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Knights and Magic – 12

「Knight & Dragon」

Everything’s going so fast, as we head towards the final showdown between Demonic Knight and Apocalyptic Dragon.

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Princess Principal – 11

「Case 23 Humble Double」

Princess, you’re breaking my heart.

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Kakegurui – 11

「人生を賭ける女」 (Jinsei o kakeru Onna)
“The Woman Who Bets Her Life”

What’s a little lifespan between friends?

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Fate/Apocrypha – 12

「聖人の凱旋」 (Seijin no Gaisen)
“The Holy Man Returns Triumphant”

Well then — that escalated quickly.

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Koi to Uso – 12 (END)

「恋と嘘」 (Koi to Uso)
“Love and Lies”

Lying long enough to find a new truth.

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Centaur no Nayami – 10, 11

「花の名前は…… は人の数だけあるんだよ, ってきっと嘘! / 美しさは人の数だけあるんだよ, 広義で言えばきっと本当?」 (Hana no Namae wa…… wa Hito Kazu Dake Arunda yo, tte Kitto Uso! / Utsukushisa wa Hito no Kazu Dake Arunda yo, Kougi de Ieba Kitto Hontou?)
“There Are As Many Names of Flowers… As There Are People, But That`s Totally a Lie! / There Are As Many Types of Beauty As There Are People, Which Is Probably True If Used in a Broad Sense?”

Enough of your vile postulations! These are purely for the sake of visual appreciation!

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Ballroom e Youkoso – 11

「評価」 (Hyouka)
“Final Evaluation”

There’s a real sense that the story is just getting started with Ballroom e Youkoso.

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Hina Loji from Luck & Logic – 12 (END)

「笑うヒナには福きたる」 (Warau hina ni wa fuku kitaru)
“Good Fortune Will Come to Hinas Who Smile”

If I received a ‘Good Fortune’ at a Japanese shrine, does that make me a Hina who smiles?

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「レクリエイターズ」 (Re:Kurieitaazu)

Home is where the heart is.

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Boku no Hero Academia – 36

「むけろ一皮」 (Mukero Hitokawa)
“Stripping the Varnish”

Five more matches down, one more to go.

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Made in Abyss – 11


Oh great, an actual eldritch abomination. We definitely needed that.

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Shoukoku no Altair – 10

「月下佳人の舞」 (Gekka kajin no Mai)
“Dance of the Moonlit Beauty”

Solving problems the American way.

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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 10

「裏切者の中で最も危険なる裏切者は何かといえば、すべての人間が己れ自身の内部にかくしているところのものである。」 (Uragirimono no Naka de Mottomo Kiken’naru Uragirimono wa Nanika to Ieba, Subete no Ningen ga Onore Jishin no Naibu ni Kaku Shite Iru Tokoro no Mono de Aru.)
“Every Man has in Himself the Most Dangerous Traitor of All”

With a little more time on the island, we see how each of the classes actually treat this “test” differently.

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Gamers! – 10

「ゲーマーズとネクストステージ」 (Geemaazu to Nekusuto Suteeji)
“Gamers and Next Stage”

I don’t even know who to ship anymore!

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Mahoutsukai no Yome – Hoshi Matsu Hito – OVA – 03

「星待つひと:後篇」 (Hoshi Matsu Hito: Kouhen)

Hoshi Matsu Hito more than stands on its own – in fact, it impresses as an outstanding piece of art on its own terms.

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