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Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 11 (END)

「八真重護が決める覚悟」 (Yama Juugo ga Kimeru Kakugo)
“The Resolve of Yama Juugo”

So that ending was a little… lackluster to say the least.

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Nagi no Asukara – 26 (END)

「海の色。大地の色。風の色。心の色。君の色。~Earth color of a calm~」
(Umi no Iro. Daichi no Iro. Kaze no Iro. Kokoro no Iro. Kimi no Iro. ~Earth color of a calm~)
“The Color of the Sea. The Color of the Earth. The Color of the Wind. The Color of the Heart. Your Color. ~Earth color of a calm~”

At last, the lull lifts…

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Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – 13 (END)

「きみのいる空へ」 (Kimi no Iru Sora e)
“The Sky Wherre You Are”

The pilot’s love song ends up being a bittersweet melody.

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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Redemption

Happy endings are worth fighting for.

After its first season, some said the Magi anime didn’t deserve the second season it was getting. If so, they made good of the chance they were given. From story to animation, character development to action, from heart-wrenching tragedy, complex villains, lots of Extreme Magic, and a climax that built on everything that came before it, the anime found redemption.

This is a finale snapshot, so spoilers ahoy! Feel free to read if you don’t mind being spoiler though, because I just might convince you that you need to watch the second season.

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Space Dandy – 13 (END)

「掃除機だって恋するじゃんよ」 (Soujiki Datte Koisuru jan yo)
“Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby”

Space Dandy finishes its first season pretty much where I expected it to back when it all started.

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Nourin – 11,12 (END)

「あかるいのうそん/みんなののうりん」 (Akarui Nouson/Minna no Nourin)
“Cheerful Farming Village/Everybody’s Nourin”

Is it bad that the first comparison I made for this arc involved School Days?

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Samurai Flamenco – 22 (END)

「サムライフラメンコ・ネイキッド!!」 (Samurai Furemenko, Neikiddo!!)
“Samurai Flamenco, Naked!!”

I did it! I managed to blog Samurai Flamenco until the end and d*mn, I was not expecting that kind of confession.

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Strike the Blood – 24 (END)

「暁の帝国篇II」 (Akatsuki no Teikoku Hen II)
“Akatsuki’s Kingdom II”

Just another day in the life of Akatsuki Kojou.

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Sakura Trick – 12 (END)

「プリンと美月の決意/桜Trick」 (Purin to Mitsuki no Ketsui / Sakura Trick)
“Pudding and Mitsuki’s Decision / Sakura Trick”

The two sister yuri love triangle comes to a head as the sakura petals fall.

Final impressions included.

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Kill la Kill – 24 (END)

「果てしなき闇の彼方に」 (Hateshinaki Yami no Kanata ni)
“Beyond the Infinite Darkness”

Well, that was every bit as over the top as I thought it’d be.

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Gin no Saji Second Season – 11 (END)

「何度でも」 (Nando Demo)
“Many Times”

That was a stellar ending – but surely, we had no reason to expect anything less.

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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 12 (END)

「わかってる? わかってる」 (Wakatteru? Wakatteru)
“You Understand? I Understand”

Amid the snowy night, their relationship grows a little closer one more time.

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Tokyo Ravens – Bittersweet Magic

Take it away, Ravens.

**Final impressions from me and Stilts within.

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Noragami – 12 (END)

「一片の記憶」 (Hitohira no Kioku)
“Scrap of a Memory”

There’s a little bit of tragedy, action and bittersweetness all wrapped up in Noragami’s finale.

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Log Horizon – 25 (END)

「天秤祭」 (Tenbin-sai)
“Libra Festival”

Amid the chaos of the Libra Festival, Shiroe meets a very, very dangerous woman. It looks like Shiroe has his eyes set on something bigger than going home, and we’re getting a Season 2, woohoo!

Final impressions included.

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