Shinn and Rey, in their respective new gundams, chase after Athrun and Meyrin in the storm. Shinn is hesitant at first to attack, but Rey keeps reminding him that they betrayed Gilbert. Athrun even pleas for Meyrin’s life, but Rey is determined to kill them both. Shinn eventually caves in and goes into SEED mode, dicing the Gouf. His final blow skewers it, causing it to fall into the ocean and explode. Shinn sheds a tear after realizing what he’s done. Kisaka (remember Kisaka?) watches them fly off and races his boat over to the wreckage.

Gilbert is informed that the Gouf has been shot down. Talia isn’t very happy, but restrains herself. He tells her that he’s as shocked as she is by what happened.
As Destiny and Legend arrive in the hanger, we can clearly see that Shinn is regretting what he’s done. And while we’re at it, we get several shots of everyone looking sad. The next day, Shinn and Rey meet with Gilbert. More Gilbert brainwashing occurs as he wonders why Athrun left and about the data for their attack on Heaven’s Base (the last LOGOS stronghold). Rey, of course, supports Gilbert’s every statement.

Legend and Destiny are transferred onto the Minerva. Shinn and Rey are walking down a hall when they pass Lunamaria. Though Shinn can’t bear to face her, he manages to say “Gomen” as he walks by. Much to his surprise, Lunamaria clutches his back and starts to cry. Shinn turns around and hugs her back as Rey quietly walks away.

Things are falling into place as ZAFT launches a massive fleet to attack Heaven’s Base, and Gilbert sends out an ultimatum across all channels to LOGOs. Meanwhile, Kisaka is readying plane for takeoff with a wounded Athrun and Meyrin as his cargo. At ORB, the ArchAngel docks in it’s underwater facility and we see Erica Simmons (the ORB engineer) standing by. In space, Lacus realizes that after Heaven’s Base, the Gilbert’s next target will be ORB. Back in his room, Shinn clutches Mayu’s cell phone and promises to end the war.

In today’s episode, Anakin Skywalker Shinn Asuka falls to the dark side…
I’m only semi joking, but that scene really did remind me of the Anakin turning against Mace Windu scene of Revenge of the Sith. Anyway, we get some conclusion and setup this episode. I’m surprised that Kisaka was the one who saved Athrun, but I guess someone had to do it. It feels like they’re trying to bring in all the characters from Gundam SEED for the last 13 or so episodes. Hopefully Meyrin will stay alive to the end of the show, but we’ll see.
Speaking of the Hawkes, wtf is with Lunamaria clinging to Shinn? There were rumors before that Lunamaria and Shinn would hook up, but I don’t particularly like the way that they did it. We’ll see how it turns out – I’m not going to think too much on this until we see the next OP sequence, since Gundam SEED/Destiny OPs are notorius for giving away plot points and character pairings.
As for Athrun, I’m not so sure about his pairing with Cagalli anymore. I can still see it happening if Kisaka takes them straight to ORB, and Athrun and Cagalli really sit down and talk to each other, as they really haven’t since Athrun rejoined ZAFT. This also depends on if Meyrin dies or not, but maybe Athrun will only see her a little sister type.
And while we’re on the topic of Athrun (boy there’s so many topics to jump from), I bet that Meer will do something for Athrun’s sake before the end of the series, maybe in the spirit of the real Lacus. They’re portraying her at this point as having really cared for Athrun, since she got a crying shot AND a longing blushing shot at the end (right before the final shot of Athrun too). She’s really turning out to be an interesting character, and I don’t hate her like I did Fllay.

Enough ranting for now, next week’s episode will feature the attack on Heaven’s Base and the return of Destroy Gundam (don’t get your hopes up, it’s not Stellar piloting it). At this point, I’m really looking forward to the Three Ship Alliance getting back together, if they do, or at least Kira and Athrun getting their new gundams.


  1. I agree the part with Lunamaria clinging to Shinn felt awkward. Afterall, didn’t he just confess to ‘killing’ Meyrin and Athrun? Doesn’t she blame him just one little bit? On OP/ED sequences, there have some indications on a Shinn-Lunamaria pairing from the GSD 25 OP onwards and GSD 26 ED onwards. But I agree that it’s hard to make anything concrete of it until the next OP.

  2. y isn’t gundam Seed Destiny playing in ottwaw after Gundam Seed finished because i head so much about it and i seen so much pictures. and the picture look very cool and i would like to see the show that is y im asking.


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