjho

    sick ep, can’t wait for the new FMA either.

  • December 8, 2008 at 3:46 pmGundam 00 freak

    Hallelujah is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!. hallelujah amen.

  • December 8, 2008 at 5:40 pmZakasan

    This episode is best summed up in one sentence:

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:47 pmprometheus

    @Algent its 290% in jap omfg that much output DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! Symptoms to over exposure of GN particals may include Headaches, enhance in quantum brain waves, and revival of crazy and sadistic alteregos. :P

    BOOYA HALLE is BAK and he must be happy :P he got even better toys this time LOLZ!!!

  • December 8, 2008 at 6:55 pmsalau

    well the 0-riser exceeded 290 percent

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:44 pmDexter

    That Independence Day attack was not cool. That Memento Mori is starting to become like the story of Code Geass R2 with their own version of Damocles to control the will of people or in this case unify mankind in Ribbons thinking.

    About Anew Returner I’d say Aeolia left her to be part of CB as a good guy or is just a damn spy to screw the CB team up as a bad guy, we will see the true intentions of CB innovator later.

    Nena and Ali are in a big argument hohoho what is going to happen from now on?

    That 0 Raizer looks cool can’t wait to see it in action and the support for Arios is piloted by Marie/Soma YAY avenge the Colonel (I’d say he isn’t dead just under a big pile of sand). Hallelujah is back YAY. Looks like Super Soldier M.A.S.H team is together again. (Marie, Allelujah, Soma and Hallelujah = M.A.S.H)

    Finally Innovators have their own special suit and Ribbons taking command of pulling the damocles/memento mori warhead/beam cannon.

    Let’s wait until Sunday!!!

  • December 8, 2008 at 8:46 pmDexter

    I hope that Hallelujah doesn’t get into an argument with Marie/Soma. That would suck and it’s unnecessary.

  • December 9, 2008 at 12:46 amskydragonking

    Well, here’s my say people. You guys are free to have any violent reactions, but I warn you, I don’t take insulting ones lightly…

    Anyway, first is Anew Returner. True that she likely to be the “twin” of Revive Revival. That make for a good ground to say she’s a spy, considering she pops out of nowhere. But i get vibes that she’s not. Maybe there’s something in the group shots of the Innovators, the one in the intro and the one way back in Season 1′s epilogue. That says something, that’s for sure. And she’s blushing, hardly acceptable for Innovator behavior. Either she’s a rogue like Tieria or she’s a REALLY good actor. Lemme know what you guys think

    Next is Sergei/Soma/Hallelujah. I don’t think he was caught up in the explosion, maybe the shockwave of the debris, but if he did die, I’d think it’d mean for the Soma to see eye-to-eye with Marie and Celestial Being, not to go against them should she resurface. Otherwise, I think was pointless to have brought her aboard the Ptolemaios. Besides, remember that Marie is the dominant one, like Allelujah is over Hallelujah. Speaking of Hallelujah, I’m convinced that it’s him and not that so-called third personality, after watching Season 1 again. And as stated by him before he “died”, the only reason he didn’t tell his other half that Soma was Marie, if only to protect him, knowing that Soma was going all out to kill Allelujah. Now that that’s not the case anymore, hopefully, I don’t think Hallelujah has any reason to butt heads with Soma. As for that third personality, instead of another identity, I think the third is actually the two personalities combined as seen in Season 1 Ep 25, this time permanently, seeing as how Allelujah now has both eyes exposed.

    Finally, the pilot of the 0 Raizer. Lasse’s a good choice and he may be the initial pilot, but I think Saji’s gonna be the assigned pilot. He’s maturing on his stay with CB, and obviously his mistake back in the desert was the wake-up kick in the nuts. With the way things are going, seeing the docile Marie still have a will to fight, he’s gonna stop moping around. Besides, he’ll find out sooner or later Louise is in the A-Laws. You think he’ll still be the mopy weenie you guys think him to be when he does?

  • December 9, 2008 at 3:43 amshizuo77

    Wang Liu Mei is a- Laksharta Chawla(of code geass)-wannabe. Its their act..are somewhat similar and don’t seems to bother that much on which side/team they would rather be

  • December 9, 2008 at 5:26 amAmethyst

    I really like the flow the story.

  • December 9, 2008 at 11:32 amEspada

    ok just watched the 10th episode (and again i want more!!!).

    Memento Mori is the newer version of Genesis, Neo Genesis, and Requiem [sigh].

    Hallelujah is back or is this the third personality? cause both of his eyes are shown.

    About the speculation that Sergie will die nope i double check the trailer.

    to clarify this things PLS speed up GUNDAM OO!!!

