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Tokyo Ghoul – 04

「晩餐」 (Bansan)

As anime episodes go, that one was quite the slap in the face.

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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 04

「帰還」 (Kikan)

While episode four of Argevollen may have been completely devoid of action and did very little to entice viewers to keep watching, it definitely took a step in the right direction.

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Zankyou no Terror – 03


Let the game begin.

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「ユメナラヨカッタノニ」 (Yume Nara Yokatta no ni)
“If Only It Had Been a Dream”

Well, it had to come sooner or later!

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei! – 03

「日常ブレイカー」 (Nichijou Bureikaa)
“Normal Life Breaker”

The kissing demon Kuro runs amok, providing a plethora of hilarious trouble for Illya’s everyday life!

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Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 139

「アルカ × ト × ナニカ」 (Alluka x to x Nanika)
“Alluka X and X Something”

The hits just keep on coming.

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Hanayamata – 03

「ガールズ・スタイル」 (Gaaruzu Sutairu)
“Girls’ Style”

“Ha” and “Ya” take center stage today as they continue to deepen their characters in a sea of cuteness and an infomercial for yosakoi.

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Akame ga Kill – 03

「蟠を斬る」 (Wadakama wo Kiru)
“Kill Your Cares”

If there’s anything that I get out of Akame ga Kill every week that’s guaranteed, it’s the entertainment factor.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 03

「バイオレンスVSプリンス」 (Baiorensu VS Purinsu)
“Violence vs. the Prince”

The baka female prince and her angry but reliable sempai join Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s colorful cast of characters.

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Sword Art Online II – 03

「鮮血の記憶」 (Senketsu no Kioku)
“Memories of Blood”

After last week’s episode introduced us to Sinon and just how serious she is about gaming, I was completely caught off guard when this week’s episode strove to show us just how she is IRL.

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Haikyuu!! – 16

「勝者と敗者」 (Shousha to Haisha)
“Winners and Losers”

The thrill of victory and the anguish of defeat was the theme this week in Haikyuu, with the latter being exemplified by both Ikejiri and Yui.

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「戦場の少年たち -The Children’s Echelon-」 (Senjo no Shonen Tachi -The Children’s Echelon- )
“Children’s Battlefield -The Children’s Echelon- “

ALDNOAH.ZERO – what happens when a robot pilots a robot.

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Sailor Moon Crystal – 02


Sailor Moon Crystal wastes no time introducing the second Sailor Soldier this week – Sailor Mercury!

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Barakamon – 03

「ひとんもち / お祝いで投げられる餅」 (Hitonmochi / Oiwai de Nagerareru Mochi )
“Mochi Thrown in Celebration”

With the way this episode started, I never expected I’d be hit with a bombshell of emotions right toward the end.

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Tokyo ESP – 02

「ガールミーツボーイ」 (Gaaru Miitsu Booi)
“Girl Meets Boy”

This should have been the first episode. Just watch this episode, at least.

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