Yukari has been picking up more and more modeling work, and even does a photo shoot with George. At George’s place one night, their love-making is interrupted by Kaori at the door. At the sight of Kaori, Yukari gets jealous, but George lets her in anyway. Kaori is there trying to dissuade George from stopping designing clothes and becoming a hair and make-up artist instead, a decision that Yukari had been kept in the dark about. After Kaori leaves, George even stands up for her by saying that he’s never slept with her because she’s not that kind of woman, a statement that doesn’t make Yukari feel any better. Meanwhile, Miwako and Hiroyuki have been exchanging cell phone messages, except that Arashi finds out and breaks Miwako’s phone in a rage. He later regrets it and tries to pay her back for the phone. George interrupts their conversation to announce that the one dress they had cosigned to a store was actually sold, which makes everyone quite happy. Afterwards, George, meeting with his father, learns that Kaori paid a visit to Joichi and begged him to support George’s mother so that George can pursue his dreams.
On New Year’s, Arashi and Miwako make up and go, with Hiroyuki, to the shrine, where the rest of the ParaKiss group is also visiting. After ringing the bell, George and Yukari enjoy the sunrise together, and George tells Yukari that because his dad is supporting him, he’s not going to be doing hair and makeup anymore, but he is still going to Paris. He asks Yukari to come, but she refuses because her own work and study.
Yukari ends up failing her college entrance exams, but is excited about her work opportunities, including an upcoming TV commercial. After graduation, Arashi is going to work at a senpai’s studio and Miwako is going to work for her sister’s company. With Paradise Kiss breaking up, they have a final dinner together, and George delivers Yukari home, which is the last she sees of him. After his car pulls away, Yukari cries, missing George’s touch and his voice. When the time comes, Arashi and Miwako are the only ones to see George off, but as it turns out, Isabella actually left with George on the boat. After he’s gone, Yukari gets a package with a key and a map. She rushes to the indicated spot, a storage warehouse, and finds out that the key George left her opens up a room full of his clothes. Remembering his words about wanting her to wear the clothes because they were important to him, Yukari breaks down crying.
Ten years later, we find out that Yukari is getting married soon, and that her honeymoon will be in America. She’s going to be seeing a hit Broadway musical, with costume designs by none other than George Koizumi. Though she knows it’s a comedy, Yukari thinks that she’ll definitely feel like crying.

It feels like for this final episode they were just rushing to get through the important parts, which means that they didn’t have much room for all of the conversation and inner monologue that deepen the characters. The episode suffers from jumping from point to point too quickly, but it’s still a fairly good ending that wraps up all the major plotlines (more or less). The Arashi/Miwako/Hiroyuki parts could have used more work, but I guess they were pressed for time.
I still can’t believe they really went through NINE chapters in one episode. That’s one chapter short of covering all of volume five! For what they had to get through, I’d say they did a good job covering all the important points and they did it with some decent animation quality too. But I am pissed off they didn’t even mention who Yukari is getting married to at the very end (Hiroyuki). Granted, that does make the end more about George and Yukari, but I had really been looking forward to the entire ending kept intact.

Final Thoughts:Paradise Kiss is another one of those series where you’re probably better off watching the animated version before reading the manga. I think that a person who hasn’t read the manga would enjoy the series to its fullest, and then reading the manga afterwards would add to the experience. For me, the best episodes of this series are found in the middle, where they settled down for roughly a three-chapters-an-episode pace, which was the ideal speed. But with a limited time and a limited budget, it seems that they were limited to what they could do. Here’s to hoping that the NANA anime, coming in the spring, will turn out better.


  1. WTH!!! she’s not married to george?! THat’s so gay!!!!!! BAKA!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOo thot george and her wud be together..wth is this………………………..that’s soo stupiddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!! WHY HIRO?! WTH!!!!! stupid caroline!!

  2. fsskf that was my reaction when i read the manga =[ at least the anime leave me somewhat satisfied =] while not mentioning who shes getting married too ide still prefer it if they would end it at the warehouse tough

  3. Think of it this way, she is probably going to see George again at America, and the fact she still wants to cry over him shows her deep feelings for him. Personally I think this ending is much more George/Yukari than the manga in the end… and that makes me at least slightly happy. Wished they ended with the warehouse too.

