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Rozen Maiden – 06

「TALE 6」

They’re so adorable! I want one ~

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya – 05

「選択肢は2つ・・・?」 (Sentakushi wa 2tsu?)
“There Are Two Options…?”

The battle against Saber heats up as the mahou shoujo are completely overwhelmed, and the other mahou shoujo step up and take the stage.

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High School DxD NEW – 05

「決戦、駒王学園!」 (Kessen, Kuō Gakuen!)
“Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!”

Action-packed thrills and an overload of conspiracies – now that’s how you crank things up a notch!
*Moaningly NSFW*

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Gin no Saji – 05

「八軒、脱走する (Hachiken, Dassō suru/i>)

“Hachiken Runs Away

I’ll say it again: "Slice of Life" is misapplied to more series than I can count, but Gin no Saji is living up to the billing so far.

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