Well, we’re at the end of 2005, which was my first year blogging anime. These past few seasons have had their share of good and bad series, but I’m writing now about the ones that deserve to be recognized. Without further ado, here are my choices:

Best Opening Song

And The Winners Is… ▼

Best Ending Song

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Soundtrack

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Animation

And The Winner Is… ▼

Favorite Character

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Sequel

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Ongoing Series

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Comedy

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Romance Drama

And The Winner Is… ▼

Best Action

And The Winner Is… ▼

Biggest Surprise

And The Winner Is… ▼

Biggest Improvements

And The Winners Are… ▼

Good Shows I Probably Should Have Watched

And The Winners Are… ▼

Best Show You’re Not Watching

And The Winner Is… ▼

Runner-Up for Anime of the Year

And The Winner Is… ▼

Anime of the Year

And The Winner Is… ▼

So, 2005 has been a surprisingly enjoyable year for anime. There’s been good and bad, sequels and original series, and overall it’s been pretty exciting. And with all of the upcoming shows (NANA, School Rumble, xxxHOLiC), here’s to hoping that 2006 will be even better!

As a disclaimer, these were chosen from a pool of series that I have seen, and are thus my own personal opinion. Also, I am somewhat counting out certain very good shows that are still in the middle of their broadcast (i.e. Mai-Otome). Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts about my choices and/or your own.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmeh, I would have liked to see Shakugan no Shana on that list somewhere (at least for Best Opening! 😛 ), but then, the series still young (especially compared to all the series on this list, which are either near their end, completed, or have way, way more episode than Shakugan no Shana), so I guess it can’t be helped. 😛

  2. Dude, if GSD had made this list in anything except best OP or ED (even in those categories, it was kinda iffy), I would have lost all respect for this blog. 😛 Nice to know this blog doesn’t dissapoint. 😀

  3. Taking back part of my last post, I would have actually been pleased if GSD had made the Best Soundtrack of 2005. I really liked GSD’s BGMs, it was pretty much the only thing keeping me from tossing my monitor out the window during the “action” of the later 15 or so episodes of the series. 😛

  4. “Nobody liked Nami Tamaki – Reason ? for GSD Ending OP” – Alex
    I did ^^
    “Taking back part of my last post, I would have actually been pleased if GSD had made the Best Soundtrack of 2005” -Shinj103
    That’s what I meant =D

  5. GSD’s music was one of the good points of the show. Pride was really good (IMO) and some of the BG music was really nice, like Contract with the Devil.

    But still, Honey and Clover, by far, had the best music.. so many insert songs that fit in perfectly with the story. Sakana was my favorite, which I believe was played when Takemoto and Mayama had their conversation while riding the ferry. Ah, so memorable. 🙂

  6. very nice choice, but for best romance drama i´d choose ICHIGO 100%( + comedy) or suzuka, because i think has less ” FRESCURA” T_T ( sisi drama events ), but the kaede arc was impressive and the asa choice was even more.but for honey and clover could be the best original anime of 2005 and you are forgeting MOEKEN TV ( the ova is disgusting but the TV funny like hell) , TRINITY BLOOD( was in some way a vampire cliche anime with a nice story) PANI PONI ( LOL ) like honeyAclover EUREKA talks about human behavior too a very nice anime for the best of 2005 too( teh main caracter for a kid thinks like an adult too) for the funniest animes pani poni , kore ga watashi no goshujim sama( lol ), DOKURO CHAN LOLLLLL, for fun service comic party revolution TV , ultimate girl, mahoraba, for the best surprise of 2005 would be AQUARION( for coming without warnning a great production) , MY OTOME….a lot more but for the best of 2005 for ME would be FMP! TSR or TSUBASA CRONICLE

  7. and you are talking with someone that has watched almost everything this year ( MY HOBBY )
    my soul is more than otaku…..I LOVE ANIMATION !!
    People as I could not come tomorow , happy new year for everybody in this wonderfull blog and that the best wishes from each one here next year comes true!!Let´s hope for the best things happening this new year and that our new animes will be wonderfull with nice sequels too!!

