Short Summary:
We start with two little boys playing a word game of sorts. They get hung up when one of the boys says computer and the other boy doesn’t know what that is. At the end, we learn that one of the voices was Wakkun (the other probably a young Ayumu). We find Ayumu and Wakkun by the river dumping rocks in (building a dam). Ayumu arrives at the market and finds Ryousuke who doesn’t seem to be very happy with him. The next day, Shione visits Ayumu and hands him a slip of paper with her phone number and email. It starts raining and Ayumu once again finds himself at the market with Ryousuke outside watching him. By the river, Wakkun is still trying to stack rocks in the river, but the dam breaks. Ayumu gets a ride home and that night, a light floats by his window. Ayumu visits the riverbank the next day to find no Wakkun and no rocks. He does meet Ryousuke, however, who follows him until he gets caught up by the old man’s dog. Across town, Shione boards a bus and sits down in front of Miki. Miki tries to start a conversation, but Shione is pretty cold and ends up saying that she hates Miki. Ayumu has a conversation with Miku the next day about Wakkun. The conversation ends when Ayumu sees one of the mechanical fairies. That night, Ayumu is talking to his mother and he remembers something about his youth. Suddenly, something smacks into his window. He drops the phone and watches it fly away.

Sorry for the crappy summary again, I didn’t really cover the scene with the old man. Fortunately Triad has picked up this series and they’re releasing it pretty quickly. Until then, enjoy the pics and read Matthew’s summary whenever he gets his up.
The animation of this episode got spotty again. There were a bunch of far shots where the quality was definately low. Shione’s developing into quite an interesting character. I didn’t expect her to say “私あんた嫌い” to Miki.
I’m ashamed to say that the series lulled me into a false sense of security, so I actually jumped at the end when the mechanical fairy banged on Ayumu’s window. In my defense though, it was a pretty loud noise.

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