Short Summary:
Syaoran gets himself beat around by the townsfolk under the Ryoshi’s control until he realizes that the Sakura and Chun Hyang being held prisoner are only illusions. He attacks the Ryoshi, but gets knocked back and surrounded again. Chun Hyang bursts in and shines the mirror her mother gave her and releases the townspeople from the Ryoshi’s control. Syaoran offers to kill the Ryoshi for her, but Chun Hyang declines. Instead, Kiishimu appears and takes the Ryoshi away, but not before telling Chun Hyang to become strong like her mother. Syaoran returns Sakura’s feather and in doing so, Sakura remembers a past birthday she celebrated with Syaoran (and her brother and Yukito), only Syaoran isn’t there (the empty seat screen above). She emerges from the dream crying and wondering why there wasn’t anyone in that seat. Back at the village, everyone is celebrating the fall of the Ryoshi when the real Miteshu show up. Apparently, after the barrier fell they were able to enter the town. Chun Hyang and the townsfolk decide that instead of having another leader, they will rule themselves and make Ryon Fi the most beautiful town. Syaoran and company leave through Modoka after some parting words to Chun Hyang.

I was surprised they managed to keep everything relatively faithful to the manga with the changes they had made the last episode. The order of some things were messed up (the Miteshu and Syaoran’s group never crossed paths in the manga because they had left by the time the Miteshu entered town), but it worked out rather well.
The eye-catch this week was Fei Wang Reed. That’s the first time I’ve seen his name actually listed. I don’t believe it’s been said yet in the manga (though I could be wrong).
Next episode will should be a standalone episode/world. It’s a brief visit to a jungle world that serves as a place for some important flashbacks. Hopefully they won’t try to stretch two episodes out of it.

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