「炎の眷属」 (Honou no Kenzoku)
“Household of Flames”

Can Morgiana be even greater of a character? Probably, but this episode was definitely for her to shine. It’s clear that her physical skills far outmatch most, enough so that it compensates for her significantly small magoi pool. Morgiana shows us that not everything has to be dealt entirely with magic–if you have the skill and the intuition, any shortcomings can be properly compensated for. It is tragic though that Morgiana’s shortcomings have resulted in her being out of the ring, but she definitely didn’t get knocked out without a fight. The animators definitely stepped up their game for the actions scenes for Morgiana this episode, helping highlight how much she’s improved under Masrur’s training and how much she cares about helping out her friends in need. Even at the brink of death did she smile for being useful in battle, which she took joy in because it was her choice to undertake the stress. It has been a long journey since her life as a slave and she definitely does not take her freedom for granted.

On the flipside of that coin, Judal copes with having no freedom of his own–carrying out the Organization’s orders with flair and energy. While both Morgiana and Judal take great pride in serving others, one does so out of free will while the other does so to cope with a terrible past. For all the smack talk he gives, Judal is still a tragic antagonist whose intentions are not necessarily his own–at best he is a powerful puppet of a larger organization which probably could care less about his well-being. With this viewpoint though comes a unique perception of life, especially one that questions the intentions of anyone. A new issue at large lies in Sinbad’s intentions of allying himself with Aladdin. It actually is questionable that Sinbad provides the anomalous fourth Magi and his company with such warm protection, since Sinbad himself is probably a King Candidate for another Magi. Sinbad’s ultimate goals are without a doubt altruistic, but how that will entail Aladdin is still in shadows.

On top of that, it seems that Al-Thamen is mighty pissed and in full motion, attacking both Sindria and Zagan with formidable foes. Aside from the mocking Judal, a familiar dark face appears to threaten Aladdin’s group, along with two mystery fighters who have only shown themselves briefly at the docks of the island. With Morgiana a liability, and with what we can see from the preview, there’ll be a whole lot more running to the treasure room rather than one-on-one fighting next episode, despite the new bond that Alibaba and Hakuryuu have formed. Surely the seal that is stemming Alibaba’s curse will be broken next episode due to acts of desperation, and with two episodes left, we can expect this battle to be the final encounter of the season. Hopefully what the animators did for Morgiana this episode will carry over to the next episodes and leave us with a bang after this past half-year.




    1. I wish I had dropped it. Way too much Morgiana this week.

      She adds nothing to the show. Alibaba and Aladdin need more screen time. Unimportant second tier characters shouldn’t be in the spotlight so much.

      1. I really do love Morgiana, it’s good to see a strong willed female who can kick ass and her development is well done, but I do agree that Aladdin and Alibaba need alot more screentime which focuses on them. Even though Ali had his story with Kassim, it was more Kassim centered and he was the one who ended up being the most developed. Against the other characters, the two mains seem to be coming out the weakest in terms of character development and personality which is really upsetting.

    1. So far, I don’t think so. Everything is in place to end this arc the exact same way as the manga. While there are some differences, the ED pretty much confirms two major events that seemed to have been changed at first.

      1. I hope so i found few hours spoiler for final episode
        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I’m not sure why you’re getting so many down votes.

      The source can be found here, linked and kindly translated: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=4588411&postcount=1723

      The latest Animage has summaries for the last episodes of the series and lists 25 as the final episode. The linked source also has a photo of an interview with Yoshino Hiroyuki and someone summed up their own translation pretty well.

      It’s really difficult to watch this show now, knowing that Yoshino Hiroyuki has hit yet another homerun [/sarcasm] with a Kaji Yuuki lead role. It’s such a shame, really. I’m hoping it gets a proper adaptation in the future with a better budget and better handling (as FMA apparently did), but after this ridiculously clumsy one, I won’t be holding my breath.

      1. Tre: I believe so. They already did the curse on Alibaba, so they can’t do that again. They even changed why they went to Zagan’s dungeon. Even if they do get a season 2 to do more manga material, they’ve shifted all the attention (and limited Alibaba’s growth in the process) to just him alone, so his attitude in even just the manga Zagan arc and thereafter would be incredibly out of place.

        The only way another anime adaptation of Magi would work is if they just forget this one ever existed.

