Short Summary:
Underwater, DEAVA discovers a special feather encased in a hard substance. Taking the feather out of the casing causes a (painful) reaction in both Sirius and Rena. Sirius isolates himself from his sister, so she wanders onto the balcony and has a chat with Apollo, and the two get a bit closer. They break into the lab to investigate the feather for themselves. But after touching it, Apollo also has a painful reaction and keels over. Silvia sees scars appear of where wings would be. She touches Apollo’s back and the two are transported to a dream-like world where they relive some of their past lives’ memories. Specifically, of a time when Apollonius and Seria were captured by the shadow angels. As Moroha is about to kill Seria, Apollonius frees himself from his bonds and saves her. However, freeing himself meant ripping his wings off. Back in the dream-state, Apollonius and Seria (as Apollo and Silvia) embrace. An alarm wakes them, and they board their vector machines and form Aquarion. A new monster, piloted by Toma and Otoha, is attacking. It knocks Aquarion down and Toma appears as ghost in front of a terrified Apollo.

This was a really good episode of Sousei no Aquarion. Granted, that’s not Honey and Clover good, but given the past few weeks, I’ll take it. They did quite a few things that I wanted them to, specifically backstory about Apollonius and Seria and an episode that was つづく(To Be Continued) instead of being stand alone like the rest of the season has been. And so I’m finally looking forward to an episode of Aquarion. I really want more Apollonius/Seria backstory, since it’s more interesting than monster of the week. I also rather liked the BGM/insert song during the city scene. It’s off the Aquarion OST and it’s called Michelle (Track 8 I believe). The Aquarion OST continues to surprise me with it’s good music.

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