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Sakamoto Desu ga? – 03

「パシリスト坂本 & 恋のかくれんぼ」 (Pashirisuto Sakamoto & Koi no Kakurenbo)
“Errand Boy Sakamoto & Love Hide-and-Seek”

Sakamoto is really a piece of work, ain’t he?

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Sakamoto Desu ga? – 02

「守られるより守りたい & 今日から使える恋愛心理術」 (Mamorareruyori Mamoritai & Kyou Kara Tsukaeru Renai Shinri Jutsu)
“I’d Rather Protect Than Be Protected & Psychological Techniques for Romance That You Can Use Today”

After its first crazy episode, I wasn’t sure whether or not Sakamoto Desu ga? would be able to deliver on a second. Luckily, I was totally wrong.

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Big Order – 02

「オーダー! 走れ, 迷うな! BIG examination」 (Order! Hashire, Mayou na! Big Examination)
“Order! Run, Don’t Hesitate! Big Examination”

I have a hard time judging just how seriously I should take this show.

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Big Order – 01

「オーダー!目覚めろ、悪の力! BIG destruction」 (OoDaa! Mesameru, Warunori! BIG destruction)
“Order! Awaken, Evil Powers! Big Destruction”

What if… you could have any wish granted? What would you wish for?

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Kumamiko – 02

「険しき道」 (Kewashiki Michi)
“A Hard Road”

After taking a week to figure out what it wants to do, it feels like Kumamiko has managed to hit its stride.

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Wagamama High Spec – 01


And, lo, did he look upon the face of anime, and wept with the sorrow.

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Sansha Sanyou – 01

「パンの耳ですわ」 (Pan’nomimidesu wa)
“These Are Bread Crusts”

Cute. Fun. Cheery. Everything you’d expect and a dash more.

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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – 01

「田中くんと太田くん」 (Tanaka-kun to Ohta-kun)
“Tanaka-kun and Ohta-kun”

The search for perfection never ends.

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Kyoukai no RINNE 2 – 01

「黒猫 朧」 (Kuro Neko Oboro)
“Black Cat Oboro

Kyoukai no RINNE is back, meaning another comedy worth your time is added to an already packed spring season.

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12-Sai. Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki – 01

「キス・キライ・スキ」 (Kisu ・ Kirai ・ Suki)
“Kiss ・ Hate ・ Kiss”

And now it’s time for something that’s likely to go horribly underwatched, even though it was one of the better premieres of an already impressive spring season. If you like good old fashion shojo romance, then 12-sai is the anime for you.

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Sakamoto Desu ga? – 01

「1年2組 坂本君/ビー・クワイエット」 (1-Nen 2-kumi Sakamoto-kun/Bī Kuwaietto)
“Class 1-2′s Sakamoto-kun”

I think it’s fair to say Sakamoto desu ga? is not going for photorealism or complex character drama. It’s just trying to be hilarious, and it accomplishes it much of the time.

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Anne Happy♪ – 01

「四月七日 不幸な入学初日」 (Gatsu Nanoka Fukouna Nyuugaku Shonichi)
“An Unfortunate First Day of School”

You want moe? I got your moe right here!

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「Forest green」

I could just melt into Haru’s eyes.

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Pan de Peace! – 01

「パン友ができました」 (Pantomo ga Dekimashita)
“I Made Bread-Friends”

If you were expecting a show about girls talking about bread and why bread is the best thing ever, you’ve picked the correct show.

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Bakuon!! – 01

「にゅうぶ!!」 (Nyuubu!!)
“Club Registration!!”

Vroom vroom

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