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「セレモニー」 (Seremonii)

That was at once not what I expected and exactly what I expected.

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Shoukoku no Altair – 03

「将軍会議」 (Shougun Kaigi)
“The Council of Generals”

Sometimes, the right decision is a bad decision.

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Made in Abyss – 03

「出発」 (Shuppatsu)

Evidently, the pain of the Curse of the Abyss is not just physical.

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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan – 03

「神々の秘密と666の獣」 (Kamigami no himitsu to 666 no shishi)
“Secrets of the Gods and the Beast of 666″

Where Breaking Bad meets Angels and Demons

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Hajimete no Gal – 02

はじめてのカラオケ」 (Hajimete no Karaoke)
“My First Karaoke”

She protec. She attac. But most importantly, she pushes kiss back.


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Gamers! – 02

「上原祐と強くてニューゲーム」 (Uehara Tasuku to Tsuyokute Nyuu Geemu)
“Tasuku Uehara and New Game +”

It’s best when you don’t expect it.

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Tsurezure Children – 03

「至近距離恋愛」 (Shikin Kyori Rennai)
“Short-Distance Relationships”

I was about to begin this excerpt with “FINALLY PROGRESSION!” until I came to my senses and realized that it was too good to be true. That or I was thinking of staring with “Senpai, Kouhai, Understand?

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Sakura Quest – 16

「湖上のアルルカン」 (Kojou no Arurukan)
“The Harlequin on the Pond”

Who would’ve thought that Chitose was once the best girl?

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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 02

「才能を隠すのにも卓越した才能がいる。」 (Sainou o Kakusu no Nimo Takuetsu Shita Sainou ga iru.)
“It Takes a Great Talent and Skill to Conceal One’s Talent and Skill.”

Let’s talk about character flaws.

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Boruto -Naruto Next Generations- – 16

「ダブり:留年の危機」 (Daburi: Ryuunen no Kiki)
“Crisis: The Threat of Failing”

When you need to have a thorough understanding of mechanics and possess a control of chakra fine enough to walk up walls at the tender age of 7, it’s no wonder that kids are at risk of repeating a year. The educational system has failed them.

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Aho Girl – 03

「老後も安心!アホガール」 (Rougo mo anshin! Aho gaaru)
“Security in Senior Citizenship! Aho Girl!”

Skip the drama, stick with mama

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Isekai Shokudou – 03

「ミートソース/チョコレートパフェ」 (Miito Sousu/Chokoreto Pafe)
“Spaghetti with Meat Sauce/Chocolate Parfait”

Let us have a moment of silence and take a moment of time to remember our own grandfathers.

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Knight’s & Magic – 03

「Scrap & Build」

If you went far back in time and spread about the wonders of modern science, I’m sure it would look something like this.

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Koi to Uso – 03

「恋の科学」 (Koi no kagaku)
“Science of Love”

A kiss a day keeps the marriage away.

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Ballroom e Youkoso – 02

「兵藤清春」 (Kiyoharu Hyoudou)
“Kiyoharu Hyoudou”

In the final analysis, I think expectations will have a lot to do with how this series is perceived.

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