When we left off last week, Arika has just arrived at Garderobe Academy. She asks Natsuki to allow her become an Otome, and Natsuki and Sergay both perk up when Arika mentions her mother. In a teasing move, Shizuru causes Arika to faint after she blows onto Arika’s ear. Over Sergay’s objections, Natsuki decides to allow Arika to stay with them for now. The next day, the battle is the talk of the school. Nina is being punished for activating her robe without permission under a temporary master. In her cell, she worries about being hated by her father. Elsewhere, Mashiro wakes up in what she deems a small room, and opens the curtains, only to be shocked that there is a ship in the middle of her castle. She complains to Natsuki about holding Arika and Nina responsible, but Natsuki’s counters with a question of where Mashiro was going in the first place. Also waking up, Arika finds herself in the care of Youko-sensei who tells her that there is an inquiry that occurs first before a girl can become an Otome. Mashiro shows up at this point to tell Arika that it’s impossible. Youko can’t let Arika leave, but when she has to go answer a call, Arika sneaks out onto the school grounds. She runs into Shiho, who notices that she’s not a student and starts a grand chase scene which involves Shiho, Juliet Nao, Chie, Yukariko, and a ton of Otomes. Meanwhile, Nina has been summoned in front of the council that is discussing the situation from yesterday and Arika joining the academy to become an Otome. However, Mashiro enters the room to object to Arika. Soon after, the people in the room hear a commotion outside and Arika comes bursting in with a large group of girls in tow who all fall on top of her after stops and asks to be allowed into the school. Nagi follows them in and, after some pleasantries with Mashiro, suggests that Nina and Arika fight to determine who should be allowed to be at the academy.

Compared to last week, I wasn’t wow-ed quite as much, though I did laugh a bit more. The crazy chase that’s topped off by the appearance of Nagi has to be my favorite scene for the episode. I enjoy all of the old characters in new roles who didn’t really change in personality (Shiho, Nao, Chie, Yukariko). And Arika is as cute as ever (though I still think Mokona), especially when her hair braids making a heart at Shizuru. While we’re on the subject, they managed to hint at the shoujo-ai aspect of Natsuki and Shizuru again when Shizuru looks at Natsuki while she’s leaning in on Arika. Plus Chie gets to act all cool, sweeping Arika off her feet in a very bishounen sort of way.
So Nagi has pit Arika and Nina against each other, which is such a Nagi thing to do. I can only imagine that the fight will end in some sort of draw, or maybe it’ll get interrupted. Either way, Arika now has a chance to become an Otome and Nina has something to prove. Should turn out to be a pretty interesting fight, if they do indeed fight.

Closing Thought: Nina wanting to please her father just rubs me the wrong way. Never mind that he looks way to young to be her father.


  1. Oh I loved this episode so much!!

    Shiho is insane

    Shiho vs Nao (Or is it Julia? That one part confused me…)

    Arika’s hair is fun.

    Shizuru is as entertaining as ever.

    Nagi was awsome!

    Nina basically whined in her head the whole episode, EMO!! jk XD

    The whole school chased after Arika XD That was so funny, she only had a sheet on XD

    Chie was funny, sheesh Arika nearly got kissed twice by girls XD

  2. I kinda tolerate Arika’s hair to some degree, but I’m hoping she won’t over-use it. If it swiggles too much in just about any situation possible, then maybe one of them should snip it. >:)

    Hehe, 冗談 冗談…..

    Arika wouldn’t be Arika without her live hair anyway. =p

  3. Even after watching this episode over 4 times for QC, I still cannot get what Shiho was doing with that Voodoo doll…. Turn anyone?

    And damn. Nagi is a king. This doesn’t sound good.


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