「迷宮ザガン」 (Meikyuu Zagan)
“Zagan Labyrinth”

Hakuryuu is so cool, he’ll own this dungeon in no time! Oh, he just tripped up a little there. Oh he’s just bleeding a bit, but he’s still a badass! Oh, he’s just calling everyone a bunch of name–wait is that him on the floor!? Well, so much for that. Wait, isn’t he like…

I find it hard to believe that Alibaba and Hakuryuu are not related at all despite their overwhelming similarities. Even Morgiana was able to eventually see the stark similarities (which allowed her to be a cool character…as always). Both are descendants of a royal family with a desire to reform their home country, yet go through a lot of crying and emotional struggle to get there. Even their circumstances of losing their loved ones to harsh circumstances bonds them together! Any doubts Alibaba had about hating Hakuryuu are pretty much gone at this point, having shed tears for the tears of his now spiritual brother. Such waterfalls serve to strengthen their similarities and undoubtedly long-term friendship from now on.

Despite all their similarities, the differences each of them hold keep them as fairly distinct characters. While Alibaba’s struggle primarily concerned itself with lower class issues, it can be inferred that Hakuryuu’s issues stem directly from the conflicts against or within the royal family. Having presumably lost a brother and heavily relied on who we can infer is Hakuei (look at the birthmark), it is understandable that Hakuryuu’s struggle differs from Alibaba’s: the former is focused on destroying the plague affecting the Kou Empire while the latter focused purely on rejoining and restarting Balbadd’s reformation. Who knew that such a polite and sometimes emotional figure could have so much justified hatred for the plague of his country. With Alibaba’s side-struggle with Hakuryuu fairly resolved, it is clear how Hakuryuu will struggle and grow take moving forward, as he will realize how unattainable his mission is without relying on others.

Now, if they could just get through this crazy dungeon…along with its crazy animals and above all else, its cute-animal obsessed and misanthropic djinn master. Zagan is quite the troll, making this dungeon much harder and complex than Amon. Jumping puzzles, boss fights right out of the gate, and endless armies of golems? It’s already hardmode for our heroes, though it seems at least all of them have more than enough ability to handle the tasks. Aladdin seems to be getting used to diversifying his magic while Hakuryuu risks his “ki” to even stand a chance against the guardians, while having to rely on Morgiana’s wits to save the day.

Overall the fighting and action was of acceptable quality, though as is the recent trend, animation is still a little stiff–the drawing seems to have improved from recent episodes, but definitely not by enough. What was bad though was the voice acting this epsiode, which probably was affected by the stiff animation rather than the other way around. Though little things in the grand scope, they do add up and detract from what’s been a fairly good episode. Let’s at least hope that as soon as Al-Thamen decides to barge in again, the animation budget saved up for the end will pay off well (if any is left).




  1. Really nice to see them actually have high quality drawings and animation, even if some bad in-betweens still snuck in. I thought it was a good start to the Zagan Dungeon arc and it was great that most of the original anime stuff was missing. I’m quite a fan of Hakuryuu and think the anime hasn’t made a misstep with him… yet *knocks on wood*. Always thought his teamup with Morgiana was excellent.

    Seeing this dungeon in the anime, though, gave me some major Madoka Magica witch barrier vibes. Definitely felt a lot creepier here than when I read it in the manga.

    1. …it was great that most of the original anime stuff was missing.

      I’m a little confused by that statement because it implies that there is some existing material that was left on the cutting room floor? Or maybe you’re saying that they didn’t add any new content to this episode?

      If anything, sticking to the original manga actually causes a contradiction. I never liked Alibaba’s sudden doubt in Hakuryuu because it was never in his character. Kassim deceived him at least twice and Alibaba was always able to forgive him by hoping that he could find Kassim’s better half. Something as trivial as Hakuryuu’s nation of origin shouldn’t bother Alibaba at all. I kinda gave it up to the curse put on him telling him to hate Hakuryuu, but now that it was so easily resolved kinda trivialized the whole thing. The manga only had Hakuryuu coming around to accepting the group’s help which made Alibaba’s speech fitting for the situation.

      With Judal’s appearance over Sindria, it looks like they will cut some content to rush toward a conclusion? Maybe a battle between Sindria and Kou that Aladdin and company have to rush back to so they can cure Sinbad?

      1. That they didn’t add anything new to the source material and seemingly dropped the Alibaba curse plot. It was definitely trivialised if it was resolved just like this, but I’m honestly glad to have it this way since it’s one less clumsy thing to get rid of. They could’ve executed it better, but eh, I enjoyed the episode regardless ー probably the best episode in a very long time for me.

        I actually forgot about the Judal bit at the end (since it left no impact on me), but it does seem to point to an anime original ending. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be a mad rush to the finale. I’m curious if they’ll end it on the Zagan Arc or have them back in Sindria or what, because if it’s the latter, it’ll be even more rushed than anticipated. Setting my expectations low in any case, it saves me the irritation and energy.

    1. Same heree!!! I thought it was about to get real serious like hakuryuu saying something like I’m going to clear this dungeon on my own type thing. But then he just broke down in tears!! My expression completely matched Alibaba and co.

  2. Ahhh…If there’s one thing I absolutely love in Magi without any question, that would be the way they adapted the expressions from the manga. Hakuryuu was hilarious. In essence, he was acting like a brat throwing a tantrum, which made it all the more funny, since that isn’t how he usually expresses himself. If the scene was meant to make him more endearing from his stiff and formal disposition, it probably worked. 🙂

      1. Different tastes in comedy then.
        Rephrase:”Comedy really isn’t this show’s strong point, at least not for me.”

        For me it’s like when they try to be funny, they try too hard and falls short.

  3. I have a hard time remembering and telling what’s been cut out because I never go back and reread manga chapters, I just read new chapter after new.But I will remember if it’s something big that’s been cut out.

    And I think they skipped some parts of the flashback.Btw, that’s not Haku, that’s his mother.

  4. that was….. the most laugh I had or even the most SHOCK I had from a charecter, something so unexpected that kept me laughing for two hours after LOLOL! Damm that Hakryu, that was really really funny XD he’s acting all cool, he looked cool, serious, and I kind of linked him to being a charecter that is too serios for the show (similar to Jafar at least) but haha, I just couldn’t stop laughing LOLOL man, this was epic!

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