  4. where do u guys download the mange or the episode from . i want to the last episode but it only avi format and i want to direct download it . do u guys know where i cal download it from

  5. I thought the very end was good actually. She loved George, but ultimately the two of them weren’t good together at least not to have a serious and real relationship. George is too into himself, and Yukari couldn’t provide the kind of motherly love that George really craved. As for Yukari, she herself needed someone to really fawn over her and care for her, something that George could never give.

  6. I don’t like the ending, is there any reason she can not be with Geoerge, they happy and develop with each other. I think the ending is to rush. Is a good story, but the ending make it worse of the story

  7. i’m so sad, y did george and caroline marry, it just seem so random, i just watch to magna but still i am so sad,, and things like these make me unsure if there is a chance for my first love to be to one i marry, answer me please because i am so sad. *sob*

  8. when did it say caroline was going to marry hiro?? i think i missed that part.. or maybe was he in one of the pictures?

    also.. i never reallly thought george actually loved caroline till the very end… it almost seemed as though he loved Kaori.. but meh, thats just me. I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!

  9. Yukari and George were a good couple but they didn’t have a future. Oh well, anyway, I think she made the right choice at the end. It would have been pretty stupid for them to show Yukari meeting George again in America. And after watching the ending i like Isabella ^^

    Shu En
  10. well, yukari has chosen the better man for her anyway, george doesn’t seem to take yukari seriously, it’s just that it will really break her heart bcoz yukari really likes him. hiro is the one for yukari anyway…

  11. i soooo LOVE this anime VERY much!!
    it makes me wanna watch it over&over again..
    but the sad thing is, I THOUGHT YUKARI IS GONNA MARRY GEORGE…
    well, that’s how a happy ending shud b…..

  12. Paradise Kiss… has a quite cheerful ending…examples….Yukari…got her job…got her dreams accomplished…and she moved on with life (^^! Im so proud of her even though you all tought that im not sad saying this but think positive (^^…and i hope she n jouji will meet someday again…(^^

  13. Oh man! That breaks my heart and I almost thought Yukari would follow George to Paris. But she marries Hiroyuki instead. That is sooo lame, Yukari!!! But the point of “Yukari couldn’t provide the kind of motherly love that George really craved. As for Yukari, she herself needed someone to really fawn over her and care for her, something that George could never give,” is actually very reasonable. The series somehow make me happy and sad at the same time, like bittersweet. I think Paradise Kiss is a very good anime, eventhough I don’t like the ending very much. This anime is going to leave me memories forever >_

  14. oh man..i can’t believe this! i want george and yukari be married!i hope there is season 2…hehehe i hope..anyway, i thought george will see yukari again. but why did she pick HIRO?! i am so stress!!!!grrrr..

  15. maybe its because we are so used seeing the two lead characters ending up together that majority of us feels sad when Yukari married Hiro instead. i personally hate the ending but i think that’s what makes me like this anime sooooooooooooooo mmmuuuuuuccchhhh… it’s because i couldn’t and didn’t expect the ending… still, its a shame they didn’t end up together…

  16. George is going to see Yukari again in America?! WOW! i’m so excited to hear this, thanks Ori! Hey, those who created this anime, Can they make part 2 of paradise kiss? i want to see George and Yukari are together again…How about Hiro break up with Yukari?LOL…I think this anime is a wonderful anime.
    Can somebody make paradise kiss part 2?! i’m begging you…uwahhh!T_T How about the story goes like this:

  17. I like Hiro too but since Yukari started off with George, I would have liked her to end up with him. Also when george left Yukari his clothes, I thought it was a sort of promise.

    But anyway I don’t even think George really loved Yukari that much so it would have been better if she married Hiro. I remember George ( i think it was in episode eleven) referring to Yukari as a a girl for ‘recreational purposes’ in his conversation with his classmate (what’s her name again?).

    But that contradicts his gestures in episode 12. George’s character is really so complex.

    At least Hiro truly loves Yukari and I think Yukari felt it that is why she chose Hiro…

    It is sad but it is a wise decision. And I really think Yukari still has feelings for George even though she is getting married to Hiro.


  18. i am pretty late watching parakiss’ series, and it is only about now that i have been given a chance to do so..i wasn’t able to read the manga, and when I watched the whole series and reached to the ending, it got me pissed off as well.. they didn’t even tell to whom yukari was goin’ to be married to! it was so it was hiro!! weeee!! knew it! haha!

