OP Sequence

Short Summary:
Onohara Asami, 17 years old, is a high school student. Her secret is that she’s married to her teacher, Ichimaru Kyousuke (whom she calls Danna-sama). The first half of the episode centered around Asami trying to cook for Kyousuke on his birthday but failing miserably. He ends up liking the one bit of food that’s not ruined, which makes her very happy. As he’s taking a bath, she draws up the courage to go in with him, but her father appears through the window to stop them. Kyousuke ends up getting very drunk, but he stands up for himself before passing out.
The second half revolved around a love letter that Asami gets. She doesn’t want to go answer it, so she fakes illness. Unfortunately, Kyousuke sees her in the hall and ends up carrying her to the nurse’s office. He’s worried, but she later shows that she’s fine when she meets him on the way home at the train station.

ED Sequence

OP: Love Love!Chuっ Chuっ! by 川澄綾子 (Kawasumi Ayako, voice of Asami)
ED: 愛の子猫 by 川澄綾子, 遠藤綾, and 河原木志穂 (Kawasumi Ayako, Endo Aya, and Kawaragi Shiho, voices of Asami, Kasumi, and Satomi, respectively)
The OP song is cute and catchy, but really nothing special. The ED is the same way, but I like that song even less than the OP.

Ah, the first of the My Wife Is… series this season (the other one airs tomorrow; they’re not related in any way). Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei roughly translates to My Wife is a High Schooler. Just by the title, I bet you can imagine what this series is about. We have a good dose of ecchi mixed in with some comedy and romance (boy I feel like I’m repeating the DCSS post). Unlike what the title implies though, the series (so far) is narrated from Asami’s point of view. This episode is separated into two parts, so we get two different stories, but the main premise is still the same: Asami having to hide the fact that she’s married to Kyousuke while trying to further their relationship. I was laughing at some of the fanservice that they threw in, especially when Asami was daydreaming about sleeping with Kyousuke.
The artwork reminds me of Ichigo 100%, pure and simple. As soon as I saw the OP, I knew it was Madhouse and because it looked so much like Ichigo. But that’s not too bad because the characters are cute and we have some fun SD (super deformed) moments.
I admit that I was really looking forward to this series, but now that I’ve seen the first episode, I’m not so sure about whether I’ll keep up with it. Just by watching the OP, I can predict several of the storylines (Asami & Kyousuke get closer, but father interferes, female co-worker hits on Kyousuke much to Asami’s dismay, etc). However, they haven’t told us about how Asami and Kyousuke got together and why they got married. So I’m going to give it a few more episodes raw before I decide on what I’m going to do (drop, keep watching as raw, or keep watching as subbed). Though I have doubts about whether anyone is going to sub it, but you never know.


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