  8. yeah happy new year all and may we have more wonderfull blogging days ahead of us… 😀 anyways thnks for this mini summarization thingy it actually helped me find an interistinf anime like Full metal Panic.. looks cool and never watched it…

    i had a question,,where is AIR? u seem to have a picture of it in the main page..

  9. Best Show You’re Not Watching
    …so true…XD

    seems like Honey & Clover scored well with a lot of Omni’s topic; i know that I found it as the most satisfying anime, in a way. But bleh, I only watch ever so few series…and I don’t know if many of the 2006 anime will interest me. As far as I know I’m going to try Fate–but I’m not sure what else is good.

  10. Good stuff. Glad to see Suzuka didn’t make anything, heheh.

    I thought AIR is the best anime of 2005, no other anime except Shinseiki Evangelion has impressed me so much like AIR did (I watched the whole series in one day, literally and still wanted more). And AIR opening (Tori no Uta) is one of the greatest openings (and songs) I’ve heard.

    And I just gotta agree on your best ongoing series choice, Naruto has been reduced to stinky junk and One Piece is keeping its “20 episodes for one fight” scheme. Definitely no contest there, although Shakugan no Shana runs close.

    Good summaries, Omni.

  11. nice choices!! and I totally agree with you about honey & clover being the number one anime of the year.. Gooodd.. that anime rockz.. not only funny but it also has deep meaning… for GSD, yeah.. the series suck (compared to GS =[ )… thanks anyway, for all the summaries… ^^; it was neat and nice

  12. Why do people like ARIA The ANIMATION? Isn’t it a story about a girl riding tourists around Italy in her gondola? Besides the eye candy in the series, can someone feel me in on what makes this anime so great?

    Also Alex, the anime logo in the main page preview about this post is from Honey and Clover. It actually says Hachimitsu to Kuroba, but yeah…
    Look here Alex: http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=2835


  13. I fully agree with your choice for anime of the year. Shamefully, I wouldn’t have watched it, if I hadn’t been goiven ep 1->16 for my birthday. But it was sooooooooo worth it. I’m especially looking forward to getting all the songs. My favourite one was the one where Nomiya drags Yamada away, while Mayama wathes bewildered.

    Ari is by far the prettiest anime I’ve seen. Which is why I watched it…. was rather disappointed by the plot though. At least when the Misuzu arc started for good. It got much too repeptitive and confusing. Still I watched it all (sans ep 13).

    Shuffle!, well it’s not my first priority, I enjoy Paradise Kiss much better (haven’t read the manga). I mean, it’s good for a laugh, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by the ‘drama’ . Then again, last episode I saw, was no 16.

    The rest? Haven’t seen them. As I generally try to download anime’s that are already finished. Hate waiting for ongoing series. In fact, it was your blog that convinced me to watch other on going series (beside H&C), like Shuffle, Parakiss and Jigoku Shoujo.

  14. Yes, definitely agree about H&C and Morita. I don’t think there will be other anime can match H&C in terms of comedy and story, it’s unique in its own way. Bleach is also a very good shounen-ai series because I haven’t get bored with it yet. It seems that 2006 anime line-up is not that attractive yet, we’ll see.

    Happy New Year! ^o^
    (it’s new year over here already)

  15. BTW, I would suggest Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s to anyone who likes fantasic actions. Don’t let the naming fool you, it’s an excellent sequel to Lyrical Nanoha, and it’s one thousand times better than Card Captor Sakura (Or Gundam Seed if you want a stronger comparison). Only 13 episodes though 🙁

  16. Howdy, 1st time postin’ here. Like ur site.

    ‘Nyways, you make me wanna watch more anime!!! Great winners, congrats to them. Luv houkiboshi XD
    BTW, ain’t surprised to see GSD not listed here *runs away from GSD fans*

  17. Definately, Shuffle! is a good show and all, but i’d rather see AIR running up for Anime of the Year, than Shuffle!

    AIR is one of the most beautiful stories i’ve ever seen, and that’s what I can call a drama, not those KGNE craps who can’t even make a decent story without forcing char x doing some really unbealivable stuff just for char y act that way, in response to char x’s action.

