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Magi: Sinbad no Bouken – 01

「運命の子」 (Unmei no Ko)
“Child of Destiny”

Here’s one last intro for the spring season.

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April 30, 2016 at 4:37 pm Comments (6)

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Redemption

Happy endings are worth fighting for.

After its first season, some said the Magi anime didn’t deserve the second season it was getting. If so, they made good of the chance they were given. From story to animation, character development to action, from heart-wrenching tragedy, complex villains, lots of Extreme Magic, and a climax that built on everything that came before it, the anime found redemption.

This is a finale snapshot, so spoilers ahoy! Feel free to read if you don’t mind being spoiler though, because I just might convince you that you need to watch the second season.

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March 31, 2014 at 2:39 pm Comments (53)

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 01

「旅立ちの予感」 (Tabidachi no Yokan)
“Premonition of a Journey”

The time for celebration is short for our heroes–new individual journeys await.

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October 7, 2013 at 9:25 pm Comments (39)

Magi – 25 (END)

「アリババとアラジン」 (Aribaba to Arajin)
“Alibaba and Aladdin”

This episode only marks the beginning of an even longer adventure. For now though, it is time to close the chapters and rest a season, until the leaves finally begin to fall. *cough cough*

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Magi – 23, 24

「鬨の声/堕転」 (Toki no Koe/Daten)
“Battle Cry/Fallen into Depravity”

How do you fight against a hopeless fate?

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Magi – 22

「炎の眷属」 (Honou no Kenzoku)
“Household of Flames”

So that’s where all the animation budget went!

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Magi – 21

「迷宮ザガン」 (Meikyuu Zagan)
“Zagan Labyrinth”

That’s right! Tell those hippy tree-hugging djinns to get ou—woah woah, stop the waterfall display!

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Magi – 20

「王子と皇子」 (Ouji to Ouji)
“The Two Princes”

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Magi – 19

「ホシの名はシンドバッド」 (Hoshi no na wa Shindobaddo)
“The Culprit’s Name is Sinbad”

Oh hey, this is a pretty funny episo—wait what!?

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Magi – 18

「シンドリア王国」 (Shindoria Oukoku)
“The Kingdom of Sindria”

The wheels of fate continue to rush forward even between arcs, though our own band of heroes enjoy a “forced” rest in Sindria.

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Magi – 17

「笑顔」 (Egao)

The Balbadd Arc has finally finished, bringing a wonderful close to the conflicts of Alibaba’s home.

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Magi – 16

「ソロモンの知恵」 (Soromon no Chie)
“Wisdom of Solomon”

Aladdin has come back back to finally reverse the reversals of flow. We’ve missed you, buddy.

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Magi – 15

「カシムの答え」 (Kashimu no Kotae)
“Kassim’s Answer”

There always has to be someone to screw things up…who just want to watch the world burn.

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Magi – 14

「アリババの答え」 (Aribaba no Kotae)
“Alibaba’s Answer”

Alibaba has said something revolutionary. Well said Alibaba, I didn’t see it coming!

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Magi – 13

「反逆の王子」 (Hangyaku no Ouji)
“Prince of Rebellion”

After a week-long break, welcome back to Magi, which is kicking the action into high gear, and the Morgiana into hngggh gear!

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