  19. I too was very saddened by this ending, to the point where when i reflected back on the ending, I got teary eyed. For some reason I think George loved Yukari all that he could. He never really has had a serious relationship before her, and to me it seems that she was the most serious he could possibly get. One example from the anime is when he said “I’ve never kept my phone on for a whole week before” when he was waiting for her call. So many times he could of not faught to be with her after each argument they had, but every single time he took the effort to apologize in his own way after he had calmed down. In the end, he left Yukari with his most valuable treasure. Those clothes he made was like his heart. Making clothes was his LOVE, and i think a person like him can either put his all into his passion (fashion) or his gf (his other love). He obviously chose fashion, maybe because of his mother’s influence. Seeing her drunk and relying on another man because she was “dumb” enough to distroy her future for him, maybe George realize that’s not the kind of life he wanted. Yes, many ppl can have both a career and family, but like George said, “if you believe in yourself you can do anything”. I think when he said that, he ment he was going to persue his career FULLY. When he said that Yukari made the right choice in episode 12 when she declined his invitation to go to France with him, he knew in his heart although he loved her, he couldn’t give her all of his attention–which is something she desires and needs. I think if he tried to convience her more, she probabbly would of given in and went with him, but he wanted to do what’s best for her also.
    I believe, through out this entire series, George has prove numerous times how much he cared for Yukari. Remind you, he is a play boy, care-free type. He MAY say retarded things to his classmates that Yukari is just “whatever” to him to keep his image, but deep down his actions and the things he’s done for her show a completely different side of him. I think he loved her the best that he could.

  20. i was hoping that george and yukari go together, it is soooooooooo sad that they split up and went different ways, including parakiss. It’s sooooooooooo saaaaaaaaad that i started crying when they all went different ways !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i am happy that george gave some of the clothes he made to yukari for a goodbye present, and yukari got married to hiro.

    i love PARAKISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Why everyone says that George didn’t loved Yukari? Well i believe he did. And when i was watching last ep and i wa sso hoping he ll stay with Yukari. Yea..when she got a box with a key i thought that in that place George gonna wait for her. But buahhh…he didn’t. awww…poor girl. And besides. When he said last goodbye to Yukari, George had tears in his eyes. And mans so easily don’t cry. esepcially cool ones, like George. Yea..and what about attetion thing? For me it seemed ok. well ok, at first it was, but.. >.>

    Thats all. *goes to watch again all eps* *cries* Love this anime so much! One of the best. And I agree THERE MUST BE SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love paradise kiss XD

  22. This ending sucked, I mean George and Yukari were sort of an unlikely couple but they were so happy together. George shouldn’t have gone away to Paris. 🙁

    And Yukari shouldn’t have married you-know-who.

    *suddenly Harry Potter appears*
    Harry Potter: Hi kids! It’s time to tell you that there’s another great anime that’s sort of like this called Honey and Clover, watch it on your local YouTube. (Where you will find free anime episodes that you can wacth ONLINE)
    Hermione: Also kids don’t do s3x till you’re older. AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF QUITTING SCHOOL OR YOU’LL BE A HOBO! I DON’T CARE HOW UGLY…
    Harry: Pretty.
    Hermione: HOOKER-LIKE YOU ARE!

  23. I think we all feel/felt the same way about the entire episodes and specailly on the ending… it should never have ended that way, right?!??! i mean take me ive watch this anime 3 months sgo and still the ending still pisses me off!!!!hihihi 😛 no offense.
    but stiil i can truly say that this is a great anime, a must watch.
    But for me, in my opinion the ending was beautiful. Cause at the end…
    George could not bare to see Yukari become just like his mom… because like it or not he is his father’s son, yes he could change but i guess he doesnt want too…
    And as for Yukari’s part no matter how much she loved George with all her heart and soul, George would never be the right man for her, and she would never change that cause thats
    what she fell inlove about him in the first place anyways.
    We girls have to admit it we love passion, we fell for bad boys so easily. but we bring home the good ones. 😀 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghgghghghgH!H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i dont what im saying anymore!!!??? but anyways it was never clear in the ending… my question is do you think that even if Yukari and Hiro are married. and George and Yukari would bump into each other one day do you think they have or they should have a chance to be together again? I mean YUkari is A MODEl and George a DESIGNER and all… anyway just a thought….