    Anyway, I pretty much agree with everything, except maybe for best OP, Hishoku no Sora really has some catchy beat, but Akino song is really great too.

    And, a happy new year everyone, and thanks Omni for supplying us with the latest Anime info.

  18. My favorite OST is the Emma Soundtrack. All the BGMs are really lovely and soothing. Though I didn’t get to see more than 5 eps of Kamichu (Its really a great series and I want to see more), I think I’m pretty certain I think the Emma OST is better. If you get a chance, I recomend listening to it or watching the series (Or you could just read the Manga with the ost playing ^.~).

    I totally have to agree about Shuffle! I never get too into H series games since they all feel the same to me, but Shuffle was actually really well done. Yay for someone getting it right.

    And I Love Houkiboshi

    Angel Mercury
  19. The only two I would really argue with are Biggest Surprise & Anime of the Year. Biggest Surprise – There are two that I thing were big surprises and we benifited from it — Suzuka and Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo. Anime of the year was clearly Speed Grapher —- I would put it out there with Monster and Koi Kaze for not being afraid to go in a different direction than everything else.

    One you should have had was Guiltiest Pleasure – That had to be hands down —- Okusama wa Joshi Kousei……..

  20. I didn’t see My wife is a magical girl, but how is Suzuka any surprise? I think your getting surprises such plot twists mixed up with surprises like ‘wow, this anime blew my expectations completely out of the water and into space while offering something new and/or setting the bar higher”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Suzuka, ..kindof, but its not something we haven’t seen from Ichigo100% or I”s or any manga/anime about a school love drama involving more then one girl with a less then manly/cool male lead.

  21. Is SHUFFLE! Really “that” good of a drama/romance? I know the plot is basically watching who the guy ends up f**king, I mean … um, well IT IS based on a Hentai Game. But anyway. Is it really worth checking out?

    Dann C.
  22. I couldn’t even finish Air, i stop around ep6 or 7 and never got around to finishing it. For a series that is 13 Eps short, it sure took its time getting into the main plot. Great animation and the muisc was really well done. But the overall story as far i got was boring and nothing i haven’t seen before.

    Shuffle on the other hand was a big suprise. I wasn’t even going to watch it when it first came out as I was a little tire of the H-game/harem anime adapations. But i was bored and there wasn’t much else so i decide to download a few eps that release. While the initial eps didn’t have anything that was too original it was a nice comedy and keep my intrest going, i also really like the opening song. And the final straw i found a summary of the game for each of the girls and i became really intrested in watching how they will handle the storyline for all the girls.

    And for Dann, yes shuffle is worth checking out. The first half is mostly comedy but 2nd half is where the drama starts and they really pick up a notch for the Kaede and Asa storyline.

    One last comment:

    Ama-san is just cute for words.

    Ama-san best MILF of 2005

  23. Wahh.. You didn’t see Genshiken, huh? T__T Hilarious. Good to relate to.
    I agree with you on Honey and Clover, I am a few episodes from finishing it :>
    Eeto.. Mushishi, I can’t live without it! That kind of stuff is really a big part of me o_o the greenery, wai wai. I love Bleach, and I love Kamichu. I didn’t pay attention to the music though..
    Tsubasa Chronicles improved? Wow. I can’t believe I forced myself to watch so many episodes. It’s just one of those anime you just have to keep reading the manga instead xD

    XXXHolic better be good. I’m about to watch FATE/Stay night as well :>

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  25. Shuffle is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen, that Honey and Clover won best anime and that Morita won best character are wise choices, but Shuffle is and will always be a complete pile of crap. However, episode 19-24 were interesting because at that point the story actually took on some value, but before that it was mindnumbing crap.

  26. I still have to watch Honey and Clover. But, as I´ve already read 8 volumes of the manga, I think I’ll wait for the last 2 volumes to be available here, read them and only watch the anime after that.

    Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

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