Short Summary:
Kaoruko and Manami are a magical girl duo called Love Pheromone. They’re quite the odd pair because Manami is obsessed with little girls and big breasted women while Kaoruko is obsessed with little boys. In the first episode, they transform into Love Pheromone to fight some bad guys who’ve taken a hostage. However, when the police run away at the sight of Love Pheromone (after their ridiculous transformation and launch sequence), you know something is up. It appears that Love Pheromone has no sense of collateral damage. They managed to blow up an entire city block in order to stop the criminals.
Which brings us to the second half’s mahou shoujos: Gedou Otometai. In the Kitahana family, there are five daughters who have long since lost both their parents. They one day open an urn their father left behind and out pops a demon fairy. She grants them all magical powers and turns them into the group Gedou Otometai (roughly translates to the Heretical Maiden Group). They arrive in a gym to help some flood victims, but only manage to conjure up some food. But the people are happy for the relief and it turns out pretty well. In fact, on the way back home, our girls get to see a meteor shower.

ED Sequence

OP: 熱唱!!らぶげナイトフィーバー by ラブフェロモン & 外道乙女隊 featuring 桃井はるこ & 影山ヒロノブ (Love Pheromone & Gedou Otometai featuring Momoi Haruko and Kageyama Hironobu)
ED: トンドルベイビー by 桃井はるこ (Momoi Haruko)
I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the OP really reminds me of some song… Anyway, they basically have the entire cast singing this one. The ED is by Haruko Momoi, not a particularly spectacular song. The ED sequence is cute, but that’s about all I can give it. All in all, the OP and ED are nothing to call home about.

Oh boy, I don’t even know where to start…
The concept here is that we have two mahou shoujo groups in the same world. Let’s start with Love Pheromone. Kaoruko and Manami aren’t your average mahou shoujos in the very perverted sense. Their mech sequence consists of moving the house, raising a swimming pool, parting the water in the swimming pool, raising another building, which the mech uses a small door to launch out of. Their transformation is equally disturbing (see the pic above with the massive amount of hearts). Gedou Otometai is a bit more normal (not). The father of the Kitahana family wore a wrestling mask to his deathbed (in fact, the mother’s picture on the shrine also has her wearing one). The demon that they unleash wants to use them to destroy the world, but all they manage to do was conjure some food for flood victims.
So basically I have no idea where this series is going. The title suggests that perhaps the two groups will face off at one point, but who knows. The cast here is relatively unknown to me, except for Manami’s seiyuu, Shimizu Ai (geez, she’s everywhere this season). The animation is decent, and the outrageous sequences had me laughing the entire way through, so maybe if I treat this as a parody, I can stomach it. Probably will give it another episode before I decide to keep with it or drop it.


  1. Whoops, that’s a typo I carried through the entire way. If you’d believe that I knew that but screwed up anyway (the image urls say Rabuge, but I somehow got it mixed up while typing it up). That’s what happens when I write this stuff at 2:30 in the morning >_<

  2. You’re not gonna pass that up, are ya?

    HELL!! I’d hit all of that!

    BTW, FYI: The father and mother of the 5 siblings are evil henchpeople. Their final wish is for the girls to become magnificent villains. (But they’re not really bad people, as the demon fairy finds out…)

    Not much you can do at 2:30 in the morning. Take it from me.

  3. Yea, I posted in my summer blogging revisited entry that I’m dropping this series. It was cute for the first episode, but I really don’t feel like blogging anymore of it.

  4. Obviously this anime is not a action drama …
    U may notify that was just proposing for just make some “gag” (fun) for the spectators
    This is kind of series … like “galaxy angels” , make u laugh but u cant to anywhere or getting something from it ^_^;
    Using a lot of cutes girls character (some with “eichi” shape) making jokes around … If u had seen some Jap “real-people” program they r doing similar thing with bikini idol ( ^-‘)b


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