After last week’s fight, we find the ArchAngel and Freedom still around (though barely). Kira is knocked out and Cagalli has to save him in the Strike Rouge. Murrue orders a missile to be set off so that it looks like the ArchAngel was destroyed.

Back on the Minerva, Shinn returns to applause and congratulations by everyone except for Athrun, who is angry and ends up punching him. Rey has some not so kind words for Athrun.

Yzak is clearly not happy here. Something doesn’t feel right to him about the LOGOS issue, but Dearka tells him to keep his cool.

While Gilbert makes another speech, we see Athrun thinking about his FAITH badge. It also appears that civilian forces have attacked LOGOS directly and thus force Jibril to flee.

Kira gathers his harem gets visited by Cagalli, Miriallia, and Murrue. Neo/Mwu asks if it was the pilot of the Impulse. He then asks who Mwu was and Murrue replies that it was a comrade who’s gone now.

Gilbert goes to Earth to take care of some matters. He wonders if it’s checkmate already, but realizes that he still has the white queen (Lacus) to worry about. He arrives at Gibraltar at about the same time the Minerva does.

Gilbert (with Meer) summons Athrun and Shinn. He offers them the new Gundams: Destiny and Legend. Shinn is positively giddy, but Athrun is very disturbed.

I think the director is really trying to make Gilbert into the bad guy here. If nothing else, the music keeps reminding me of Revenge of the Sith. I was really hoping that Lacus would get some screentime this episode, but she didn’t. Still, she’s planning something and I hope it’s something big (big like Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice maybe).
Next episode is Athrun Deserts. I’m really looking forward to this one, especially after the preview shows Meyrin helping him escape. Really curious who he’s holding his hand out to at the end (probably Meyrin, maybe Lunamaria). I’m actually looking forward to an Athrun episode (less of this jumping around viewpoints for a while).

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