Romulus and Remus’ tensions have made their way into the council, where the representatives get into a heated argument. Even in the school, the girls are affected since Yayoi is from Romulus and Miya is from Remus. Arika, however, seems to still be caught up in her lovesickness and dismisses the situation as something trivial. Miya blows up on Arika for that comment, and even Nina says that Arika is wrong. But Nina has also noticed that Arika is acting strange though Arika says that it’s nothing. Meanwhile, Haruka wants to go beat some sense into the fighting Otome, but Yukino stops her. Mashiro, on the other hand, has been in a rut ever since Takumi left because she feels incapable. The source of the current conflict, however, seems to be Nagi and John Smith, who had been experimenting with Slaves out on the border of Romulus and Remus.
Arika continues to angst about Sergay, remembering how happy Akane and Kazuya were, but also her vow to become an Otome. Erstin, who has figured out that Arika likes Sergay, comes to comfort her even as Arika desperately tries to deny those feelings. After Arika stops crying, the conversation shifts to her mother and then to the Sapphire of the Azure Sky. Arika is surprised to find out that Erstin knows about Rena being the previous owner, so she has Erstin tell her all about the former Otome.
With Shizuru still gone, Natsuki ponders that maybe Aswald is responsible, which elicits a shocked face from Yohko. Shizuru is actually still on the scene, investigating the destruction, when she notices the tracks on the ground. A voice behind her, Miyu’s, confirms that those were left by Slaves. Rather, these are of a new form that are more like CHILDs. Miyu also warns that the sealed-off black power has begun to move. Always the cautious one, Shizuru rushes at Miyu, but Miyu simply disappears in a flash.
That night, Tomoe, who had been listening in on Erstin explanation, asks for another favor from Miya. Erstin had told Arika that Rena had defended Vintoblum for ten years, but had one day suddenly removed the stone because she had found love. Then in the attack 15 years ago, Mashiro and Rena’s own child had both disappeared. Erstin says that Rena was one who had both realized her dream and obtained love, words which resonated with Arika. She is thus now rushing off to confirm her true feelings with Sergay. Speaking of which, Sergay is led to the home of a woman who was there during the attack fifteen years ago. As she tells him, Rena handed off her own child and put the sapphire around the neck of the princess, meaning that the person with the sapphire now (Arika) should be the real princess. But it so happens that Arika has gotten caught in a trap by some thugs who intend to have their way with her.

Another plot heavy episode that answers some questions, but introduces even more. We now know what happened fifteen years ago in terms of the baby switch, and they seem to be telling us that Arika is the real princess. I still have my doubts about her being the princess – it’s possible that there was another switch sometime or that the sapphire got transferred – but it does seem unlikely now that Arika is Rena’s daughter, which had been another previous theory. In either case, Mashiro’s not the real princess, though I still have a slight hunch that Nina might be.
Have I mentioned how much I love how they keep us guessing about basically everything? No, I’m not being sarcastic; I think it shows a high level of story planning when we the audience are so caught up in trying to figure out the series’ mysteries: who the five pillars are, where Mai is, what the deal is with the Harmonium, what’s with Miyu, the list goes on and on. Oh and speaking of Miyu, she still seems too good to be true. She’s technically on the “good guys” (Arika’s) side, she knows what’s going on in the world, and she seems to be at least on par with Shizuru’s power level. I like what they’ve done with her character, but of course I wonder what her ultimate role is. I guess I’m stuck in the mindset of Miyu being a “bad guy” of sorts.
I also have to say again that I’m quite opposed to the whole SergayXArika thing. It just seems so wrong, especially when he could be her father (I mean age-wise, but who knows, maybe he is her father). The preview doesn’t help at all, because it shows Arika and Sergay getting pretty close and maybe even kissing.


  1. Oh men!

    Arika is falling in love with Sergeym but… Sergey loves Mai? I don’t know yet, we need more info.

    Ups! Maybe Arika coudn’t be an Otome after the last screenshot jejeje

    Syaoran Li
  2. > Is Arika getting mugged by some random people or do those guys know what her pendant is?
    Well, Nagi did say it was “worth the price” to have Smith find the “real princess”, so they might.

  3. Maybe those guys mugging Arika are involved in a conspiracy orchestrated by Tomoe.

    Remember in episode five when Miya, on Tomoe’s orders, took Arika’s uniform from the laundry and delivered it to the guy that works at the shop that sells Otome merchandise?

    Judging by the screencaps, he’s the same guy mugging Arika in that alley.

    Likely, Miya secretly call a meeting for those guys to mess with Arika on behalf of Tomoe’s scheming.

  4. If you paid attention to the last episode, I think the Rudy Robe is Mai. The one who had a decision to make and wandered in the forest and never came out. After the story was told, the next scene zoomed in on a picture of Mai.

    This episode looks interesting. Can’t wait to watch it!

  5. I can’t wait to see this episode, Aswald’s slaves are CHILD? may be Kagatsuchi user is
    Tate Yuichi and he’s now living with Mai. I wish they come out as a couple soon.
    the sealed-off black power I think black power is Obsidian Lord.

  6. It’s nice to see some stuff with Tomoe and Miya happening more in the forefront, also it’s to see Miyu again. I’m glad they’re going back into the whole “who is the real princess” and Rena plotline because for awhile it was taking a backseat to other stuff happening (rightfully so though). Not a big fan of the ArikaXSergey idea or even the NinaXSergay idea, but I can see how it parallels Arika with Mai’s predicament of Love vs. Otome.

