• If you check Tokyo Tosho regularly, you know that it’s been down recently. Their temporary page until their domain gets back up is here.
  • I won’t be blogging Kamichu raw anymore. I honestly can’t pick up enough out of the series to make any decent blog out of it, but I will try to keep up with it subbed. To compensate (kinda), I think I’ll be sticking with D.C.S.S. raw even though Shinsen is putting it out at a decent speed, for now anyway. Also, there are four more new shows I have to consider, so I think I have more than enough on my plate. For the record, those shows are Suzuka (airing tomorrow), SHUFFLE! (airing Thursday), FMP! The Second Raid (a week from tomorrow), and Ichigo Mashimaro (a week from Thursday). Ichigo Mashimaro is the only really iffy one on that list, as I’ve tried to pick up the manga twice now and I just can’t get into it (no loli festishes here).
  • On a related note, I have the radio rip to D.C.S.S.’s opening song, サクライロノキセツ by yozuca*. The single’s not due out for a while and it hasn’t even been played on the show, so I can only assume it’s a radio rip. Anyway, I’ll consider torrenting it when TokyoTosho comes back up on its main domain (if someone doesn’t beat me to it). It’s a good song, reminds me a lot of Gundam SEED/Destiny type music.
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