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Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta – 13 (END)

「ハナノウタ 3」 (Hana no Uta 3)
“Song of Flowers 3″

Hana no Uta is nowhere near greatness (you’d still need a consistently strong narrative for that) but it’s a damn good bit of fun, and a great example of how strong execution is able to make up for where a series falls short.

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Monogatari Second Season – 26 (END)

「ひたぎエンド其ノ陸」 (Hitagi Endo So no Roku)
“Hitagi End Part Six”

It’s been a damn good ride everyone.

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Little Busters! Refrain – 13 (END)

「リトルバスターズ」 (Ritoru Basutaazu)
“Little Busters”

I’m still struggling mightily to wrap my thoughts – and feelings – around that ending.

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Kakumeiki Valvrave – 24 (END)

「未来への革命] (Mirai e no Kakumei)
“Revolution to the Future”

Where does one begin to go in describing that episode?

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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova – 12 (END)

「航路を拓く力」 (Koro o Hiraku Chikara)
“The Power to Open a Path”

I think it’s safe to say that this was a series that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Powered by a spectacular OST, over the top action, complex themes on human nature, and the newest in CGI tech, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova was a bundle of joy throughout. Sadly, with every beginning comes an end, and the end is here—for now.

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Galilei Donna – 11 (END)

「ガリレオジャッジ」 (Garireo Jajji)
“Galileo Judge”

Well that was somehow expected.

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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 – 12 (END)

「少女たちの展翅(ガールズ・オーバー)」 (Shoujo-tachi no Tenshi (Gaaruzu Oubaa))
“Angel Girls (Girls Over)”

Well that was unsatisfying.

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Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu (…) – More Than Fanservice, & That Too

A round of applause for a successful season.

Expectations were not terribly high going into YuShibu. In the season preview we gave it a moderate expectation level, thinking it would at least end up as servicable fanservice show. After having watched the entire season, here’s my final summation: It was that and also more. YuShibu is a show with a surprisingly earnest plot, and it had exquisitely animated fanservice as well.

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December 22, 2013 at 4:16 pm Comments (63)

Outbreak Company – 12 (END)

「侵略者を撃て!」 (Shinryaku-sha o Ute!)
“Shoot the Invader!”

A finale full of assassination, arson, political intrigue, and one lowly otaku being more badass than he has any right.

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Kyoukai no Kanata – 12 (END)

「灰色の世界」 (Haiiro no Sekai)
“Grey World”

Regardless of whether Kyoukai no Kanata is a contender for AOTY or not, it’s still a worthwhile watch in my opinion.

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GATCHAMAN Crowds – 12 (END)


From start to finish, Gatchaman Crowds remains an inspiring mess.

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High School DxD NEW – 12 (END)

「二天龍、激突!」 (Ni Tenryū, Gekitotsu!)
“Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide!”

“I don’t want to die just yet, I haven’t taken buchou’s virginity” – going out with a bang, an overwhelm of badassery and a galore of exquisite boobies. Bravo and well done, High School DxD!
*Poll’s Closed! Vote for Your Best Girl NSFW*

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DANGANRONPA: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation – 13 (END)

「さよなら絶望学園」 (Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen)
“Farewell Despair Academy”

Hope versus despair. Quite literally.

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS – 12 (END)

「智花(キミ)がいるだけで」 (Tomoka (Kimi) ga Iru Dake de)
“Because You’re Here, Tomoka”

After a close game and a tearful conclusion, the unspeakable happened – the girls graduated. They may be middle schoolers now, but this story definitely isn’t over!

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Uchouten Kazoku – 13 (END)

「有頂天家族」 (Uchouten Kazoku)
“The Eccentric Family”

Tengu: 0.5, Tanuki: 1, Humans: 0.

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