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Sword Art Online – 02

「ビーター」 (Bītā)

The spirit of co-operation is one of those glorious things that make an MMO such an incredible experience. Watching people come together, uniting under solid leadership, standing back to back, helping each other when they fall… it’s really something beautiful to behold.

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous – 02

This episode played with my emotions much like love does, swinging me back and forth between highs and lows.

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「動き始めた刻(とき)」 (Ugoki Hajimeta Toki)
“The Time Has Begun”

This is why I enjoy fillers in FAIRY TAIL.

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Hyouka – 12

「限りなく積まれた例のあれ」 (Kagirinaku Tsumareta Rei no Are)
“Practically Piled to the Ceiling”

But before I go on about how I think an episode focused on Mayaka would be great, I never expected that an episode focused on the characters and not the mystery would end up being so entertaining!

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