  • December 9, 2008 at 1:41 pmAxia

    That was a great episode! Definitely they rolled out this weapon quite early in comparison with other series…but maybe that’s since they may have another weapon in development or something. (First thing it reminded me of was the Ion Cannon from Command and Conquer, since it’s such a directed weapon aimed at earth). Either way, more action and more threats like this make this series quite interesting. Im really eager to see what exactly Wang Liu Mei wants from all this, since it doesnt seem like she cares at all about who gets killed or what happens since she did say she just wants the world to ‘change’. But change for what? The better? Or worse even? Im not sure if she’s sticking with the plan that Ribbons told Tieria about unification.

    Halleleujah’s back for the kill! I was wondering why they gave the upgrade to Arios, but there’s the answer. Should be quite the machine now to stand up against other machines like the one Bring pilots. Im also eager to see how he’s going to react when he sees Marie right there. Soma as a pilot for the GN-Archer would make a lot of sense, and if Saji pilots the O-Raizer, this would be quite interesting. All in all, great series so far!

  • December 9, 2008 at 2:03 pmFrito

    @espada, well that would be a cool theme to write down on the script, if that is the case, people would flock over jewllujah and be his fanboys,girls,gays.

    i would kiss someone if the real boss is anew returner working as aeolia’s real spy. muahahahahahahaha.

  • December 9, 2008 at 3:41 pmblack_star

    heh. mr.loverboy will be snapped out of it anytime soon after the re-awakening of haleluiah-pt.2

  • December 10, 2008 at 5:06 pmisn’t this Gundam Wing 2?

    I need some clarification.

    First, who funds CB? is there some colony out there mass producing weapons?

    Second, What is the innovator tree?

    Third, when are crashing colonies on the earth again?

  • December 10, 2008 at 10:16 pmJordiBlau

    I can answer you first question.. The one funding is probably Aeolia, not in person ofcourse but through his network, al lot of capital has been build over 200 years.. Even back then he was lightyears ahead on technology in comparison to the rest of the world. So he was already wealthy, now imagine his family or close followers that build on this empire the last 200 years… That can become quite a fortune, other then that maybe Wang Liu Mei is funding them, who knows (she is playing two sides).. I don’t believe there’s a clear answer on this, but it’s just a bit of logical reasoning.

    As for your other questions, maybe someone else can help you on those.

  • December 11, 2008 at 8:33 am00samurai

    nice amplified 00 its the best!!!!!!!

  • December 11, 2008 at 10:06 amJust speculating

    Has anyone else noticed that Ali didn’t reveal to Livonze that he had met Nena snooping around when questioned? (just before watching the Memento Mori fire)

    I wonder if he’s playing ‘along’ with the Innvators, only to sell them out later.

  • December 11, 2008 at 8:18 pmJordiBlau

    It was kinda strange indeed that he didn’t report it..

    Something that was said during this episode or was it 9 I’m not sure.. Kept bugging me. I believe one of the innovators said that Aeolia never made it past the first stage of his plan, he outlined it but never made the preparations for the full 3-stage plan. He got attached to the meisters and didn’t realise the plan further than stage 1 during his life. That explains the twin drive and trans-am, extra protections if unexpected events turn up.

    Yet now whe’re at stage 2 out of three. Back to stage 1, in it tieria was created or altered, i don’t know how innovators are made, but they aren’t natural.. Of course he is not told he’s supposed to die.. And Aeolia apperently didn’t want the meisters to bite the dust. (something like that was mentioned, but I’m to lazy to rewatch 9 and 10).

    So this leaves me with one question. Who made the other innovators? Ribbons didn’t just come out of thin air. Everybody asumes that the new innovator at CB is siding with Ribbons just because she is one. But who is building these things or build these things, I’d like to know..! If it was Ribbons, he would have known about Nena right (she has innovator-like abilities), yet he doesn’t and why didn’t Ali tell Ribbons he saw her.

    Maybe there’s a bigger player on the stage then Ribbons. Obviously Wang Liu Mei knows more than CB and Ribbons, but is there maybe someone we haven’t seen yet, or is she that person? At least I’m certain that Ribbons and CB are just toys for a bigger person who may have adopted and executed Aeolia’s full plan. If Wang Liu Mei can create these persons, it would explain why the enhanced persons (innovators) keep popping up around her, and it could mean that the new innovator at CB isn’t necessarily going to betray them.

    The big guns are out next episode already, so there’s going to be a significant story development soon, I just want to know who’s the master planner of this game to reform the human race.

  • December 12, 2008 at 4:30 amDexter

    In the end of the Ali will kill the innovators he was on Wang Liu side all along LOLZ.

  • December 13, 2008 at 2:26 pmkim

    I got baddddd feeling about this!

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