Short Summary:
A newscast tells of fighting in a country called Manistan. The shot changes to a desert environment where there are several slave workers being watched over by an AS and some guys with guns. An old man falls down from exhaustion and the leader is about to beat him when another guy saves him, only to get hit with the butt of the rifle himself. A little boy comes along and says something about his toy action figure and gets ridiculed. As the leader is ridiculing him, Sousuke, Kurz, and Mai arrive. Lots of fighting ensues (pretty one sided in favor of the Wurz group). We get several shots of various characters from Chidori to Tessa to Leonard (Tessa’s brother) to the twins.
Wow, the quality of this was amazingly good. Granted it’s from a DVD, but still, Kyoto Animation continues to impress. It seems that TSR will be very action oriented, so I’m not sure how much comedy we’ll get, maybe an episode or two’s worth, but I’d be happy with anything. I can’t wait for Episode 01 to air on July 13th.
Edit 2 days later: For whatever reason, Imageshack decided to kill the original images I had up, so I’ve reloaded them. I need a new method of imagehosting…

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