  24. “I loved this anime, but the ending left me frustrated. A perfectly good couple was torn apart. I wanted to see George and Yukar together in the end so badly. I thought they would have gotten back together for sure.. I personally wish I hadn’t seen the last episode…”

  25. That’s how I see it:

    George loved Yukari and Yukari loved George. But (I’ve read this in a book xD) sometimes love is not enough. The only reason they were “happy” together was because they were in love (and in lust too ¬__¬), but just think about it… They weren’t a marriage material couple. With the years, passion always starts fading away and to maintain a relationship, there must be more than love and attraction. There must be friendship, trust, respect and support. George/Yukari lacked all this and their relationship was based on passion, lust, an unavoidable attraction to each other. But neither of them was truly “happy” with each other; they wanted the other to change and couldn’t keep a healthy relationship–Yukari even got ill because of it!

    That’s why I’m happy Yukari married Hiro. IMO, George got a much more sympathetic treatment in the anime, so the anime DID leave me a bit disappointed, wanting Carrie to end up with him. However, when I read the manga… I understood Yukari and George just weren’t suited to each other.

  26. i really don’t like the ending coz its very not posibble.why yukari not with george in the last endng?why with hirro?why not they just married?but i do like this anime coz its about the fashion.

  27. Yukari and Hiro in the end were the better couple. George and Yukari’s relationship was nice and all but it was only passion that would have faded out over the years. It didn’t matter if they both really loved each other they just werent suited for each other. But honestly I felt the last episode was too rushed it was like everything was jumping from one to the other.

  28. WOW, i must say this was a masterpiece. I don’t know how many times i’ve fallen over the fact that parakiss ended so quickly and sadly. There are many points of view on this show and well i guess i am here to say my part at no fault of its own.

    The reason why Jouji left was because he needed to get out of Japan and pursue his career. Designing clothes for him was his escape, to paradise. This was what the show was all about. Romance was just a hidden talent. Although the many of us felt a connection towards Yukari and desperately hoped for those two to stay together always, but life isn’t like a fairy tale ending. Yes, i must admit their love was really something..(best romantic scenes ever) in the show and it was like a lightning jolt that struck through my heart. I was held back by tears and emotions on each and every episode due to the fact that i was once like that. Anywho, moving on… if you watch the show and really examine it.. answers will start to come to you and you will finally see why those two cannot live happily ever after. Trust me, screen it around the second time and you’ll see. I was blinded by their love so it took make three full runs to actually understand what was going on. Well I had more to say but i forgot them all or just at lost for words. I will be starting to read the manga now and i hope it will continue to answer me confused thoughts.

  29. wahh… i’m so sad about the ending i want yukari and george to end up together… whaaa 🙁
    i wish they will make a season 2 where yukari and george meet again and yukari will realize that it’s george she wants to get married with and live happily ever after… whaaa… i’m so sad.. T.T …

  30. WTFF!! shes not getting married to george????? aww the ending is soo sad i HATE IT!!! awwwww shess sooo fuckenn stupid why didnt she go to pariss!!! errgghhh!! man this ending is making me cry!! I DEMAND A REWRITE! LOL

  31. …i feel cheated as well.. i couldnt believe it when the anime ended off as it did… thought to myself… there has to be more than this… refused to believe that she’d marry anyone Show Spoiler ▼

    @ Mae…. lets start a petition fo a ‘PARADISE KISS REWRITE’ that ends with Show Spoiler ▼

    YYAAAAYYYYY…. am already excited.. (k.. know that sounds retarded so I’ll stop…)

    but.. GREAT anime… gonna go n read the manga now…

  32. George and Yukari made a terrible couple!
    i dont get why people think those two need each other. it was the most depressing thing watching those two. it wasnt romantic, it was just bullying

  33. Ah.. Even I felt this whole episode was rushed… too much. And I was damn pissed off too for them not showing who Yukari marries, but now that I know, it makes me happy. 🙂 I can understand all the feelings Show Spoiler ▼

    It was a George/Yukari ending all right.. but they could’ve done better with their feelings at the end. I liked it that they finally show a tear on George as he drove away from Yukari… Oh, she really melted him! 🙂 And I’m glad Isabella decided to stick with George. 🙂

  34. Well i love this anime oh so much, im an aspiring fashion designer so watching this anime was very inspiring.

    But i agree with the majority of the people in this blog/watev.

    I completely bawled my eyes out when i saw the last episode.

    First off i think george is way better then hiro.

