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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 03

「近すぎて遠い…」 (Chikasugite Tooi…)
“So Close and Yet So Far…”

The third episode. This is the third episode, and already they’re throwing emotional fastballs like we’re sprinting down the final stretch. Except we’re not, because they still took the time for some hijinx, and they’re still only beginning to build up the characters. This show…this show has been gravely underestimated. So far, it’s great!

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October 22, 2012 at 11:00 pm Comments (126)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – 04

「夏ブレイク」 (Natsu Bureiku)
“Summer Break”

A slight flash of Haru’s past reveals itself to us, but Mitty still has a long ways to go before seeing the rest. Anything you can do I can do better~

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Shin Sekai Yori – 04

「血塗られた歴史」 (Chinurareta Rekishi)
“Bloodstained History”

The reveal of Shin Sekai Yori‘s bloodstained history brings a change of pace to the show as developments start kicking in and the cogs of the story start moving. All signs point to one hell of a ride.

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Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou – 04

「五家の崩壊」 (Shugogo no Houkai)
“Destruction of the Five Houses”

The friendzone. ‘Tis a painful place to be.

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Magi – 03

「第三夜創世の魔法使い」 (Dai san-yo: Sousei no Mahoutsukai)
“Third Night: Wizard of Creation”

One adventurous night ends, but a new dawn indicates another adventure lies ahead. A new journey begins, as three individuals find out who they are.

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