Short Summary:
Mayama has a dream about Rika faintly calling his name. His coworkers tell him that it must mean that she wants to see him a thought which he brushes off. After his firm lands a major contract, he and his coworkers go out to have a drink, passing by a fountain. Mayama later realizes that Rika was standing on the other side and rushes back, but she’s gone. Later, as everyone is talking about Rika’s husband, Mayama feels left out as the only one who didn’t know him when he was alive. His boss, Nomiya-san, wants Mayama to introduce him to Yamada, but Mayama excuses his way out of it, mentioning that he’ll be with his friends at an upcoming festival. Lo and behold, his coworkers show up at the festival. Nomiya starts to win prizes for Yamada causing Mayama to grow protective, but he realizes that he just wants her to have a happy life. The next day, he finds Nomiya working on pottery with Yamada. The two start fighting but Yamada smacks them both in the head.

I feel pretty neutral about this episode, didn’t really like or dislike it. Since our comedy in the form of Morita is gone, we’re getting quite a bit of drama with Mayama. Which is fine, I think I just prefer if it’s drama where Mayama is with someone, rather than it just being about him.
I was hesitant at first when Mayama started being protective of Yamada. He really needed to be more like a brother to her than a jealous lover type. This settles it more so that he can pursue his relationship with Rika, which is what next episode seems to be about.
Insert song this episode was was SpitzY from their ハチミツ album from 1995 (the same one episode one’s insert song was from). Another nice slow song, though they did play it rather softly.


  1. Wow I’ve never commented on this blog before. I know what you’re talking about. It seems as if the group has slowly fallen apart bit by bit and it’s a bit depressing. In the first half of the series everyone was more or less part of the “group”. But now with life moving on it seems as if the series is focusing on each characters problem and not necessarily the group. I hope they get back together befor the end of the series.

  2. It’s still a bit too early for me to call it depressing, but I understand what you’re getting at. It really feels like Morita brings out all the life of the group, and without him, they’re left floating. Meaning, they that when they are together, they’re just nearly as lively as they used to be.
    I think that focusing on each character’s problems is a great way to do the drama aspect, but I wish they’d involve more characters. This episode in particular just felt a tad boring with Mayama introspection the entire time. My favorite episodes are the ones where everyone is involved.

  3. Hey, I like your blog. I agree that Mayama is kind of boring on his own and that we need Morita as comic relief… I wonder when he’s going to come back?
    Also, question: do you know where I can find the new ending song? Thanks!

  4. The new ending song…eludes me to this day.
    Supposedly, THE BAND HAS NO NAME’s album “II” came out last week. I’ve managed to find the music video (and the full song) for the first track, called “マルホランド・ドライブマーケット”, but “Mistake” is like track number 5, which wouldn’t get a music video for me to rip off of. On top of that, I have had absolutely no luck finding the album itself on winny, despite it’s 7/20 release date. And if you’ve noticed, the big groups like Nipponsei (who I imagine lurk winny all the time) also haven’t released it, so I’m pretty puzzled myself.

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