Short Summary:
Our group arrives in Jade Country, which oddly looks like Sleepy Hollow. There’s a legend here that speaks of a princess who leads the town’s children away at night, never to be heard from again. As Syaoran and company arrive in town, they find that they are unwelcome, but are taken in anyway by the town doctor after Syaoran explains that they are there to write a history book. The first night, Sakura wakes up to see a golden-haired girl leading some children away. She tells this to the townsfolk the next day after it’s discovered that children are missing. Of course, the desperate towns people start to suspect her. The next night, the doctor is ordered by the town to keep everyone locked in their rooms. Sakura once again sees the princess and children, but since she’s locked in, she has no way of telling the others. Instead, she follows them after jumping out the window. However, the princess’ gaze puts her to sleep, and she wakes up in a small room inside the princess’ castle. Back at home, the townsfolk attack Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane, accusing them of being in cohorts with Sakura. After diffusing the situation by force, Syaoran promises to find the children and save the one most dear to him.

Jade country really isn’t one of my favorite worlds in Tsubasa. I’ll admit that (in the manga at least) CLAMP does a good job of leading you around, making you think one person is the bad guy when it’s really another. Anyway, I hope that we can resolve this world next episode, but more likely it’ll be two more episode before we see the next world. I’m definately looking forward to the country after (Outo country) as it’s fairly long and there’s some good plot development.

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