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「俺達に女はいらない」 (Oretachi ni Onna wa Iranai)
“We Don’t Need Women”

Another week, another wave of emotions.

General Impressions

Even though Tsurezure Children is a short-format anime, I must say that it never fails to impress me with how it manages to build its story with twice as many characters as a typical show in only half the time. Normally you’d think that it’d be tough for a show like this to keep things straight (at least from the viewers perspective) with it jumping back and forth between its characters, but somehow Tsurezure Children manages to utilize just the right amount of each “couple” to keep the story flowing at just the right pace.

However, a show completely about romances would get old quickly and luckily this show has some stellar non-romantic moments to help balance things out. Using this week’s episode as a prime example of how the story manages to change things up, I think I enjoyed Yamane and Motoyama’s moment together a little too much. Besides demonstrating just how powerful the bond between two bros can be (especially when it comes to being honest with each other), something about how it all played out just felt so good. It’s tough to describe, but the way the scene managed to integrate humor with a double dose of compassion and comradery left a huge smile on my face.

That said, if bromance isn’t your thing, I think something could be said about Katori’s appearance this week. Not only did we get to hear some of the grossest things ever to come out of a character’s mouth, but the way he had Hosogawa completely wrapped around his finger was something else. Honestly, I never thought we’d have a situation where someone would be enthralled by Katori’s eccentric behavior. But lo and behold, the show managed to avoid the romance aspect of it and somehow made me genuinely enjoy Katori’s character.

Anyways, it looks like next week is going to be a crazy episode with some crossdressing. Based on the title though, I’m willing to bet we’re going to get trolled pretty hard with someone possibly confessing to someone else (I’m looking at you Takano) only to have it be swept under the rug because of a conveniently timed fever. In any case, see you then!



August 9, 2017 at 2:04 am