    Also, I agree with Omni on, “it shows a high level of story planning when we the audience are so caught up in trying to figure out the series’ mysteries.” Right now, this series is the one I REALLY get excited for each week. The story is confusing and at times unclear, but all in a good way.

  7. I honestly don’t mind Arika’s crush on Sergey but it’s really unlikely he feels the same way in return, we thought a kiss or something was going to happen a few episodes ago and it didn’t, I think Arika will try to kiss Sergey and he will push her away. If we learned anything from Mai-HiME it should be that the episode previews are very, very, misleading.

  8. I think Miyu is some sort of surveillance artificial life-form, left by the initial colonists to look for anything that would endanger the whole planet. Playing with old and not completely understood technology may be one of these “risks”.

  9. This just gets more and more confusing and complicating…

    And eewww… Arika and Sergey *shudders at the thought*
    Oh man, please just make it turn out that she’s just idolizing him…

  10. Yeah ok i see the baby picture and that’s supposively the princess, or rena’s kid and from the looks of the picutre the hair is colored like nina’s.

    So Show Spoiler ▼

  11. These are what I think:
    1. I think the person who Mai loves might be a cousin of Sergey’s (or even a twin:|), who has also disappeared for the present.
    2. Arika is certainly in love with Sergey, but I think this couple will wait until Arika has grown up more.
    3. Nina can possibly be Rena’s daughter. However, I think Nina, Mashiro and Arika’s births must have some relationship. Also, for some reason, I’m hoping that Arika is not the real princess because I think she looks better in her activated Otome robe, meaning that I wish she was really Rena’s daughter.;)

  12. yes peach that´s what i think too and i do think arika is to young for sergey yet.And i think more in the future for sure Nina is going to fight for jealous with arika(this is obvious)^^.And there´s a possibility that sergey dies to protect arika, because she resembles his first love or lover.

  13. Hi this is my first post but I think all kind of connects and makes sense now.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    That’s all for now.

  14. peach arika mashiro and nina are all related,,,, if u remember in episode 7 when mashiro and arika step towards the big round thing with the piano in… that thing lit up 2 lights.. the other light is nina.. and in that episode they say there was a gaurdian a singer and player… or sumthing like that…so those 3 characters are the key to unlocking whatever is in that piano…

  15. My conclusion: Sergey’s a womanizer and a pedo. No offence but I seriously don’t think Arika x Sergey is a good choice… Anyway, on the other hand, I get to see more onto Mai Otome’s good stuff… couldn’t wait for the next episode ;x

  16. Here’s an idea, what if the babies were actually switched before hand, the one in the gold crib thingy was actually Rena’s daughter and the one given to the old lady was the Princess. So whoever has the jewel is actually Rena’s daughter. That’s what I think anyway, otherwise it just seems to simple and not like sunrise at all XD

  17. man you have problems!
    both ” Arika x sergey and junichi x nemu ” are some real deep sick minded stuff, but
    instead you could say shizuru x natsuki is acceptable !^^ they are both grown up.and, I trully hope nobody here have thought about Mashiro x cat ^^^^!!

  18. Dang, Shizuri got owned…. Talk about a cliffhanger. I don’t think they would go so far as to having Arika lose her ability to become an Otome, but still…. That’s a cliffhanger that makes me want the next episode bad, shoot give me the whole rest of the series…. The only bad thing is it will eventually come to an end… and I have watched plenty of anime, but none as good as the Mai-verse…

  19. I think the greatest couple on Mai-Verse are

    Shizuru and Natsuki

    don´t ya think so? they are having a very cute love story, I wish there were smochies or just a big on screen kiss, I would definately love even more this show

  20. It’s just an anime people…seriously its not such a big deal if arika and sergay get together and if they did they’d probably wait until arika got older. Sergay is the only possible love interest for Arika anyways since there is no other main male character.

  21. Ah it was a pretty uneventful episode. Now that there’s full on speculation about Arika being both the real queen and Rena’s daughter (or perhaps they are one and the same) I guess the full mysteries are about to begin. Either way, here’s to some crazy shoujo fighting action in the 2nd half of the show!

  22. Now its looking like arika’s the princess, Mashiro is, supposedly rena’s daughter, but didn’t Nina know the song too? Well it she did, then she’s probably Rena’s daughter which would likely explain why Sergay took her in. He just didn’t know either way. Any how, we have three girls that are definetly connected. Another possibility is Arika is Mai’s (though I’m not sure how likely this really is) Mashiro and Nina are the other two’s or some such combination. I donno, just throwing things out there.

    Angel Mercury
  23. I agreed with ominiscient that mai otome has a lot of stuff to guess at this point. And the production team is pretty good at twist, making us guessing and things mostly turn out different from what we thought.

    For me i like to know more about the 5 pillars, Mai and the Harmonium stuff. At the moment they focus on arika character development as well as setting up the plots for future. And I too, dislike the the plot on Arika & Sergay.

    fisherman horizon
  24. Ah, come on, Sunrise is toying with us. Arika x Sergey will never happen for real, that would be so out of this world. But I really like how stuff is developing. It is getting more complex, more interesting. My main worry is how they can clarify all the open questions in the remaining 12 episodes without getting crude!!

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