      2. Not really true. They can continue with the manga stuff just fine. They just moved the curse on Sinbad and Alibaba forward. All they have to do now is have Sinbad defeat the snake guy, and have Alladin cure Alibaba’s curse someway. It’ll pretty much be the same as the manga after that. To be able to continue with the manga story, they need to:
        1. Have hakuryuu’s arm be cut off. This is already shown in the ED, so no problems there.
        2. Have Sinbad cure himself and defeat the snake guy with the Falcor (?) form. Again, shown in ED, not a problem.
        3. Have Alibaba cured of the black rukh, by having Alladin go inside him. Not a problem.
        So why do so many people keep saying that they can’t continue with the manga story? They haven’t really diverged at all.

      3. @DmonHiro:
        While I agree that they could do those events, what I was implying was that it would result in poor narrative because of the difference in characterizations. As it stands, Alibaba is practically the sole main character of the anime adaptation, but because his character growth and maturity has been stunted in the anime, his actions won’t translate well to the manga events.

        I have /no/ idea how they’ll deal with Show Spoiler ▼

        I’m guessing that this is something they’ll have to make up? And given how poorly done the anime original stuff has been so far, it’s not something to look forward to.

        Regardless, the events can be there, but the way the anime diverged in character development makes the story feel incredibly shallow and stereotypical. And that’s why I don’t think a season 2 under the current helm is feasible, because it would only continue this trend.

  1. Personally, I loved the unpredictability of this episode. I was expecting wings for Morgiana and instead chains. It was nice to see her get a high quality scene after what they did to her during the dance.

    @Fruutella: Where did you hear it was only 25 eps?

    1. Seya. It really doesn’t make any sense.

      She isn’t important to the series at all. I don’t understand what went on this episode. Most of the Morgiana stuff is basically filler.

  2. Do you guys know that the author of this show has a spin-off prequel of this Manga and it is titled “Adventure of Sinbad – Prototype”. It just premiered about a few days ago.

    K C M
    1. Well… he’s kind of broken like that. I I don’t really know how much of that was a joke. He said it was true, and he was just a baby at the time, so he might not really care at all.

      1. I’d consider it to be mostly true myself, though it is apparent that his personality is twisted to a certain extent. Tells you just how much influence Al-Sarmen has over his life and the consequences of having them control the world. Bad, just….Bad.

  3. Morgiana was the main reason I didn’t drop this show months ago. I’m glad she got to shine, finally, but even though her battle was awesome, she still ended up like a lot fo girls in shounen anime do; unconscious baggage with no chance of fighting the main battle to come.

  4. Well I starterd seeing Magi last week, saw everything until last ep, then I was bored and wanted more and went to read the manga…

    Well I just have to say if you really like Magi go read the manga. It’s great, so many things are lost in the anime, some stuff don’t make sense here and then I was reading and I was “Ohh, now I see, this makes sense this way…”.

    For example the reason for them going there to beat Zangan doesn’t make much sense (well they changed the whole reason for them being there in the first place -.-‘)

    It’s good, seriously 😉

  5. I don’t typically invest much into shows like this, though I share the concern that Aladdin and Alibaba don’t seem to be getting enough screentime. Those two (along with Morgiana) are supposed to be the main characters and should be getting more development. Instead we have characters like Sinbad outshining them in terms of being an interesting character in the show. There’s a bit of an imbalance here, but if there’s a second season (considering how long the manga’s been running), I’d say everything they’ve experienced – and we’ve watched – thus far is but a starting platform for more interesting developments in the future.

    Then again, you have Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach who has been heavily criticised or hated on for not having enough development, yet plenty of people watch it…

    To put it into perspective, anime-watchers of Magi do have a right to air their grievances though. If that’s the case, they should read the manga.

    On the positive side: Morgiana and Judal. Impressive battle, decent development on her part as a character. For Judal, we get to see that he’s just…twisted, but perhaps not without redemption. It remains to be seen whether he wants it or not, though.

  6. This ep. was a rather mixed bag for me, but overall a good one. Judar showing up and bouncing back and forth between tragic “this is how I really feel” victim and “all for the lulz” liar before Sinbad was quite fascinating and unexpected to me. I would postulate that, at least in part, was a real confession of his pain, and the ensuing jackassery was more a coping mechinism than true uncaring on the magi’s part.

    Morg’s parts, too, were some of the highlights this time around; her simple, straightforward personality and unshakable desire to protect and aid her friends just makes me fall in love with her over and over. The scene right after her defeat of Zagan was absolutely heartbreaking and more than a bit gruesome.

    Hoping the fledgling Hakuryu/Alibaba tag team can pull off a last minute save of our freed warrior princess.

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