Short Summary:
Silvia wakes up after having several dreams of Baron, as if she were in Apollo’s shoes. She goes to Sophia for counseling, and Sophia suggests that Apollo’s dreams and memories are now hers. An alarm goes off and the Shadow Angels are at it again. Reika, Jun, and Pierre are sent out to battle an invisible enemy. Neither Aquarion Luna nor Aquarion Mars can do it though. Elsewhere, Apollo has gone into the woods following a scent. He arrives at a scrap of cloth hanging from a tree which turns out to be a piece of Baron’s scarf. Apollo takes it and returns to DEAVA just in time for a teleport change that replaces Reika, Jun, and Pierre with Apollo, Silvia, and Sirius. Apollo’s very gunho about the fight (he’s channeling Apollonius at the moment) until the Vector Sol part of Aquarion gets vaporized by a punch (and thus Apollo disppaears too). Silvia can’t believe that he’s gone and finds Baron’s scarf in the cockpit. She starts to think about her feelings and remembers all the memories she’s had with Apollo. Her tear brings Apollo back into her arms. They quickly execute a punch which takes care of this week’s monster. Afterwords, Silvia hands Apollo back Baron’s scarf.

Alright, the Aquarion team is officially smoking crack or something. The first half of this episode was absolute crap, about Silvia trying to realize her feelings. This is more or less realized by a series of flashbacks and recaps from the previous 13 episodes. Then the second half of the episode was actually really good. We have our weekly fight, but this time Apollo actually fails and it’s Silvia that basically has to bring him back. I really hope that these feelings of hers stay and that she doesn’t go back to her brother complex (though the brief bit she had with Sirius in the cockpit probably prevents any more of that). And during this and afterwords, we got a special ending song and ending sequence! They played Kouya no Heath by AKINO off the Aquarion OST as the ending song with recap pics from the first 13 episodes for the sequence. So basically this episode had all it’s awesome stuck in the second half. I guess I don’t mind too much because I really like the way this episode ended (after the ED sequence, Silvia hands Apollo the scarf). And if there weren’t a preview, the end of this episode would have made me think that this was the last episode. But there is, and next episode appears to be a Pierre episode. Not a big fan of Pierre, but the Aquarion production team has been doing pretty well these past few episodes, so we’ll see.


  1. Good to hear that this series is actually getting better. I figured that it would. I thought it was officially known that they were smoking crack long ago. Since, like, episode 1. lol It’s gotta be worse than crack. Something totally unorthodox. Like goat balls or something…

  2. When I first heard about the series, or, more accuratrely, when I first heard Yoko Kanno was behind the score, I was very eager to get it. But it has been getting bad reviews pretty unanimously from blog to blog, so I prioritized it to doom. I’m glad to see it improves, but the mecha designs and fairly lame plot still keep me away.

    Out of interest, does anyone know how much, if any, music was left off the first ost?

  3. Quite a bit, I think. A lot of the really nice stuff ins’t on it. (e.g. the musical footsetps episode music)

    This show is meant to be lame and really stupid, by teh way. It’s one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ shows, except that it’s intentional (but not obivously so.)

  4. SnA really has gotten better over the past 3 or so episodes. The more they develop the backstory and the more good music they use, the more I’ll like it. Unfortunately, at this point I think they’ve exhausted every vocal song on the first OST, so maybe they’ll have to offer us new ones on the second OST (which I don’t know if and when that’s coming out).


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