Short Summary:
Junichi wakes up to Miharu on top of him. She notices that he’s got morning wood and hilarity ensues. Cue the title screen. Mako joins Junichi and Miharu on the way to school, and they meet Suginami at the gates. There are several new girls that we see and get introduced to in a roof lunch scene (nothing changes…). After school ends, Kotori walks with Junichi home. They spend some time having fun together, but are caught by a rainstorm. Several blushing instances later, they end up at his home where Kotori decides to take a bath. Junichi goes in to give her a towel, but starts to act klutzy because Kotori is nude on the other side of the glass door. He’s saved when the doorbell rings. Utamaru pops in and is followed by a hooded figure. As she falls into Junichi’s arms, the hood reveals a beautiful girl).

ED Sequence

OP: サクライロノキセツ by yozuca*
ED: 暁に咲く詩 by CooRie
No opening song this episode, but we do get an ending. The ED is pretty good as it’s by CooRie. I was screaming at the end of the ED sequence because the animators are taunting us by showing someone (Junichi probably) looking at the photo album. But then a girl comes and leans on his shoulder, and since we can’t see her face, we don’t know who she is. >_< I’m not sure what to think about this series. This episode is a lot more comedic than I remember the first season being. They really scared me at the beginning with Miharu (whose face was whited out to start) saying “nii-san” into Junichi’s ear. But I’m pretty sure that was intentional. I’m just afraid that they’ll try to bring Nemu back halfway through the series. Anyway, the subsequent “banana” scene was pretty funny, but completely unexpected. That’s how a lot of this episode went, a good bit of romance, but with comedy thrown in. I think I might have to approach this series differently than I was expecting: I was thinking romantic series, not romantic ecchi comedy. And boy, there was a lot of fanservice.
The characters designs changed a bit, but I don’t really mind. In fact, aside from Junichi looking a lot more ero-game male lead stereotypical, I hardly notice it.
So let’s see, Nemu’s gone, Sakura’s gone, no sign of Moe yet (but she is on the cast list). In their place, we have 3 new girls, all pretty stereotypical, and Aisia, the girl at the end of the episode. The focus of the series seems to be on her and Kotori. Being a fan of the first season, I’ll be rooting for Kotori, but it’s still too early to tell what’ll happen.
As for whether I’ll be watching this raw or subbed, I think I’m gonna go with subbed on this. Shinsen put out the promo and they are usually pretty good about keeping up week by week.


  1. Hehe, same answer applies, even more so here. Da Capo’s first season can be long-winded and a bit boring at times, but the end of the series is really good. On top of that, you get a ton of the story of the characters. DCSS is really a continuation of the first season, and I suspect some characters from the first season (who haven’t been shown yet) are going to make their return.

  2. The first season was pretty good, I watched it a little while after christmas. I’m planning on writing a review of it in the near future, but I am going to have to skim through each episode which will tae some time and write up each episode review on my blog Anime Alcove.. It’s pretty bare right now as I’ve just started it and am watching many other episodes, but I hope to have a huge content update sometime in the near future.

    However, back to DCSS and DC.. If you’re looking for the first season, you can probably hit up any torrent search site and loo for it, I use and it would definately help you to understand this series a little better. I would highly recommend watching DC 1st season before watching this.

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