OP Sequence

Short Summary:
Asaba Ureshiko is a magical girl, but she’s getting, well, old (at the ripe age of 27). She’s a bit of a klutz, as shown by when she trys to fix a vacuum using magic and screws it up. In fact, there’s a new girl in town, Kurenai Sayaka, who wants to replace her. When Sayaka goes crazy in her new school using her magic, it’s Ureshiko who arrives to stop her. Sayaka wants Ureshiko’s ring, but after Ureshiko refuses, we start a chase scene. Our male lead, Kagura Tatsumi, happens to be in a car that hits Sayaka’s broom. Fortunately Ureshiko was there to throw up a shield on Sayaka before she got hit. Tatsumi gets a brief glimpse of Ureshiko in her mahou shoujo outfit before she flies off and disappears. The irony here is that Tatsumi is on his way to Ureshiko’s home to live with her and oba-chan. He’s formally introduced this time, and questions her about seeing her earlier, but she feigns ignorance. While moving his furniture in, they have a accident that lands Tatsumi on top of her, causing her to use her magic to push him away. The oba-chan comes along and says that Tatsumi shouldn’t mess with a married woman. Later, Ureshiko brings Tatsumi to see her favorite spot overlooking the city. That night, Tatsumi is lying in bed when Ureshiko arrives to help him unpack. She loses her balance putting some books up, but Tatsumi manages to catch her. The two almost kiss, but Ureshiko stops him, saying that they can’t.

Transformation Sequence

Ecchi transformation sequence for the win…
Seriously, some of that was completely unnecessary, especially the panty adjusting at the end.

ED Sequence

OP: ホーム&アウェイ by Melocure
ED: jewelry by 井上喜久子 (Inoue Kikuko, voice of Ureshiko)
I really like both of these songs. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but these two songs beat out everything I’ve heard so far. The OP is uplifting and Inoue Kikuko really does a great job on the ED.

Alright, this is the other My Wife is… series I alluded to earlier. We have our heroine, Ureshiko, who is a getting a bit old to be a mahou shoujo. Our male lead seems to have been a high jumper when he was younger, but injured himself. They don’t really explain (at least I didn’t catch it) why Tatsumi is now living under the same roof, as they aren’t married (since the oba-san calls her “人妻” [hitozuma] – a married woman). Maybe they’re go into it more the next episode as this one was basically setup and introduction.
I almost forgot to mention, the big thing here is that Ureshiko is not allowed to kiss anyone, or else she loses her powers. I’m sure that’ll figure in as a major plot point.
Ureshiko is voiced by Inoue Kikuko, best known for doing Mizuho in the Onegai series. Her first few lines make her sound really old, but as the episode went on, I kind of got used to it. Shimizu Ai voices Sayaka sounding more like Shione of Zettai Shounen than Mitsuki of HiMM (though the cutesy voice does pop up).
When I first saw the series, Ureshiko reminded me of Sora from Kaleido Star (partially because of the outfit), but when I actually watched the episode, everything screamed Melody of Oblivion. Rightfully so because a good deal of the staff also worked on MoO. And since the animation is JC Staff, it’s pretty good.
Definately going to keep watching this series. However, I may not have any choice but to watch this one raw as it’s Media Factory title making it unlikely that any subbers are going to pick this up.

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