    Remember Yukari was very needy in the beginning she did want george to fawn over her like ppl have said but because of george yukari became more independent and she fought more for her dream. For an example in one of the episodes george came home from wherever he was at. and she wanted to tell him that she wanted to join this modeling company but needed her parents to be there but when he came home she just let him get what he wanted
    (sex) again puting him above her dream and when he found out he was completely furious he said “was sleeping with me more important then your modeling career”(something along the lines) George didnt want her to turn out like his mother and be dependent on man.
    So when he asked her to go with him she said no…and then he said i wouldnt have it any other way. Yukari became INDEPENDENT she was almost in sense became just like george.

    People are saying that hiro trully loved yukari but actually he trully loved Miwako and even though it didnt work out between them he still loved her.

    George absolutlely loved caroline yes he was very arrogant but for an arrogant man he did show his feelings alot.

    when he made her that ring he put it on her wedding finger…when she was hesitant to take it off he made her a smaller one and once again put it on her wedding finger.

    he never turned away once when they slept together.

    He only let her where his precious clothes member he said these clothes have sentimental value to him and that is why he wanted her to have them.

    and then theres the big one he gave it all to her left all parakisses and whatever else he made to her.

    and i thought this was really sad when they said there good byes and he drove off and yukari was crying histerically (which was so heartbreaking for me)
    they showed in image of george and he was infact CRYING !! i know this cuz i zoomed in lol i saw the little tear drop under his eye.

    George loved caroline and i think they should have stayed to gether.


    oh and i saw the ending repeatedly and it never said that hiro was her bf sso where did you get that idea from did i leave somthing out

    Yuri Isabel
  35. i dont care what anyone else says. everyone knows she doesnt love tokomori or whatever his name is and the one she truly loves is george. Her and george ARE gonna end up together. They were meant for eachother. everyone felt there chemistry if they werent meant for eachother then why did each of them cry in the end. wahh i cried to

  36. I thought george will become a couture designer.
    but he became a costume designer? (dreams all shattered)
    why did it end like this?
    so reality has it a person is so talented to design but cant make it to the top in Paris.

  37. hey, that sucks. I was pretty sure she’ll be with George at the very end. Maybe he wasn’t such a good guy, but that made him even more interesting. It would be more fun if she was with him. The whole story was awesome, but the ending pissed me off.

  38. this SUCKS!!! SUCKS!!!! SUCK!!!!! SUCKS!!!!!!!!……*tears* i hate sad endings (how the hell can you end an anime with a girl crying….after you make viewers attached to the character’s feelings!!??….the writer should have made her cry in the arms of the guy she use to love at her high school or sumn) …. 🙁 well my ending is that when she opens the door to his house, there he is, standing in the middle of the room waiting for her……or…….when they’re watching the ship take off, they say “I cant believe THEY left us” and (which this part would be a flashback) when you see her getting the mail thingy, it’s actually a ship ticket and she leaves home and goes to Paris with him …or… she got that modeling job in Paris . either ways…they end up together!!!!! call me corny, but that’s just how i am. im a sucker for happy endings. i use animation to get away from reality, so when animes make me cry, i hate it! (sometimes i really dont get why Japanese persons love such depressing dramas. but i cant deprive this masterpiece of its worth…. this anime was GREAT!!!!…n its actually one of the BEST romance animes ive seen yet!!!!!!!!
    P.S.- i do think Gorge is complicated though. he really does care for Yukari, especially her future, and he’s taught her A Lot about life (though he is partially lost in a fantasy himself) but yet, almost at the end, that short red hair girl says that he has a girlfriend (Yukari) and a boyfriend….hhhmmm…. ewz, he is ssssoooo sexii though!! but ewz u look at it, you cannot predict if their relationship would work or not. if u look on the surface, you’d say they wouldnt, if u dig deeper you probably say they would.

  39. In my opinion George and Caro were actually never good for a long term relationship. Caro was a girl who was confused in life and didnt know what to do. George came in and said shes has to make her own decisions in life. But when she did he never really gave her consultaion. The decisions i make are always mine in the end but my friends and family help me and give me advice which is good. George doesn’t do this thought he just expects her to do whatever she wants. But Hiro actually helps her make those decisions which why Caro and Hiro is the best couple at the end.

    But George does get better in the last episode and his whole attitude changes. I think he knew it was too late by then thats why he says “you made the right decision” when Caro says shes not coming. So in the end I reckon George and Kaori would of been a good couple because Kaori is an independent woman and she would actually pussed George forward towards his dream unlike Caro.


    Caro and Hiro
    George and Kaori


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