• Just a heads up, tomorrow’s episode of Bleach is the hourlong special airing at a special time: 7:55PM to 8:54PM Japan Standard Time, which equates to 6:55AM to 7:54AM EST. How does this affect blogging? The show is airing an hour and a half later than usual, plus it’ll be an hour long (meaning twice the filesize). Compound that with my own schedule, and I don’t anticipate being able to have a blog out for it until sometime between 2PM to 4PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • I was going to pick up Angel Heart, and that would have become my new Monday show (to replace Aquarion). However, it’s turning out that Angel Heart’s first airing is really really hard to find. Instead, I may (keyword: MAY) pick up ToHeart2, and permanently move Angel Heart to Tuesdays (when it gets a second airing on a different station). That is, assuming I decide to blog both shows.
    Scratch that, Angel Heart‘s still my Monday show. I watched ToHeart2, but it just isn’t my cup of tea. Yes yes I know, this coming from the person who’s also blogging DCSS, Canvas2, and SHUFFLE!. Maybe that’s precisely the reason though (h-game adapted series overload).

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