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Natsuiro Kiseki – 09

「旅のソラのさきのさき」 (Tabi no Sora no Saki no Saki)
“Saki and the Sky on Her Trip”

When I first read about Natsuiro Kiseki, I suspected it would be like the end of episode one, a show that fills you with wonder at what was to come. What I hoped it would be, was this.

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Eureka Seven AO – 08

「(ワン・ネイション・アンダー・ア・グルーヴ/blue thunder」 (Wan Neishon Andā A Gurūvu)
“One Nation Under a Groove”

It’s ironic that Eureka Seven AO is the first series in almost two years to make me question whether I really wanted to be blogging at all.

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RC Contest – Guess That Chibi!

Random Curiosity has a new banner – this time, it’s not from an anime. This banner is a collaboration project between me and Prooof. I’ve drawn the RC crew (current writers) as chibis while Prooof did the amazing equalizer background.

When I finished my drawings, the other writers suggested that we should make you – our dear readers – guess which writer each chibi represents. I thought I’d make a little contest out of this.

Hints so far: 6 (inside the post)

Note: This is a sticky post. Scroll past this for the regular posts! This post will be probably be stickied until someone wins. We have a winner!

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Sankarea – 09

「母の…手…」 (Haha no… Te…)
“Mother’s… Hand…”

As promised, a full episode devoted to Mero! I was super excited to see her character’s background and side story…

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Hyouka – 06

「大罪を犯す」 (Daizai wo Okasu)
“Commiting a Grave Crime”

After last week’s amazing episode that thoroughly blew my mind away with not one but two huge revelations, this week’s step back left me wanting more. Not because the episode was bad, but the lack of substance behind the mystery and a lingering question that kept surfacing had me looking for something that wasn’t necessarily there.

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