• I just finished watching the first set of School Rumble OVAs, and they are a riot. The animation and production quality are so good, it almost makes me want to cry. If you enjoyed the series, these OVAs are a must-see. And needless to say, I’m really looking forward to next season now. 🙂
  • Since there’s really nothing to blog about for this weekend – none of the shows I cover are airing Friday, Saturday, or Sunday – I’m thinking of writing up a year-in-review and the upcoming season’s schedule then.
  • Kingdom Hearts II still owns my soul. 35 hours into it (level 47) and I’m just now getting to the point where I visit all of the worlds a second time.

    1. hey omni, merry xmas and thanks for the effor that you put into the blog to keep everyone updated.. this is the first time i give a comment..
      just wondering will you blog out School Rumble OVA

    2. I am playing too Kingdom Hearts II more than 3 weeks and it rocks man tetsuya nomura is the RPG GOD!!And I am going to buy the PS3 too, it would be interesting to play a new FF7 game like Advent children and not a remake like he said in his interview.wait for this CES in the next weeks sony is going to rule on the market again with it´s MONSTER MACHINE ^_^

    3. I am just kidding ok , by the way I do need to congratulate the creator of this wonderfull blog for it´s amazing quality and speed on the raw animes images and comments( posts ) too thank you!!!
      this page is my internet main page now and sometimes i switch with tokyotosho…nice joB!!!
      your nickname is Omni???


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